Bill Teck's Generation N, a Label for Young Latinos, Gave Birth to Project Enye

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Jacqueline Carini
Bill Teck (left) prepares to film an episode of Novela for
Back In the mid-'90s, Bill Teck got fed up with all the talk about Generation X. Between Douglas Coupland's book Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture and Richard Linklater's film Slacker, pop culture was failing to represent Teck's experience as a Latino living in Miami, surrounded by people from all over Latin America and the Caribbean. "It didn't resonate with my peer group," Teck says. "They were the first generation in the country and knew they must push things forward."

And he came to a realization about his peers: "I don't think we're Gen X. We're Generation Ñ."

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Gary Kubiak Isn't New Broncos Head Coach Despite What SBNation Said

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Gary Kubiak. More images below.
The frenzy to learn who will succeed John Fox as the next head coach of your Denver Broncos is getting crazier with each passing minute. As evidence, consider that yesterday afternoon, an SBNation post declared that prime hopeful Gary Kubiak -- who's gone from serving as John Elway's backup QB to NFL coaching gigs in Houston and Baltimore -- had been hired. But that proved to be a literal error, as you can see by the images below.

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Indy Writer's Wacky, Tasteless Linkage of Broncos, James Holmes

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A victory meme from Denver Broncos fandom on Facebook.
I'm still mulling over what point Indianapolis Star writer Gregg Doyel was trying to make in a bizarre column that appeared yesterday, entitled "Next to Broncos, a Mass Murder Suspect Awaits." All sorts of motivational drivel gets written in the pimp-happy world of sports journalism this time of year, as NFL teams suit up for the playoffs, but it doesn't seem like Doyel's contribution has much to offer beyond the not-too-subtle suggestion that the Broncos are thugs.

To which any loyal Denver fan can respond: Hey, at least our quarterback doesn't have a neckbeard.

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Matt Taibbi: Worst Thing I Wrote in 2014 Was Twitter Exchange With Colorado Libertarian

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Matt Taibbi. Crazy Twitter exchange below.
A Newsweek article asks twelve writers a provocative question: What's the worst thing you wrote in 2014? The answer provided by Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi: "my half of a series of tweets with some angry libertarian from Colorado about the Eric Garner case."

We've got the entire exchange below, and it's a perfect example of how an online conversation can devolve into an agonizingly frustrating time suck.

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Harry Smith, Former Coloradan, on CNBC Documentary on State's Marijuana Industry

NBC and CNBC reporter Harry Smith speakings with military veteran Ben Buckland.
When CNBC debuts its one-hour documentary, Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom on January 5, viewers across the country will see NBC reporter and former Channel 7 anchorman Harry Smith take a look at Colorado's cannabis industry after a year of recreational legalization. Smith and his team observed the beginning of retail cannabis last year in the documentary, "Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush," and continue to look at the legal, social and economic impact of the plant in their latest follow-up.

Westword recently interviewed Smith via email about his interest in legal marijuana, the changes he's noticed after one year and the media's portrayal of the controversial business.

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CNBC Documentary to Examine Colorado Cannabis Industry After First Anniversary

CNBC's "Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom" will premiere at 7 p.m. MST on January 5.
As Colorado nears the one-year anniversary of the first legal sale of recreational marijuana, media outlets across the country are taking a look at the financial and social effects of Amendment 64. An upcoming CNBC documentary, "Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom," will show how Colorado's cannabis industry is faring after its inaugural year.

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Crowdfunding Sagas: Refugee Soccer Team's Triumph, Historian's Plea

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Belgians in line outside a soup kitchen, 1914.
In the throes of the holiday season, even Tiny Tim's charitable instincts can be severely tested by all the industrial-strength appeals to give, give, give. So it's encouraging to report that some very local, decidedly grassroots campaigns on behalf of quixotic projects -- call 'em labors of love -- seem to be finding traction in the slippery world of crowdfunding.

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Videos: The Colbert Report's Ten Funniest Bits About Colorado

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Videos and more below.
Stephen Colbert isn't going anywhere -- other than CBS, where he's been chosen to take over the Late Night franchise from David Letterman. But tonight, he's scheduled to broadcast his final episode of his signature show, The Colbert Report, on which he's given Colorado a lot of (hilarious) love over the years. We've collected our favorite posts, complete with ten videos and original text, in which Colbert has featured our fair state. Stories range from beer-bonging with Jared Polis to pepper-spraying an eight-year old -- not to mention all his "investigative" pieces about marijuana. Check them out below.

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Rocky Reboot Plan Could Lead to Death of Daily Journalism in Denver, Source Says

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Free Lunch Photography
Phil Anschutz.
Yesterday, we shared speculation about a possible Rocky Mountain News reboot by gazillionaire Phil Anschutz, with speculation suggesting that an online prototype was a ploy in negotiations to purchase the Denver Post, which has been up for sale since September.

After our post went live, we were contacted by a knowledgeable source with ties to both the Rocky and Clarity Media Group, the Anschutz Entertainment Group branch that's handling the project. The source believes the company wants to bring back the Rocky as a version of Anschutz's Examiner newspapers, two of which have failed. But if the firm ends up with the Post, he predicts dire consequences for journalism in Denver.

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Rocky Mountain News Reboot Plan: Warning Shot to the Post or Real Deal?

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The cover of the online Rocky Mountain News prototype. More images below.
Yesterday, the Denver Business Journal reported that gazillionaire Phil Anschutz, whose properties include the Colorado Springs Gazette, was "exploring the possibility of reviving the Rocky Mountain News, the Denver daily newspaper that shut down in 2009 after nearly 150 years of publication." But while a teaser for a new Rocky is online, along with a prototype edition, most observers think something other than an actual revival is in play, with popular theories involving the Denver Post, which has been on the market for several months amid turmoil at its parent company, Digital First Media.

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