Photos: F*ck Yeah Colorado! celebrates the state you're in, 2014 edition

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Around this time in 2012, we first celebrated the Fuck Yeah Colorado!, one of our favorite tumblrs. And last year, we did so again in order to highlight a slew of new reasons to say, well, "Fuck yeah, Colorado!"

No surprise that Fuck Yeah Colorado! has added a fresh batch of exciting images since then. They're perfect for sharing with a Coloradan you love -- and who loves Colorado.

Continue to count down our latest top ten.

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Photos: U.S. states most interested in searching for big boobs -- and where Colorado racks up
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Just in case you doubted that there's now a survey for everything, here's an analysis we never thought we'd see. The PornHub site has ranked the fifty U.S. states and the District of Columbia by the ratio of web searches for big boobs versus small boobs. And Colorado is among the states that realizes bigger isn't necessarily better.

Look below to count down the (photo-illustrated) list from the highest to lowest ratio of big-boobs-versus-small-boobs searches:

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Photos: Top fifteen Spring snow memes

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Welcome to Spring in Colorado: fabulous, shirt-sleeve weather one day, and sloppy, splashbacky snow the next.

People in some parts of the country may get angry at such meteorological twists and turns. But most natives and longtimers see it as just another way living in Colorado keeps us on our toes. Why be a crybaby when you can laugh?

That's the theory behind the following Spring snow memes. Count down our fifteen faves below.

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Photos: Top ten most sexually active U.S. cities, and where Denver finishes
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We recently stumbled across a vintage list of the ten most sexually active American cities assembled by Quality Health.

Turns out Denver is very high among communities experiencing a happy ending, if you know what we mean.

And we're pretty sure you do.

Where did Denver finish? Look below to see the photo-illustrated roster, featuring Quality Health text.

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Photos: Fifteen funniest windy weather memes

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Overnight, the weather in the metro area really blew, with gusts at predicted speeds of 80 miles per hour uprooting the occasional tree and making sleeping difficult for plenty of Denverites.

The best way to react? By laughing.

Below, we've collected our picks for the fifteen funniest windy weather memes from across the web.

All of them really blow -- in a good way. Count them down here.

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Photos: Movoto's top 10 things Denverites know to be true

What is the first thing you think of when you think of Colorado? Skiing? The Broncos? recently published their list of "10 things Denverites know to be true," and you can bet the Broncos, snow and a few others are on there. What do you think of's list?

Let us know in the comments which truths they left out about the Mile High City.

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Photos: Top ten U.S. cities for douchebags -- including two in Colorado

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The folks at have assembled a list of U.S. cities with the most douchebags using a highly unusual metric. They counted up the number of dudes who listed Facebook "interests" in ten douchey categories: Nickelback, Monster Energy, Axe, Don Ed Hardy, Vin Diesel, Chris Brown, Tosh.0, Mixed Martial Arts, Dane Cook and Bluetooth. And whaddya know: Two Colorado cities made the top ten! Which ones? We've photo-illustrated the roster, which features Estately blurbs and the douchebag category in which each city rated highest. Count them down below.

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Photos: The eleven state flags that are supposed to be better than Colorado's

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Coloradans have always loved our state's flag. And in recent years, the image has become more iconic than ever, popping up on hipster T-shirts and products of every description as a shorthand way of declaring state pride.

So we were shocked -- shocked! -- to discover that on Ranker's list of the best state flags, Colorado winds up a middling twelfth. Worse, many of the flags that finish higher on the poll/pole are terrible in comparison. Count down our reasons why below.

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Photos: Top ten CU-Boulder Missed Connections, Spring-is-coming edition
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Last year, we introduced you to the CU-Boulder Missed Connections Facebook page, where Buffs of every description try to make failed hook-ups happen after the fact. Well, the page is still going strong, and a recent visit revealed a slew of love stories that never were, should have been or aren't to be.

We've collected and photo-illustrated our ten favorite recent posts. Count down the usually (but not always) romantic results below.

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Photos: Twenty funniest Colorado Memes posts

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The Colorado Memes Facebook page has attracted more than 50,000 likes, and no wonder.

Clearly, the folks who administer and contribute to it have no interest in getting out of the state they're in. They love it here, and their passion for the place comes through even when they're having fun with those of us who feel the same way we do.

We've put together out twenty favorite memes from the page. Enjoy counting them down below.

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