4/20 in Denver events were "shocking," says anti-pot group Smart Colorado

Click to see more images by photographer Kyle Huninghake from our 4/20 at Civic Center slide show.
As we noted in our roundup of the top twenty tweets about 4/20 at Civic Center Park over the weekend, some locals were less than thrilled about the annual event. But few observers were as negative as Smart Colorado, an organization devoted to "protecting youth from marijuana." In the wake of the rally, the group put out a statement under the heading "Smart Colorado Speaks About Shocking 4/20 Activities" that decried the gathering in terms that a pot advocate heavily involved in the Civic Center spectacle describes as "hysterical."

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Coachella drug death: Only surprise is that there aren't more of them

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Photo by Ed Carrasco
Denver blog posts put safety first.

At our Backbeat blog, Ben Westhoff takes a look inside the drug culture at Coachella against the backdrop of one young fan's death.

The Colorado Independent's Mike Littwin argues that the gay-marriage future is determined.

Denver PR Blog's a little confused why a recent best-jobs survey lists "public-relations executive" considerably below "dishwasher."

Photos: High Times 2014 Cannabis Cup winners -- and William Breathes's take

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Courtesy Green Man Cannabis Facebook page
Four years into High Times throwing the Cannabis Cup in Denver, and it finally feels like the event has hit its full, madhouse-crazy stride -- thanks in large part to a venue change from the cramped, maze-like confines of Exdo to the wide-open, somewhat-dingy-but-perfect-for-throwing-a-wild-party confines of the Denver Mart.

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Reader: Why couldn't 9News have kept Kirk Montgomery and dumped a sports reporter?

Kirk Montgomery in a photo from his Facebook page.
We got a lot of response to our post about the impending departure of Kirk Montgomery from 9News. One reader looked at the situation in the context of the many local TV-news stations that have ditched their entertainment reporters of late -- among them CBS4, which said goodbye to 25-year-veteran Greg Moody in January. Here's what she had to say.

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Ludlow Massacre 100 years later: A guide to upcoming events, Memorial video

Video below.
April 20th marked the hundredth anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre, one of the darkest and most neglected episodes in Colorado history. This week's cover story explores the events that led up to this deadly conflict between striking coal miners and state troops, as well as the impact the tragedy had on Colorado politics and the American labor movement. Readings, concerts and other observances have been unfolding across the state, much of it under the auspices of the Ludlow Centennial Commemoration Commission -- and the doings aren't over yet.

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Revenge porn bill would impose $10,000 fine for posting private photos of "intimate parts"

The Google Plus photo for the now-defunct Is Anybody Down? website.
In February 2013, we told you about Craig Brittan, the Colorado Springs man behind Is Anybody Down?, a website that published "involuntary" nude photos -- meaning intimate images typically intended to embarrass ex-lovers. The popular term for such web destinations? Revenge porn sites.

Brittan's address is now history, but the concept is alive and well -- and the subject of a new bill that would impose a $10,000 fine for posting private images depicting "intimate parts."

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Top ten things to know about the Colorado Avs for fans who haven't been paying attention

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Videos below.
It's been a while since the Colorado Avalanche truly captured the imagination of sports fans around our fair state. So, with the Avs up 2-0 against the Minnesota Wild in their first-round playoff series and game three slated for tonight, it's time for those who haven't been paying close attention to do some catch-up. Here are our top ten things you need to know about the Avs to get back up to speed.

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Photos: Ten best U.S. neighborhoods for millennials -- and the Denver area on the list

Thumbnail image for young.family.neighborhood.thinkstock.jpg
Big photos below.
Niche.com has compiled a wide-ranging list of the best American cities and neighborhoods for millennials. It's a wide-ranging roster encompassing major communities across the country -- and one Denver residential area landed in the top ten.

Continue to count down the Niche's photo-illustrated picks, featuring text and data from the site -- and there's a lot more where that came from. To access the original post, click here.

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Denver on 4/20 weekend: 130 arrests or citations, 22 jailed

Photo by Brandon Marshall
A photo from our 2014 People of the Cannabis Cup slide show.
Update below: Last week, Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson told us that officers would have a greater presence at the annual 4/20 event at Civic Center Park due both to the still-unsolved shooting that took place at last year's rally and laws against public consumption of marijuana. However, he pledged that officers would act with "discretion" during enforcement actions.

How'd they do? Well, social media hasn't exploded with anger at the cops despite what appears to be a larger number of arrests and citations than in recent years: 130 over the course of the weekend. More details below.

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Top twenty Denver on 4/20 in 2014 tweets

Categories: Marijuana

Big photos and more below.
Did you notice that yesterday was 4/20? And that it was kind of a big deal in Denver? Twitter certainly did. There was an explosion of tweets on the topic yesterday -- and while most of them were positive, there were definitely some exceptions. We collected what struck us as the twenty most memorable, with many of them featuring photos from the Civic Center rally. Count them down below.

