Ten Colorado High Schools That Send the Most Low-Income Students to Good Colleges

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Additional photos and more below.
"Missing the Bus: Colorado's Elite College Access Gap," a new report from A+ Denver, suggests that equal educational opportunities for all students in the state remains a distant goal. Among the findings: "Even though 42 percent of students in Colorado qualify as low-income, a non-low-income student is more than 12 times as likely to go to a top-tier college -- a list that includes several Colorado colleges."

Which high schools send the most low-income students to good colleges? We've got the top ten below, featuring photos and A+ Denver data -- and you'll note that the figures leave a lot to be desired for most of the schools on this roster. We've also included the complete report. See it all below.

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Douglas County Schools Sued Over Religious Fundraisers

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Additional photos, a video and more below.
In recent years, the Douglas County School District has stirred controversy over a perceived rightward shift led by its conservative school board. Now, the American Humanist Association is suing the district, the school board and other individuals for allowing what the AHA characterizes as religious fundraisers at individual institutions, thereby violating the separation between church and state. Photos, a video, the complete lawsuit and more below.

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DU Tagged for $695,000 Verdict in Battle With Fraternity

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The University of Denver's stately University Hall.
Update below: Late last Friday afternoon, a Denver jury returned a $695,000 verdict against the University of Denver in a long, involved dispute with the local chapter of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. On the surface, the five-day trial was mostly about how property is valued in an area of town sizzling with new apartment complexes and redevelopment -- but it was also a triumph of frat spirit over the bean-counters, party poopers and Dean Wormers of the university.

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Daniel Powell, Teacher, Charged With Assault for Gruesome Classroom Explosion

This photo of Daniel Powell appears in 9News coverage and is credited to Telemundo's Carlos Rausseo. More images and a video below.
Accidents happen in school science labs -- but they hardly ever result in criminal accusations.

Daniel Powell is an exception to this rule. He's been charged with multiple assault beefs for a methanol explosion that injured four students, including one who spent weeks in the hospital for burns that initially put him in critical condition. Photos, video, a police report and more below.

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East High and Manual High Students Won't Be Combined in Ninth-Grade Academy

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Concerned community members gather outside East High School in May.
High-achieving East High School and struggling Manual High School will not partner to create a ninth-grade academy serving students from both schools, Denver Public Schools told the communities in a pair of letters.

"We heard considerable feedback from both the Manual and East communities on this proposal, and we're no longer considering creating a combined East-Manual 9th-grade academy," East principal Andy Mendelsberg wrote in a letter to the school's families.

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Photos: Jeffco Students for Change Rally Tries to Keep Protest Against School Board Alive

A photo of Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia speaking at Saturday's rally, as featured on the Jeffco Students Rally for Change Facebook page.
The Jefferson County School Board spurred a national controversy via a proposed history curriculum committee tasked with emphasizing patriotism and downplaying civil disorder. In an attempt to mute complaints, symbolized by multiple student walkouts at Jeffco schools, the board approved an amendment to add teachers and students on the committee, and the tactic seems to be working: A Saturday rally by Jeffco Students for Change drew only a small crowd and meager press coverage despite the presence of Colorado Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia. By members of the opposition aren't giving up.

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Jeffco School Board OKs Controversial History Committee Over Vocal Protest, Critics Explode
Students speaking at last night's meeting, as seen in 7News coverage. Photos, videos and more below.
Last night's meeting of the Jefferson County School Board was a raucous affair, with many if not most public commenters blasting a proposed history curriculum committee tasked with emphasizing patriotism and downplaying civil disorder. But the board's conservative majority was not swayed, approving the committee after adding a last-minute amendment allowing teachers and students to be part of the process.

This move didn't placate the organization leading criticism of the board's hard-right shift, which dubbed its newest members unworthy of trust. Continue for photos, videos, a document and more details.

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Jefferson County Teacher's Union Head on Why Payment Plan is Unfair
A photo from the Pomona WALKOUT Facebook page. More images below.
We've been reporting about teacher sickouts and student walkouts at Jefferson County schools -- a reaction to complaints over moves by the conservative Jefferson County School Board, including a proposed history curriculum committee charged with encouraging patriotism and downplaying civil disorder and a new compensation package to which teachers object.

The history component is among the items on the agenda at a meeting scheduled to get underway this evening at the Jefferson County Education Center, 1829 Denver West Drive in Golden; a 5:30 p.m. study session will be followed by a 6:30 p.m. public gathering that's expected to be packed, with numerous groups planning protests in advance. As for the payment plan, which the board has already approved, it's a complicated issue that's not even well understood by Jefferson County Education Association president John Ford, the union head who's among its most vocal critics.

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Photos: I, Too, Am CU Shatters More Stereotypes One Sign at a Time
More photos below.
This past April, we told you about I, Too, Am CU, a powerful tumblr and Facebook campaign that features photos of students from underrepresented groups posing with signs to both highlight and undermine the most prevalent stereotypes they confront on a daily basis. Since then, the messages have been amplified by more posts celebrating differences at an institution that's more diverse than it may seem at first blush. Check out twenty fresh examples below.

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Photos: Ten Lowest-Performing Denver Public Schools

More photos below.
Last week, we highlighted the top 25 Denver Public Schools as judged by the district's School Performance Framework, which gathers data to determine the effectiveness of schools at every level of the DPS system. Today, we look at the flip side -- the ten schools currently considered the furthest from making the grade.

The reasons institutions wind up on such rosters are multifaceted, complex and arguably systemic: During an appearance last night at Regis University, author Jonathan Kozol, whose books include The Shame of the Nation, lambasted the disparity of resources for schools in wealthy versus impoverished areas, as well as the deleterious effects of standardized testing, particularly at facilities cast as struggling. Keep these factors in mind as we count down the ten lowest performers, complete with photos and selected facts and figures. To see the complete list, click here.

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