Marijuana: How state officials define responsible pot use during 4/20 celebrations

Photo by Brandon Marshall
A 4/20 shot from Civic Center Park circa 2012.
Governor John Hickenlooper recently compared adult marijuana use to drinking a beer in the afternoon. But the State of Colorado isn't treating the products equally in advance of the annual 4/20 events taking place this weekend. We don't recall officials cautioning about the use and abuse of ale leading up to the Great American Beer Festival -- but they've just released a warning-filled salvo about pot complete with links to a state website dominated by more cautionary notes.

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Photos: Ten best U.S. cycling cities list includes two Colorado places -- but not Boulder

Big photos below.
USA Today and its 10Best blog surveyed readers to determine the best cycling cities in the country. Now the results are out, and it's no surprise that Colorado landed two places in the top ten -- but unexpectedly, Boulder, which was among the twenty finalists from which participants could choose, didn't make the cut. Who did? Count down the photo-illustrated rankings below, featuring excerpts from the USA Today blurbs -- and click here to check out the original post.

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4/20 at Civic Center Park: Cops pledge greater presence, "discretion" with smokers

Photo by Brandon Marshall
Police at Civic Center Park in the aftermath of last year's 4/20 shooting.
There'll be a lot of pressure on Denver police officers working this weekend's annual 4/20 event at Civic Center Park. Organizers have been asked to discourage public smoking even though lighting up at 4:20 p.m. on April 20 is arguably the gathering's most sacred tradition -- and security concerns are higher than ever given a still-unsolved shooting last year that resulted in one day's worth of festivities being canceled.

We asked Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson about these issues and how the department plans to approach them. Here's what he had to say.

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Marijuana: William Breathes's top picks for the 4/20 holi-daze

Thumbnail image for CivicCenter420-205image.jpg
Big photos below.
Have you checked your calendar lately?

The annual 4/20 weekend is nearly upon us, and we can already smell the smoke in the air in the Mile High City.

Okay, maybe that's just the smoke from our pot critic's desk.

But that smoke signals an ever-growing list of cannabis-centric events in Denver next week.

Here's just the start.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier screening tonight to benefit Aurora shooting victims

Trailer below.
In the immediate wake of a tragedy, donations often pour in. That was certainly the case with the 2012 Aurora theater shooting, after which people from all over the country donated millions of dollars for the victims. But that money has since been disbursed -- and not every victim benefited. To fill in the gaps and address ongoing needs, charities such as Aurora Rise continue to host fundraisers. To that end, Aurora Rise is sponsoring a charity screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier tonight at The Movie Tavern in Aurora. Get details and more below.

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Washington Park alcohol ban pushed to address "belligerent drunken behavior"

Photos and more below.
Washington Park is without question one of Denver's favorite parks. But is this status endangered by the bad behavior associated with alcohol?

That's among the assertions made in a letter by Denver City Councilman Chris Nevitt, who's calling for a ban on alcohol in the park.

Continue for more information, including some push-back from a prominent Wash Park organization.

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Photos: Denver Cruiser Ride themes for 2014 as shared by "Mayor" Brad Evans

Categories: Things to Do

Big photos and more below.
April Fool's Day pranks are a sacred tradition for Denver Cruiser Ride. Last year, for example, the Cruisers released a collection of bogus themes for the weekly Wednesday rides (including "Skid Marks & Seamen Stains") before sharing the genuine items.

And this year? The Cruisers unveiled the real themes only after DCR instigator Brad Evans published a website announcing a totally fictional run for mayor. Get details and see the complete, photo-illustrated list below.

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Photos: Top eight ways to watch March Madness at work and not get fired

Categories: Things to Do

how to watch march madness 205x205.jpg
Photos, video below.
At this writing, the CU Buffaloes are mere hours from tipping off against the Pitt Panthers during the first full day of the annual NCAA men's basketball tournament, popularly known as March Madness. How to watch the action, and all of the hoops craziness that will follow in the days and weeks ahead, without being fired? As we noted last year at this time, the folks at have created a video filled with advice. We've supplemented the clip by breaking down the photo-illustrated suggestions, sports-geek style. Count down all eight steps below.

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Photos: See all 54 recreational marijuana shops Denver has licensed so far

Big photos and more below.
It was a Happy Halloween at Lightshade Labs, judging by this photo from the store's Facebook page. But it's probably an even happier March, since two Lightshade branches are among the latest shops licensed by the City of Denver to sell recreational marijuana. In the two-plus weeks since our last update, Denver has okayed seven more stores, bringing the official total to 54. All of them are included here, along with photos, videos, links and excerpts from reviews of the ones visited by Westword marijuana critic William Breathes. Count them down below.

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4/20 at Civic Center's Rob Corry doesn't expect crackdown, but will be ready for one
Big photos and more below.
Last month, we shared a letter sent by Rob Corry, attorney for the 4/20 rally at Civic Center Park, to Mayor Michael Hancock and Denver City Council. The gist: While public pot smoking is nixed by Amendment 64, the measure allows it at home -- and since Civic Center Park is the rally's home, attendees planned to burn some trees, as it were. This unusual assertion was as much a show of bravado as a legal argument, and it provoked threats to block the festival entirely. So Corry has rescinded the letter (see his latest missive below) -- but he isn't backing off lighting up.

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