Photos: It's always 4:20 in Denver, at least while Union Station is under construction

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The other week, I was dropping off my pop at the Oxford Hotel downtown around 2 p.m. when I noticed that the clock was wrong at Union Station.

Or, better, the clock was right on at Union Station.

Yup. 4:20. At 2 p.m. in the afternoon. I'm not downtown much these days (I'm stuck changing diapers), so I'm not sure how long it's been like that. But I did go back the next day and snap another picture around 6 in the evening, and the clock was still at 4:20.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Cross Genetics in Denver

larger photo below.
Eight years ago, seven strangers were picked to live in a converted meat-market bar in Lower Downtown and have their lives videotaped -- and they found out what happens when people stop being polite and start being really, really bad at acting like they aren't in a reality-TV show.

I'm speaking, of course, of the Real World: Denver -- something I hadn't thought about since MTV's crew packed up and everyone quit talking about the whole thing. But something about Cross Genetics brought it flowing back to me.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Mile High Medical Cannabis in Denver

Google maps.
Mile High Medical Cannabis isn't the first shop I've visited with some major issues to their marijuana.

But it just might be the one shop I've come across that was most welcoming of that bad news.

I stopped by Mile High Medical a few weeks ago, back before the Broncos horribly blew the Super Bowl like a cheap hooker and people were still milling around Mile High Stadium buying AFC Championship T-shirts...

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Photos: Seven recreational-strength marijuana edibles that still pack a helluva punch

Big photos below.
While actual marijuana buds probably weren't anything new to most non-medical cannabis consumers when the sale of recreational pot became legal on January 1, the huge variety of edible forms must have been an eye-opener for many longtime stoners accustomed to only the occasional batch of pot brownies. You can now find just about any confection under the Colorado sun loaded up with cannabis and for sale at your local pot shop.

But do they pack a punch?

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Video: Five questions for William Breathes after his CNN profile

William Breathes.
Editor's note: William Breathes is on paternity leave. His 4:20 p.m. Thursday dispensary reviews will return soon. In the meantime, here's one of his greatest hits: the top five questions Facebook and Twitter pals asked after being featured in a 2010 CNN profile on view below.

The calls and texts started well before I had woken up yesterday, vibrating my phone completely off my bedside table. Apparently people on the East Coast don't realize there's a time difference between us.

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Cannabis Time Capsule, 1937-1949: The Ballad of Steamboat's Frank Valdez
We haven't come upon continuing local coverage of old pot events while going through our stash of musty, vintage Colorado news. At least, none as intriguing as the tale of Frank Valdez as told through the local news briefs section from the Steamboat Pilot from 1937 through 1949.

Basically, what started as a $50 state fine moved on to federal charges (and presumably jail time, if the state went to all that trouble).

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Universal Herbs in Denver

Maybe it's just me and I've visited too many dispensaries in the last five years, but sometimes the names of these shops sound like heavy, stoner-rock bands from the '70s. Like,"'Did you see the festival lineup for Hemp Fest, man? Kind Love, Nature's Kiss, Good Chemistry, Standing Akimbo and, dude, Universal Herbs is headlining!" I had that thought about Universal Herbs the other week and laughed to myself as I walked in the front doors, no doubt looking like a showered and cleaner version of the crazies that meander up and down Park Avenue on a regular basis.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: The Green Depot in Denver

Google maps.
In every city, there are buildings known for being complete black holes for any restaurant or bar that tries to open. I can think of a few in Denver off the top of my head, including one at the corner of 11th and Lincoln, where dance clubs, mescal bars and wanna-be hipster hangouts have burned out within a year, if not a few months. Similarly, over the last five years, I've seen the same thing happen in the medical marijuana world in Denver, at the South Broadway storefront currently occupied by the Green Depot. But this center may have finally found the formula for breaking the curse.

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Marijuana: Puff, Pass and Paint offers a 420-friendly art experience

Photo by Leslie Simon
Like most artists, Denver painter Heidi Keyes, seen here, was looking to expand her artistic endeavors.

Then, a friend told her to create a Colorado-style version of the popular Sip and Paint/Canvas and Cocktails events already happening: "Why not some kind of 420-friendly painting class?"

And with that, Puff, Pass and Paint was born, gaining steam and clients faster than Keyes could ever have imagined.

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Medical marijuana dispensary review: Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine in Golden

Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine is located in the shadow of the Interstate 70 and Highway 6 interchange, and it's home is one of the most curious buildings in the metro area.

I've been driving past the thing for at least fifteen years, and always assumed it was a really tiny apartment complex due to the balconies and stonework/log cabin look. (Yes, it would have been an oddly located apartment, but I've lived in stranger locales.) Turns out I was pleasantly wrong.

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