Tom Nalen, Les Shapiro, Charles Johnson out after Best of Denver curse hits ESPN Radio

A look at Tom Nalen's Ring of Fame induction intro. More photos below.
The Best of Denver curse strikes again.

Back in March, we named ESPN's The Locker Room, co-starring Nate Kreckman and Broncos Ring of Famer Tom Nalen, Denver's top radio sports show in our 2014 Best of Denver issue. But as with Gloria Neal, who was given her walking papers at AM-760 shortly after we dubbed her 2014's Best Radio Talk-Show Host, Nalen's out at ESPN Denver (although apparently by his choice), as are two other noteworthy personalities, Les Shapiro and Charles "CJ" Johnson -- and other changes are on the way at the station beginning Monday, July 28.

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Denver Post editor Greg Moore on three major staff departures, paper's future
Photo by J. Knight
A file photo of Denver Post editor Greg Moore at the 2009 press conference announcing the closure of the Rocky Mountain News.
Of late, the Denver Post has been making news in addition to covering it thanks to significant layoffs at parent company Digital First Media, damaging revelations from an ex-DFM staffer and continuing rumors that the Post is on the block.

The Post recently laid off two employees, too -- and now comes word that three major staffers made the decision to leave in quick succession. We asked Post editor Greg Moore to discuss the latest changes and the future of the paper. Here's what he told us.

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Hickenlooper leading Beauprez by 6 percent in one poll, behind him by 1 percent in another

Categories: Media, Politics
John Hickenlooper on his inauguration day.
Those who feel political polls conducted long before an election frequently have very little news value can point to two new pieces of evidence to bolster their argument.

Yesterday, media organizations ballyhooed a poll showing that Governor John Hickenlooper leads Republican challenger Bob Beauprez by a surprisingly large 6 percent margin. Today, they're doing the same in regard to a survey showing Beauprez ahead by 1 percent.

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Balls, nuts and testicles hang together on 7News Facebook page

A photo by Tom and Holley Luft shared in 7News coverage. Another image and a video below.
Yesterday, we posted about the evolving language standards among mainstream media outlets, epitomized by 9News using "fart" on its home page and in a headline of a story that didn't otherwise include the word.

The phenomenon is even more pronounced on the social media sites of such outlets. Example? Today on its Facebook page, 7News is hyping a story about a Piranha-like fish caught in a Michigan lake with a little help from not one, not two but three terms for male sex glands.

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"Fart" now a headline word for 9News, mainstream media?

Categories: Media

The images above, from 9News' home page, represent breaking news in at least one obvious way. But there's also significance to the headline beyond the story itself -- an Associated Press report about an English study claiming that passing gas may be beneficial for health "in small doses." The banner offers more proof that the word "fart" is becoming more and more accepted by mainstream news organizations.

See also: The Denver Post's giggle-worthy fart story.

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JonBenet case: Fleet White sues for release of grand jury documents accusing girl's parents
JonBenet Ramsey. Additional photos below.
A prominent Boulder couple, former close friends of John and Patsy Ramsey, have filed a lawsuit seeking the full release of long-suppressed documents drafted by a grand jury investigating the 1996 murder of the Ramseys' six-year-old daughter, JonBenet. Last fall a judge released four redacted pages from eighteen pages of "official action" documents prepared by the grand jury, indicating that the panel had sought to indict JonBenet's parents for felony child abuse resulting in death and on an accessory charge -- but Fleet and Priscilla White contend that the remaining documents may also contain information the public is entitled to know.

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Video: Hot, gun-packing Shooters Grill waitresses get their national close-up
Video below.
Last week, when we told you about Shooters Grill, a restaurant in Rifle whose waitresses open-carry firearms on the job, we noted that the subsequent PR bonanza made sense because "plenty of guys think women with guns are hot."

CBS obviously understands this truism, too, because the powerful network has just featured the Shooters staff in a new report touted by the Twitpic above -- and don't be surprised if more national news organizations follow suit. See the CBS clip below.

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Mike Zinna: Appeals court affirms activist's right to legal fees in free-speech battle

Mike Zinna, target of government reprisals?
A three-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit has affirmed that developer-turned-gadfly Mike Zinna is entitled to substantial legal fees in his long-running feud with Jefferson County officials -- who, he claimed, tried to intimidate him, put him under surveillance and violated his constitutional right to free speech. The panel's ruling also takes the unusual step of removing senior district judge Richard Matsch from any further action on the case, saying Matsch ignored the appeals court's directives in awarding Zinna only minimal attorney's fees in the case.

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Denver Post owner Digital First Media accused of dumping employees, lying about plans
This image from the Digital First Media Facebook page was accompanied by the following message: "Change is in store as we leave 2013 and enter the new year, including the employment landscape."
On Monday, we reported about layoffs at Denver Post owner Digital First Media, as well as the firm's refusal to discuss them -- a strategy that grew heavy-handed when a DFM attorney sent media blogger Jim Romenesko a legal threat for posting a graphic from an internal document listing those on the pink-slip list.

Since then, Myra Bronstein, a DFM employee who tells us she quit last month "in protest because of" the company's "pattern of mistreating and deceiving workers," provides more information about the number of workers let go and the behind-the-scenes machinations at a firm facing plenty of financial challenges.

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Photos: Shooters Grill's waitresses are armed -- and so are a lot of the customers

A photo from the Shooters Grill Facebook page. More pics below.
Back in May, our Melanie Asmar told you about Chipotle's request that customers not bring guns to restaurants in the chain after members of the group Open Carry Texas posed for pics with semi-automatic rifles at one eatery.

We have a feeling these dudes would be welcome at Shooters Grill in Rifle, where open carry is actively encouraged and even the waitresses pack heat -- a move that's turned into a PR bonanza for the modest joint.

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