Photos: Peyton Manning's Pot-and-Pizza Comment Proves Meme Makers Were Right
More memes below.
Ever since Peyton Manning bought a slew of Papa Johns franchises, meme makers have linked the purchase to Colorado's legalization of marijuana -- and now Manning has, too. In an interview with MMQB's Peter King, he said, "There's some different laws out here in Colorado. Pizza business is pretty good out here, believe it or not, due to some recent law changes."

Congratulations, Meme Nation! You were right! Check out some of the most memorable Peyton-pot-pizza memes below. Hopefully they'll help get you through this Sunday's Super Bowl rematch with the Seattle Seahawks feeling satisfied and mellow no matter what happens.

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Photos: Ten Colorado Counties With the Drunkest Drunk Drivers

Photos and more below.
The website is out with its latest statistics about driving under the influence in the state. Included is data featuring the average blood alcohol content of DUI arrestees in every Colorado county, and the numbers in the top ten are all more than twice as high as the legal limit -- figures that are truly disturbing.

See photo-illustrated listings for each of the ten counties with the drunkest drunk drivers, featuring graphics. Note that when multiple counties registered the same average, we used the number of DUI busts as a tiebreaker.

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Videos: Which Colorado College That's Not CU Boulder Made Playboy's Top Party Schools List?
Videos below.
For years, CU Boulder was a perennial on party-school lists -- and for years, administrators bitched about it. When it comes to Playboy's just-announced top-party-school roster for 2014, however, it's a headache (or a point of pride) for another Colorado college -- one that's richly deserving but doesn't usually score nearly so high. Find out which one made the grade by checking out the top ten, featuring videos from each school and excerpts from Playboy blurbs. To read the original post, click here.

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Photos: Livability's Ten Best Places to Live in 2014 -- and Whether Boulder Made the Cut

More photos below.
In 2013, Livability ranked Boulder highly on its list of most livable U.S. cities. How did the community score a year later? Pretty damn well, as you'll see when you count down the photo-illustrated 2014 version, complete with Livability blurbs and the methodology used to come up with the order. To see the original post, which goes all the way up to 100, click here.

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Photos: Twenty Cities With the Fastest-Rising Rents -- and Denver's Place on the List

More photos below.
Is the cost of living in Denver increasing? If you're a renter, the answer is almost certainly "Yes." A analysis of rental prices nationwide includes a roster of cities with the highest rent boosts from August 2013 to August 2014, and Denver has a prominent place on it despite overall prices remaining in the middle range -- for now, anyhow. Count down the photo-illustrated, data-infused top twenty below, and to read the complete post, click here.

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Top Twenty Rejected Colorado Vanity License Plates, Body Parts Edition
More rejected Colorado vanity license plates below.
A few months back, we posted about some of the vanity license plates rejected by the State of Colorado -- and we hardly exhausted the supply. Officials have turned down literally thousands of requests -- some that strike us as relatively close calls, but plenty of others so brazen it's hard to believe anyone thought they might actually be approved.

The first time around, our theme was sex fiends. For this one, our focus is on body parts -- and we're pretty sure you can guess which ones got bounced, as it were. Count down our top twenty below.

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Photos: Top Ten CU Boulder Confessions, Back to School Edition
More photos below.
The first week of classes at CU-Boulder was marred by tragedy -- the death of a male student on the fall term's second day. But while the campus mourns this loss, other newcomers are still trying to acclimate themselves to life at the university.

One place that presents an unvarnished portrait is CU-Boulder Confessions, a page that encourages students to anonymously share those secrets they'd ordinarily keep to themselves. And under the circumstances, it's fortunate that most of them are lighthearted, providing some much-needed relief after such a sad start to the school year. We've collected our ten favorites, photo-illustrated for your pleasure. Count them down below.

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Ten Things No One From Denver Ever Says
Photo by Brandon Marshall
More photos below.
There are certain things people from Denver say all the time -- like, for instance, "This is the best city in the country, but please stop telling everyone!"

What about things you'll never hear someone from Denver say? Here's our top ten.

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Denver's Best Neighborhoods for Dating and More, According to Hinge

Additional photos and more below.
Hinge, a new dating app, is launching in Denver on Wednesday, September 10, and to mark the occasion, the Hinge team conducted a survey about connecting in the Mile High City. Topics include the best neighborhoods for meeting someone, the most common types of women and men you're likely to encounter, the most and least accurate stereotypes and more. Continue for the photo-illustrated results featuring Hinge data, graphics and methodology. To learn more about Hinge, click here.

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Photos: Ten NFL Teams With the Best Fans -- and Who Forbes Says Beats the Broncos
Photo by Aaron Thackeray
More photos below.
Those of us who live in Colorado tend to think of the Broncos as the NFL team with the best fans. But that's not how Forbes sees it. The publication's top ten ranking definitely includes Denver, as well as the Indianapolis Colts, who face our local heroes Sunday night to kick off the 2014 season. But who beats the Broncos? Find out by counting down the photo-illustrated top ten below, supplemented with Forbes data and an explanation about methodology -- and click here to check out the original post.

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