20 U.S. Counties Where Houses are Becoming Less Affordable -- Including Four in Colorado

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Last month, we featured Trulia's list of the least affordable cities for middle class and millennial home buyers -- a roster that included Denver. But Colorado fares even worse in a new analysis by RealtyTrac. Among other things, the site looked at counties in which housing prices of less affordable than historical averages and have rising foreclosure rates, and four from Colorado made the top twenty -- one of only two states (with California) to achieve this dubious distinction.

Count down the photo-illustrated top twenty below, featuring data from RealtyTrac.

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Top Ten Dog The Bounty Hunter Items at the Denver Dog House
Dog and Beth strike a pose in a promo shot for the current season of "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt." More photos below.
One of the most unusual retail outlets in Denver is the Denver Dog House. Located at 2547 Sheridan Boulevard in Edgewater, the shop is devoted to Duane "Dog" Chapman, his wife Beth and the rest of the Dog the Bounty Hunter family currently keeping their reality-TV tradition alive on CMT. And the variety of items on sale is downright astonishing.

We picked out ten favorites. See them below, complete with photos and links to the online store, plus a shop video. Some items may be out of stock, so be sure to check for availability by clicking here -- or just stop by. Because you definitely won't find the Denver Dog House anywhere but here.

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Photos: Top Ten Texts From Last Night Out of the 719 Area Code, 2014 Edition

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A year has passed since we last collected funny, crazy and funny/crazy messages from the 719 area code as shared on the Texts From Last Night website. And if anything, the ones we found are even weirder than before. See what we mean by counting down our photo-illustrated top ten below.

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Twenty ColoradoSexConfess Tweets That Could Give Parents Nightmares
Photos and more below.
A while back, we shared twenty tweets from Colorado HS Confess that were guaranteed to freak out parents. But frankly, the ones we found on ColoradoSexConfess make the earlier batch seem mild by comparison. These tales, which also purport to come from teens, overflow with graphic sexual content described from plenty of different angles: horizontal, vertical and everything in between. The good news for parents: The account was recently deactivated. The bad news: Although we don't vouch for the accuracy of these claims, some of them may actually be true. Count down the photo-illustrated top twenty below.

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Top Ten Colorado Inventions, From Christmas Lights to Getting Lit

The best version of one of Colorado's best inventions: The Humboldt cheeseburger.
From its rolling prairies to its purple mountains majesty, Colorado is full of natural beauty. But this state is also home to many manmade marvels, too, including the some of the country's best craft beer and numerous inventions. Here are our ten favorites...

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Denver Showed It Had the Light Stuff a Century Ago, With the First Christmas Tree

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Eight Conversations You're Sure to Overhear on Thanksgiving

Mark Surman
Awkward families make for awkward family conversations.
At the Thanksgiving table, you can count on passing around dish after dish of food, filling and refilling cups with various types of booze, and getting stuck in endless awkward conversations. Here are eight of the most common things you'll hear from family members tomorrow.

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Least Affordable Cities for Middle Class and Millennial Home Buyers -- Including Denver

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Denver's typically on plenty of positive city lists -- but this one's not among them. Trulia has put together a report entitled "Where Is Homeownership Within Reach of the Middle Class and Millennials?," and according to data compiled by the site, Denver's among the least affordable in the country.

Where did it finish? Find out by counting down our photo-illustrated roster, featuring Trulia data. Also included is a document filled with info about lots of other places, too. For the original post, click here.

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Photos: Ten Answers to the Question "Does Anyone Actually ENJOY Dating in Denver?"
Photos and more below.
"Does anyone actually ENJOY dating?" asks a woman at the top of this vintage, Denver-centric thread. And the answers she receives run the gamut, painting a portrait of dating in Denver that captures the good, the bad and the ugly of the scene. We've photo-illustrated our picks for the ten most memorable responses. Check them out below.

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Photos: Ten Colorado Businesses That Sound Like Dispensaries But Aren't
Photo by Adam Roy
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Our Adam Roy recently came upon this sign, which stresses that Genesis Health Wellness Centre "is NOT a marijuana dispensary." But it sure sounds like one -- and plenty of other Colorado businesses do, too.

Continue to count down our photo-illustrated list of the top ten Colorado businesses that sound like dispensaries but aren't.

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Photos: Our Twenty Favorite @OnlyInBoulder Tweets
Photos and more below.
The Twitter account @OnlyInBoulder is a great way to brighten your day. The feed is a consistently positive look at Colorado in general and Boulder in particular, festooned with great photos and a knowing sense of humor. You'll see what we mean after counting down our twenty favorite @OnlyInBoulder tweets, complete with pics and even a video or two. Check them out below.

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