Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Firehouse Organics in Denver

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If I had to sadistically pick my favorite death trap on a Denver highway, the now-defunct westbound Bryant exit from Sixth Avenue would take the cake. Trying to exit the freeway on this short ramp was near-impossible, and entering the roadway there was just as deadly, since traffic heading to I-25 south came flying into the right lane from the Federal overpass. It was stressful enough that anyone who did it regularly could have probably applied for -- and received -- a valid medical marijuana recommendation to cope with the daily trauma.

Which has to be the reason why Firehouse Organics chose a location almost directly under Sixth Avenue on Bryant, in the shadow of a construction project that's supposed to end years of nerve-racking twists and turns.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Holistic Life in Lakewood
Don't let the location in a rundown, shitty strip center that's years from its former glory fool you. Holistic Life may be in one of the grungiest locations on South Sheridan, but the herb inside is easily the best I've found during months of searching in the area.

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Introducing Nug Hunt, Denver's First Marijuana Scavenger Hunt

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Hemp clothing/lifestyle-product group Hemp House is throwing the city's first Nug Hunt -- a scavenger hunt planned for mid-January, when the company will give away coupons for 24 penny-priced eighths of herb from Evergreen Apothecary and Colorado Harvest Company.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Altitude the Dispensary (West)

Not to get all pot-snobby here, but buying pot legally at a dispensary has gone from a completely mind-blowing unique experience to one I equate with all my other weekly errands. That's not to say I don't enjoy it, but I've found that I treat it along the same lines as a trip to the grocery store. And as with the grocery store, I've found that the best time to hit up a dispensary is during Broncos games. No crowds, no traffic, and you can usually get in and out in time to catch the other three quarters and be off the roads before the drunks leave the bars.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Cannabis For Health in Denver

For being so out in the open, the dispensary is really quite hidden on a small retail stretch of Pearl Street at East Alameda Avenue, anchored by a convenience store across the street that doubles as the cash-only dispensary's ATM. I've probably driven past it 1,000 times in the last five years and never noticed the tiny, two-story gingerbread house -- which I realized instantly was a real shame when I finally stepped inside.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Five Years Later at Walking Raven in Denver

Like most people, I fondly remember losing my virginity -- not that things went perfectly the first time out. The experience was stumbly, fumbly and over in less time than it took to write this sentence. But still, somehow in my mind, it was one of the greatest life moments ever. Even now that our paths have diverged, with me married and the young woman in question probably living in a trailer somewhere in west Texas, borderline obese and stripping for redneck oilfield workers, there's still a soft spot in my mem'ried mind for her, to paraphrase a great hero of mine, Willie Nelson.

I look back on my first review -- published exactly five years ago today -- of Denver's Walking Raven dispensary in much the same way: Even if the shop isn't exactly how it used to be and I've found plenty of better places to shop in five years, it still stands out.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Herban Medicinals in Denver

Herban Medicinals takes up the basement of the building at 70 Broadway, just down the street from Sweet Action Ice Cream. Coincidence? Likely. But I stopped in for a pint of the pumpkin pie ice cream, and I'll bet I'm not the first medical pot patient to wander south a few doors. I suggest you do the same, actually: Stop by the dispensary and the ice cream shop (even in these freezing temps).

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: A Cut Off the Top in Denver

I used to smoke cigarettes when I was a dumb teenager. I quit, though. And while I try not to pass judgment on my friends who still smoke them, I find burning tobacco to be among the most foul and offensive odors ever. I'm not alone. It's why we have bans on smoking cigarettes in bars, restaurants and most businesses. Those that do allow smoking make it very clear, so people like me can avoid them. Most smokers will even admit they prefer the clean air, too; I don't know many cigarette smokers who smoke inside their homes, for example. All of which made seeing someone with a lit cigar behind the receptionist window at A Cut Off the Top -- a medical dispensary -- that much more surreal.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Doctor's Orders in Denver

Even the name of Doctor's Orders seems gimmicky to me, especially paired with the cartoonish image used by the shop, featuring a burnout hippie doctor who writes pot recommendations for any ailment under the sun. I know that goes on; I'm not naive. But it doesn't represent the majority of the medical patients or the doctors I've met over the last five years while doing my job. It gives an image of the shop as just a place where people with a red card who don't even pretend to need the herb for medical reasons go.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Green Tree Medicinals in Northglenn

Green Tree Medicinals/James Long.
Green Tree's Northglenn location is in a former used-car dealership, which is somewhat confusing, since the other auto dealership next door parks cars for sale in Green Tree's parking lot.

I couldn't tell if I was about to walk in the front door and be offered weed, or the Jeep on the stand out front with high miles and a dented bumper.

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