Photos: Ten most unusual "Denver" pages on Wikipedia

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There are literally hundreds of pages on Wikipedia that feature the word "Denver," and many of them include information that'll be new even to most natives -- about, for instance, the Denver Tool, the Denver Doll and Denver Spiderman, who was a murderer rather than a superhero. And that's not to mention Dapper Denver Dooley...

We've spotlighted the ten pages that struck as the most unusual -- and the most interesting. Check them out below, featuring photos, links and original Wikipedia text.

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Ten best Colorado inventions -- from weird to wise

Birthplace of the cheeseburger -- in north Denver, Colorado.
From its rolling prairies to its purple mountains majesty, Colorado is full of natural beauty. But this state is also home to many manmade marvels, too. In addition to some of the country's best craft beer, Colorado is the birthplace of numerous inventions, from wacky to wise. Here are the ten best:

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Top twenty reasons why you don't think Colorado sucks elephant balls
Our post spotlighting one hater's thirteen reasons why Colorado sucks elephant balls triggered an absolute avalanche of reader reaction. Plenty of comments were memorable, but here are our top twenty reasons why you don't think Colorado sucks elephant balls, illustrated with images from not one but two past collections of Colorado pride tattoos.

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Photos: Ten most memorable marijuana domains for sale on Denver Craigslist
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How to get rich quick from the marijuana boom without having anything to do with marijuana? Sell someone a pot-oriented domain name for big bucks! May sound like a long shot, but we found plenty of people on Denver Craigslist trying this tack, peddling sometimes clever/sometimes bizarre/sometimes stupid domain names for $100,000 or more -- although bidding at one focusing on hemp starts at just 99 cents and others are more reasonably priced. Check out our ten favorites below, complete with links to the items plus original text and (usually but not always) the art from the ads.

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Photos: Fifteen Colorado cities with the best weather

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Colorado continues to have a reputation in some quarters as a bad-weather state. But anyone who lives here knows that's a gross exaggeration whether or not the state's 300-days-of-sunshine claim is a myth or not.

More evidence comes via a new study by the folks at WalletHub to determine which cities have the best weather. Fifteen in Colorado finished in the top 75, and although several are clustered together, there's plenty of distance between most -- and we bet you can't guess the top finisher, which wound up in the national top ten out of 600 cities surveyed. Count down all fifteen below, complete with photos, national rankings and the methodology at the bottom of the post.

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Photos: One hater's thirteen reasons why Colorado sucks elephant balls
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Around here, we like to think Colorado is the best state in the U.S.A. But not everyone agrees -- including some people who live here. We recently stumbled across a video from earlier this year entitled "Reasons Why Colorado Sucks Elephant Balls" in which its creator, who says he's lived here for twelve years, rips our fair state to the tune of Green Day's "American Idiot."

We're not exactly objective on this subject, but for every defensible rant (no one likes high suicide rates or mass shootings), there are three or four that are highly exaggerated or make no sense at all. Don't take our word for it, though. Count down his thirteen reasons, represented by screen captures of his photos and spelling/punctuation/grammar-challenged graphics.

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Photos: The twelve NFL teams Forbes says are more valuable than the Broncos
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The Denver Broncos finished 25th on Forbes's list of the world's fifty most valuable sports teams, down two spots from last year. The rankings were based on each team's enterprise value (total equity plus debt) and their current or pending stadium deals. The Broncos are valued at $1.161 billion.

Of the 24 sports teams ranked ahead of the Broncos, twelve were in the NFL. But are they really more valuable in the greater sense of things? We offer our takes in the following countdown.

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Ten worst Denver tourist traps according to Yahoo -- and why they're (mostly) wrong

Photo by Kate Levy
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Search for Denver tourist traps and you're likely to stumble upon this ten-worst Yahoo list from 2008. How does it hold up in 2014? Not very well, in our admittedly biased opinion, although we do have to concede a few points.

Count down the photo-illustrated top ten below, with Yahoo's takes followed by ours.

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Photos: Twenty most memorable Colorado Rockies suck memes

Big memes below.
It's the Major League Baseball All-Star break, and that's appropriate, because the Colorado Rockies are broken. The team has gone from better than expected to as horrible as usual over the course of the season to date, with owner Dick Monfort making a bad situation infinitely worse by suggesting to one disgruntled fan that maybe Denver doesn't deserve a team anymore. The line prompted one wit to put the Rockies up for sale in a now-pulled Craigslist ad that we managed to screen-capture before it disappeared.

The Colorado Rockies Memes Facebook page reflects the resulting frustration; nearly every recent post is negative, with Monfort and general manager Dan O'Dowd coming in for the vast majority of (thoroughly deserved) bashing. Continue to check out our picks for the twenty most memorable Colorado Rockies suck memes, with the Craigslist ad included as a special bonus.

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Photos: Five best and worst pitches on Colorado Mesa University Missed Connections

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Colorado Mesa University Missed Connections is one of the busiest college-friendly Facebook pages of its type. And while we don't know which posts brought kindred souls together, or which ones induced vomiting, we can guess.

Continue to see our photo-illustrated picks for the five best and worst pitches on the page, with the names removed to protect the uninterested. Count them down below.

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