Highlands Ranch High School to Make Students Use Breathalyzer to Attend Homecoming Dance

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Photos from Fox31 coverage.
Any Highlands Ranch High School student thinking about pre-gaming before heading to Saturday night's Homecoming dance should think twice. The school will be doing breathalyzer tests on all students before they can gain entry, and those who score a positive for alcohol use will be tested again -- this time by a member of law enforcement.

Below, Highlands Ranch High Principal Jerry Goings tells us the reasons behind the new policy and why he doesn't believe it will lead down a slippery slope.

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Forbes' Top 13 Colorado Colleges and Their (Mostly Unimpressive) National Rankings

Additional photos and more below.
Forbes has just released its list of the top colleges in America -- a roster that includes 650 institutions. And while thirteen Colorado colleges are included, none of them made the top ten...or the top twenty...or the top thirty.

Below, see our photo-illustrated countdown of the Colorado finishers, complete with tuition info, student population figures and their national ranking -- which, for many, isn't especially impressive. Count them down below, and to check out the full methodology, click here.

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Adams 12 Candidate Rico Figueroa Asks State Supreme Court to Find Who Won Election

An image from the Adams 12 Five Star Schools website.
The question of who won the election to represent District 4 on the Adams 12 Five Star school board now rests with the Colorado Supreme Court.

Candidate Rico Figueroa has appealed a district court judge's recent ruling that the District 4 seat should be declared vacant. The judge had ruled that since Figueroa's opponent, Amy Speers, earned two-thirds of the vote and Figueroa earned just a third, the voters "expressed a clear intent not to elect him."

Since Speers was declared ineligible to serve when it was discovered that she lives outside the District 4 boundary, Figueroa is seeking an opinion that, as the second-highest vote-getter, he won the election.

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Initiative #124 would give school boards and unions a lesson in transparency

By next Monday, all signatures for potential ballot initiatives are due at the Colorado Secretary of State's office. At least 86,105 legitimate signatures are needed to put a citizens initative before the voters on November 4, and several efforts are still collecting signatures. One of those is Initiative 124, which would open school-board meetings to a wider audience.

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Contact isn't allowed in girls' high-school lacrosse -- but concussions are still a concern


Football isn't the only sport worried about head trauma, according to a recent study published by the The American Journal of Sports Medicine and co-authored by Dawn Comstock, an associate professor of epidemiology for the Pediatric Injury Prevention, Education, and Research program at the Colorado School of Public Health. Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing youth sports in America, with over 170,000 active participants. And concerns about lacrosse-related concussion are also growing.

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CU Denver class teaches "nudging" the public toward social goals...and the greater good

Michelle Carpenter
Sille Krukow and student Jaime Flores look at nudge designs during a class session.
Think about the last time you were in an Ikea store. Whether you loved or hated the experience, you probably noticed a difference between the flow at Ikea and at other home-goods store, including arrows and signs attempting to steer you in the direction you needed to go in order to complete your shopping experience. Scandinavia, Ikea's motherland, is famous for designs that are meant to be both attractive and useful. And now the University of Colorado Denver is teaming up with Danish design expert Sille Krukow to create similar social designs in America.

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Adams 12 school board seat declared vacant by judge in ongoing drama over who won election

An image from the Adams 12 Five Star Schools website.
No one won the election.

That's the opinion of the Broomfield District Court judge tasked with sorting out last November's Adams 12 Five Star school board election, in which ineligible candidate Amy Speers earned two-thirds of the vote and eligible candidate Rico Figueroa earned a third. Both were running to represent District 4, but election officials discovered that due to some recent redistricting, Speers no longer lived within the District 4 boundaries. She refused to drop out of the race, however, and ended up earning the most votes. Now, a Broomfield judge has declared the seat vacant.

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Henry World Middle School staffers ask Denver Public Schools to oust their vice principal

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Images from a Henry World Middle School promotional video. More photos below.
At last week's Denver Board of Education meeting, seventeen Denver Public Schools staffers spoke in support of a no-confidence vote targeting Henry World Middle School vice principal Yamile Reina-Ayadi, calling her everything from "disorganized' to "degrading," "intimidating," "nonprofessional" and "a bully."

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DU wins Defense Department grant to predict the sociopolitical future

From the Pardee Center
From the Pardee Center
What if it were possible to predict the next Arab Spring? The next Ukrainian revolution? Researchers at the Pardee Center for International Futures in the School of International Studies at the University of Denver might be able to do just that in several years.

DU was one of eleven schools selected this year by the Department of Defense to receive a research grant through the Minerva Initiative. The school's proposal, "Taking Development (Im)Balance Seriously: Using New Approaches to Measure and Model State Fragility," aims to create new ways of examining instability in countries across the world in order to forecast abrupt sociopolitical changes.

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DPS: Judge dismisses teachers' suit over law they say makes it easier to get rid of them

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by seven Denver teachers who claim that the district used a provision of the state's landmark teacher effectiveness law to get rid of them without due process. Denver District Court Judge Michael Martinez found that since the law makes no mention of "tenure," longtime teachers are not "entitled" to a position.

Officials with the Colorado Education Association, whose lawyers are representing the teachers, say they plan to appeal the judge's ruling to the Colorado Court of Appeals.

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