Public Pot-Smoking Tickets Up Nearly 500 Percent in 2014
Photo by Brandon Marshall
A scene from 4/20 at Civic Center Park circa 2012.
While limited recreational marijuana sales are legal in Colorado, smoking in public is not -- an untenable situation according to cannabis advocates such as NORML's Allen St. Pierre. The result has been an enormous increase in public-consumption citations, which have reportedly risen in Denver by an astonishing 471 percent from 2013 to this year.

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Marijuana: Eight New MMJ Dispensary Licenses in Denver and Beyond

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Photo from the Native Roots Facebook page.
There are still places in Colorado without dispensaries, believe it or not -- but fewer of them every month. In October, a medical marijuana dispensary license was granted to a store in Tabernash, and several other licenses were allotted in municipalities that have established dispensaries. Here's a closer look.

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Marijuana Update: Palisade Rejects Rec Pot by Six Votes Following Recount
Additional photos plus a video below.
Update: Earlier this week, we told you about a recount in a recreational-marijuana vote for Palisade, on Colorado's Western Slope. The measure was behind by four votes, but eighteen ballots were in dispute and might possibly reverse the outcome; see our previous coverage below.

Now, the count is official, and the margin of defeat actually increased slightly, to six votes. However, the co-owner of the community's only medical marijuana dispensary, which had planned to add recreational sales, sees positives in the results.

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Cannabis Calendar for the Week of November 17: Edibles Work Group Meeting and More

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There's yet another edibles work-group meeting first thing this morning in Golden, and there's a lot more happening this week in cannabis. Keep reading to find out what:

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1888: Another Vintage Cannabis Cure for Foot Ailments!

Thumbnail image for leadville1881-2.jpg
Leadville, 1881.
We thought finding one article about curing foot ailments with cannabis was strange and rare enough. But apparently it wasn't as oddball as it seems according to this strange advertisement/article in the Leadville Evening Chronicle from 126 years ago almost to the day.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Herban Medicinals in Denver

Herban Medicinals takes up the basement of the building at 70 Broadway, just down the street from Sweet Action Ice Cream. Coincidence? Likely. But I stopped in for a pint of the pumpkin pie ice cream, and I'll bet I'm not the first medical pot patient to wander south a few doors. I suggest you do the same, actually: Stop by the dispensary and the ice cream shop (even in these freezing temps).

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DIA Says Pot Merchandise Won't Fly -- But You Can Weigh In

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These High-ly Legal flipflops won't be able to sell at DIA.
There is a difference between cannabis and a t-shirt. But the distinction doesn't really matter much at Denver International Airport, which recently published the details for a public hearing at which it plans to ban the sale of marijuana-themed souvenirs.

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Daniel de Sailles Denies Claim He Dosed Denver County Fair Chocolate With Pot
A Facebook photo of Daniel de Sailles. More images and a video below.
In August, a number of people came forward to say they'd gotten sick after eating chocolate from the LivWell booth at the Denver County Fair. Turns out the sweets they'd ingested were actually marijuana edibles, which weren't supposed to be handed out on fair grounds. A class-action lawsuit followed, with at least six people signing on.

Now, LivWell has reportedly pointed the finger of blame at an allegedly disgruntled former employee, Daniel de Sailles. But rather than going to ground, de Sailles is denying the allegations in the press and social media.

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Does Your Homeowners' Policy Cover Your Marijuana Plants?

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This past Friday, IRIS Fire Investigations held a "Hash Oil Hazards Training for the Insurance Industry" seminar. The seminar focused primarily on the ways that making hash oil at home (typically using butane) can go terribly wrong, and what investigators at a suspicious fire should look for. But there was also an interesting discussion involving personal property, standard homeowner insurance coverage and cannabis plants.

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Marijuana: Antique Row Backers Cool to "Green Mile" South Broadway Re-branding Idea
Images courtesy of CBS4. More pics and two videos below.
For years, a large section of South Broadway has been known as Antique Row. Now, however, representatives of some marijuana businesses that are now located along that stretch have floated the idea of re-branding the area as "The Green Mile" -- and, to put it mildly, veteran antique-shop entrepreneurs haven't embraced the notion.

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