Marijuana: Fox News Tells Tourists to Trade Their Extra Pot for a Rockies Jersey

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Given Fox News' conservative slant, it's no surprise that most of the network's coverage about Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana sales has been largely or wholly negative. Take Bill O'Reilly correspondent Jesse Watters's report about 4/20 in Denver, which sought laughs by characterizing attendees as clueless burdens on society.

It's surprising, then, to see Fox News essentially hyping marijuana tourism to Colorado in a new post with an unexpectedly positive tone. Get details below.

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Marijuana: Some Coloradans Have No Trouble Smoking Pot in Front of U.S. Census Workers

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Survey says: Many people have tried pot, but fewer light up in front of federal employees.
Have you ever used pot or hash? According to the U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Abstract of the United States, 41 percent of people twelve years and older responded in 2008 that they have -- at least once in their life. We're guessing that number is going to rise in the next report, though, thanks to legalization in Colorado and Washington and changing attitudes elsewhere.

But here's a more specific question. Have you used pot of hash in front of a U.S. Census Bureau employee? Anecdotal evidence would suggest that some of you have -- and at least one census worker is fine with that.

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Marijuana: State and City Officials Admit Sales System Incriminates Pot Buyers, Attorney Says
Last week, we previewed a court hearing in a lawsuit declaring Colorado's marijuana sales taxes illegal and unconstitutional.

Attorney Rob Corry asked for a temporary restraining order to halt tax collection while the matter is considered, but Denver District Court Judge John Madden rejected that request at Friday's session. The ruling disappoints Corry, but he's optimistic about the case's future and feels plenty of interesting information came out -- including, he says, the admission by city and state reps that anyone buying marijuana in Colorado is incriminating themselves in the eyes of the federal government.

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Cannabis Time Capsule 1949: Crossword Puzzle's Solution is Hash From Hemp

Most of us know by now that hemp and the cannabis we all like to get high and medicated with aren't the same thing and that you can't get hash from hemp (unless, apparently, you're using the Stanley brothers' cannabis hemp oil).

But back in 1949, that wasn't common knowledge. In fact, we doubt many people knew the two were even slightly related, which makes their usage in this crossword puzzle from the Record-Journal of Douglas County highly unusual.

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Angela Brown, Minnesota Mom, Faces Jail For Giving Son Medical Marijuana From Boulder

Angela Brown in an image from WCCO-TV. More pics and a video below.
Earlier this week, our William Breathes reported that the number of children registered as medical marijuana patients in Colorado continues to grow: The digits rose from 305 to 337 in a month, with reports suggesting that many of the additions are moving here from other states.

The story of Minnesota's Angela Brown could well inspire even more people with sick kids to relocate. She's now been charged with a crime and could face jail time for providing her head-injured son with medical marijuana legally purchased during a visit to Boulder.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Local Product of Colorado in Denver

The last time I was in Local Product of Colorado, there were issues. Not with the shop itself -- which at the time was one of the nicest spaces in Denver where medical cannabis was being sold. No, the problem was with the buds and an abundance of powdery mildew. Despite the staff's amazing response to the problem, it was enough for me to write them off and never give them a second thought.

But a lot has changed in three-plus years, and I'm glad they landed back on my radar.

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Marijuana Advocates Say Special Taxes Lawsuit Could Overturn All Pot Licensing Regs
In June, we told you about a lawsuit filed by attorney Rob Corry on behalf of a group called No Over Taxation. It contends that special taxes placed on marijuana sales are illegal and unconstitutional; see the complaint and more documents below.

Tomorrow, a hearing in the case is scheduled, and cannabis advocates encouraging attendance contend that should the suit be successful, it could spell the end for marijuana licensing and registration regulations statewide.

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Marijuana: High MMJ Patient Numbers Concern Lawmaker

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According to data released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, there were 115,210 registered medical marijuana patients in Colorado at the end of May -- close to a record high. That has lawmakers concerned, not because it means there are a lot of sick people in Colorado, but due to the loss of tax revenue from retail cannabis.

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Marijuana Study: NIMBY Rules Push Many Denver Dispensaries Into Low-Income Areas

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Would families like this one prefer not to live near marijuana businesses?
Earlier this year, a University of Colorado Denver study showed that medical marijuana stores had little impact on areas -- no more so than coffee shops, the researchers found. But there's apparently a lingering perception among the more affluent Not In My Backyard crowd that dispensaries don't make good neighbors, whether it's true or not.

That's among the takeaways of a new CU Denver study, which determined that land-use regulations tend to push dispensaries into low-income neighborhoods. Get details and read the document below.

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Breckenridge Marijuana Shop Fights Move to Force It Off Main Street
Photos from the Breckenridge Cannabis Club Facebook page.
Breckenridge has a well-founded reputation for progressive marijuana policy. The town's voters decriminalized pot in 2009, years before the passage of Amendment 64.

Nonetheless, officials passed a law banning new pot shops from opening on Main Street, and a grandfather clause for the Breckenridge Cannabis Club, which was already located there, is about to expire. But the latter's co-owner says an extension has been granted and she's hopeful the BCC will be allowed to remain for the long term.

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