Cannabis Time Capsule, 1920: "Cannabis Smokers Nearly Always Become an Imbecile"

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This guy believes reefers lead to madness.
Here's yet another marijuana-bashing piece we unearthed, this one from a February 20, 1920 edition of the Routt County Sentinel.

It follows the somewhat nonsensical ravings of a Dr. T.S. Blair of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania -- an apparent medical shill for Big Industry in the 1920s.

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Marijuana: Obama Predicts More States Will Try Colorado's Pot Experiment
White House YouTube channel
President Obama and Hank Green. More images and a video below.
In recent weeks, an aide for the Obama administration said the president plans to do nothing new about marijuana policy during his final two years in office -- a stance that frustrated a national cannabis advocate, the Marijuana Majority's Tom Angell. But Angell is pleased by Obama's prediction, included in a YouTube interview on view below, that more states will begin to follow Colorado's marijuana-legalization experiment.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Fox Street Wellness in Globeville

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Fox Street Wellness Instagram
More photos below.
In case you're wondering (because you're like me and only visit any given dispensary once every few years), much has changed about Fox Street Wellness since my last time there, in 2012.

But that's not a bad thing at all.

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DIA Bans Pot-Souvenir Sales But Not Info About Marijuana Rules

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Westword photo illustration
Denver International Airport officially banned the sale of marijuana souvenirs and marijuana-related products last week, adding specific wording to its public-conduct rules.

At DIA, it is now unlawful to "sell, display, or advertise any product bearing the image, likeness, description, or name of Marijuana or Marijuana-themed paraphernalia; and advertise a Marijuana-related business or establishment."

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Marijuana: Shop Drops Challenge to Pot-Hating Town Amid Fears of Overzealous Enforcement

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Thumbnail image for granby.welcome.sign.jpg
Ganjapreneurs presumably aren't included in this sign's welcome message.
Last month, we told you about Granby's extraordinary efforts to block a pot shop wanting to operate near town -- by annexing the land in an "emergency" action. The law firm representing the ganjapreneurs had suggested that this action would be challenged in court, but its clients have now decided not to do so in part because the county where they'd hoped to locate -- one that's okayed retail marijuana businesses -- appears to be so zealous about enforcement that they're worried about being shut down no matter how carefully they try to follow regulations.

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Marijuana: Wyoming Won't Sue Colorado Over Pot Laws, but Might Take on Feds

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Thumbnail image for wyoming.state.patrol.facebook.jpg
Wyoming State Patrol Facebook.
A Wyoming State Patroller.
Colorado is already under fire from Nebraska and Oklahoma, whose attorneys general have sued this state in federal court over our marijuana laws; Kansas is thinking about joining the suit. But in Wyoming, where state officials say that plenty of Colorado pot winds up, Governor Matt Mead insists he doesn't have our state in his legal crosshairs.

That doesn't mean he's ruled out legal action, though. "I'm a states'-rights guy, and I believe in that," Mead told reporters at the Wyoming Press Association's annual meeting last week. "My position, if we could get there, wouldn't be to sue the state of Colorado. It would be to sue the federal government."

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Was Ralphie May Too Stoned to Finish Comedy Show Broken Up by Cops?

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TMZ via YouTube
Ralphie May in Grand Junction after the abrupt end of his show. A video and more below.
Last Friday, comedian Ralphie May's show in Grand Junction included some special guests -- members of the Grand Junction Police Department, who responded to a row involving attendees reportedly pissed at May's apparent intoxication. Afterward, May's manager called his client the "first victim of legalized marijuana," suggesting that he'd overindulged when it came to weed -- a story that went national thanks to TMZ. But now, the comic is giving the story a slightly different spin.

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Marijuana: Bill Calls For Grants to Colorado Counties to Offset Legal Pot Impact
Baca County Sheriff's Office Facebook page
The members of the Baca County Sheriff's Office. Additional photos and more below.
Last month, the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma filed a complaint asking the U.S. Supreme Court to void Colorado's marijuana laws because of the negative impacts legal pot was having across the border.

Colorado Representative Tim Dore's new bill doesn't go quite that far. But the proposal, on view below, does call for a new grant program that would provide funding for Colorado counties -- including those, like the ones in Dore's district, that have banned retail marijuana sales -- to offset additional law enforcement expenditures and other costs associated with cannabis.

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Would Higher Beer Taxes and Legalizing Pot Cut Down on Campus Rapes?

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Numerous studies have suggested that marijuana users are less violent than those who consume alcohol. But would substituting marijuana for liquor also cut down on sexual assaults currently plaguing so many colleges across the country? Yes, argues New York magazine's Annie Lowery -- and she believes higher taxes on liquid intoxicants might be one way of pushing young people toward what cannabis advocates such as Mason Tvert have long maintained is a safer alternative.

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Cannabis Calendar for the Week of January 20: Four More Years of the MMJ Code?
Additional photos and more below.
Colorado cannabis activists have a busy week ahead them, with public pot hearings in Denver and Wheat Ridge, panel discussions in Vail and a fundraiser downtown. And fans of the cult-film Reefer Madness might want to check out what the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center is putting on in February. Photos and details below.

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