Taste of Colorado Drinking Game: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Taste of Colorado Drinking Game Denver Civic Center Labor Day Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg

Rules of the Game: Make your annual end-of-summer people watching trek to the Taste of Colorado more tasteful by taking the listed number of drinks (below) from your beer or wine whenever you see these classic Civic Center characters...

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Crocheted flag shows differences of suburban & urban gays: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration...

Wheat Ridge gay crochete Rainbow Flag Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg

Gay pride festivals are celebrated mid-June in Denver and on the last weekend of August in Boulder. In Wheat Ridge, gay pride is celebrated everyday at a home with a well-hung rainbow flag that has been entirely crafted in a gay crochet...

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Denver Public Schools back-to-cool supplies: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Denver Public Schools back to cool supplies Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg

Overheated parents of children who attend Denver Public Schools can now cool their calls for air-conditioning. Instead of demanding that the city raise property taxes to fund a $400-million bond issue to install air-conditioning in older schools, panicky parents can now just include a few freezer packs when shopping for "back-to-cool" supplies...

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Wildlife bridge contest: Winning West Vail Pass entry "elegant" yet practical

wildlife bridge.JPG
The winner
A New York team has won a unique international competition to design a special bridge for wildlife crossing I-70 west of Vail Pass, the first structure of its kind ever proposed for the United States. The winners, HNTB with Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates, will take home a prize of $40,000. Whether the bridge will ever get built is another question.

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Crocs blocked: How one wrong word cost the company $230,000

Thumbnail image for crocs.jpg
Toxic green, but no pesticide.
Crocs, the Niwot-based maker of brightly hued, comfy-ugly clown shoes, has had more than its share of PR disasters, from the hysterical reports of Crocs-shod kids getting toes nipped in escalators to the savage reviews from fashionistas to a wacky endorsement from Donald Trump.

But all of that's nothing, compared to getting your tootsies trampled by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Rocky Flats to open as Thanksgivingland theme park: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

From the Kenny Be vault. Originally published on November 18, 2004.

Thanksgivingland Rocky Flats Kenny Be Westword Blog Head.jpg
Thanksgivingland: Extreme Thanksgiving fun for the pilgrim in everyone.

The U.S. Department of Energy's refusal to provide funds for a Cold War museum at Rocky Flats is a true blessing. What is needed at the site is a tourist-friendly attraction that is completely funded by corporate dollars...

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Amendments 60-61, Prop 101 backers fight "nonsense" with baffling cartoons seen here

natalie menten photo.jpg
Natalie Menten.
The folks behind Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101, the three tax-slashing ballot proposals that a wide array of opponents are fighting with a multi-million-dollar ad blitz, are pretty upset with the media. So upset that campaign coordinator Natalie Menten fired off a letter to "media members" blasting them for buying into the "utter nonsense" of the opponents, who predict losses of thousands of jobs if the measures pass. Luckily, Menten also sent along some peculiar cartoons to set the record straight.

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West Vail Pass wildlife bridge: Will design contest help save endangered animals?

Thumbnail image for coyote.jpg
An international competition to design a special wildlife bridge for West Vail Pass has announced five finalists for the $40,000 grand prize -- two teams from New York and one each from Toronto, Philadelphia and Amsterdam.

But local bridge builders shouldn't call foul. Each team is required to have on board at least one engineering firm licensed in Colorado, in the hope that the site-specific bridge might actually get built -- for the sake of motorists as well as all sorts of road-crossing beasts.

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Graffiti bombs add grooviness to the 20th Street bridge: Kenny Be's Sign Language

Choose Lane Arrows.jpg
White-lined lane arrows point to high design.

The 20th Street bridge connects the ultra-hip Highland neighborhood directly to the Denver Skate Park. Every street sign between Central and Little Raven Streets has become a canvas for the pedestrian designers who seem to be sending secret messages to motorists...

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Santiago Calatrava's DIA project: A bridge too far?

calatrava bridge.jpg
A Calatrava "signature."
News that an "iconic" light-rail bridge spanning Pena Boulevard at Denver International Airport could cost upwards of $60 million, more than double earlier estimates, should come as no surprise to true connoisseurs of the bridge world.

We're not talking basic overpass here. We're talking Calatrava -- as in Santiago Calatrava, the Spanish sculptor-engineer who's become the darling of major hotel-train-museum projects on several continents, hailed by the New Yorker as "the most crowd-pleasing architect since Frank Gehry."

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