Occupy Wall Street vs. the Tea Party: A visual guide

Full diagram below.
Editor's note: Much has been written over the past few days about similarities between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movement of a few years ago. Some, like Fox News, argue that the two are not the same thing, while others claim they may have more in common than first meets the eye. Cartoonist Kenny Be brings us this visual diagram, so you can determine just how much the Left side of the 99 percent has in common with the Right side of the 99 percent.

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Michael Hancock's jobs program funded by trash fees: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Trash Fees create new American Jobs Act Denver Mayor Hancock Economic Stimulus Package Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg
Inspired by President Obama's American Jobs Act campaign performance at Lincoln High School, Mayor Michael Hancock can now claim that new trash fees are needed to create new jobs...

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Lowry Leeks are prized for their lighter Denver flavor: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Lowry Leek Denver Neighborhood Seed Company Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg

Lowry leeks are closely related to Denver Onions but have a sweeter, creamier, more delicate urban flavor. Prized by residents who seek urban flavor without all the dicing and tears, Lowry leeks are extremely hardy and many will grow in a compact space...

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Alternative fuels get buggy at the Moving Planet Party: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Alternative Fuels Moving Beyonf Fossil Fuels Green Fair Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg

The Moving Planet Party and Green Fair will be held at the State Capitol this Saturday, September 24, 2011, and will showcase the best ideas in moving beyond fossil fuels...

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Tom Martino bankruptcy helps Troubleshooter take aim: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Tom Martino Bankruptcy Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg

Tom Martino has filed for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy protection and is claiming assets of $1.37 Million and liabilities of $78.6 million. Long known for turning his "Troubleshooter" consumer advocate media persona into a pay-for-play advertising empire, the shameless Martino will no doubt find a way to make a fortune off of his failing...

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Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's 2012 budget breakdown: Kenny Be's Pie Charts

Hancock 2012 Budget Pie Chart Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's proposed 2012 budget was released yesterday and revealed that city government can continue business as usual as long as city employees keep taking furlough days without pay. The complete budget breakdown is shown below...

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Listeria hysteria avoided with cantaloupe safety guide: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Listeria Hysteria Rocky Ford Colorado Cantaloupe Kenny Be Edited Blog Head.jpg

In the handy guide detailed below, the Rocky Ford Clean Melon Queen shows you how to avoid listeria contamination by following these eight easy steps to clean Colorado cantaloupes...

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University Park turban squash improves observing conditions: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

University Park Observatory Turban Squash Seed Packet Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg

The University Park turban squash is a colorful heirloom that inspired the design of University of Denver's Chamberlin Observatory back in 1889. Just as the observatory helps students look deep into the night sky, the buttercup-type squash is better for gazing than grazing...

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Pussy mug shots reveal evidence of anguish?: Kenny Be's Sign Language

Missing Cat Poster Kitty Threat Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg
Sunnyside-up cat is posed over-easy.

Careful inspection of Denver's Missing Cat and Found Kitty posters reveal hidden clues about a pussy's private life. The sideways glare of the "found kitty" pictured above hints that the pose may be forced, and that the finders are more interested in ransom than a reunion...

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Obama jobs plan in a nutshell: Kenny Be's Nut Graphs

Obama Jobs Plan in a Nutshell Blog Head.jpg

Will President Obama's new jobs plan save the country from a double-dip recession or burden our sliding economy with another $400 billion of deficit spending? Below, an easy-to-read chart explains the president's entire economic stimulus plan in a nutshell...

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