Cannabis Time Capsule 1921: American Legion goes to war on drugs

The American Legion convention in New Orleans in 1922.
These days, we think of the American Legion as a conservative lobbying arm for veterans. But back in 1923, legionnaires were a force to be reckoned with -- or at least they wanted to be seen that way.

Their war on drugs in the early 1920s was just one way the organization enforced what members saw as American ideals. Like, you know, baseless xenophobia framed as facts. Read on for more.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Lyons Finest II in Denver

Courtesy of Lyons Finest Facebook page
Lyons Finest II shop had escaped my radar until last week, when I was browsing Weed Maps and saw that it had a decent rating and reviews from customers. I've also got this theory that the farther north you go in Colorado, the better the bud gets -- and by that logic, a shop from Lyons should have good herb.

Yes, that's about as scientific as my selection process gets.

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Marijuana: U.S. House passes pot-banking access amendment
Last July, in an effort to address a long-running marijuana-industry problem we've been reporting about for years, Representative Ed Perlmutter, joined by U.S. House colleagues on both sides of the aisle, introduced a bill intended to give state-legal pot businesses access to banking services.

Just over a year later, the House has voted by a 231-192 margin in favor of a Perlmutter-co-sponsored amendment on the same topic -- and while marijuana reformers understand that a lot needs to go right before the measure becomes law, they're cheered by what they see as more evidence of positive momentum on cannabis-related issues.

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DIA rental-car employee fringe benefit: Customers giving away pot

Categories: Marijuana
Photos courtesy of CBS4. More images and a video below.
A new CBS4 report is likely to have two tangible effects: It should spur a flood of applications to work for rental-car operations at Denver International Airport as well as leading to a whole new level of scrutiny during the hiring process at such businesses.

Why? The station reveals that marijuana tourists are routinely -- as in multiple times per day -- giving away extra pot to staffers rather than trying to sneak it through security at the airport.

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Marijuana: States' rights get boost from White House stance on D.C. pot fight

Categories: Marijuana

President Barack Obama in a White House photo.
The White House once again reiterated its stance on the right of states such as Colorado to make their own marijuana laws this week, jumping behind a proposal that would decriminalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana in Washington, D.C. -- a proposal currently under fire from Republicans in Congress.

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Marijuana: Lakewood bans pot businesses, but voters could allow retail shops

Lakewood has become the latest city in Colorado to ban cannabis businesses. But voters will decide in November if retail marijuana shops should be allowed.

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Video: Westword's strange-but-true guide to Colorado pot rules

Categories: Marijuana, Videos
Bailey Geoghan, in character, gets some bad news. Video below.
More than six months after limited recreational marijuana sales became legal in Colorado, lots of out-of-towners (and some locals, too) remain confused about the rules. But we at Westword are here to help.

Smokin' Smart: A Guide to Colorado's Pot Rules, by director and co-star Bailey Geoghan, takes a 1950s-style public-service-announcement approach, with an unseen but thoroughly hep narrator schooling "Billy," a visitor from Salt Lake City, about the dos and don'ts of cannabis consumption in the Mile High state. Check out the hilarious yet informative results below.

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Marijuana demand to reach 121.4 metric tons and other facts from state pot study
Telluride Green Room's Facebook profile
Lines outside mountain dispensaries like the Telluride Green Room are common.
The demand for cannabis in Colorado this year has been stronger than anticipated, according to a recent state study on the industry.

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Marijuana: David Lane takes over Cannabis University suit against Broncos, Pat Bowlen
Freddy Moore, left, and other members of the 1 Blunt Radio crew at the Mile High Stadium on January 12.
Earlier this year, we told you about a lawsuit against the Denver Broncos and its owner, Pat Bowlen, after police twice ejected a Cannabis University vehicle from a Mile High Stadium parking lot, allegedly because the word "cannabis" was printed on it.

The complaint has already been amended once. But now, powerful attorney David Lane has taken on the case, and he predicts that the Broncos are headed for a loss.

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Marijuana: Three Colorado communities to get their first recreational pot shops

Between June 1 and July 1, the State of Colorado has issued six new retail-marijuana licenses, three of them in municipalities that (until now) were strangers to recreational pot.

Moffat, Edwards and Manitou Springs will all be offering recreational marijuana in the near future -- or sooner.

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