Sorry Dude! Dad & Dude's Breweria Creates The Interview Apology Beer for Kim Jong-Un

Photo courtesy of Dad & Dude's Breweria Facebook page
Sorry Dude can design.
Now that Sony has officially canceled the theatrical release of The Interview, a film depicting the assassination of North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un, the nation is evaluating how to respond. Dad & Dude's Breweria thinks an apology would be the best course of action. But not just a typical, boring "We're sorry." No, this "apology" comes in the form of Colorado's favorite alcoholic beverage: beer.

On Friday, as people around the world were talking about The Interview, the Breweria announced its newest creation: Sorry Dude stout. Canning will begin sometime next year, but if you want to try this American-style diplomacy sooner, it will be on tap in mid to late January.

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Where Does Denver Rank on This List of Cities With the Booziest Dog Names?


Sit, Guinness. Roll over, Merlot. A website called, which bills itself as "the nation's Airbnb for dogs," has released a survey of the most popular dog names in 2014, and it turns out that people -- especially in Denver -- love to label their Labs after booze.

In fact, Denver ranks in the top spot as the city with the most alcohol-related dog names. The rest of the boozy burgs, in order, were Phoenix, Portland, San Jose, New York City, Chicago, Orlando, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

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Photos: Fifteen Reasons Why Denver Is the World's Largest Apres Ski Town
Apres Ski Cocktail Classic Facebook page
More photos below.
Last week, we noted that of the ten most popular apres ski hotels in America listed by CNN, five are in Colorado. Not to be left out, our friends from VISIT DENVER have now declared the Mile High City to be "the world's largest apr├Ęs ski town," as well as "a great place to gear up, find deals, and acclimatize before you hit the higher Rocky Mountain slopes of Colorado."

As evidence, the tourism agency has assembled a collection of fifteen places to go and things to do before and after skiing. The roster includes hotels, restaurants, special events, outfitting and more. Continue to see the photo-illustrated selections, featuring VISIT DENVER text.

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Photos: Top Ten White Elephant Gifts of 2014
More photos and a video below.

For each of the past four years, we've spotlighted the top ten White Elephant gifts as chosen by the folks at ARC Thrift Stores; click for picks from 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. But this year's collection may be the weirdest yet -- and as a bonus, it's supplemented by a video that should get you ready to shop for unusual items that are as much fun to buy as they are to receive. Look below to count down the top ten, all of which are representative of the stuff you can find at your friendly neighborhood ARC, followed by the complete clip.

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Fifty Reasons Colorado Is the Greatest State in the Country, 2014 Edition
More photos below.
How many reasons are there that prove Colorado is the greatest state in the country? We've put together top-fifty lists in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and we're not even close to running out. So now, continuing the tradition, we bring you the 2014 edition, with fifty new reasons, illustrated with photos and videos and lovingly assembled by the Westword staff. Look below to remind yourself why you live here -- and to let everyone else know why we love it so much.

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What Google Thinks About Eighteen Celebrities With Colorado Ties

Photos and more below.
What does Google think about certain celebrities? As we noted this past summer, a quick way to find out is to type the word "is" and a famous name in the query box. Before you even hit enter, you'll typically be offered a list of the most popular searches for that person.

In our earlier post, we tried the trick with twenty notables who live in Colorado now. This time around, we focused on luminaries who were either born in our fair state or lived here back in the day -- and the results are arguably even funnier and stranger than before. Check out the photo-illustrated evidence below.

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Photos: What Colorado and All 50 States Are Worst At

Photos and more below.
"What is your state worst at?" That's the question posed by a hilarious poster on, which describes itself as the "original demotivational poster community." And while we don't know how much research the Motifake folks put into the terrible qualities chosen for each state, they're pretty damn funny -- including the one from Colorado, which isn't quite what you may expect (but close). Check out the photo-illustrated answers for each state, followed by a look at the original poster.

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Ten Most Popular U.S. Apres Ski Hotels -- Including Five in Colorado

More photos below.
When CNN put together its list of the ten most popular apres ski hotels in America, we weren't surprised that Colorado landed five on the roster -- more than any other state. But we were definitely caught off-guard by which places took the top slots. Count down the winners below, featuring photos and excerpts from CNN text. To see the original post, click here.

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Top Fifteen Cities for Single Women -- and Where Denver Finishes
More photos below.
Is Denver really Menver -- a place where there are loads of single men from which women can choose? weighs in on the question amid its list of the fifteen top cities for single women. Where does Denver wind up? And which cities are deemed better? Count down the fifteen winning cities below, featuring photos and excerpts from text -- and to see the original post, click here.

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Twelve Cities Whose Weather is Way More Unpredictable Than Denver's
Photo by Brian Papantonio/Flickr
Videos and more below.
A lot of Coloradans think the weather here is the most unpredictable in the country. Not so, counters Nate Silver, the statistician renowned for correctly predicting the 2012 presidential election. At his site, Silver (and co-author Reuben Fischer-Baum) set out to determine which American city really has the most unpredictable weather, and the three Colorado communities featured -- including Denver -- are way down the list. Check out the Silver/Fischer-Baum top twelve below, followed by the Colorado entries, featuring FiveThirtyEight stats and videos for each location.

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