Photos: Here's What Aurora Did to These Twenty Shoplifters

More photos below.
Black Friday marks the official start of the holiday shopping season -- and presumably also the holiday shoplifting season. With that in mind, the Aurora Police Department is sending a simple seasonal message: "Shoplift in Aurora and go to jail!" Those are the first words in a new APD Facebook post stressing that shoplifters in Aurora are frequently booked into the city's detention center, rather than receiving a summons and being released. A note adds that some of those convicted of the crime even had their vehicles seized.

Continue to see photos of twenty convicted Aurora shoplifters, along with APD text revealing their punishment. To see even more pics, click here.

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Meet Denver's Fourteen Sexually Violent Predators

Rex Intchauspe. Additional photos and more below.
By law, police agencies are required to let people know about the presence of sexually violent predators in their communities. At present, Denver lists fourteen of them. Below, get more information about each Denverites categorized under this designation, including photos and official SVP notification forms, which contain plenty of additional information.

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Photos: Thirty Most Memorable Mug Shots of October 2014

Categories: Mug Shots

A Facebook photo of Nancy Worrell. More images below.
As is clear from this photo, Nancy Worrell had a smile more than capable of lighting up any room she entered -- which only makes her murder late last month that much sadder and more tragic. The person accused of ending her life has now been formally charged with her murder; he's pictured here amid a gallery of this past month's thirty most memorable booking photos. See them below, and be sure to click on the links or captions to read our original coverage.

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Photos: The Warrums Make the September 2014 Most Memorable Mug Shots List

Categories: Mug Shots

Jake and Kendra Warrum in a photo from his MySpace page.
Jake and Kendra Warrum look a lot happier in this vintage snapshot than they do in their images below -- and no wonder, since those pics are booking photos snapped after their arrest for allegedly conspiring to burn down their house for the insurance money -- something they apparently didn't mention to the neighborhood kids who emptied their piggy banks to help them get back on their feet. The mug shots are among September's twenty most memorable. See all of them below and be sure to click on the links or captions to check out the rest of the story.

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Photos: Twenty Weirdest Mug Shots of All-Time List Welcomes Michael Whitington

Categories: Mug Shots

Michael Whitington. More photos below.
Every once in a while, a mug shot appears that obtains instant-classic status -- and that's certainly the case with the booking photo of Michael Whitington, who allegedly robbed a bank on the 16th Street Mall last week, then tried to make his getaway via (wait for it) light rail. That's why we're adding it to the gallery of all-time weirdest mug shots published on Latest Word.

Where did Whitington wind up (aside from behind bars, that is)? Get the answer by counting down our top twenty, complete with links to the original items. Check them out below.

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Photos: 16 Busted Sex Offenders and the 84 of Colorado's 100 Most Wanted Still at Large

Categories: Mug Shots

Thomas Woodridge, who's listed at number 75. Photos and additional information below.
Colorado's list of its 100 most wanted sex offenders has changed a lot lately: Of the most recent roster, sixteen have recently been busted. But that still leaves 84 sex offenders at large. Look below to count down all one hundred, including arrestees, complete with information about their alleged crimes and more, all of them enlargeable with a click -- and if you have info about any of their whereabouts, dial Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS (8477).

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Photos: Pikes Peak Area's 28 Most Wanted for July and August (So Far)

For what alleged crime is Misty Dawn Masterson wanted? Find out below.
Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers updates its most wanted list on a weekly basis. The technique seems to be working: A recent visit to the site showed six recent arrests. But that still leaves 28 men and women on the roster for July and August -- so far.

The good news: Most of the suspects are being sought for relatively minor offenses, such as providing false information to a pawn broker. But there are some serious crimes listed as well. See photos and information about the great 28 below. If you have information about their whereabouts, you're encouraged to phone 719-634-STOP (7867) -- and there may be a reward if your tip pays off.

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Photos: Twenty Most Memorable Mug Shots of July 2014

Categories: Mug Shots

Rachel Lewin as seen in a Facebook pic. More photos and links below.
Rachel Lewin looks much happier in the photo above, shared on her Facebook page, than she does in her booking photo, and no wonder: She was arrested in an arson incident following a String Cheese Incident concert that resulted in her being sentenced in July to more than a decade behind bars.

Lewin's booking pic is one of the twenty most memorable from this past month. Continue to see the entire gallery, and be sure to click on the captions or links to access our original posts.

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Photos: Most wanted DEA fugitives in Denver, part two

Additional photos and more below.
Last week, we shared part one of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration's most wanted fugitives list for its Denver office -- a roster from Colorado and several neighboring states that includes 51 men and women wanted for narco-crimes typically involving heroin, meth, cocaine and marijuana. As you'll notice, the vast majority of them are from Mexico -- although there's at least one Slovenian.

Continue to see the 26 additional fugitives on the roster, featuring photos, descriptions and details about their alleged crimes.

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Photos: Most wanted DEA fugitives in Denver, part one

Additional photos and more below.
The federal Drug Enforcement Administration maintains lists of the most wanted fugitives at each of its major offices, including the Denver branch, which covers Colorado as well as several neighboring states. The current roster features 51 people -- most of them men, with a majority originally hailing from Mexico and other spots south of the border. Their favored substances for sale include heroin, meth, cocaine and, yes, marijuana.

Look below to see the first 25, complete with photos, descriptions and information about their alleged offenses.

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