Davirak Ky gets three years' probation for feeding children pot cookies

According to the victims' mother, Ky's homemade cookies made her sons "giggly and agitated."
Since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado, much has been made of children accidentally ingesting edible marijuana -- but what about when people intentionally feed it to kids? Last week Davirak Ky pleaded guilty to distributing a controlled substance and child abuse for feeding two minors cannabis-infused cookies. In exchange, Ky received three years of probation, must undergo drug and alcohol treatment, and has to take a class on the effects of drugs on children -- but he will avoid prison time if he stays out of trouble.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Green Leaf in Denver

Google Maps.
Green Leaf probably does a lot of walk-in business from people living in nearby apartments who either can't get to other dispensaries closer to downtown for lack of transportation or are just too lazy to care. If it wasn't for the housing within walking distance to Green Leaf, I'm not sure the tiny dispensary in southeast Denver would stay in business.

At least, not with the meds on display recently.

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Edibles recall: Co-owner on making hash with washing machine, health agency compromise

At Home Baked's website
Don't expect to see At Home Baked products on dispensary shelves for a few weeks.
The Denver Department of Environmental Health ordered the recall of products made by a local hash-infused edibles manufacturer last week after "possible contamination from unsanitary equipment" and using equipment "not intended for food manufacturing," according to a statement by the DDEH's Public Health Inspections Division.

The equipment in question: a washing machine.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Lyons Finest II in Denver

Courtesy of Lyons Finest Facebook page
Lyons Finest II shop had escaped my radar until last week, when I was browsing Weed Maps and saw that it had a decent rating and reviews from customers. I've also got this theory that the farther north you go in Colorado, the better the bud gets -- and by that logic, a shop from Lyons should have good herb.

Yes, that's about as scientific as my selection process gets.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Healing House in Denver

Urban Cannabis used to have a cut of Cherry Cola that 100 percent lived up to its name. It was a great example, and for some reason it crossed my mind a few months back to pick up an eighth of it. But Urban Cannabis is no more, apparently. I realized that as I pulled up and saw the Healing House name on the front. I didn't immediately make the connection to the shop I reviewed in Lakewood last year; I was too distracted by the wonderfully greasy odors of Crown Burger Plus next door. But I didn't want to waste the gas to go somewhere else -- so I stopped in to see how Healing House is doing in its second location.

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Marijuana: Maryjane's cannabis social club still closed after police raid

Photo by Thomas Mitchell
The sign still says "Open," but Maryjane's has been closed since Denver police entered the building last month.
On Friday, June 27, several Denver police officers entered Maryjane's 420 Shop and Social Club, at 539 West 43rd Avenue, and issued citations to some of its members. The club has been closed ever since and comments from his spokesperson suggest that Denver Mayor Michael Hancock would like it to stay that way.

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Cannabis leaders of the future: Murphy Murri

Murri's Facebook profile
Murphy Murri (right), seen here with cannabis advocate Jenny Kush, isn't shy about her love of the plant.
Some people are just meant for certain professions. Michael Jordan was meant to play basketball, Bill Gates was meant to program software, and the kid who stole your trading cards in grade school was meant to be a felon.

Murphy Murri was meant to sell cannabis to Colorado.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: DANK Colorado in Denver

I had some friends in town from Texas last weekend. And while concerts at Red Rocks were the reason they flew into town, you wouldn't have known it by their excitement over buying recreational pot legally in the United States for the very first time.

I didn't go with them -- that was their moment to enjoy. But when they came back to my place with jars of herb from DANK, I realized I had missed out. Two years have passed since I first visited the shop, and it's apparently grown up. A lot.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Metro Cannabis on Colfax

Metro Cannabis isn't really known for much. It is generally seen by patients as a warehouse shop with warehouse-quality buds and nothing to really offer someone who wants true variety and well-grown herb. It's a low-rent shop set up along a rough stretch of Colfax that relies on walk-in traffic from the neighborhood.

All of that may be true, but none of it seems to matter. People were lined up inside to buy what Metro Cannabis had to sell anyway.

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Marijuana: The pros and cons of crowd-funding pot apps

Dispence2U's Indiegogo Page
Dispence2U hopes to be running by next year.
Crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have revolutionized the way new businesses start up.

But are they ready to help combine marijuana and mobile technology? The folks behind AbacaRX and Dispensed2U hope so.

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