Crowdfunding Sagas: Refugee Soccer Team's Triumph, Historian's Plea

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Belgians in line outside a soup kitchen, 1914.
In the throes of the holiday season, even Tiny Tim's charitable instincts can be severely tested by all the industrial-strength appeals to give, give, give. So it's encouraging to report that some very local, decidedly grassroots campaigns on behalf of quixotic projects -- call 'em labors of love -- seem to be finding traction in the slippery world of crowdfunding.

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Videos: The Colbert Report's Ten Funniest Bits About Colorado

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Videos and more below.
Stephen Colbert isn't going anywhere -- other than CBS, where he's been chosen to take over the Late Night franchise from David Letterman. But tonight, he's scheduled to broadcast his final episode of his signature show, The Colbert Report, on which he's given Colorado a lot of (hilarious) love over the years. We've collected our favorite posts, complete with ten videos and original text, in which Colbert has featured our fair state. Stories range from beer-bonging with Jared Polis to pepper-spraying an eight-year old -- not to mention all his "investigative" pieces about marijuana. Check them out below.

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Rocky Reboot Plan Could Lead to Death of Daily Journalism in Denver, Source Says

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Free Lunch Photography
Phil Anschutz.
Yesterday, we shared speculation about a possible Rocky Mountain News reboot by gazillionaire Phil Anschutz, with speculation suggesting that an online prototype was a ploy in negotiations to purchase the Denver Post, which has been up for sale since September.

After our post went live, we were contacted by a knowledgeable source with ties to both the Rocky and Clarity Media Group, the Anschutz Entertainment Group branch that's handling the project. The source believes the company wants to bring back the Rocky as a version of Anschutz's Examiner newspapers, two of which have failed. But if the firm ends up with the Post, he predicts dire consequences for journalism in Denver.

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Rocky Mountain News Reboot Plan: Warning Shot to the Post or Real Deal?

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The cover of the online Rocky Mountain News prototype. More images below.
Yesterday, the Denver Business Journal reported that gazillionaire Phil Anschutz, whose properties include the Colorado Springs Gazette, was "exploring the possibility of reviving the Rocky Mountain News, the Denver daily newspaper that shut down in 2009 after nearly 150 years of publication." But while a teaser for a new Rocky is online, along with a prototype edition, most observers think something other than an actual revival is in play, with popular theories involving the Denver Post, which has been on the market for several months amid turmoil at its parent company, Digital First Media.

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Did Someone Try to Threaten Colorado Springs TV Station With a Toy Grenade?

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The grenade, as seen in a KKTV photo. A video and more below.
KKTV in Colorado Springs didn't have to look far for a story last night. There was one waiting in its parking lot -- specifically what initially looked like an explosive device left in the vicinity of an employee's vehicle. But it turned out to be a lot less incendiary than first suspected.

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CBS4: DISH Doesn't Want You to See the Denver Broncos

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Over the past couple of days, the number one story on CBS4's website has been...CBS4 -- and the possibility of the station being dropped from DISH Network, headed by Charlie Ergen, who Forbes recently placed on its list of the five richest Coloradans. "Our viewers should be prepared to lose CBS from their DISH systems on Thursday evening at 7:00 PM/ET," notes the station, whose list of features that could vanish begins with Broncos games and ends with CBS4 news. What's the deal?

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Adrian Dater Fired by Post After Weird Twitter Come-On, Admits Substance Abuse Issues

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Adrian Dater in a 2010 interview. Additional photos and more below.
Less than two months ago, longtime Denver Post hockey writer Adrian Dater was suspended for using profane language on Twitter; he called one player a "pussy" and told a correspondent to "fuck off."

Now, Dater reveals that he's been fired for similar offenses, including a strange come-on to a Detroit Red Wings fan -- and adds that he's suffering from substance-abuse problems. Continue for details and photos, including screen captures of numerous exchanges.

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Rob Larimer: Tragic Details of Veteran Colorado Journalist's Death

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A Colorado Springs Gazette photo of Rob Larimer. More photos and a video below.
Rob Larimer was a veteran journalist well-known in Denver and, especially, Colorado Springs. But in September, he died in a one-car crash -- and a just-released autopsy report reveals that he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he crashed into a tree while traveling the wrong way on a residential street at a high rate of speed. Photos, details and remembrances below.

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Marijuana: The Grass Station's "Green Friday" Promotion Goes National
A photo of The Grass Station on Green Friday as shared by CBS4. Additional images and videos below.
Last week, we noted that marijuana businesses were embracing Black Friday, with The Grass Station leading the charge via $50 ounces for the first sixteen customers on November 26-28. And while the promotion was presumably aimed at local customers, the whole "Green Friday" concept definitely got national exposure.

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Denver Police: Cop Justified in Punching Man, Tripping Pregnant Woman

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A screen capture from footage obtained by Fox31. More images and a video below.
Last week, we shared allegations against a Denver police officer caught on video punching a suspect six times in the face and tripping a pregnant woman. In addition, officers were accused of deleting the video, which was later said to have been recovered from a cloud-based storage system.

Around the time Fox31 broke the story, the Denver Police Department tweeted about media ethics, prompting us to speculate that the brass was unhappy about the report -- and that's definitely the case. The department has now issued a long response deeming the officer's actions justified, questioning the veracity of the person who recorded the video and blasting the station's actions. Details, photos, videos and the DPD's complete statement below.

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