Medical marijuana dispensary review: The Purple Dragon in Denver

One of the first dudes I ever got stoned with in high school was a super metal-head named Eric who was into Dungeons and Dragons, wizards, warlocks and Tolkein novels. His room at his mom's house, where we would smoke after school, was a tribute to all of these things, featuring black-light posters, Graffix skull bongs and and a collection of dragon statues and figurines. It's been twenty years, but I distinctly remember a large lavender-and-green beast breathing a plume of orange fire out of it's mouth.

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100 days of recreational marijuana sales: Advocate's top eight reasons it's working

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This is the 100th day since recreational marijuana sales became legal in Colorado, and to mark the occasion, Michael Elliott of the Marijuana Industry Group has put together eight reasons it's working, supported by coverage from national and local media outlets. Yes, the items are cherry-picked, and legalization opponents could come up with reports that disputed all of Elliott's. But at the very least, the roster is evidence of the huge changes that have taken place in a very short period. Count down the photo-illustrated list below.

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Marijuana: William Breathes's top picks for the 4/20 holi-daze

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Have you checked your calendar lately?

The annual 4/20 weekend is nearly upon us, and we can already smell the smoke in the air in the Mile High City.

Okay, maybe that's just the smoke from our pot critic's desk.

But that smoke signals an ever-growing list of cannabis-centric events in Denver next week.

Here's just the start.

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Update: $40K stolen from pot dispensary shuttered by state, inside job suspected
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Update: Earlier this morning, we shared an interview with Conley Hoskins, an indicted medical marijuana entrepreneur who decried the shuttering of two dispensaries by a state agency; see our previous coverage below.

In the conversation, Hoskins mentions that about fifty employees went unpaid due to the shutdown -- and now he suspects a couple of them may have had a role in a robbery overnight that appears to be an inside job.

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Pot profiling: Probable cause to stop Colorado driver in New Mexico is (literally) out of sight
As we noted in an article yesterday asking whether Alabama cops think all Colorado drivers look like drug smugglers, we've been hearing from lots of folks on the subject of pot profiling.

Of course, officers are supposed to have probable cause to justify a traffic stop and a search for marijuana -- but there doesn't always seem to be a reason beyond the sight of a Colorado license plate. Here's an example of probable cause that was literally out of sight.

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Drug-endangered child bills won't automatically criminalize pot-using parents, senator says

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In last week's marijuana legislative roundup, our William Breathes referenced two bills about drug endangered children that he said "could arguably make all cannabis-using parents criminals."

He's not alone in this belief. But Senator Linda Newell, a Littleton Democrat, insists that nothing could be further from the truth. And on the eve of the legislation reaching the Senate Judiciary committee, she wants to set the record straight.

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Pot profiling: Do Alabama cops think everyone from Colorado looks like a drug smuggler?
After our latest post about marijuana profiling, we were contacted by plenty of folks who say law enforcers in other states conducted traffic stops and searches that appear to have been based solely on their Colorado license plates. Among the most memorable tales comes from 65-year-old Sandra Lenga, who was told by an Alabama officer that she and her husband, 71, fit the profile of drug smugglers because they didn't fit the profile of drug smugglers -- which presumably means every other Colorado driver matches, too.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1922: "Montrose Mexican to be sent to asylum"

We've got a followup to a post last November that spotlighted a 1922 Telluride Daily Journal blurb on Martinez Gonzales, who was arrested after Montrose cops found him growing herb in his front yard. Last we had heard, Gonzales was being held in jail until an evaluation on his sanity could be completed.

Unfortunately, things didn't turn out too well for Mr. Gonzales.

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Photos: Top five things marijuana tourist Michael Hancock will learn visiting Amsterdam

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Denver mayor Michael Hancock isn't the likeliest marijuana tourist. Recall that he ripped Amendment 64. Nonetheless, he and other Denver city officials will visit Amsterdam next week in part to learn more about the city's approach to weed.

Apparently, Hancock and company haven't heard of this little thing called the Internet. But we're to help. Here are the top five things Hancock can expect to learn during his trip, largely culled from the official websites for Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Southwest Alternative Care in Denver

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So much has changed at Southwest Alternative Care since 2011 that it might as well be a new dispensary. The shop has moved from its strange loft above a mattress store to a stand-alone warehouse spot just a few miles east and expanded to a second location on Colfax. Plus, former head grower Scott Reach shifted to River Rock, where he's since expanded his Rare Dankness line.

But through it all, one thing has remained constant: the top-quality flowers being offered to patients.

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