Do you Want a Robot Decorating Your Cake?

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Denver blog posts are all about modernity, but....

At our Cafe Society blog, Jenn Wohletz examines five disturbing new pieces of food-service technology, including a cake-decorating bot.

Colorado Peak Politics asks: Would Hickenlooper let James Holmes live?

Denver Stiffs' Andrew Feinstein asks: Will the Nuggets' Kenneth Faried make it to Spain?

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Helen Thorpe's Soldier Girls Is "Book of the Week" in People

First Helen Thorpe's new book, Soldier Girls, got close to fifteen minutes of fame from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Then the "compelling" Soldier Girls rated an excellent review from the New York Times. And to make for a very unusual trifecta, Soldier Girls just made Book of the People?

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Reader: There's Something Beautiful About Turning a Prison Into a Marijuana Farm
A proposal to transform a shuttered women's prison into a marijuana grow was embraced by many of our readers -- particularly those who recall the days when smoking a joint could get someone tossed into a cell lickety-split. Here's an example.

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Lisa Marie Lesyshen Ditches Insanity Bid, Pleads Guilty to Killing Son Asher, Nine

Lisa Marie Lesyshen in court earlier this year. Photos, videos and more below.
In February, Lisa Marie Lesyshen pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the killing of her nine-year-old son Asher -- an act that was followed by a suicide bid that left her paralyzed.

Now, however, she's reversed course, admitting to second-degree murder in an arrangement that netted her a forty-year prison sentence. Continue for more about the tragic events that led to Asher's death and the court drama that followed, including photos, videos and an original document.

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Top Twenty Twitter Reactions to the Colorado Purge Hoax

One of the images circulating through new and old media. Additional pics and more below.
Purge: Anarchy, the sequel to the surprise horror hit from last year, arrived in theaters last month, and at this point, it's pretty much run its course. But rumors of a real-life Colorado Purge beginning at 6:30 p.m. on September 6 -- during which, presumably, laws would be suspended for twelve hours, making all crimes legal -- are heating up, with old-school media outlets reporting about what is clearly a ham-handed social-media hoax. But the Twitter reactions are mighty entertaining anyhow. Count down our photo-illustrated top twenty favorite Twitter reactions below.

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Forbes' Top 13 Colorado Colleges and Their (Mostly Unimpressive) National Rankings
Additional photos and more below.
Forbes has just released its list of the top colleges in America -- a roster that includes 650 institutions. And while thirteen Colorado colleges are included, none of them made the top ten...or the top twenty...or the top thirty.

Below, see our photo-illustrated countdown of the Colorado finishers, complete with tuition info, student population figures and their national ranking -- which, for many, isn't especially impressive. Count them down below, and to check out the full methodology, click here.

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Leah Dyer Blames Media in Abuse Case: 7-Year-Old Weighed 37 Pounds, Couldn't Walk

Categories: Colorado Crimes

Leah Dyer in a 7News photo. Additional images and more below.
"You've destroyed my family," Leah Dyer told members of the media at the 8th Judicial District courthouse in Fort Collins yesterday. But prosecutors believe Dyer and her husband, Douglas, did a pretty good job of that all by themselves. The Dyers are accused of neglecting their daughter, who, when she was taken from their home at age seven, couldn't walk, talk or hold up her head, wasn't toilet trained and weighed just 37 pounds. Continue for photos and details from a police report included below.

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Cops Shot Dog After Wanted Teen Ordered It to Attack, Denver Police Say
Photos from the scene courtesy of 7News. Additional images, plus a video and more below.
"Many tears were shed tonight...."

Those are the first words in an account from photographer Riley Ralmuto about an incident that took place near 9th and Sheridan last night: Denver police officers shot the dog of a wanted teen after cops say he ordered it to attack. Continue for the rest of Ralmuto's piece, plus additional images, a video and more below.

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Breckenridge Marijuana Shop Fights Move to Force It Off Main Street
Photos from the Breckenridge Cannabis Club Facebook page.
Breckenridge has a well-founded reputation for progressive marijuana policy. The town's voters decriminalized pot in 2009, years before the passage of Amendment 64.

Nonetheless, officials passed a law banning new pot shops from opening on Main Street, and a grandfather clause for the Breckenridge Cannabis Club, which was already located there, is about to expire. But the latter's co-owner says an extension has been granted and she's hopeful the BCC will be allowed to remain for the long term.

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Pot Legalization is Boring and Colorado Is Filled With NIMBYs, say NY Times Readers

Categories: Politics

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni was back in Colorado last week, eating (and tweeting) at Acorn, attending a book signing for Helen Thorpe's Soldier Girls (which not only earned a good review in the Times, but a rave in People, of all places) and, it turns out, researching this weekend's column describing this state as "A Battleground and Bellwether."

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