Maureen Dowd's bad edibles experience helps inspire First Time 5 education campaign

Maureen Dowd. More images below.
Last month, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd shared a bad experience with a marijuana edible during a visit to Colorado, joking (maybe) that such items be stamped with a "stoned skull and bones."

The Dowd piece, coupled with other negative news stories linked to edibles use, is among the inspiration for First Time 5, an edibles-education campaign being launched at an event tomorrow. Steve Fox, executive director of the Council for Responsible Cannabis Regulation, offers us a preview.

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Reader: Hooking up on Rockies' party deck a lot more satisfying than watching the team
The frustration with your Colorado Rockies that was captured in our recent collection of the twenty most memorable Colorado Rockies suck memes flowed into a Comment of the Day in which a reader argued that hot women on the party deck were the best reasons to go to games. Here's a comment from someone on the same wavelength.

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Five weirdest new fetish foods, including...Gummy Bear sausage?

Categories: Denver Blogs

Denver blog posts are game for just about anything.

At our Cafe Society blog, Jenn Wohletz counts down the five weirdest new fetish foods, including (we're not making this up) Gummy Bear sausage.

Big Media's Jason Salzman thinks the intensifying personhood debate should put the spotlight on senatorial hopeful Cory Gardner's past support of the concept.

Denver Stiffs' Nate Timmons on why the Nuggets are saying goodbye to Aaron Brooks and Jan Veseley.

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Alamosa "healthy living park" moves ahead, RV park nixed
A photo from the Rio Grande Healthy Living Park Facebook page.
Backers of a proposed "healthy living park" in Alamosa, who saw their efforts last year to acquire former school property in a prime location frustrated by a controversial deal that put the property in the hands of an RV park developer for substantially less than its appraised value, have settled a lawsuit over the transaction and managed to purchase the property from the developer. The transaction offers the prospect that an agricultural-themed community park will some day be a reality on the 38-acre site.

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Edibles recall: Co-owner on making hash with washing machine, health agency compromise

At Home Baked's website
Don't expect to see At Home Baked products on dispensary shelves for a few weeks.
The Denver Department of Environmental Health ordered the recall of products made by a local hash-infused edibles manufacturer last week after "possible contamination from unsanitary equipment" and using equipment "not intended for food manufacturing," according to a statement by the DDEH's Public Health Inspections Division.

The equipment in question: a washing machine.

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Photos: Roadkill, death and more in Arvada police animal-management tweet-along

More photos below.
Animal lovers who've considered becoming an animal control officer may have had their minds changed by a tweet-along staged yesterday by the Arvada Police Department's animal management department. Incidents in what appears to have been a normal day included a roadkill pickup, a corpse recovery, a neglected pet that couldn't be saved and more. Granted, it wasn't all tragedy, but the circle of life's last phase is on view plenty of times in the photo-filled tweet string below.

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Denver Water pulls Putin-like image from new campaign after Ukrainian plane-crash tragedy

Categories: News

More photos below.
Denver Water is known for its wacky conservation campaigns -- and its latest, dubbed "Don't Be That Guy," is definitely an attention-getter thanks to its portrayal of assorted comic archetypes as water-wasting doofuses.

Problem is, one of the images was inspired by photos of Russian leader Vladimir Putin riding a horse shirtless. Given Putin's alleged connection to the downing of a Malaysian aircraft over the Ukraine in which 298 people were killed, however, the pic no longer seems particularly hilarious -- so Denver Water has now pulled it. See that photo and more below.

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Photos: One hater's thirteen reasons why Colorado sucks elephant balls
Big photos below.
Around here, we like to think Colorado is the best state in the U.S.A. But not everyone agrees -- including some people who live here. We recently stumbled across a video from earlier this year entitled "Reasons Why Colorado Sucks Elephant Balls" in which its creator, who says he's lived here for twelve years, rips our fair state to the tune of Green Day's "American Idiot."

We're not exactly objective on this subject, but for every defensible rant (no one likes high suicide rates or mass shootings), there are three or four that are highly exaggerated or make no sense at all. Don't take our word for it, though. Count down his thirteen reasons, represented by screen captures of his photos and spelling/punctuation/grammar-challenged graphics.

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Photos: Most wanted DEA fugitives in Denver, part two

Additional photos and more below.
Last week, we shared part one of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration's most wanted fugitives list for its Denver office -- a roster from Colorado and several neighboring states that includes 51 men and women wanted for narco-crimes typically involving heroin, meth, cocaine and marijuana. As you'll notice, the vast majority of them are from Mexico -- although there's at least one Slovenian.

Continue to see the 26 additional fugitives on the roster, featuring photos, descriptions and details about their alleged crimes.

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Interim sheriff Elias Diggins's criminal record adds to 5 incidents spelling Gary Wilson's doom

Interim Denver sheriff Elias Diggins. More photos plus videos and a document below.
As we've documented in a series of blog posts over the past year or so, the Denver Sheriff's Department has been beset by scandals -- so many that yesterday, Mayor Michael Hancock accepted Sheriff Gary Wilson's resignation and appointed Division Chief Elias Diggins to fill the job on an interim basis.

But this attempt to smooth the waters wasn't wholly successful: Last night, news broke that Diggins has a criminal record. Continue for details about that revelation, following a recap of five incidents that helped seal Wilson's fate.

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