Reddit-Hyped "Hash Hike" on 14er Under Attack by "Pompous A$$holes"

Climbers on Mt. Bierstadt. Additional images and videos below.
News flash: Plenty of people in Colorado regularly engage in outdoor recreational activities after using marijuana. But the notion of a so-called "Hash Hike," slated to take place on (we're pretty sure) Saturday morning on a nearby 14er, has resulted in online vibe-harshing between the Reddit users coordinating it and more traditional climbers. Details below.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers Whip Out Their Big (Top) Pee-wee
Photo by Jake Shane
More photos below.
This week's Denver Cruiser Ride theme pays tribute to one of cinema's greatest masterpieces -- 1988's circus-centric Big Top Pee-wee -- on the occasion of star Paul Reubens's birthday. Some riders got their Pee-wee on, as it were, while others let their inner animals out of the cage. Photographer Jake Shane was on hand to capture the action. Check out a sampling of his best shots below and click to see the complete Denver Cruisers Celebrate Pee-wee Herman and the Circus slide show.

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Photos: 20 Weirdest Things for Sale at Auction of DIA Lost and Found Items and More

More photos below.
People take plenty of weird things with them when they travel -- and now you can own some of it. Beginning this morning at 8 a.m., City Surplus Warehouse, at 671 South Jason Street, registration begins for an auction of DIA lost and found items, plus unclaimed, lost or stolen stuff that wound up in police custody -- and a lot of it is plenty strange.

Continue to count down our picks for the weirdest or most memorable items available, supplemented by photos of selected merchandise. That's followed by complete auction details. Check it out below.

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USA Pro Challenge 2014: Everything You Need to Know About All Seven Stages
Additional photos and more below.
A lot's changed with the USA Pro Challenge bike race since it was announced in August 2010. For one thing, it was initially called the Quiznos Pro Challenge. For another, the two people at center stage for the big unveil were Bill Ritter, who's no longer Colorado's governor, and Lance Armstrong, currently known as the biggest liar on the planet.

Nonetheless, the 2014 version of the USA Pro Challenge, beginning today and running through August 24, looks to be the biggest and best race in the series thus far. Below, we've got photo-illustrated details about all seven stages, including maps and a profile showing the incredible elevation changes from the kickoff in the Aspen area to the grand finale in Boulder and Denver. Check them out below -- and for even more information, click here.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers Ask Who's Hotter -- Drag Queens or Dungeon Dominatrixes?

Photo by Marissa Shevins
More photos below.
It's not unusual for Denver Cruisers to look good -- but for this week's ride, Dungeons & Drag Queens, participants looked good in very different ways. See what we mean by checking out photos of the fun snapped by Marissa Shevins.

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Photos: "S" Stands for "Sexy" and a Lot More on Denver Cruisers Ride

Photo by Marissa Shevins
More photos below.
This week's Denver Cruiser Ride theme revolved around the letter "S." That left a lot of room for creativity, and as usual, the riders took advantage. Check out a sampling of shots from photog Marissa Shevins below.

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Photos: See Why Ironman Boulder Underpants Run Makes the Rest of Us Look Out of Shape
Photo by Brandon Marshall. Click to see the complete "Boulder Ironman Underpants Run" slide show.
Yesterday, Justin Daerr and Danielle Kehoe were the top men's and women's finishers at Ironman Boulder. But before the main event got underway, plenty of competitors reminded us that we've been slacking on sit-ups via the Ironman Boulder Underpants Run, which sported more six packs than your neighborhood King Soopers. Our Brandon Marshall was on hand to capture pics of all that taut flesh. Check out a sampling of his photos below and click to see the complete "Boulder Ironman Underpants Run" slide show.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers celebrate Christmas (and every other holiday) in July

Photo by Marissa Shevins
The holiday for which July is best known in the U.S. of A. remains Independence Day -- unless we're talking about the Denver Cruisers, whose most recent ride celebrated any and all holidays at the same time. Check out a sampling of Marissa Shevins's shots from the festivities below.

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Photos: See why this year's Colorado Springs PrideFest was the city's biggest ever

More photos below.
Against the backdrop of court rulings striking down same-sex marriage bans comes another indication of change in Colorado: The PrideFest celebration in Colorado Springs was reportedly the city's largest by a very wide margin; police estimate 50,000 attendees this weekend, as opposed to 35,000 last year. To get a sense of the event, check out the following images, culled from KXRM-TV coverage.

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Aurora theater shooting: Second anniversary to be remembered with beer festival, other events

Alex Teves at the Copper Kettle Brewing Company.
When Kristen Kozik, who owns the Copper Kettle Brewing Company with her husband, first heard about the horrific shooting at the Aurora Century 16 theater on July 20, 2012, she never imagined she'd know someone involved. It wasn't until the authorities released a list of the twelve people killed that she realized that one of the brewery's regular customers, 24-year-old Alex Teves, was among those who had died.

"As soon as we found out, we wanted to do something for his family," Kozik says. It's a tradition they've kept up -- and this year, on the second anniversary of the shooting, Copper Kettle will host "A Night to Remember," a beer festival in Alex's honor.

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