Recreational Marijuana Sales Outpace MMJ in August as Colorado Sets Another Pot Record

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In August, recreational cannabis sales outpaced medical sales in Colorado for the second month in a row, with rec topping medical by about $730,000 en route to total sales of $32,999,068. All told, the state saw more than $65 million in pot sold in August. That beat the old record by about $4 million.

From those sales, the state collected $935,807 in medical pot sales taxes and $4.26 million in recreational pot sales tax in August. That brings the total sales tax revenue from recreational sales to more than $22 million so far this year.

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Video: Inside the Pot Edibles Kitchen of Sweet Mary Jane Bakery

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Sweet Mary Jane Cooks Up Cannabis Success in Denver from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

For the second of Westword's video series about pot edibles in Colorado (following our profile of Dixie Elixirs), our team sat down with Karin Lazarus, owner of the award-winning Sweet Mary Jane Bakery -- and also ventured into the kitchen, where the magic is made. Check out the tasty results here.

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Marijuana: Five New Towns With Rec Licenses, Shotgun Willie's Pot Shop Tie-In

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From the Green Dragon's Facebook page.
Aurora's new recreational pot shops weren't the only venues to land rec licenses between September 1 and October 1 this year. Licenses for recreational stores were granted in five brand-new municipalities -- and there was a lot more happening on the state's licensing list. Keep reading to find out what:

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Denver Police Video Advises Parents Worried Trick-or-Treaters Will Be Given Pot Edibles
An image from the new Denver Police Department video about pot edibles and Halloween. The full clip is below.
Last month, after we shared Denver Police Department concerns about trick-or-treaters possibly receiving pot edibles while trick-or-treating this Halloween, literally hundreds of readers (including these) dismissed such fears as unreasonable and reactionary. But the DPD isn't backing down.

The department has now issued a video in which Urban Dispensary owner Patrick Johnson describes the visual similarities between typical goodies and the infused kind and suggests that any unwrapped candies handed out on Halloween be tossed as a precaution -- the same advice that's been given since he was a kid, he adds. See the video here.

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Photos: Miley Cyrus Spoofs Westword Pot Cover on Instagram

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Full-size photos below.
We always appreciate it when men and women of genius acknowledge our work. So our imagine our delight when we discovered that Miley Cyrus, recently lauded by our own Kiernan Maletsky as pop's greatest role model, used Instagram to put herself into a vintage Westword cover illustration. See what we mean below.

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Cannabis Calendar for the Week of October 13: First Aurora Pot Shop and More

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Last week, we reported that Euflora, located at 6260 South Gun Club Road, would be the first recreational marijuana shop to open in Aurora -- and the dispensary is indeed making its debut today. But that's not the only item on our cannabis calendar. There are plenty more events to keep you occupied this week, plus more for you to pencil in for the rest of the month.

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Cannabis Time Capsule,1923: Ancient Chinese Remedy Was Actually Pot and Booze?

This story out of the Akron Weekly Pioneer circa 1921 is an odd one. Not for the ancient Chinese mysticism involved, though that's plenty intriguing. No, it's because we can't tell if it was meant to scare the general public, bewilder them or truly inform. It speaks of a "Chinese drug, used many centuries ago" that "had much of the effects of ether." But at least one of the ingredients gave off a certain skunky smell....

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Herbal Wellness in Lafayette
The lobby and bud-bar walls of Herbal Wellness are literally covered with framed head shots of random celebrities, all signed (I assume) to the owner, mostly from people who were big in the '70s, '80s and '90s. Some I got, like Cheech and Chong. But for most of them, I didn't understand the connection to legal weed at all. Like John Wayne and numerous 1960s-era baseball players.

I briefly wondered how someone like Dolly Parton would feel about her mug and autograph hanging in a weed store as if she'd been there and endorsed it. Then I figured she couldn't give two shits and probably sends the same "best wishes" photo to guys serving life in prison, too.

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Marijuana: First of Aurora's 21 Rec Dispensaries Set to Open Next Week, More to Follow

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It was all over the news when Aurora decided to allow recreational dispensaries within city limits -- but October 1, the date when those dispensaries could theoretically open doors, came and went without a puff of smoke. So what's the status with these 21 new recreational dispensaries? Here's what we could find out:

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Hershey's Settles Trademark Infringement Suit with Colorado Edibles Maker

Colorado edibles manufacturer TinctureBelle made news this past summer -- not for the potency of its products, but because of the remarkable resemblance of the small-time pot company's packaging to that of mega-international giant Hershey's. It was so similar, in fact, that Hershey's filed suit in federal court. The questionable candies included "Hashees" peanut butter cups, which were packaged like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups; Ganja Joy bars, which were similar to Almond Joys; and HashHeath Bars, which looked nearly identical to Heath Bars.

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