Photos: Five best and worst pitches on Colorado Mesa University Missed Connections

More photos below.
Colorado Mesa University Missed Connections is one of the busiest college-friendly Facebook pages of its type. And while we don't know which posts brought kindred souls together, or which ones induced vomiting, we can guess.

Continue to see our photo-illustrated picks for the five best and worst pitches on the page, with the names removed to protect the uninterested. Count them down below.

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Photos: Ten most memorable definitions for "Denver" on Urban Dictionary

Photos and more below.
Back in June 2012, our Kelsey Whipple put together a collection of ten weird Denver definitions in Urban Dictionary -- a roster that includes terms such as "Denver delay" ("The inevitable delay that will always occur during layovers at Denver International Airport") and "Denver brownie" ("Affectionately taking a dump on the windshield of a lover's car"). But the word "Denver" itself is defined dozens of different ways on the site. Most of them are positive, but some of them definitely aren't.

Count down our choices for the ten most memorable definitions and ways to use them in a sentence below.

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Ten cities with the least courteous drivers -- and whether Denver motorists are polite or not

Photos and more below.
Back in April, listed Denver as the 21st most congested city in the U.S. But how do drivers here -- and elsewhere -- deal with the resulting traffic? Auto Advantage searched for this answer and more, emerging with a list of the most and least courteous drivers by city.

On which side of that continuum did Denver place? Find out in our countdown of the ten least courteous cities for drivers below, featuring photos and a sampling of Auto Advantage text and data. To see the complete report, click here.

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Photos: Twenty most twisted posts on Denver Dance Memes
More memes below...including the punchline to this one.
We've featured some memorable memes pages lately, as evidenced by our twenty funniest Colorado memes post and a followup focusing on Colorado Springs memes. But the pics from the Denver Dance Memes Facebook page may be the most twisted yet -- along with being snarky, opinionated and typically hilarious.

Check out twenty of our favorites below.

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Photos: Ten strangest Boulder Craigslist "Rants and Raves," summer 2014 edition

More photos below.
Our last trip to the Boulder Craiglist "Rants and Raves" page, back in October 2013, was plenty weird. But our most recent visit revealed strangeness on a truly impressive scale, with screeds aimed at targets like "Bicyclist Idiot," "The dick in the BMW" and plenty of other inspirations for posts that are sometimes funny, sometimes bizarre and frequently indescribable, including a top pick that only uses three words but would probably make a great lyrics for a punk-rock song anyhow.

Count down the ten most memorable posts below.

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Fifty states' favorite 4th of July songs according to Spotify -- including Colorado's uncool pick

Lee Greenwood. Videos below.
A couple of week's back, we shared Ranker's list of the twenty best state songs -- and had to admit that even though Colorado's finished pretty high, it was hardly a standout.

Now, Spotify has assembled a roster of each state's favorite July 4th song, and unfortunately, Colorado's is among the uncoolest of the batch -- although at least it's original, unlike a certain Lee Greenwood tune that tops the charts in more than twenty places. See videos of each Spotify-certified favorite below, as well as which states love the tune best.

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Photos: Top twenty favorites on the Marijuana Memes Facebook page

More memes below.
The Marijuana Memes Facebook page is among the most regularly updated addresses of its type. Some of the material is political, some of it's funny and a lot of it is both.

Check out our twenty favorites below.

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Photos: Ten best U.S. parks according to TripAdvisor, including one in Colorado

More photos below.
TripAdvisor has come up with its choices for best landmarks and parks in the U.S. and the world -- and one in Colorado finished very, very high on the list.

How well did it do? Count down the photo-illustrated top ten below, featuring TripAdvisor text and links to each location. To see the original post, click here.

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Photos: Ten IKEA products that sound like sex toys (NSFW)

Big photos below.
For those of us who don't happen to be Swedish, the product names at IKEA can sound sorta...dirty. And the more erotic they seem, the more likely they are to be totally mundane.

Don't believe us? Check out the following ten items, complete with photos of what they sound as if they should look like and what they actually are.

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Photos: Denver's top fifteen biggest tourist attractions of 2013

More photos below.
In recent days, we've been sharing details from what VISIT DENVER describes as the Mile High City's most successful tourism year ever; visitor spending in 2013 topped $4 billion for the first time. First up were tourists' ten favorite shopping and entertainment centers, followed by the 21 cities and states that sent the most tourists to Colorado. Now come the agency's top fifteen biggest tourist attractions of 2013 -- and there are definitely some surprises, beginning with number fifteen. Count them all down below.

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