Marijuana Business Is America's Fastest Growing, Says Industry Report
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Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. So says a new report by California's Arcview Market Research. And while the study, spotlighted in a summary on view below, doesn't exactly qualify as an objective third-party report (it was largely funded by cannabis-biz outfits, including several in Colorado), the point of view espoused shows how eager ganjapreneurs are to build upon their previous economic victories.

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Reader: Wyoming's Pot Lawsuit Threat Meant to Impress Bible-Thumping Backwoods Hicks

Wyoming State Patrol Facebook page
Plenty of readers were exorcised by William Breathes's post about Wyoming's possible lawsuit against the federal government for failing to stop Colorado's pot laws. Here's one particularly memorable example.

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Twenty Denver Music Scene Predictions for 2015

Categories: Denver Blogs

Photo by Brandon Marshall
Denver blog posts are all about looking ahead.

Our Backbeat blog offers up twenty predictions for the 2015 Denver music scene.

Mile High Report's Kyle Montgomery that Wade Phillips could return to Denver as the Broncos' defensive coordinator.

Big Media's Jason Salzman has some tips for reporters covering teen-pregnancy prevention and IUDs.

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Marijuana: Adams County Holds Pot-License Lottery, Wheat Ridge OKs Regs, Pueblo Delays

Chronic Therapy's Facebook Page
Chronic Therapy is one of five dispensaries in Wheat Ridge, and it won't have new competition anytime soon after the City Council's vote last night.
The city councils of Wheat Ridge and Pueblo held meetings last night to determine the fate of proposed cannabis restrictions in their respective cities, but only one of them ended with a resolution. Meanwhile, Adams County is scheduled an afternoon announcement for the first ten dispensaries to be licensed there.

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Prison Video Visitation Biz Cashing In on Misery, Report Claims

Categories: Business, Prisons

For a fee, family members can now "visit" an inmate from home.
Jails across America are turning increasingly to private companies to cure the headaches posed by family members seeking to visit incarcerated loved ones. But the solutions developed by the emerging "video visitation industry" come at a steep price -- including the stiff costs shouldered by inmates' families, complaints about poor quality and other impacts that may actually discourage inmate visits, according to a new report on the industry.

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John Lorenz Allegedly Texted Photo of Pointed Gun to Man -- and Then Killed Him

Categories: Crime

Colorado Springs Police Department
John Lorenz. Additional photos below.
Update below: Did Colorado Springs landlord John Lorenz text a photo of pointed gun to a man living at his place -- and then use the weapon to kill him later in the day? That's among the assertions in a police report naming Lorenz, who's currently in custody on suspicion of first-degree murder. Photos and details below.

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Jack Lindsey, Air Force Cadet, Dies in Keystone Ski Accident

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Jack Lindsey, at right, changed his Facebook profile pic to this shot from Crested Butte five days before he died. More images and videos below.
Yesterday, we told you about the death of an eighth grader at Crested Butte ski resort during a school-club ski outing this past Friday. And now comes word of another fatality on the Colorado slopes over the weekend: Eighteen-year-old John "Jack" Lindsey, a Cadet 4th Class at the Air Force Academy, died after a crash at Keystone. Less than a week earlier, Lindsey had changed his Facebook profile photo to a shot of fun on the Crested Butte.

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Twenty States With the Highest Risk for Corruption -- and Where Colorado Lands

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maselkoo99 via Thinkstock
Additional images and more below.
The State Integrity Project, created by the Center for Public Integrity and several other organizations, set out to discover which states are most at risk for corruption -- and the news wasn't good. Researchers didn't hand out a single "A" grade, and more than half the states received a "D" or an "F," including Colorado, which finished in the bottom twenty. Where? Continue to count down the disappointing marks, featuring State Integrity Project graphics and more -- and to see the entire study, complete with methodology and more, click here.

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#Facebookdown Crisis (Sort of) Freaks Out Denver Press, World Media

Categories: Tech
Panicky tweets below.
The recently repaired Facebook outage shouldn't have been that big a deal in Colorado, given that it mainly took place overnight. Nonetheless, local press figures took to Twitter anyhow to express their shock/prompt some laughs, as did social-media addicts on the other side of the planet, who had it far worse.

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Jessie Hernandez, Teen Killed By Denver Cops: Protests Over Alleged Police Violence

Categories: Crime, News

Facebook via 7News
A Facebook photo of Jessie Hernandez. More images and videos below.
Editor's note: To read an update about the Jessie Hernandez shooting, including information about a witness who says officers fired before one was struck by the car she was driving, click here.

Original post, 5:44 a.m. January 27: Yesterday, Denver police officers shot and killed the driver of a car that had been reported stolen. Afterward, friends identified the driver as Jessie Hernandez, sixteen, and at a vigil last night, they decried what they see as another example of law enforcement taking a life unnecessarily. A second demonstration is planned for this morning, with protesters expected to demand that prosecutors charge the officers involved. Photos, video, details and more below.

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