Photos: Denver Cruisers light up their lives -- and get lit
Photo by Brandon Marshall. Click to see the complete Denver Cruisers Light Up the Night slide show.
This week's Denver Cruiser Ride cycled through the theme "You Light Up My Life," but there were no Debby Boone sightings. Instead, the images that filled photographer Brandon Marshall's lens involved Denverites having a great time on a summer night -- and enjoying the occasional libation. Check out a sampling of the pics below and click to see the complete Denver Cruisers Light Up the Night slide show.

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Marijuana: Adam Hartle on his new A64 movie and smoking pot in front of Tom Tancredo

Adam Hartle and Tom Tancredo in a scene from "Mile High -- The COmeback of Cannabis," premiering tonight in Denver. More photos and a video below.
We first introduced you to Adam Hartle in January 2013, when we reported that ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo had promised to puff a joint on camera as part of the comedian/filmmaker's movie about Amendment 64 should the measure pass -- which it did.

Tancredo later welched on his bet under pressure from his family. But in Mile High -- The COmeback of Cannabis, the now-completed documentary, which screens tonight through Thursday (with Hartle promising to give out free legal pot to adults 21 and over outside theaters), Tancredo watches as the director blazes. Learn more about that scene and the project as a whole in a photo-and-video supplemented Q&A with Hartle below.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers' People of Walmart ride puts on a smiley face
Photo by Marissa Shevins. More pics below.
For their latest ride, the Denver Cruisers took inspiration from the People of Walmart website -- and plenty of participants got into the discount spirit. Our Marissa Shevins was on hand to capture all the craziness. Check out a sampling of her shots below.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers take a lot of it off for "Overcoats and Underwear" ride

Photo by Marissa Shevins. Click to see the complete "Denver Cruisers' Overcoats and Underwear ride" slide show.
Judging by photos taken by our Marissa Shevins, there was more underwear than overcoats at "Overcoats and Underwear," the latest Denver Cruisers ride. But in even greater supply was a good time.

Look below to see a sampling of Shevins's shots and click to see the complete "Denver Cruisers' Overcoats and Underwear ride" slide show.

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Photos: Ten best U.S. parks according to TripAdvisor, including one in Colorado

More photos below.
TripAdvisor has come up with its choices for best landmarks and parks in the U.S. and the world -- and one in Colorado finished very, very high on the list.

How well did it do? Count down the photo-illustrated top ten below, featuring TripAdvisor text and links to each location. To see the original post, click here.

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Photos: Denver's top fifteen biggest tourist attractions of 2013

More photos below.
In recent days, we've been sharing details from what VISIT DENVER describes as the Mile High City's most successful tourism year ever; visitor spending in 2013 topped $4 billion for the first time. First up were tourists' ten favorite shopping and entertainment centers, followed by the 21 cities and states that sent the most tourists to Colorado. Now come the agency's top fifteen biggest tourist attractions of 2013 -- and there are definitely some surprises, beginning with number fifteen. Count them all down below.

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Pro-homeless rally decries $1.8 million for new cops in Ballpark neighborhood, 16th Street Mall

Photo by Britt Chester
More photos from our 2012 "Sleeping on the 16th Street Mall" slide show below.
Last week, we wrote about advocacy organization Denver Homeless Out Loud's argument that a $1.8 million security plan to add ten new police officers to patrol the Ballpark neighborhood, LoDo and the 16th Street Mall represents a new effort to criminalize homelessness.

This evening, the Denver City Council is expected to address the proposal -- and even though public comments on it aren't being allowed at this time, DHOL and the Colorado Progressive Coalition members plan to attend in force following a rally protesting the approach.

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Photos: Top 21 cities and states that sent the most tourists to Colorado in 2013

More photos below.
Last week, we noted that VISIT DENVER has just released loads o' stats related to 2013, the most successful tourism season in the city's history; visitor spending topped $4 billion for the first time. And indeed, the organization's list of the ten most popular shopping and entertainment centers for tourists only scratched the data surface.

Example: VISIT DENVER has also compiled lists of the nine cities and twelve states that sent the most tourists to Colorado. Both rosters are below, with the one pertaining to cities accompanied by blurbs that suggest reasons why folks might prefer to hang out in Denver than where they live the rest of the year. Continue to count them down.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers' insane Bubble Wrap, Duct Tape & Cardboard ride

Photo by Scott Lentz. More pics below.
We all know participants in the regular Denver Cruiser Ride can be a little twisted -- in the best possible way. But after checking out pics from this week's spectacle, dubbed "Bubble Wrap, Duct Tape & Cardboard," the phrase "What the hell?" may occur to you. Although you might substitute something else for that last word.

Scott Lentz was our photog on the scene. Check out a sampling of his most memorable shots below.

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Marijuana legalization wasn't the reason for record ski season, industry rep says
Dustin Schaefer/Loveland Ski Area
At the start of the 2013-2014 ski season, marijuana seemed like it might be a bigger story than moguls, what with some snowbirds threatening to stay away from Colorado if they were subjected to legal pot, a ski-area executive pledging to yank lift tickets from public tokers, a Forest Service rep saying pot enforcement at resorts on federal land was a priority and the destruction of a venerable smoke shack after it was featured on Inside Edition.

In the end, though, Colorado experienced a record ski season -- and one industry rep doubts that weed had anything to do with it.

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