Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Green Tree Medicinals in Northglenn

Green Tree Medicinals/James Long.
Green Tree's Northglenn location is in a former used-car dealership, which is somewhat confusing, since the other auto dealership next door parks cars for sale in Green Tree's parking lot.

I couldn't tell if I was about to walk in the front door and be offered weed, or the Jeep on the stand out front with high miles and a dented bumper.

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Reader: Saying "Pot Makes You Stupid" Has Never Stepped One Kid From Smoking

Our post about Children's Hospital tips about how to talk to kids about marijuana didn't garner a lot of compliments about the advice from our readers. Here's one example.

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Top Six Ways Musicians Can Avoid Be Robbed on Tour

Categories: Denver Blogs

Illustration by Dave Watt
Denver blog posts are on the cyber-road again.

At our Backbeat blog, Drew Ailes counts down six ways to avoid being robbed on tour.

Colorado Pols thinks pollsters are still getting the Latino vote wrong.

Denver Frank wants Aurora overturn its pit-bull ban.

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Video: Fox News' Megyn Kelly Cries Voter Fraud About Colorado Rule That Doesn't Exist
Megyn Kelly whips out air quotes in describing a "new Colorado law" on Fox News. Videos and more below.
Does a new Colorado law invite voting fraud by allowing pretty much anyone the ability to print out legal ballots from home computers? That was the argument made by Fox News' Megyn Kelly this week in a video on view below. Only problem: It's not true -- and the person confirming it is none other than Secretary of State Scott Gessler, the Colorado official most identified with raising alarms about the possibility of such fraud. Photos, videos and details below.

See also the October 2012 post Scott Gessler's Office Shares Evidence of Voter Fraud in Colorado

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"Family Friendly" DIA Plans to Ban Marijuana-Related Souvenirs

This Exit 420 shirt was on display in a DIA store on October 7.
You can't possess pot inside Denver International Airport. You can't eat it, smoke it, grow it or give it to a friend, and soon, vendors there may not be able to sell pot-themed merchandise, either. "We have started the process to restrict marijuana promotional merchandise at Denver International Airport and will be following the public hearing process to amend the airport rule to reflect that," airport spokesman Heath Montgomery told Westword this week. (Update below.)

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Daniel Powell, Teacher, Charged With Assault for Gruesome Classroom Explosion

This photo of Daniel Powell appears in 9News coverage and is credited to Telemundo's Carlos Rausseo. More images and a video below.
Accidents happen in school science labs -- but they hardly ever result in criminal accusations.

Daniel Powell is an exception to this rule. He's been charged with multiple assault beefs for a methanol explosion that injured four students, including one who spent weeks in the hospital for burns that initially put him in critical condition. Photos, video, a police report and more below.

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Are Local Teens Who Allegedly Wanted to Join ISIS "Good Girls," Victims of Online Predator?

A 7News image of the home apartment complex of two teen girls suspected of wanting to join ISIS. Additional photos, video and audio below.
Update: National and even international attention continues to focus on three Denver-area girls who were taken into custody because of suspicions that they planned to join the ISIS terror group in Syria (see our previous coverage below). But even as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was thanking Germany for its assistance in stopping the alleged plot, a school district spokeswoman was describing the teens as "good girls" who were victims of recruitment she likened to the efforts of online predators. Continue for the latest, including photos, video and audio.

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Ten Most Desirable Zip Codes in the Denver Area
Graphics and more below.
The folks at the Movoto real-estate blog have just come up with their list of the ten best zip codes in the country -- and no, none of those in the Denver area made the cut. However, the site also ranked a whopping 28,061 zip codes nationwide, including plenty from these parts. Below, see the metro top ten, featuring maps and a sampling of Movoto data, including the "Big Deal Rank" -- how each zip code's desirability compares with those across the country. Count them down below, and click here to see the Movoto post.

See also: Photos: Top Five Denver Neighborhoods According to Movoto,

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Timothy Heckler, Busted for Tagging in Tigger Costume: "I'm Off the Tweek Again"

Timothy Heckler in a Denver Police Department photo. More pics below.
Timothy Heckler has made his mark on the Denver Police Department -- and more.

Heckler's bust for alleged tagging while wearing a Tigger costume -- just in time for Halloween! -- has inspired a new DPD Facebook feature entitled "What in the Wednesday." But his own Facebook posts are stranger still. Get details and see more photos below.

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Rollin 60s Busts: See 25 Aurora Indictees Allegedly Tied to Notorious L.A. Street Gang

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Roderick Penny. Details and more photos below.
Update: Roderick Penny, who was the only person indicted in the Rollin 60s sweep described below, had been at large when our original post was published. He has now turned himself in to police. See our previous coverage below.

Original post: Yesterday morning, members of the Aurora Police Department and law-enforcement agencies throughout the metro area busted two dozen men and women as part of what's described as a two-year investigation into the activities of the Rollin 60s, an Aurora street gang whose lineage can be traced back to Los Angeles. Continue to see those taken into custody -- and the one person who's thus far eluded authorities -- and get details about the allegations that led to a 73-count indictment also on view below.

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