Marijuana: Chris Christie, New Jersey governor, rips Colorado's pot laws
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Before becoming mired in a political scandal involving a bridge closure, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was once among the favorites to be nominated for President by the Republican Party, which could hold its 2016 convention here; Denver is a host-city finalist for the event.

Should Christie make a comeback as a presidential contender, he may find himself in a city and a state he's gone out of his way to deride over marijuana laws. And this week, he made his most passionate and negative statements about Colorado and pot yet.

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130 arrests or citations during 4/20 at Civic Center Park is way too many, attorney says

Rob Corry.
Yesterday, Rob Corry, attorney and speaker for the 4/20 rally at Civic Center Park, dismissed complaints about the event from the anti-pot group Smart Colorado as "hysterical."

He's similarly critical of the Denver police arresting or citing 130 people (as well as jailing 22) at an event he otherwise sees as an unalloyed success.

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4/20 at CU Boulder such a non-event again that administrators may reconsider campus closure

The creek path near CU-Boulder's east campus, in a photo from the university's Facebook page.
While Denver's Civic Center Park was wild on 4/20, drawing big crowds and sparking 130 arrests or citations over the course of the weekend, the scene at CU-Boulder -- once the setting for what one advocate described as "an orgasm of cannabis consumption" -- was anything but. For the third consecutive year, the campus was closed on 4/20, and like last year, there were no protests or reported problems.

Does that mean CU Boulder may be willing to leave the campus open next 4/20? Maybe -- but there are no guarantees.

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Photos: Here's why Denver's 4/20 rally isn't a rally anymore
Photo by Kyle Huninghake; click to see our complete 4/20 at Civic Center Park slide show.
"I remember when this was, like, a hundred white kids out here smoking weed under the trees here on 4/20 protesting the government. Now look at this. We're waiting in line for twenty minutes just to get patted down by security just to get in the park. This is awesome, man."

The guy behind me in the twenty-minute-plus line to get into Civic Center Park on Sunday summed up my thousands of (hazy) thoughts pretty well. As awesome as it was to see so many people in the park for 4/20, the days of it being an actual rally are gone.

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4/20 in Denver events were "shocking," says anti-pot group Smart Colorado

Click to see more images by photographer Kyle Huninghake from our 4/20 at Civic Center slide show.
As we noted in our roundup of the top twenty tweets about 4/20 at Civic Center Park over the weekend, some locals were less than thrilled about the annual event. But few observers were as negative as Smart Colorado, an organization devoted to "protecting youth from marijuana." In the wake of the rally, the group put out a statement under the heading "Smart Colorado Speaks About Shocking 4/20 Activities" that decried the gathering in terms that a pot advocate heavily involved in the Civic Center spectacle describes as "hysterical."

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Photos: High Times 2014 Cannabis Cup winners -- and William Breathes's take

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Courtesy Green Man Cannabis Facebook page
Four years into High Times throwing the Cannabis Cup in Denver, and it finally feels like the event has hit its full, madhouse-crazy stride -- thanks in large part to a venue change from the cramped, maze-like confines of Exdo to the wide-open, somewhat-dingy-but-perfect-for-throwing-a-wild-party confines of the Denver Mart.

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Denver on 4/20 weekend: 130 arrests or citations, 22 jailed

Photo by Brandon Marshall
A photo from our 2014 People of the Cannabis Cup slide show.
Update below: Last week, Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson told us that officers would have a greater presence at the annual 4/20 event at Civic Center Park due both to the still-unsolved shooting that took place at last year's rally and laws against public consumption of marijuana. However, he pledged that officers would act with "discretion" during enforcement actions.

How'd they do? Well, social media hasn't exploded with anger at the cops despite what appears to be a larger number of arrests and citations than in recent years: 130 over the course of the weekend. More details below.

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Top twenty Denver on 4/20 in 2014 tweets

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Big photos and more below.
Did you notice that yesterday was 4/20? And that it was kind of a big deal in Denver? Twitter certainly did. There was an explosion of tweets on the topic yesterday -- and while most of them were positive, there were definitely some exceptions. We collected what struck us as the twenty most memorable, with many of them featuring photos from the Civic Center rally. Count them down below.

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Photos: William Breathes's top eleven products of the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup

William Breathes.
Editor's note: Our marijuana critic spent the day at both the High Times Cannabis Cup and the 4/20 rally concert at Civic Center Park. We'll have full coverage of events in the coming days.

In the meantime, check out his top ten eleven pipes and products on display out in the open-use recreation area.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1910: 104-year-old marijuana scare tactics alive and well today

If all of this hysterical talk over the past week about marijuana being a contributing factor in the deaths of two people in Denver seemed familiar to you, dear cannabis historian, it's because it should be. This isn't the first time Colorado news outlets have latched onto the myth that cannabis causes violence.

For some perspective, we're offering up a classic Colorado Cannabis Time Capsule blog post that originally ran in 2013 detailing a 1910 article claiming cannabis brought on great violence and was the root of the word "assassin."

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