Cannabis Calendar for the Week of January 26: Big Local Decisions

City of Pueblo's Facebook Page
Pueblo City Hall will host an important public meeting on pot regulation tonight at 7 p.m
With votes on local marijuana regulation happening tonight in Wheat Ridge and Pueblo, and Adams County granting its first retail licenses, some noteworthy changes in your local cannabis infrastructure might be taking place this week, as you can see in our calendar below.

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Photos: The 2015 Martin Luther King Day Marade in Denver

Photo by Ken Hamblin
More photos below.
Yesterday's Martin Luther King Day Marade in Denver drew a large and enthusiastic crowd for a wide range of festivities. Photographer Ken Hamblin was on hand to capture images that demonstrate why the Marade is among the Mile High City's most stirring annual events. Check out a sampling of his pics below.

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Cannabis Calendar for the Week of January 20: Four More Years of the MMJ Code?
Additional photos and more below.
Colorado cannabis activists have a busy week ahead them, with public pot hearings in Denver and Wheat Ridge, panel discussions in Vail and a fundraiser downtown. And fans of the cult-film Reefer Madness might want to check out what the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center is putting on in February. Photos and details below.

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NAACP President Cornell William Brooks Coming to Colorado in Wake of Office Bombing

The scene of the crime. More photos and videos below.
Today marks two weeks since a bomb went off outside the building that houses the NAACP offices in Colorado Springs, and while a suspect's sketch was released days later, no arrests have been made. To emphasize the need for progress in the case, NAACP President Cornell William Brooks, who's been a prominent figure in protests related to the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, is traveling to the Springs for what a local rep believes is an unprecedented visit. Photos, video and details below.

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Estes Park Climber Tommy Caldwell Summits the Dawn Wall -- and Gets Nod From Obama

At 4:05 Mountain Time on Wednesday, rock climber and Estes Park native Tommy Caldwell pulled himself up onto the top of Yosemite's El Capitan, turned towards the cameras filming him from below, and raised his arms in victory. And like that, his seven-year-long quest to climb the Dawn Wall was complete.

Caldwell, 36, and partner Kevin Jorgeson spent nineteen straight days living on the side of a 3,000-foot cliff in an attempt to become the first people ever to free climb the Dawn Wall, widely considered to be the toughest overall rock climb in the world. Their ascent was the most extensively reported in the history of the sport, with hundreds of thousands of people following their progress in the New York Times and on a live stream from NBC.

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Bill Cosby's Denver Shows to Go On Despite Rape Controversy, Refund Offer, Protest
A screen capture of Bill Cosby during the heyday of "The Cosby Show." More photos below.
Back in October, former Denver resident Barbara Bowman told her story of alleged rape by entertainer Bill Cosby. Since then, a many other accusers have surfaced, bringing accusations that had seemingly faded away back to the public's attention -- and subsequent Cosby gaffes, like a Twitter invitation to "Meme me" that resulted in an explosion of sex-assault-related graphics, only made the situation worse.

This Saturday, Cosby is scheduled to perform two shows at the Buell Theatre, and its promoter says the show will go on. But refunds are being offered, a protest is scheduled and a Denver City Councilwoman is expressing sympathy with those disturbed by the prospect of Cosby's impending visit.

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Cannabis Calendar for the Week of January 12: Business Conference Kicks Off Friday

Concentrated Art's Event Page
Is this the star Super Mario keeps chasing?
The big news this week is the Cannabis Business Conference. And our cannabis calendar is already filling up for February, so mark your virtual datebooks, and start saving up.

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Police-Brutality Protesters Hold Die-In at Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Categories: News, Things to Do

Jamie Swinnerton
Patsy Hathaway leads protesters in die-in
Holiday revelers at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center suddenly found themselves surrounded by police-brutality protesters last night. The scheduled "die-in" started around 6:15 p.m., when the assembled activists began to sing together. After someone gave the pre-arranged signal -- one blow of a whistle -- the hundred or so protesters lay down together.

Patsy Hathaway, whose adopted black son was brutally beaten by Denver police back in 2009, led the group in the chants that have been heard around the nation for months: "Black lives matter," "Hands up, don't shoot" and "I can't breathe."

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Denver Is the Third Best City for Singles, According to Recent Survey

Categories: Things to Do

WalletHub says Denver is a great city for singles.

WalletHub, which calls itself the 'Social Network for your Wallet', recently released the best and worst cities for singles. After calculating for 25 key metrics, Denver came in third out of 150 of the most populated U.S. cities.

Denver scored high in Mobile Dating Opportunities, Number of Nightlife Options per capita, and Number of Cafes per capita. So if you're sliding through your Tinder options at your local cafe, WalletHub says you'll have a good chance of finding an affordable date.

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DIA Will Give Away 100,000 Gifts to Travelers Over the Next Two Weeks

Categories: Things to Do

One of the four gift pick-up areas at DIA

In honor of the holiday season, Denver International Airport is giving away 100,000 presents to travelers who shop at any of the numerous retail and dining venues at the airport. Visitors who spend at least $20 at any single or combined retail store or restaurant in the airport can present their receipt at one of the gift box locations in exchange for a gift. The grab-bag style giveaway makes each gift a surprise.

The gift giving started on December 20, and will last through January 4. Hundreds of venues, travel agencies, tourism businesses and restaurants that work with DIA donated the thousands of gifts being handed out.

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