Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Firehouse Organics in Denver

Google maps.
If I had to sadistically pick my favorite death trap on a Denver highway, the now-defunct westbound Bryant exit from Sixth Avenue would take the cake. Trying to exit the freeway on this short ramp was near-impossible, and entering the roadway there was just as deadly, since traffic heading to I-25 South came flying into the right lane from the Federal overpass. It was stressful enough that anyone who did it regularly could have probably applied for -- and received -- a valid medical marijuana recommendation to cope with the daily trauma.

Which has to be the reason why Firehouse Organics chose a location almost directly under Sixth Avenue on Bryant, in the shadow of a construction project that's supposed to end years of nerve-racking twists and turns.

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Reader: Saying Denver Men Are Boys Because They Smoke Pot Is Ignorant
Talk about one comment spawning more: A Comment of the Day in which a reader argued that too many Denver men are still boys living the full-blown stoner life resulted in hundreds of responses. Some of those weighing in agreed, others didn't -- and some offered a defense against the charge. Here's an example of the latter.

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The Happy Hipster Christmas Top Nine

Categories: Denver Blogs
Denver blog posts are hip to hipsterism.

At our Show and Tell blog, Amanda Moutinho shares nine ways to have a happy hipster Christmas.

Denver PR Blog remembers longtime Denver public relations executive, journalist and professor Fred Hobbs.

Coyote Gulch: There's still plenty of time to build snowpack in the west.

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Cody Powell: 40 Years For Shooting Cop When He Was "F*cking My Sh*t Up"

Cody Powell in court, as seen in 7News coverage. Photos, video and more below.
This past March, Loveland Police Officer Garret Osilka was shot and seriously wounded during a routine traffic stop. Cody Powell was busted for the crime, and he's now received a forty-year sentence -- one not long enough for many of Osilka's colleagues. Photos, videos and more below.

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JonBenet Ramsey and the Rise of an Internet Subculture
JonBenet Ramsey. More images below.
This week's cover story, "The Coldest Case," looks back at the still-unsolved 1996 murder of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey -- and the long, lonely battle waged by Fleet and Priscilla White, former friends of the Ramseys, to learn how the investigation got so badly derailed. The case had a devastating impact on many folks who were drawn into it. But it's also worth noting that the hunt for JonBenet's killer became a matter of consuming interest for a lot of people who never set foot in Boulder.

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Gregory Kilcollins Update: Accused "I'm Gonna F*k Da World" Shooter Busted

Categories: Colorado Crimes

A photo of Gregory Kilcollins from a subsequently deleted Facebook page. More images below.
Update: As we noted in a December 12 post, Gregory Kilcollins's Facebook profile photo featured him wearing a hat whose inner brim is emblazoned with the term muerte, the Spanish word for death.

Two days later, witnesses say Kilcollins shot up an apartment complex, seriously injuring one man in the process -- and he's now been captured after the better part of a week on the loose Continue for a video, details and more photos and content from that Facebook page, which has now been deleted.

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Platinum 84 Strip Club Celebrates Holidays With Xmas Lights Prize (and NSFW Videos)

A photo from CBS4 coverage. NSFW videos and more below.
Platinum 84, a strip club in Federal Heights, has gotten some negative publicity in recent months owing to a pair of incidents: an August shooting that hurt two and the injury of a cop in a September assault following an appearance by 2 Live Crew. But with the holidays approaching, the news is considerably better: The club struck PR gold after winning first prize in a Federal Heights holiday lighting contest. Continue for an extremely safe-for-work video, plus two other "holiday" clips that are thoroughly NSFW.

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Christopher Lopez: $3M in Death of Man Whose Jailers Joked and Laughed as He Slowly Died

Christopher Lopez during some of his final moments. Warning: The video and photos below may disturb some readers.
Yesterday, we told you about an $11 million verdict for Ken McGill, who suffered a stroke while in Jefferson County Detention Center. But the McGill incident isn't the only jail-related tragedy to spur a multi-million dollar settlement this week. Colorado's Department of Corrections has reportedly agreed to pay $3 million over the death of Christopher Lopez, whose family filed a lawsuit accusing DOC personnel of allowing the mentally ill inmate to die as they watched, joked and laughed.

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Videos: The Colbert Report's Ten Funniest Bits About Colorado

Videos and more below.
Stephen Colbert isn't going anywhere -- other than CBS, where he's been chosen to take over the Late Night franchise from David Letterman. But tonight, he's scheduled to broadcast his final episode of his signature show, The Colbert Report, on which he's given Colorado a lot of (hilarious) love over the years. We've collected our favorite posts, complete with ten videos and original text, in which Colbert has featured our fair state. Stories range from beer-bonging with Jared Polis to pepper-spraying an eight-year old -- not to mention all his "investigative" pieces about marijuana. Check them out below.

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Alysia Lombard, Mario Hollerway: Child Abuse Bust After Vomiting Child Tests Positive for Pot

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Alysia Lombard. Additional photos and a video below.
In recent months, officials and marijuana activists alike have been calling for cannabis users to make sure their stash isn't accessible to children. Alysia Lombard and Mario Hollerway are accused of ignoring that advice and a lot more in relation to their three-year-old daughter, who tested positive for THC after vomiting at an area hospital. The story also includes cannabutter, expired red cards and a T-shirt of crack cocaine. Continue for photos, video, details and more.

See also: Marijuana Cultivation Leads to Child Abuse Charges: New Way to Target Home Grows?, published in July 2010

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