Did Richard Kirk shoot wife Kristine after having a bad reaction to a pot edible? (50)

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Update below: Earlier today, we told you about a late Monday evening shooting that left a woman dead near DU; see our previous coverage below.

The victim was originally described as a domestic violence incident. But new reports suggest a bizarre connection to a marijuana edible.

Arrested in the case was Richard Kirk, age 47.

He's being held on suspicion of first-degree murder. Continue for more about Kirk and the strange and tragic crime itself.

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Alfred Flores guilty in head-shot murder thanks in part to his chewing gum

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The little things often prevent a murderer from getting away with his crime, as Alfred Flores understands all too well. As we noted in a November 2012 post, one of the key bits of evidence implicating him in the slaying of 27-year-old Manuel Martinez was a piece of chewing gum.

Now, Flores has pleaded guilty in the brutal crime. Continue to learn about his sentence and what he did to earn it below.

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Photos: Anton Valdez convicted for gunning down jewelry shop owner

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On May 17, 2012, one day after we marked the three-year anniversary of our Mile High Murder archive, a man robbing a Commerce City jewelry store fatally shot its owner, Bernardo Saenz, and fled, prompting a citywide manhunt and media blitz.

Just shy of two years later, Anton Valdez has been convicted, and tomorrow afternoon, he'll learn the length of his sentence.

Get details and see photos and more below.

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Eight Denver homicides in first quarter of 2014: See where they happened

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According to the Denver coroner's office, eight homicides took place in the city during the first quarter of 2014. That pace is slower than in 2013, when there were 22 homicides during the first six months of the year. But that does little to ease the pain for the loved ones of Taunya Carlino, seen here, who died in January. Look below to see the complete list, including ME info about names, times, causes of death and places illustrated by interactive graphics; if you have problems seeing the images, click "View Larger Map." Also included are links to our original coverage.

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Fabian Gonzales murder: More silence than justice in stabbings of baby, grandma (48-49)

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Three months ago yesterday, RaeLyn Gonzales, fifty, and her eighteen-month-old grandson, Fabian Gonzales, were brutally stabbed to death in Adams County. Since then, no arrests have been made and precious little information has been released about the investigation.

But the Gonzales family has no intention of letting the deaths of their loved ones fall through the cracks. They're using public demonstrations and social media to keep the focus on finding the killer.

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Update: Timothy Baca allegedly killed his mom because she was "possessed by demons" (47)

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Update: Yesterday, we told you about the arrest of 41-year-old Timothy Baca for allegedly killing his mother and then wounding two police officers as they tried to take him into custody; see our previous coverage below.

Now, more details are emerging about the crime itself, with Baca quoted in a police report as saying that he committed the murder because his mom had been possessed by demons and he needed to "make things right with God."

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Timothy Baca wounds two cops while being busted for allegedly killing his mom (47)

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From the beginning, Timothy Baca, 41, was the prime suspect in the apparent murder of his mother, 65-year-old Bernice Medina.

And police only had to use the most basic detective skills in order to track him down.

Yet taking him into custody wasn't easy, since he had a knife in his possession, and used it on two of the officers tasked with fitting him with cuffs.

See photos, video and details below.

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Police arrest suspect in fatal shooting in West Denver (46)

Timothy Wakefield
After a fatal shooting Wednesday night on West Avondale Drive, the Denver police have arrested one suspect, 29-year-old Timothy Wakefield. Witnesses told police that Wakefield was arguing with the still-unidentified victim before the shooting, which took place a little after 8 p.m. March 26 at 3233 West Avondale Drive. According to the police report, one witness saw "the suspect pump the shotgun, point the shotgun at the victim and shoot the victim one time."

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Thomas Laperch arrest: Murdered musician William Burchett robbed, stabbed, burned (44)

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Update: Yesterday, we told you about the arrest of Thomas Laperch after an arson call turned into a homicide investigation; see our previous coverage below.

Now, the victim in the incident has been identified as William Burchett, a 54-year-old musician best known for his work with a local band called the Resonatorz. Look below for more about Burchett, including posts by those who loved him, as well as additional details about the crime from the arrest affidavit.

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Nate Tallman murder a pot deal gone wrong? Russell Britton, Moises Mendez busted (45)

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It started as a missing persons case. But well over a month later, Lafayette resident Nate Tallman's body was discovered a long way from home -- outside Lusk, a town in Wyoming.

Now, two men -- Russell Britton, 58, and Moises Mendez, 26 -- have been arrested in connection with the crime, with the latter having been taken into custody at the U.S.-Mexico border. And the latest information suggests that the killing took place over a deal for marijuana. Here's what we know so far.

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