Jayson Figueroa Among Victims in Adams County Triple Murder, One Survivor (23-25)

A Facebook photo of Jayson Figueroa. Additional images and videos below.
Update: We finally know the identities of the victims in the Adams County triple murder for which Furmen Leyba and Gabriel Flores have been formally charged: They are Johnny Angel Gutierrez, eighteen, Jason Albert Quizada, 37, and Jayson Antonio Figueroa, seventeen, Moreover, one person is said to have survived the attack. Continue for photos, videos and details, followed by our previous coverage of this shocking crime.

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Yer Zit and Zar Yar: Accessory and Abusing Naked Corpse Charges in Alley Homicide (21)

Yer Zit. Additional photos and more below.
Update: Our post last week about the discovery of a body in a Xenia Street alley (see our previous coverage below) noted the arrest of two men, Yer Zit and Zar Yar, both thought to be natives of Myanmar. Now, the pair have been charged, but not for murder. Instead, they're facing accessory beefs plus a charge of abusing a corpse -- which was found naked. Meanwhile, the investigation is continuing into the death of the man, who still isn't being publicly identified. Continue for photos and details from a police report we've also included in this post.

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Joshua Bohl Busted in Motel Killing of Young Mom Jayme Hosier (26)

A Facebook photo of Jayme Hosier. Additional images and more below.
In addition to making two arrests in a triple murder (with a detective taking part in the second winding up wounded, possibly by friendly fire), members of the Adams County Sheriff's Office have busted Joshua Bohl in relation to another death: the apparent slaying of young mom Jayme Hosier at a local motel.

Hosier's passing wasn't immediately reported as a homicide. Details, photos and more below.

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"Lil Doobie" Israel Maestas, Age 16, Charged as Adult in England Park Murder (22)

A photo from Israel Maestas's Facebook page. Additional images and more below.
Update: Earlier this week, we told you about a double shooting at Westminster's England Park that left one man dead and another seriously wounded; see our previous coverage below. We noted that a juvenile had been taken into custody, and he's now being identified as Israel Maestas, a sixteen-year-old known as "Lil Doobie," after prosecutors decided to charge him as an adult with second-degree murder and more. Continue for photos, details and more.

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Dead Woman Found During Aurora Schools' Ferguson Walkout

A look at the crime scene from 7News coverage. Additional photos, a video and more below.
The body found in a Xenia Street alley late Thursday night wasn't the only grisly discovery in the metro area late last week. A dead woman was spotted along North Chambers Road in Aurora on Friday morning, with local law enforcers initially expressing exasperation that the incident came to their attention amid large-scale walkouts at Aurora schools related to continuing protests over a Ferguson, Missouri grand jury's no-indictment decision in the Michael Brown case.

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Bronco Bar Murder: One Dead, Two Hurt in Shooting, Two Suspects on the Run (20)

Thumbnail image for
A photo tweeted from the crime scene by Fox31's Cathy Hernandez. Additional images and videos below.
Update below: Bronco Bar, at 9496 Montview Boulevard in Aurora, is a sports bar and grill, and judging by photos and videos shared online, it's a place known for good times and happy, boisterous crowds. Not last night, though: Just after midnight, gunfire erupted, killing one and injuring two others. Here's what we know thus far.

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Update: James Morrison Busted for Fatally Stabbing Brother Jesse Eleven Times (19)

James Robert Morrison. More photos below.
Update: Last week, we told you about a fatal stabbing on Elm Street, with the suspected killer described as having known the victim; see our previous coverage below. That turns out to have been an understatement. The dead man has been identified as Jesse James Morrison, 23 -- and the man arrested in the crime was his older brother, James Robert Morrison. And the number of wounds is calculated at eleven. Continue for photos, details and more.

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Ari Misha Ligett: Sentencing For Dismembering Mom Who Left Him Out of Her Will

Ari Misha Liggett. Additional photos and videos below.
Among 2012's most heinous crime was the murder of 56-year-old Beverly Liggett, whose body was dismembered, allegedly by her son, Ari Misha Liggett. On Monday, a jury found Liggett guilty, and this afternoon, he'll be sentenced for a slaying said to have been motivated by his discovery that Beverly had disinherited him.

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Amanda Anders, Nancy Worrell ID'd in French Quarter Apartments Murders (16-17)

A Facebook photo of Amanda Anders. More images below.
Update: The Denver coroner's office has identified the two women murdered in an apartment at the French Quarter complex late Wednesday night as Amanda Anders, nineteen, and Nancy Worrell, 22. They died of multiple gunshot wounds. In addition (update), the Denver Police Department has released the mug shot of the accused shooter, 22-year-old Jose Gabriel King. Here's the latest on this tragic case.

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Daniel Fougner Charged With Killing Robert Goldsberry in Walmart Parking Lot (18)

Daniel Fougner as seen in a Facebook photo. Additional images and a video below.
The two women shot to death at the French Quarter apartments weren't the only homicide victims in the metro area this week. Also slain was Robert Goldsberry, a sixty-year-old who was gunned down in the parking lot of a South Parker Road Walmart. The man being held for the crime is Daniel Fougner, who was reportedly homeless -- although that wasn't always the case, as his strangely poignant Facebook page shows. Photos, a video and details below.

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