Denver's Feguson Protest Began Peacefully Last Night, But Ended in Arrests

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Denver police march on protestors last night.

For a second night, Denver marchers took to the streets as part of a nationwide action in response to the decision of a Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri, not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Much bigger than the previous night's gathering, several hundred people met at Civic Center Park around 6 p.m. and then marched west through the streets of downtown, stopping several times to lay in down in intersections in protest before eventually ending up in front of the Denver jail.

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Nate Jackson: Ex-Bronco turned author's Denver return draws Jake the Snake and more

"The life of an NFL player is not Peyton Manning's life," says former Denver Bronco Nate Jackson. "It's not even Peyton Manning's life for Peyton Manning -- that's the weird part."

Jackson, the author of Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile, was at the Tattered Cover Tuesday to read from his book and answer questions from a capacity crowd that included former pros Jake Plummer and Charlie Adams.

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Photos: Millennials get in touch with Denver during Fall Dinner at Civic Center Park

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Big photos below.
Most people don't venture into Civic Center Park at night, let alone have dinner there.

But Sunday night, CityBuild, a Downtown Denver Partnership initiative, did just that.

Nearly 150 people enjoyed a fall dinner under strings of lights with a bar, a DJ and two long dinner tables in the middle of the park as part of an initiative geared toward educating millennials about how they can better their city.

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Gun control and mental health: DU panel takes aim

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What role should mental health play in a discussion of gun-control legislation? Is it possible to limit access to firearms without trampling on the rights of those who battle mental illness? Is a future consensus on gun control within the realm of possibility, or are debates over the Second Amendment forever doomed to inspire little more than growing discord?

All of that, and more, was on the table last night at the University of Denver, where a panel of local lawmakers and other experts tackled these issues and more.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers act like a bunch of tourists on latest ride

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Big photos below.
International luminaries have descended on Denver for the second Biennial of the Americas, which continues through Saturday. So it was fitting that on last night's regular Wednesday ride, the Denver Cruisers acted like tourists in their own town, snapping photos as they rode through the streets in their Hawaiian shirts, shorts and flipflops, and generally acting much more than a mile high.

Keep reading for a selection of our snaps of this boisterous bunch, and see all the photos in our Denver Cruisers slideshow.

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Colorado Dems celebrate Obama victory Gangnam style at downtown watch party

happy obama supporters at dems watch party 2012 130x130.jpg
Earlier that night.
It was after 10 p.m. that a woman wearing a blue dress and a donkey mask came up to us and put her snout, through which her eyes were visible, up against our face -- so we were peering at each other through a tunnel of plastic hot with her breath. "Our ovaries are safe for four more fuckin' years!" she said, and then danced off.

In a crass way, that summed up the late-night mood at last night's Denver Democratic watch party at the downtown Sheraton hotel.

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Mitt Romney's debate victory: Did Denver help elect the next president...again?

mitt romney debate.jpg
Mitt Romney.
You knew Mitt Romney had won the presidential debate at the University of Denver last night when MSNBC commentators Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz -- pundits whose progressive tilt isn't exactly a secret -- seemed so mad they were practically spitting the second the ninety-minute face-off was over. It was the sort of thing Stephen Colbert had hyped in humorous fashion as the "Up-ender in Denver" the night before, but the results were no joke.

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First Sniagrab camper gives up, leaves, is replaced by empty tents

rek rivoli thumb.jpeg
Camper No. 1.
Yesterday afternoon, across the street from the Westword offices, the first Sniagrab tent popped up on the sidewalk outside Sports Authority in anticipation of huge discounts on sporting gear. With a new law banning urban camping on the books, Sports Authority acquired a permit from the city to allow prospective buyers to camp on the city streets. The first in line -- and the first to leave the line -- was 22-year-old Derek Rivoli, a soft-spoken snowboarding enthusiast and aspiring nature guide.

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Cycling group Bbikes is encouraging more Denver minorities to pedal

Eboni Powers image.jpg
Eboni Powers.
"B" is for brown. And bicycle.

At least that's the logic behind the name of a new social group called Bbikes (pronounced bee-bikes) that aims to get more minorities to hop on bikes in Denver.

First step? Making the weekly Denver Cruisers ride more diverse.

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Photos: Police brutality march inspired by Kevin Ryberg, Amelia Nicol

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police march 140.jpeg
Big photos below.
Approximately fifty people gathered last night at La Alma Park to protest against police aggression. This is the latest in a string of anti-brutality rallies in recent months, though this march focused predominantly on the death of Kevin Ryberg, who was shot by police while in custody on July 31, and on political activist Amelia Nicol, who faced trial yesterday after months in prison.

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