Ten Weird Movie References to Denver

Big posters below.
If you're like us, you immediately perk up when you're watching a movie and you hear a reference to Denver -- something that's happening more and more often these days. So, in the tradition of not one but two 2012 roundups of weird movie references to Colorado, we present ten mentions of the Mile High City cited on the indispensable IMDB website, featuring posters from flicks that include some of Hollywood's biggest smashes (like Old School), with a handful of obscurities thrown in. Count down our top ten below.

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Twenty Memes to Make Broncos Fans Hate the Seahawks Even More Than They Already Do

Big memes below.
At 7 p.m. tonight, the Broncos kick off their preseason schedule at home with a game against the Seattle Seahawks -- the very team that crushed the D-towners in this year's Super Bowl. And as if that's not bad enough, yet another rematch is slated for the regular season, on September 21. In Seattle....

Plenty of Seahawks -- not to mention their fans -- have spent the past six-months-plus gloating about the drubbing, as is clear from the slew of Broncos-ridiculing posts on the Seahawks Memes Facebook page. If these twenty memes from the site won't give you a taste for revenge, nothing will. Check them out below.

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Movoto's Ten Happiest Mid-Sized U.S. Cities -- and the Colorado City That's Not Boulder on It

Photos and more below.
On numerous occasions, Boulder has been named the happiest city in America. So naturally we assumed Boulder would top Movoto's list of happiest mid-sized cities -- a category for which Boulder qualifies. But no: While one Colorado place made the cut, it's not called Boulder.

Which community from this fair state finished near the top? Count down the top ten below, complete with photos and excerpts from Movoto text, followed by an explanation about methodology.

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Our Ten Favorite Colorado Pride Items on Etsy, Summer 2014 Edition

More photos below.
Each time we've visited Etsy in recent years, we've been astonished by the number of Colorado pride items available -- and our most recent stop was no exception. In fact, the variety and creativity of the Colorado-centric entrepreneurs seems to be higher than ever.

Below, we've featured ten cool and/or unusual Colorado items that caught our eye, complete with original photos, text and links in case you want to add any of them to your collection. Continue to check them out.

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Funny or Not? Judge Twenty Recent Colorado Jokes on Jokeblogger.com

Jokes aplenty below.
Jokeblogger.com is a crowd-sourced humor site that categorizes jokes by topic. No surprise, then, that we were able to find literally hundreds of jokes about Colorado, with topics including marijuana, the Broncos' Super Bowl loss and...well, there were a few exceptions, but that's mainly it.

Are they funny? We'll leave that for you to decide. Continue to count down twenty of the more recent Colorado jokes.

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Top ten speed traps in metro Denver, 2014 edition

Interactive graphics and more below.
Beginning in 2011 and continuing in 2012 and 2013, we've posted about the top ten speed traps in Denver based on nominations from users at Speedtrap.org. For our fourth annual collection, we've broadened the scope to include picks in the metro area as a whole. Count down the top ten here, featuring interactive graphics of each area (if you have problems seeing the images, click "View Larger Map"), links and original Speedtrap.org text.

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Photos: Ten most unusual "Denver" pages on Wikipedia

More images below.
There are literally hundreds of pages on Wikipedia that feature the word "Denver," and many of them include information that'll be new even to most natives -- about, for instance, the Denver Tool, the Denver Doll and Denver Spiderman, who was a murderer rather than a superhero. And that's not to mention Dapper Denver Dooley...

We've spotlighted the ten pages that struck as the most unusual -- and the most interesting. Check them out below, featuring photos, links and original Wikipedia text.

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Ten best Colorado inventions -- from weird to wise

Birthplace of the cheeseburger -- in north Denver, Colorado.
From its rolling prairies to its purple mountains majesty, Colorado is full of natural beauty. But this state is also home to many manmade marvels, too. In addition to some of the country's best craft beer, Colorado is the birthplace of numerous inventions, from wacky to wise. Here are the ten best:

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Top twenty reasons why you don't think Colorado sucks elephant balls

Our post spotlighting one hater's thirteen reasons why Colorado sucks elephant balls triggered an absolute avalanche of reader reaction. Plenty of comments were memorable, but here are our top twenty reasons why you don't think Colorado sucks elephant balls, illustrated with images from not one but two past collections of Colorado pride tattoos.

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Photos: Ten most memorable marijuana domains for sale on Denver Craigslist

More photos below.
How to get rich quick from the marijuana boom without having anything to do with marijuana? Sell someone a pot-oriented domain name for big bucks! May sound like a long shot, but we found plenty of people on Denver Craigslist trying this tack, peddling sometimes clever/sometimes bizarre/sometimes stupid domain names for $100,000 or more -- although bidding at one focusing on hemp starts at just 99 cents and others are more reasonably priced. Check out our ten favorites below, complete with links to the items plus original text and (usually but not always) the art from the ads.

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