Photos: Top ten U.S. cities for douchebags -- including two in Colorado

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The folks at have assembled a list of U.S. cities with the most douchebags using a highly unusual metric. They counted up the number of dudes who listed Facebook "interests" in ten douchey categories: Nickelback, Monster Energy, Axe, Don Ed Hardy, Vin Diesel, Chris Brown, Tosh.0, Mixed Martial Arts, Dane Cook and Bluetooth. And whaddya know: Two Colorado cities made the top ten! Which ones? We've photo-illustrated the roster, which features Estately blurbs and the douchebag category in which each city rated highest. Count them down below.

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Photos: The eleven state flags that are supposed to be better than Colorado's

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Coloradans have always loved our state's flag. And in recent years, the image has become more iconic than ever, popping up on hipster T-shirts and products of every description as a shorthand way of declaring state pride.

So we were shocked -- shocked! -- to discover that on Ranker's list of the best state flags, Colorado winds up a middling twelfth. Worse, many of the flags that finish higher on the poll/pole are terrible in comparison. Count down our reasons why below.

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Photos: Top ten CU-Boulder Missed Connections, Spring-is-coming edition
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Last year, we introduced you to the CU-Boulder Missed Connections Facebook page, where Buffs of every description try to make failed hook-ups happen after the fact. Well, the page is still going strong, and a recent visit revealed a slew of love stories that never were, should have been or aren't to be.

We've collected and photo-illustrated our ten favorite recent posts. Count down the usually (but not always) romantic results below.

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Photos: Twenty funniest Colorado Memes posts

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The Colorado Memes Facebook page has attracted more than 50,000 likes, and no wonder.

Clearly, the folks who administer and contribute to it have no interest in getting out of the state they're in. They love it here, and their passion for the place comes through even when they're having fun with those of us who feel the same way we do.

We've put together out twenty favorite memes from the page. Enjoy counting them down below.

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Photos: The ten highest American cities -- and the three Colorado places on the list
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The Movoto real estate blog put together its list of the ten highest American cities includes three Colorado community way, way up on the list.

No surprise, right? Well, at least one of the picks is genuinely unexpected, and so are multiple omissions.

Count down the top ten below, complete with photos and text excerpts from the original Movoto post, which contains more information about how the rankings were determined.

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Wiener dogs!: The top five animals you can still race in Colorado
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Governor John Hickenlooper signed a bill Monday that officially bans greyhound racing in Colorado. At one time, greyhound racing was a $250 million enterprise here, as fans thrilled to the cry of "Here comes Rusty!" as the dogs took off after a fake bunny. But the sport hasn't actually been practiced here for six years; it's viewed by many as inhumane and has been blamed for creating a glut of injury-riddled or difficult-to-care-for dogs who need homes once their careers are over.

Fortunately, there are plenty of animals you can race.

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Photos: Ten weirdest recent items wanted on Denver Craigslist
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Denver Craigslist is an online repository for just about everything -- including people who like to share haiku. And there's plenty of strangeness on display even when it comes to typical transactions like buying and selling. Case in point: The "Wanted" category, where folks post about stuff they're seeking. A recent visit turned up people looking for everything from a cardboard Kid Rock to vintage girdles, and everything in between. Check out our photo-illustrated top ten below, featuring links to original posts. Be sure to click if you can make anyone's dream come true.

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Photos: Most and least obese states -- and Colorado's slip from number one
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We're accustomed to seeing Colorado listed as the least obese state.

But in a recently published Gallup report, Colorado has slipped from the top spot.

Which state or states have bypassed Colorado? And where did Colorado land this time around?

Look below to see the photo-illustrated state countdown from most to least obese, supplemented with figures from the Gallup findings.

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Photos: Ten more Best of Denver categories that are tough to win twice -- and the current champs

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Last month, in anticipation of our Best of Denver 2014 issue, coming March 27, we posted about the ten toughest Best of Denver categories to win twice. But that list just scratched the surface when it comes to our annual celebration of the Mile High City.

Below, check out ten more Best of Denver categories that are tough to win twice, spotlighting the 2013 winners in photos and the original award text. And to take part in the 2014 readers poll, click here.

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Photos: How John Travolta would mispronounce the names of Colorado celebrities

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One of the weirdest moments in this year's Oscars came when John Travolta pronounced the name of Frozen co-star Idina Menzel as "Adele Dazeem." (If you missed it, we've included the video below.) Inspired, the folks at Slate came up with a widget that lets folks type in any name to find out how Travolta would butcher it .

How would Johnny T mangle the monikers of Colorado celebrities like John Elway, Adele Arakawa, Lindsey Vonn and John Hickenlooper? Continue to check out the hilarious results.

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