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Photos: William Breathes's top eleven products of the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup

William Breathes.
Editor's note: Our marijuana critic spent the day at both the High Times Cannabis Cup and the 4/20 rally concert at Civic Center Park. We'll have full coverage of events in the coming days.

In the meantime, check out his top ten eleven pipes and products on display out in the open-use recreation area.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1910: 104-year-old marijuana scare tactics alive and well today

If all of this hysterical talk over the past week about marijuana being a contributing factor in the deaths of two people in Denver seemed familiar to you, dear cannabis historian, it's because it should be. This isn't the first time Colorado news outlets have latched onto the myth that cannabis causes violence.

For some perspective, we're offering up a classic Colorado Cannabis Time Capsule blog post that originally ran in 2013 detailing a 1910 article claiming cannabis brought on great violence and was the root of the word "assassin."

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Reader: I'll be at 4/20 in Civic Center this year, and so will neck-tattoo-having thugs

Photo by Brandon Marshall
The aftermath of the shooting at the 4/20 Civic Center event last year.
In a post yesterday, a Denver police spokesman discussed the department's approach to 4/20 at Civic Center Park given laws against public smoking and a still-unsolved shooting that cut the even short in 2013. Plenty of readers weighed in on the issue, with a number of them raising concerns about last year's violence -- including this one.

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Are gourmet burgers usually overpriced disappointments?

Categories: Denver Blogs

Denver blog posts try to live up to expectations.

At our Cafe Society blog, Patricia Calhoun highlights a comment from a reader who's definitely underwhelmed by so-called gourmet burgers.

Mile High Hockey's c6hor8 recaps the Avs' truly wild victory over the Wild in last night's playoff match.

At Denver Urbanism, Dan Malouff shares a map of where nobody lives.

Xavier McDaniel sentenced for brutal attack on teen girl while on bond for another sex case

Categories: Colorado Crimes

More photos below.
During an attack on a fifteen-year-old Littleton girl, Xavier McDaniel allegedly told her, "Get ready to die."

Instead, she fought back, surviving the attack despite sustaining fearsome injuries. And now, McDaniel, 22, could spend the rest of his life in prison for a crime committed while he was out on bond for a sex crime against another woman.

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MED-a-Mints: Pot-infused mints at center of trademark dispute with Dixie Elixirs

Thumbnail image for med.a.mints.565x300.jpg
The old MED-a-Mints packaging.
The Colorado company that invented the formula for MED-a-Mints, a popular cannabis-infused mint candy, has announced that it will sue Denver-based edibles manufacturer Dixie Elixirs for trademark violations. Inventor Gary Gabrel claims that Dixie Elixirs violated the contract between them when it changed the MED-a-Mints packaging, making its own name more prominent and removing the words "cannabis infused."

The new label is dangerous, he says: "The label says THC infused, 100 milligrams. So you've got to have at least some knowledge to recognize that as a cannabis product. A twelve-year-old or a ten-year-old might not know."

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Stephen Redwood busted by feds for pot due to child porn investigation

Stephen Redwood in a photo from his Facebook page.
As you know, marijuana laws in Colorado are very different from those maintained by the U.S. government. Recreational pot possession and distribution is allowed here under a myriad of circumstances, while the feds continue to consider it very illegal -- and if they find cannabis during the course of an investigation, they will seize the stuff and prosecute its possessor to the fullest extent of the law.

Which brings us to Schmuck of the Week nominee Stephen Redwood, who was busted for weed after agents zeroed on him for a particular vile offense: child pornography.

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Marijuana: How state officials define responsible pot use during 4/20 celebrations

Photo by Brandon Marshall
A 4/20 shot from Civic Center Park circa 2012.
Governor John Hickenlooper recently compared adult marijuana use to drinking a beer in the afternoon. But the State of Colorado isn't treating the products equally in advance of the annual 4/20 events taking place this weekend. We don't recall officials cautioning about the use and abuse of ale leading up to the Great American Beer Festival -- but they've just released a warning-filled salvo about pot complete with links to a state website dominated by more cautionary notes.

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Why 4/20 is the absolute worst day of the year in Colorado

This Sunday thousands of ganja enthusiasts will gather in Denver's Civic Center for what has become an annual rite of spring, the embrace of cannabis culture at 4:20 on 4/20. But this weekend also marks the peculiar collision of several more somber anniversaries, commemorating some of the worst days this part of the country has ever seen. "April is the cruellest month," T.S. Eliot wrote in the opening line of The Waste Land, "breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire." And some of the memories of April 20th in Colorado aren't exactly blissful.

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Photos: Ten best U.S. cycling cities list includes two Colorado places -- but not Boulder

Big photos below.
USA Today and its 10Best blog surveyed readers to determine the best cycling cities in the country. Now the results are out, and it's no surprise that Colorado landed two places in the top ten -- but unexpectedly, Boulder, which was among the twenty finalists from which participants could choose, didn't make the cut. Who did? Count down the photo-illustrated rankings below, featuring excerpts from the USA Today blurbs -- and click here to check out the original post.

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