Nancy Grace Sued by Benjamin Seibert for Falsely Implying He Was a "Selfie Stalker"

A screen capture from Nancy Grace's "selfie-stalker" segment. Two videos and more below.
Earlier this year, we told you about reports by Headline News' Nancy Grace implying that a suspect was a "selfie-stalker" who'd used a technique straight from a serial killer's playbook. In truth, the man, subsequently identified as Benjamin Seibert, was innocent of any crime, and he's now suing Grace and Metro Denver Crime Stoppers for at least $100,000 over the incident. Details and two videos below.

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Rachel Maddow on Cory Gardner and Condoms, Bob Beauprez's IUD = Abortion Claim

An image from last night's Rachel Maddow broadcast. More photos and three videos below.
When Rachel Maddow teased her appearance in Denver this week, she cited a governor's race that was "off the hook," yet she made little mention of the contest in the actual Tuesday night broadcast from the Viewhouse Ballpark. Last night, however, we found out what this allusion meant via a lengthy takedown (on view below) of Republican candidate Bob Beauprez for portraying IUDs as the equivalent of internal abortion clinics when the facts are very different. And then there's the matter of senatorial hopeful Cory Gardner and condoms....

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Videos: Rachel Maddow in Denver Takes on Fox News, Mark Udall's Dourness and Pot
An MSNBC photo of Rachel Maddow in Denver. Two videos and more below.
In our preview of Rachel Maddow's broadcast from Denver last night, we noted that she'd touted the show at the Viewhouse Ballpark by noting that the race for Colorado's governor was "off the hook." In the end, though, she spent little time talking about this contest during the highly entertaining program, focusing instead on more Fox News scaremongering, the Democratic party's supposed "secret sauce" and, inevitably, recreational pot. Details, three videos and more below.

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Rachel Maddow Broadcasting From Denver About Guv Race That's "Off the Hook"

Categories: Media, Politics

Rachel Maddow as seen in one of two videos on view below.
In case you doubted the importance of Colorado when it comes to next week's election, here's evidence that it's seen as a key to control of the U.S. Senate and more: MSNBC's Rachel Maddow will be broadcasting from Denver tonight for a program that's expected to take a close look at Colorado through the prism of reproductive rights, gun control, marijuana laws and political contests, including a governor's race that she describes in one of two videos on view below as being "off the hook."

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Video: ESPN's Skip Bayless Says Kobe Bryant's Colorado Rape Charge Gave Him "Sizzle"

"First Take" host Cari Champion seen trying to decide if killing Skip Bayless live on the air would be a good or bad career move. Video below.
Plenty of Colorado sports fans know ESPN's Skip Bayless as an idiot if only for his advocacy of Tim Tebow as an NFL quarterback even when he wasn't guiding the Broncos to still-inexplicable victories. But Bayless took his usual meatheadedness to heretofore unforeseen levels when he recently suggested during an episode of ESPN's First Take, as seen in a clip on view below, that the reputation of the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant had actually been enhanced by the sexual-assault allegation made against him in Eagle County, Colorado back in 2003. Really.

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Video: Watch Seattle TV Station Eat Sh*t After Mistaking Gary Payton for Peyton Manning

No, this isn't Peyton Manning. Another image and a video below.
On Sunday, the Broncos' Peyton Manning set the all-time NFL record for most touchdown passes in a career -- news so big that even TV stations like KOMO in Seattle, whose Seahawks clobbered the Broncos in the Super Bowl earlier this year, had to cover it. Problem is, KOMO swapped out a Payton for a Peyton -- after which the station had to spend a hilariously humiliating ninety seconds or so eating shit over the mistake. Get details and see the video below.

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Denver Post Editor Salutes FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher Amid Jameis Winston Controversy

Categories: Media, Sports

Florida State University coach Jimbo Fisher at a press conference earlier this year. More images below.
Florida State University and its head coach, Jimbo Fisher, have been criticized in many quarters for overlooking off-the-field misdeeds by its Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, Jameis Winston, in a bid to win another national championship. But over the weekend, when FSU bested Notre Dame in one of the most watched college football games of the year, Fisher received support from an unusual source: Denver Post editor Greg Moore. Details below.

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Deadspin Piece Accusing Cory Gardner of Lying About Playing Football Fails Spectacularly

Categories: Media, Politics

A cropped version of the art used in Deadspin's Cory Gardner piece. More images below.
Most people don't associate Deadspin with incisive political coverage, and there's a reason for that. The enjoyably snarky sports website published a piece accusing Colorado senatorial candidate Cory Gardner of lying about having played high school football, only to have this dubious scoop explode when Gardner was able to prove he'd actually done so and the original source backed away from his comments. Details and hilarious Twitter response below.

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Photos: Our People Magazine-Ready Picks for the Sexiest Male Denver TV Anchors

More photos below.
Once upon a time, TV anchors would reject any attempt to portray them as sexy, seeing such a designation as undermining the seriousness of their profession. But it's the 21st century, bitches, and 7News is actively campaigning on behalf of its staffers to triumph in a People search to find the sexiest local TV anchor alive. (Yes, the magazine has limited the contest to dudes, in an echo of its annual "Sexiest Man Alive" staple.) But who should really represent Denver? We rank eighteen anchors from all five local news stations on their sexiness quotient. Check out our picks below, from least to most sexy -- and for the full rules about how to participate in the People survey, which runs through October 22, click here.

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Adrian Dater, Denver Post Hockey Writer, Suspended After Tweeting "P*ssy"

Categories: Media, Sports, Tech

Adrian Dater in a 2010 interview. Additional photos and more below.
Update below: The Colorado Avalanche season is gearing up after a resurgence under coach Patrick Roy -- but Adrian Dater, who covers the beat for the Denver Post, won't be doing so until later this month. He's been suspended for two weeks without pay for sending a tweet that included the word "pussy." Continue for photos and details about this controversy and a previous one in which the outspoken Dater was embroiled.

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