Ten Most Desirable Zip Codes in the Denver Area

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The folks at the Movoto real-estate blog have just come up with their list of the ten best zip codes in the country -- and no, none of those in the Denver area made the cut. However, the site also ranked a whopping 28,061 zip codes nationwide, including plenty from these parts. Below, see the metro top ten, featuring maps and a sampling of Movoto data, including the "Big Deal Rank" -- how each zip code's desirability compares with those across the country. Count them down below, and click here to see the Movoto post.

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Photos: Ten Best Cities for Liberals -- Including Those Supposedly Better Than Boulder

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Think Boulder's the ultimate destination for liberals in America? Livability.com disagrees. Yes, Boulder made the site's list of ten best cities for liberals, but several places finished ahead of it. Do you agree with the picks? Find out by counting down the photo-illustrated top ten, featuring excerpts from Livability text and the methodology used in compiling the roster. To see the original post (including lists of best cities for conservatives and centrists, too), click here.

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Photos: Fifteen Beautiful Colorado Paintings on Postcards

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In many ways, postcards are becoming something of a lost art -- but even rarer are postcards of places like Colorado that feature paintings rather than photos. We found a slew of examples on ArtFire -- if you're unfamiliar with the site, think of it is an even artsier Etsy -- and they're absolutely eye-popping. Check out our fifteen favorites below, and be sure to click on the links if you'd like to add one or more of them to your Colorado pride collection.

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Photos: Hilariously Untrue "Facts" About Denver on Uncyclopedia, Parts 1-10

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If you like learning from Drunk History, you'll be thrilled by the details about Denver offered on Uncyclopedia, which describes itself as "the Mother Ship of amateur comedy writing! (Amateur means we don't pay you to do it.)" The site's Denver page reveals fascinating information, such as that the local economy is heavily reliant on "high-tech industry, tourism, crack and selling sexually explicit magazines to Oklahomans who want to look at nasty cooters but can't buy such things at home without a permit from the governor."

There's a lot more "wisdom" where that came from. Continue to check out the photo-illustrated ten-part journey through Denver lore, featuring excerpts from Uncyclopedia text -- and to see the original item, replete with lots of additional "facts," click here.

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Ten Cities With the Most Single, Employed Men Compared to Single Women (Including Denver)

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Denver is known in some quarters as "Menver," owing to the supposedly inflated number of single men here compared to women. The stats don't really back that up -- but numbers from the Pew Research Center offer a new twist. As part of a study dubbed "Mapping the Marriage Market for Young Adults," the demographers list the large metro areas with the highest ratios of employed single young men to single young women -- meaning guys who are not only available, but actually have jobs. And yes, Denver metro did very, very well.

Where did the city land? Find out by counting down the top ten below, featuring photos and PRC data on the top ten, with bonus info on four other Colorado cities. To see the original item, which boasts lots more information, click here.

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Photos: Ten Theories on Why Front Range Drivers are Terrible

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A City-Data.com thread kicks off with this simple question: "Why are Front Range drivers so terrible?" And while some of the many folks who responded disagree with this theory, suggesting that drivers in these parts aren't really any worse than those in any burgeoning metropolitan area, most float theories as to why getting from point A to point B can be a painful proposition.

Below, see what struck us as the ten strongest arguments.

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Photos: Our Ten Favorite Posts on DU Confession

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Last month, we featured the top ten back-to-school posts on the CU Boulder Confessions Facebook page. Turns out, though, that University of Denver students have some confessions of their own. The DU Confession Facebook page features the sort of candor that only comes with anonymity -- and for those of you who look order, each post is numbered. With that in mind, we count down our photo-illustrated favorites from #447 to #413. Check them out below.

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Photos: Our People Magazine-Ready Picks for the Sexiest Male Denver TV Anchors

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Once upon a time, TV anchors would reject any attempt to portray them as sexy, seeing such a designation as undermining the seriousness of their profession. But it's the 21st century, bitches, and 7News is actively campaigning on behalf of its staffers to triumph in a People search to find the sexiest local TV anchor alive. (Yes, the magazine has limited the contest to dudes, in an echo of its annual "Sexiest Man Alive" staple.) But who should really represent Denver? We rank eighteen anchors from all five local news stations on their sexiness quotient. Check out our picks below, from least to most sexy -- and for the full rules about how to participate in the People survey, which runs through October 22, click here.

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Photos: Nine Reasons HotPads Says You Should Move to Denver

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There are no shortage of reasons to move to Denver, as posts like this one demonstrate. But for the most part, the suggestions floated by HotPads.com are at least a little bit unusual, blending many of the Mile High City's cultural and economic qualities with the beautiful location in which it's set. See what we mean by counting down HotPads' Denver top nine, featuring photos and excerpts from site text. To see the original item, click here.

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Photos: Ten Stupidest Reasons Why Yobeat Thinks Colorado Sucks

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Yobeat is a Portland, Oregon-based website known for a devotion to snowboarding and a dislike of doing it in Colorado (except for the southern part) that's spelled out in the recent post "30-Something Reasons Colorado Sucks."

Admittedly, some of Yobeat's picks are solid: I-70 traffic is terrible and we thought the joke about Texans being even worse when they're oxygen-deprived was pretty funny. But others struck us as somewhere between forced and moronic. Continue to count down ten photo-illustrated examples juxtaposing Yobeat's takes with ours -- and to read the original item, click here.

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