Denver Post editor Greg Moore on three major staff departures, paper's future
Photo by J. Knight
A file photo of Denver Post editor Greg Moore at the 2009 press conference announcing the closure of the Rocky Mountain News.
Of late, the Denver Post has been making news in addition to covering it thanks to significant layoffs at parent company Digital First Media, damaging revelations from an ex-DFM staffer and continuing rumors that the Post is on the block.

The Post recently laid off two employees, too -- and now comes word that three major staffers made the decision to leave in quick succession. We asked Post editor Greg Moore to discuss the latest changes and the future of the paper. Here's what he told us.

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$3.25 million settlement in Jamal Hunter suit latest blemish on Denver Sheriff's Department
Jamal Hunter in a photo shared in his lawsuit. More images plus videos and documents below.
Denver is trying to change the subject away from troubles at the city's sheriff's department. But doing so is costly.

A day after Sheriff Gary Wilson resigned (and news broke that interim chief Elias Diggins has a criminal record), City Attorney Scott Martinez announced a deal to pay $3.25 million to settle a lawsuit filed by inmate Jamal Hunter that resulted in revelations of porn, pot, drunkenness and brutality at Denver's jail.

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Pat Bowlen formally gives up control of Broncos, acknowledges he's fighting Alzheimer's

Photo by Brandon Marshall
Pat Bowlen at the 2012 press conference introducing Peyton Manning. More photos below.
It's not the kind of news that typically breaks overnight -- but longtime Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has always done things his own way.

A short time ago, the Broncos released a statement through revealing that Bowlen, seventy, is formally giving up control of the team -- something that actually happened several years ago according to sources speaking with Westword. What's new is confirmation that Bowlen suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

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Maureen Dowd's bad edibles experience helps inspire First Time 5 education campaign

Maureen Dowd. More images below.
Last month, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd shared a bad experience with a marijuana edible during a visit to Colorado, joking (maybe) that such items be stamped with a "stoned skull and bones."

The Dowd piece, coupled with other negative news stories linked to edibles use, is among the inspiration for First Time 5, an edibles-education campaign being launched at an event tomorrow. Steve Fox, executive director of the Council for Responsible Cannabis Regulation, offers us a preview.

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Alamosa "healthy living park" moves ahead, RV park nixed
A photo from the Rio Grande Healthy Living Park Facebook page.
Backers of a proposed "healthy living park" in Alamosa, who saw their efforts last year to acquire former school property in a prime location frustrated by a controversial deal that put the property in the hands of an RV park developer for substantially less than its appraised value, have settled a lawsuit over the transaction and managed to purchase the property from the developer. The transaction offers the prospect that an agricultural-themed community park will some day be a reality on the 38-acre site.

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Interim sheriff Elias Diggins's criminal record adds to 5 incidents spelling Gary Wilson's doom

Interim Denver sheriff Elias Diggins. More photos plus videos and a document below.
As we've documented in a series of blog posts over the past year or so, the Denver Sheriff's Department has been beset by scandals -- so many that yesterday, Mayor Michael Hancock accepted Sheriff Gary Wilson's resignation and appointed Division Chief Elias Diggins to fill the job on an interim basis.

But this attempt to smooth the waters wasn't wholly successful: Last night, news broke that Diggins has a criminal record. Continue for details about that revelation, following a recap of five incidents that helped seal Wilson's fate.

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Marijuana membership clubs supported by two-thirds of respondents in new poll
A photo from the Facebook page of Maryjane's Social Club. More images and a document below.
Earlier this month, we told you about what customers at Maryjane's 420 Shop and Social Club characterized as a raid on the establishment by the Denver Police Department. The DPD doesn't refer to the action this way, but whatever's the most accurate definition, Maryjane's remains closed weeks after the fact.

Such a policy may be tougher to justify in the face of public support for members-only pot clubs -- and in a new poll, a large majority of respondents backed the concept.

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Update: Nancy Styler affidavit suggests William Styler needed help killing Nancy Pfister

A Facebook photo of William and Nancy Styler. Additional images, videos and documents below.
Update: In our most recent coverage of the investigation into Aspen socialite Nancy Pfister's murder (see it below), we noted that the conviction of frail-looking 66-year-old William Styler as the sole person responsible for the killing -- and prosecutors' decision to drop charges against Styler's wife Nancy and a friend, Kathy Carpenter -- had raised questions in part because "the physical actions William described seem to be beyond his capabilities." Now, with the release of Nancy's arrests affidavits, we know law enforcers felt the same way. Continue for more details and the complete document.

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Photos: 20 hot weather looks if fashion laws were suspended Purge: Anarchy-style (NSFW)

More photos below.
Last year, we experienced a scorching heat wave right around the time The Purge became a surprise hit. Which got us thinking: What would people wear if all fashion laws were suspended for twelve hours, just as other laws are in the movie?

A year later, the sequel Purge: Anarchy has just hit theaters -- and it's inspired us to create a sequel, too, culled from our Westword slide show archive. Look below to see twenty more hot weather looks if fashion laws were suspended, but be warned: Many of them are NSFW.

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Ryan Nuanez allegedly on drugs when he crashed into building -- but which ones?

Ryan Nuanez. More photos plus a video and an original document below.
Does Ryan Nuanez, who allegedly crashed into an optical store and critically injured the owner, demonstrate the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana repeatedly raised by pot critics following Amendment 64's passage? Or was he impaired by a completely different substance, or a combination of several? We don't know yet. But at least this time around, law enforcement has avoided turning him into a stoned-driving poster child before all the facts are in, as critics accused the Colorado State Patrol of doing in another notorious case.

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