Henry World Middle School staffers ask Denver Public Schools to oust their vice principal

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Images from a Henry World Middle School promotional video. More photos below.
At last week's Denver Board of Education meeting, seventeen Denver Public Schools staffers spoke in support of a no-confidence vote targeting Henry World Middle School vice principal Yamile Reina-Ayadi, calling her everything from "disorganized' to "degrading," "intimidating," "nonprofessional" and "a bully."

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DU wins Defense Department grant to predict the sociopolitical future

From the Pardee Center
From the Pardee Center
What if it were possible to predict the next Arab Spring? The next Ukrainian revolution? Researchers at the Pardee Center for International Futures in the School of International Studies at the University of Denver might be able to do just that in several years.

DU was one of eleven schools selected this year by the Department of Defense to receive a research grant through the Minerva Initiative. The school's proposal, "Taking Development (Im)Balance Seriously: Using New Approaches to Measure and Model State Fragility," aims to create new ways of examining instability in countries across the world in order to forecast abrupt sociopolitical changes.

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DPS: Judge dismisses teachers' suit over law they say makes it easier to get rid of them

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by seven Denver teachers who claim that the district used a provision of the state's landmark teacher effectiveness law to get rid of them without due process. Denver District Court Judge Michael Martinez found that since the law makes no mention of "tenure," longtime teachers are not "entitled" to a position.

Officials with the Colorado Education Association, whose lawyers are representing the teachers, say they plan to appeal the judge's ruling to the Colorado Court of Appeals.

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Photos: Graduation day for students in Colorado's Youthful Offender System

Photo by Emerald O'Brien
A graduate of the Century High School Class of 2014 after the changing of the tassels on Friday.
Friday's graduation ceremony at Century High School in Pueblo looked like a typical outdoor ceremony, with programs used as fans, students wearing shades, and oldies radio blaring through speakers. But after the ceremony, the thirty graduates didn't get to leave the facility forever. In fact, they didn't even get to leave the campus for the day.

Century High School is a program within Colorado's Youthful Offender System (YOS), a medium security prison housing offenders who committed a violent crime before their 21st birthday.

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Photos: Ten Colorado school districts with the most suspensions, expulsions

Big photos below.
Which Colorado school districts deal with the most discipline issues? The Colorado Department of Education has compiled the data for the 2012-2013 school year (the most recent one available), and the figures are staggering. Several districts in the state handled well over 10,000 incidents during that span, and statewide, there were more than 1,500 expulsions and in excess of 7,000 law-enforcement referrals.

Which districts saw the highest volume? We've put together a photo-illustrated top ten, with figures in nine different categories for each. Count them down below.

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East High and Manual High: Community questions proposal to combine 9th grades

Melanie Asmar
Concerned community members gather outside East High School Tuesday night.
A meeting Tuesday night to discuss a potential partnership between high-achieving East High School and struggling Manual High School looked like this: Lines of parents queued up behind two microphones, firing questions at East principal Andy Mendelsberg, who patiently -- if not a bit nervously -- answered them as best he could. The most common question asked, aside from whether the proposal was already a "done deal," was how a ninth-grade academy housed at Manual but run by East would benefit East High freshmen.

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East High and Manual High: Preview proposal to combine schools' 9th grades

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East High School in an image from the school's website.
East High School is hosting a meeting on Tuesday, May 27 to discuss the possibility of a new partnership between East High, considered one of the best high schools in Denver Public Schools, and Manual High, which has struggled for years to maintain enrollment and improve its academic performance.

The partnership, as described in a pair of letters sent to the East and Manual communities (and on view below), would involve combining the ninth-grade classes of the two schools into a single ninth-grade academy run by East and housed at Manual. But as school officials emphasize in the letters, no final decisions have been made.

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Photos: Top seven things we expect to find in a 1989 time capsule

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Dora Moore is a piece of history, itself.
Time capsules can be a fascinating way to look back through a certain window of history to see what was important to people during a different era. They can also be very, very disappointing. In 2012, when the former Gove Middle School was being demolished, the construction crew came across a time capsule that had been sealed in 1975. A group of Gove alumni opened the capsule and found a school bond proposal, a copy of a book written in 1905 by namesake Aaron Gove, and some reports from 1974 detailing desegregation in the Denver Public Schools. Thought-provoking, maybe, but kind of dull.

This Thursday, May 15, Dora Moore, a K-8 school at 846 Corona Street, will open its own time capsule. This one was hidden away in 1989, when the school building was already a century old. What will be found inside? Here are our top seven predictions.

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Hentzell Park: Judge upholds "less than transparent" land swap

Mayor Michael Hancock and Denver Parks and Recreation chief Lauri Dannemiller.
When does a park become a park? Is it when people start using it for recreation and picnics? When the area starts showing up on maps labeled as a park? When the Mayor of Denver describes it as "dedicated park land," while assuring nearby homeowners it won't be developed? Or is it when the city starts to maintain it, build trails on it and post signs about observing park rules?

None of the above, apparently. Not according to Denver District Court Judge Herbert Stern III -- who, practically on the eve of trial, dismissed the case a grass-roots parks group had brought challenging the city's decision to transfer eleven acres of open space in the Cherry Creek corridor in exchange for an office building downtown.

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Photos: Ten best Colorado high schools according to U.S. News & World Report

Denver Center for International Studies Facebook
U.S. News & World Report recently set out to determine the best high schools in America, as well as the finest in each state. And while the top ten Colorado finishers didn't set any records on the national stage (the top finisher is ranked at number 66 overall), they're more wide-ranging than many might expect. The majority are located in Denver or Boulder, but schools from mountain communities and more also made their mark.

Continue to count down the top ten, complete with photos and click-to-enlarge data from U.S. News & World Report.

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