Queen City Trading Is What LoDo Needs -- So Why Won't It Open in the New Union Station?

When one train pulls out of the station, another pulls in. That's how it seems to be working out for Stephanie Shearer and Chris Bacorn -- with a little help from "What Does LoDo Need," a contest we told you about earlier this year.

The two have figured out what Denver likes -- and how to make small business work in hip neighborhoods. That's why their jewelry store, Pandora on the Hill, has thrived in Capitol Hill for twenty years, and why they were able to open two more local-centric boutiques, Peppermint and Soul Haus, in the EZE Mop building on East 17th that they bought five years ago and renovated into a hip hangout.

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CU Denver class teaches "nudging" the public toward social goals...and the greater good

Michelle Carpenter
Sille Krukow and student Jaime Flores look at nudge designs during a class session.
Think about the last time you were in an Ikea store. Whether you loved or hated the experience, you probably noticed a difference between the flow at Ikea and at other home-goods store, including arrows and signs attempting to steer you in the direction you needed to go in order to complete your shopping experience. Scandinavia, Ikea's motherland, is famous for designs that are meant to be both attractive and useful. And now the University of Colorado Denver is teaming up with Danish design expert Sille Krukow to create similar social designs in America.

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Drug-endangered child bills fail

Earlier this month, we examined two controversial bills about drug-endangered children that "could arguably make all cannabis-using parents criminals" according to our William Breathes.

Senator Linda Newell, who sponsored the measures, passionately disagreed with this interpretation. But yesterday, both measures failed after the state senate reportedly approved them only to reverse course.

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Marijuana: Denver hotel searches for 4/20 weekend up 73 percent

Graphic and more below.
As we've reported, State of Colorado and City of Denver tourist agencies have resisted the temptation to use marijuana as a way to lure visitors to the area, despite mainstream media pot coverage that's essentially free advertising.

Against that backdrop comes word that hotel searches for Denver on 4/20 weekend are up 73 percent from this time last year -- and a national cannabis activist thinks the digits might be even higher if officials weren't so shy about embracing weed.

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Photos: Top ten new looks for Jared Polis

Big photos below.
Representative Jared Polis was not doing a great job of representing Colorado earlier this week, when he was spotted on the House floor wearing a bow-tie and a purple polo. Afterward, GQ offered to give him a makeover, stating in an article "Okay. Calm. Breathe. Alright, Congressman...Jared Polis of Colorado. Wow, a Democrat? Thanks, Obama. But anyway, Jared. It's fine. We can help. You should let us help you."

No need, GQ. We've got ten new looks that will make Polis the fashion talk of the town.

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Marijuana: Nederland's pot ordinance would ban making BHO in residential areas

Last week, William Breathes updated us on the efforts by residents of Nederland to come up with their own marijuana ordinance, rather than waiting for the state to do so for them.

The final version of the ordinance is currently circulating, and among the interesting elements of the text are a residential ban against the manufacture of Butane Honey Oil, or BHO, a popular marijuana extract that critics say can be dangerous to use and manufacture.

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Pink Hoodie Robber breaks the law...of bandit chic

pink hoodie bandit cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
Last Friday, a presumably unarmed man entered the US Bank on 1801 Jackson Street in Golden, and angrily demanded an undisclosed sum of money from a teller, escaping on foot.

More disturbing than this man's crimes, however, is his complete misunderstanding of bandit chic.

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Romney backers accidentally voting for Obama?: GOP cites more reports of machine errors

Voting image.jpg
Big photos below.
In a race that remains very much a toss-up mere hours before election day, both sides can agree that a very small margin of voters will decide whether Colorado goes red or blue tomorrow. It is for that reason that some Republican Party officials in the state say they're particularly worried about reports that voters trying to cast ballots for Mitt Romney are seeing Barack Obama show up on the screen.

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Emerson apartment complex inches toward approval despite complaints

cover 7-18-11.jpg
A lengthy administrative battle over a 42-unit apartment complex, to be built on the corner of a historic block of grand single-family homes on the south end of Capitol Hill, appears to be just about over. But opponents of the 777 Emerson Lofts say the review of the ever-evolving project by the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission failed to address several significant changes to the design before the LPC gave its approval to the proposal last week.

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Carbondale treehouse featured in Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter book

Call it a high honor.

In recent months, a painstakingly crafted kids' treehouse along the Roaring Fork River has become a local landmark of sorts for commuters making the Glenwood Springs-to-Aspen schlep. Now the 230-square-foot structure has found fame beyond the Western Slope, featured among other big little housing ideas in Lloyd Kahn's new book, Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter: Scaling Back in the 21st Century.

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