Anna Cozy, Dispensary Owner, Charged with Forging Pot Documents: "I Panicked"

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Anna Cozy. More photos below.
Anna Cozy, the owner of Colorado Alternative Medicine in South Denver, has been arrested and accused of faking documents related to her marijuana business and supplying them to inspectors. According to a report from the Denver D.A.'s office, Cozy was charged with two counts of attempting to influence a public servant and three counts of forgery.

According to the arrest affidavit on view below, the investigation started in late November, after a Marijuana Enforcement Division investigator suspected Cozy of handing over forged documents regarding a Marijuana Infused Product (MIPs) license and the store's grow operation.

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Nebraska and Oklahoma to Coloradans Who Voted for Amendment 64: Go to Hell

A highway check in Nebraska. Additional photos, a video and more below.
For months, Nebraska law enforcers and officials have been up in arms about Colorado's marijuana laws. Now, the state is attempting to take its complaints to the U.S. Supreme Court: Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning is suing the State of Colorado, with Oklahoma jumping aboard. Continue to see the complete complaint, as well as photos, video and details.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Firehouse Organics in Denver

Google maps.
If I had to sadistically pick my favorite death trap on a Denver highway, the now-defunct westbound Bryant exit from Sixth Avenue would take the cake. Trying to exit the freeway on this short ramp was near-impossible, and entering the roadway there was just as deadly, since traffic heading to I-25 South came flying into the right lane from the Federal overpass. It was stressful enough that anyone who did it regularly could have probably applied for -- and received -- a valid medical marijuana recommendation to cope with the daily trauma.

Which has to be the reason why Firehouse Organics chose a location almost directly under Sixth Avenue on Bryant, in the shadow of a construction project that's supposed to end years of nerve-racking twists and turns.

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Marijuana: MMJ Sales Outpace Rec in September and October, Patient Numbers Grow

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Photo by Robert Fisher
Medical marijuana patient numbers continued to climb in recent months, increasing from 115,710 people at the start of September to 117,239 by Halloween night. And those patients spent quite a bit of money on pot, with medical sales outpacing recreational sales in September and October as well.

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Update: Boulder Allows Dispensaries to Sell Branded T-Shirts and Other Merch
Staffers at the defunct Denver dispensary Cherry Top Farms wearing branded T-shirts.
Update: Earlier this week, the Boulder City Council voted unanimously to allow dispensaries to sell branded merchandise, so long as clothing and other items aren't offered in children's sizes. Continue to see our preview coverage about the issue, which spotlights favoring the change espoused by Colorado NORML.

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Teen Pot Smoking Declines Nationally, Study Finds

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A video and more below.
One of the most popular arguments among marijuana-legalization critics is that greater cannabis accessibility for adults will lead to more use by teens. But a new study from the University of Michigan calls that assumption into question. Michigan researchers found that teen pot use actually declined this year despite legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington and liberalization of medical marijuana laws in many locations across the country. Details, graphics and a video below.

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Sue Sisley on Her Request for Colorado to Fund Study on Pot and PTSD

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Phoenix New Times
Sue Sisley.
Controversial cannabis researcher Sue Sisley is on her way back to Colorado today, after six months that have been a "pretty barbaric rollercoaster," she says. "One injustice after another, and I suspect it will not slow down for quite a while." But at the end of November, the Arizona-based researcher finally caught a break: Colorado's Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council chose eight research-grant proposals for the Board of Health to consider at its December 17 meeting -- including Sisley's proposal to study the effectiveness of using marijuana to treat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Marijuana Advocates Get Into the Holiday Gift (and Video) Spirit

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A screen capture from a low-THC "public-service announcement." The full video and additional images below.
Regular readers of The Latest Word know that Laura Kriho of the Cannabis Therapy Institute and activist Kathleen Chippi are two of the area's most vocal and passionate marijuana loyalists. Now, with the holidays approaching, they're offering a new angle on their advocacy -- Kriho via a wide range of gifts Colorado's legalization of cannabis and Chippi by way of a "public-service announcement" that reveals treatments available for those who suffer from the scourge of low THC. See the video and more below.

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Cannabis Calendar for the Week of December 15: Mark Your Datebooks

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Things have slowed down on the cannabis-events front, apart from the usual classes and tours -- but there are some things planned for later this year and early in 2015 that you'll want to pencil into your datebooks.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Holistic Life in Lakewood
Don't let the location in a rundown, shitty strip center that's years from its former glory fool you. Holistic Life may be in one of the grungiest locations on South Sheridan, but the herb inside is easily the best I've found during months of searching in the area.

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