Medical Cannabis Institute: Here's What Doctors Ignorant About MMJ Need to Know

Society of Cannabis Clinicians
The Society of Cannabis Clinicians started in 2004 as a part of the larger California Cannabis Research Medical Group.
Doctors spend eight or more years in college and medical school before they finally are ready to practice -- but Dr. Stacey Kerr thinks they need to go back for one more lesson.

Kerr, a family physician in California, believes every doctor and caregiver has a responsibility to study all forms of medicine, and that includes medical marijuana.

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Seven Ways to Commemorate Martin Luther King Day

Photo by Kyle Huninghake
Last year's Marade
With less than a week until Martin Luther King Jr. Day, activists, arts organizations and politicians are all gearing up for a series of events to mark the holiday, which will be followed by continuing discussions of racism. (Mayor Hancock's office promises that the schedule for those discussions will be released soon.)

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Colorado Civics Program Wins the Sandra Day O'Connor Award

Judicially Speaking helps students learn about the judicial system, the easy way
Since retiring from the U.S. Supreme Court back in 2006, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has been promoting civics education. To honor others who have the same goal, the National Center for State Courts presents the Sandra Day O'Connor Award for the Advancement of Civics Education annually. This year the winner is Judicially Speaking, a program created by three Colorado judges.

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CU Denver Criminal Justice Program Ranks in the Country's Top Ten

Categories: Education

Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Colorado SPA Facebook page
Students in the Criminal Justice program tour the Colorado Courts
Thanks in part to popular crime shows, criminal justice programs are booming across the country. And in the first-ever ranking of national online criminal justice programs by U.S. News and World Report, the University of Colorado Denver landed in the top ten. It rated ninth overall, and fifth among public institutions. Admissions selectivity, faculty credentials and student engagement were all among the factors that determined the ranking.

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How a Colorado Senator Prevented Cuba From Becoming a U.S. Territory

Categories: Education
President Obama at the Wazee Supper Club last July
Last week, President Barack Obama announced the full restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba. That means that there will be an American embassy in Havana for the first time in more than half a century, and travel and trade between the two countries will become significantly easier.

But if hadn't been for a stubborn Colorado senator, Cuba might have become a U.S. territory -- and we could have avoided decades of hostilities.

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Ten Colorado High Schools That Send the Most Low-Income Students to Good Colleges

Categories: Education
Additional photos and more below.
"Missing the Bus: Colorado's Elite College Access Gap," a new report from A+ Denver, suggests that equal educational opportunities for all students in the state remains a distant goal. Among the findings: "Even though 42 percent of students in Colorado qualify as low-income, a non-low-income student is more than 12 times as likely to go to a top-tier college -- a list that includes several Colorado colleges."

Which high schools send the most low-income students to good colleges? We've got the top ten below, featuring photos and A+ Denver data -- and you'll note that the figures leave a lot to be desired for most of the schools on this roster. We've also included the complete report. See it all below.

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Douglas County Schools Sued Over Religious Fundraisers

Categories: Education, News

Additional photos, a video and more below.
In recent years, the Douglas County School District has stirred controversy over a perceived rightward shift led by its conservative school board. Now, the American Humanist Association is suing the district, the school board and other individuals for allowing what the AHA characterizes as religious fundraisers at individual institutions, thereby violating the separation between church and state. Photos, a video, the complete lawsuit and more below.

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DU Tagged for $695,000 Verdict in Battle With Fraternity

Creative Commons User: CW221
The University of Denver's stately University Hall.
Update below: Late last Friday afternoon, a Denver jury returned a $695,000 verdict against the University of Denver in a long, involved dispute with the local chapter of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. On the surface, the five-day trial was mostly about how property is valued in an area of town sizzling with new apartment complexes and redevelopment -- but it was also a triumph of frat spirit over the bean-counters, party poopers and Dean Wormers of the university.

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Daniel Powell, Teacher, Charged With Assault for Gruesome Classroom Explosion

Categories: Crime, Education

This photo of Daniel Powell appears in 9News coverage and is credited to Telemundo's Carlos Rausseo. More images and a video below.
Accidents happen in school science labs -- but they hardly ever result in criminal accusations.

Daniel Powell is an exception to this rule. He's been charged with multiple assault beefs for a methanol explosion that injured four students, including one who spent weeks in the hospital for burns that initially put him in critical condition. Photos, video, a police report and more below.

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East High and Manual High Students Won't Be Combined in Ninth-Grade Academy

Categories: Education, News

Thumbnail image for east.high.meeting.565x313.jpg
Concerned community members gather outside East High School in May.
High-achieving East High School and struggling Manual High School will not partner to create a ninth-grade academy serving students from both schools, Denver Public Schools told the communities in a pair of letters.

"We heard considerable feedback from both the Manual and East communities on this proposal, and we're no longer considering creating a combined East-Manual 9th-grade academy," East principal Andy Mendelsberg wrote in a letter to the school's families.

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