Denver Post Ramping Up TV Production Amid Sale Speculation
Molly Hughes. A video and more below.
The announcement that the Denver Post is for sale hasn't brought every new initiative at the paper to a grinding halt. In a memo to staffers yesterday, Post editor Greg Moore and news director Kevin Dale revealed the hiring of former CBS4 anchor Molly Hughes as director of Denver Post TV -- a move signaling the ambition to significantly ramp up video production. But that won't quiet speculation about possible suitors for the Post, with those mentioned thus far qualifying as the usual suspects.

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Natalie Egleston's Family Files Lawsuit Against NYC Doctor in Aspen Skiing Death

Natalie Egleston. More photos below.
Last year, we told you about the tragic death of Philadelphia-based executive Natalie Egleston in a skiing accident on Aspen Mountain. No criminal charges were filed against Dr. Virginia Chen, the New York dermatologist who ran into Egleston. But now, Chen is reportedly the target of a lawsuit filed by Egleston's family. Details and photos below.

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Denver Blocking Award to Homeless Man Beaten by Deputy -- and Winter is Coming

More photos and a document below.
Last year, we told you about a $40,000 jury award to Robert Duran after he was beaten in jail by Deputy Stephen Koehler. Well, Duran still hasn't gotten the money, and given that he's homeless, HIV-positive and winter is coming, his attorney, David Lane, is calling for expedited payment. But the City of Denver is opposing his motion for complicated reasons -- including its decision not to pick up the tab for Koehler, who's been fired. And while Lane finds merit in not indemnifying officers and deputies who use excessive force, he sees Denver's approach to Duran brutal and uncaring. Details and the document below.

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John Hickenlooper's Fracking Panel Snubs the Fractivists
Colorado Springs No Fracking Zone Facebook Page
One of the sentiments that won't be discussed by the governor's new task force.
Earlier this week, when Governor John Hickenlooper announced the names of the nineteen people selected for a special oil and gas task force intended to address fracking-related land use and health issues across the state, he boasted of the group's "balanced and informed representation." It was as if he was introducing one of those ethnically diverse platoons from old War War II movies: the Italian from the Bronx, the Polish kid from Chicago, the hillbilly from Georgia, the farm boy from Ohio, the Navajo scout, the cigar-chomping noncom from Anytown, USA.

Depending on when they were made, those movies frequently left somebody out of the rainbow commandos -- the Latino, the Asian guy, almost certainly the African American (racial desegregation didn't become U.S. military policy until 1948). And Hickenlooper's group neatly excludes any of the folks who prompted its creation: Conspicuously absent from the task force is anyone who was actively involved in the recent slew of campaigns to promote more local control over fracking and impose bans on drilling in several Front Range cities.

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Denver Post Officially for Sale

John Paton. Additional images and more below.
Over recent months, there have been rumors aplenty that the Denver Post and other newspaper properties under the Digital First Media banner would soon be put up for sale -- a prospect supported by members of the Denver Newspaper Guild, who published an open letter earlier this week that essentially advertised for a new, local owner.

We're guessing that the timing is coincidental -- but the Post has just confirmed that the broadsheet and other DFM papers are now available for purchase.

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Video: Denver Deputy Roberto Roena Suspended for Using Taekwondo on Inmate

Roberto Roena as seen in a Facebook photo. More images and a video below.
The timing could hardly be worse: Just two days after Manager of Safety Stephanie O'Malley fired Denver deputies Thomas Ford and Edward Keller after they were caught on video using excessive force against prisoners, a new clip has surfaced showing another deputy, Roberto Roena, unleashing taekwondo moves on an inmate.

Roena, who's also a taekwondo instructor, has been suspended for ninety days due to his actions. Get details and see the footage and additional images below.

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Marijuana: Nebraska Cops Think Tougher Penalties Will Stem the Flow of Colorado Pot

Nebraska State Troopers conducting a checkpoint.
We've frequently reported stories of law enforcement officials in neighboring states complaining about an ongoing swarm of cars loaded with Colorado pot. Most vocal among them are Nebraska's state troopers, who seem to get ink every few months by demanding that Colorado taxpayers cover the overtime duty they incur while keeping their state free of marijuana (in their minds, at least). And they're beating the drum again this week, although talk of getting money out of this state seems to have died (for now).

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Shannon Conley, Arvada Teen, Pleads Guilty to Trying to Aid ISIS Terror Group

Shannon Conley. Additional photos and a document below.
In July, we told you about the arrest of Arvada nineteen-year-old Shannon Conley for trying to "provide material support and resources" to the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. See our previous coverage below.

Moments ago during a hearing at U.S. District Court in Denver, Conley, wearing an Islamic head scarf and jail clothing, pleaded guilty to a single conspiracy count in a case that's received national attention owing to the prospect of more Americans heading overseas to join the ISIS cause.

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Denver Fires Deputies Thomas Ford and Edward Keller for Inmate Attacks

Deputy Edward Keller seen choking inmate Jamal Hunter, with Deputy Thomas Ford behind him. Additional photos, videos and documents below.
Denver Deputy Thomas Ford won't be prosecuted for cold-cocking an inmate in an attack caught on video, but he'll have to fight for his job if he wants to keep it. He's been fired by Denver Manager of Safety Stephanie O'Malley along with another embattled law enforcer: Deputy Edward Keller, who was at the center of a complaint brought by another inmate that wound up costing the city $3.25 million. Details, photos, videos and termination letters below.

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Denver Newspaper Guild Advertises for New, Local Denver Post Owner

Courtesy of Denver Newspaper Guild
Denver Newspaper Guild treasurer Robert Lindgren with members Tyler Gaylord, Shanta Farrington and Loryn Cesario in a DNG photo from a union summit held earlier this summer.
For months, rumors have circulated that the Denver Post and other newspapers in the Digital First Media chain might be put up for sale by Alden Global Capital, DFM's majority owner.

Thus far, that hasn't happened -- but many members of the Denver Newspaper Guild, which represents the majority of Post employees, clearly wish it would. The Guild, as part of a national action, has issued an open letter asking for a local benefactor to step up and buy the paper rather than allowing it to slowly deteriorate under the auspices of a purely profit-driven hedge fund. Get details and read the letter below.

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