Medical marijuana dispensary review: The Purple Dragon in Denver

One of the first dudes I ever got stoned with in high school was a super metal-head named Eric who was into Dungeons and Dragons, wizards, warlocks and Tolkein novels. His room at his mom's house, where we would smoke after school, was a tribute to all of these things, featuring black-light posters, Graffix skull bongs and and a collection of dragon statues and figurines. It's been twenty years, but I distinctly remember a large lavender-and-green beast breathing a plume of orange fire out of it's mouth.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Kind Meds in Denver

My high school didn't have shop class. The only way we could learn about using power tools was through tech theater classes, in which we were used as slave labor to build sets for the plays. That also included painting faux wood finishes that looked great at twenty feet but completely horrid on close inspection. I dredged this memory up the instant I walked into Kind Meds and saw the thick, hand-brushed, brown-red stain on the doors, doorframes and the window molding. From twenty feet away, it probably looks a bit like fancy oak or mahogany . The only problem is you can't get twenty feet away in a dispensary that is only ten feet wide, so instead it looks like cheap birch with a heavy stain.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1913: Pulp fiction meets hash fables

Ever wonder what fictional American millionaire playboys did for kicks 100 years ago (aside from Gatsby)? Us neither. But cannabis is a funny thing, and once again our digging has dusted off a gem of marijuana writing from Colorado's past about American millionaire Paul Lane and his romantic adventures from the Wet Mountain Tribune.

On tap for Halloween night, 1913? Another wild tale of Paul Lane, this time in far away Delhi for "The Misplaced Dream."

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Reserve 1 in Glendale

I used to care about waiting a few months to review a new dispensary -- but I've since changed my mind.

If a shop is going to open its doors to the general public, then it shouldn't matter when I visit. The kinks in the shop might need more time to be ironed out, but the kinks in the grow room will take months to get sorted.

Which brings us to the newly opened Reserve 1 in Glendale.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: DenverDam

Google maps.
Remember when you'd go over to your friendly neighborhood pot dealer's house and he would only have one strain of herb to offer you -- but, hey, it was weed, so it didn't really matter? Me, neither. It's been way too long since that's been the case, considering the hundreds of ganja varieties for sale here. Which made it all the more bewildering when I visited DenverDam to find one strain of herb on the shelf and no hope for more until the next day's harvest arrived from the grow house. And apparently, that can happen daily.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Alive Herbal Medicine in Denver

More photos below.
Alive Herbal Medicine seems out of place. Not because it's situated in the small Sunnyside neighborhood next to a residential area, or because the corrugated tin barn of a building looks like it belongs on a farm and not off a busy interstate in the middle of Denver. What feels out of place is where it's located in town. Specifically, the shop seems like it belongs on South Broadway or Federal along with the dozens of other warehouse-grade medical-pot clearinghouses -- although its publicity photos definitely make it stand out.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Chronorado Medical in Denver

Two years ago, when we first stopped by Chronorado Medical in Denver, we left unimpressed but hopeful after discovering the White Urkle we brought home was infested with bugs. It was a shame, because otherwise, the buds were plump, ripe with THC goodness and stank to high heaven with light grapey, earthy goodness.

Now, with the bug issue under control, Chronorado is putting out some well-grown (and gnat-free) medical cannabis.

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Photos: It's always 4:20 in Denver, at least while Union Station is under construction

Big photos below.
The other week, I was dropping off my pop at the Oxford Hotel downtown around 2 p.m. when I noticed that the clock was wrong at Union Station.

Or, better, the clock was right on at Union Station.

Yup. 4:20. At 2 p.m. in the afternoon. I'm not downtown much these days (I'm stuck changing diapers), so I'm not sure how long it's been like that. But I did go back the next day and snap another picture around 6 in the evening, and the clock was still at 4:20.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Cross Genetics in Denver

larger photo below.
Eight years ago, seven strangers were picked to live in a converted meat-market bar in Lower Downtown and have their lives videotaped -- and they found out what happens when people stop being polite and start being really, really bad at acting like they aren't in a reality-TV show.

I'm speaking, of course, of the Real World: Denver -- something I hadn't thought about since MTV's crew packed up and everyone quit talking about the whole thing. But something about Cross Genetics brought it flowing back to me.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Mile High Medical Cannabis in Denver

Google maps.
Mile High Medical Cannabis isn't the first shop I've visited with some major issues to their marijuana.

But it just might be the one shop I've come across that was most welcoming of that bad news.

I stopped by Mile High Medical a few weeks ago, back before the Broncos horribly blew the Super Bowl like a cheap hooker and people were still milling around Mile High Stadium buying AFC Championship T-shirts...

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