Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Clinic in Lakewood

Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Clinic feels old-school -- if that can even be a thing for a dispensary that is only a few years old. But it does. It's got a vintage suburban Lakewood storefront vibe thanks to its small, 1940s-era stucco building, featuring a curved, glass-brick entrance. And inside, the somewhat loosey-goosey nature of the products crammed on the shelves and in cabinets feels more mom-and-pop than cannabis commercial.

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Marijuana: Could Colorado Springs Approve 26 Percent Tax on Recreational Pot?

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Colorado Springs voters could decide whether to allow recreational cannabis sales in the city next April -- if, that is, pro-pot and anti-pot city leaders can find some common ground first. Recreational cannabis sales are currently banned in the Springs because of a city council vote last year, but in recent months councilwoman Jill Gaebler has been working to get a measure on the April 2015 ballot that would give voters the chance to repeal that ban. Her goal was to have council approve the proposal on August 11; if it failed then, she said, the public would still have time to collect enough signatures for a citizen initiative.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Local Product of Colorado in Denver

The last time I was in Local Product of Colorado, there were issues. Not with the shop itself -- which at the time was one of the nicest spaces in Denver where medical cannabis was being sold. No, the problem was with the buds and an abundance of powdery mildew. Despite the staff's amazing response to the problem, it was enough for me to write them off and never give them a second thought.

But a lot has changed in three-plus years, and I'm glad they landed back on my radar.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: The Clinic Cap Hill in Denver
Consistency and quality. Those two things are what keep most businesses afloat. A quality restaurant that can't consistently deliver top-notch meals will fail. Likewise, a consistently bad restaurant doesn't stand a chance. The same is true in the medical marijuana dispensary world, where shops consistently lacking in quality have found themselves run out of business or sold to another owner.

That said, there's a reason the Clinic hasn't changed since opening the doors to its first shop in 2009. It hasn't had the need.

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Pot Edibles Lawsuit Filed as More People Say They Were Sickened at Denver County Fair

Although fair-goers were told the Full Melt chocolate bars given out inside the pot pavilion didn't contain any cannabis, several people reported feeling sick and high.
Denver County Fair's pot pavilion wasn't supposed to have any cannabis on the premises, but several people have reported feeling sick and dizzy after eating candy bars given to them by a pavilion vendor, with two men going to the hospital -- and one of them filing a class-action lawsuit about the incident.

We've got statements from the fair and the vendor about a controversy that continues to build.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Mile High Dispensary in Lakewood

The Cheech and Chong stickers on the windows of the former head shop next door are actually the most pot-related thing about the place. Otherwise, the simple, dark-green "MILE HIGH DISPENSARY" sign with two green crosses is about as low-key as dispensaries get these days.

Of course, at this point, everyone in Colorado knows what discreetly named places with green crosses on their signs really are.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Personalized Organic Treatments in Denver

Personalized Organic Treatment is tucked into a warehouse district just south of the traffic nightmare that is 6th Avenue at I-25 -- on Second Avenue, just before it snakes south and turns into Tejon. There's not much drive-by traffic other than truckers and people like myself trying unsuccessfully to dodge construction and get east of I-25 without looking at a map. But my poor sense of direction ended up being a good thing this week.

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Davirak Ky gets three years' probation for feeding children pot cookies

According to the victims' mother, Ky's homemade cookies made her sons "giggly and agitated."
Since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado, much has been made of children accidentally ingesting edible marijuana -- but what about when people intentionally feed it to kids? Last week Davirak Ky pleaded guilty to distributing a controlled substance and child abuse for feeding two minors cannabis-infused cookies. In exchange, Ky received three years of probation, must undergo drug and alcohol treatment, and has to take a class on the effects of drugs on children -- but he will avoid prison time if he stays out of trouble.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Green Leaf in Denver

Google Maps.
Green Leaf probably does a lot of walk-in business from people living in nearby apartments who either can't get to other dispensaries closer to downtown for lack of transportation or are just too lazy to care. If it wasn't for the housing within walking distance to Green Leaf, I'm not sure the tiny dispensary in southeast Denver would stay in business.

At least, not with the meds on display recently.

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Edibles recall: Co-owner on making hash with washing machine, health agency compromise

At Home Baked's website
Don't expect to see At Home Baked products on dispensary shelves for a few weeks.
The Denver Department of Environmental Health ordered the recall of products made by a local hash-infused edibles manufacturer last week after "possible contamination from unsanitary equipment" and using equipment "not intended for food manufacturing," according to a statement by the DDEH's Public Health Inspections Division.

The equipment in question: a washing machine.

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