Richard Tababi Killed Crossing E-470, Struck By at Least Five Cars

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An image from Fox31 coverage. More looks at the scene below.
Richard Tababi's vehicle appears to have broken down along E-470, and when he attempted to cross the highway, he was hit again and again. The Colorado State Patrol believes that at least five vehicles struck Tabibi -- and that's only an estimate. Additional details and more below.

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Platinum 84 Strip Club Celebrates Holidays With Xmas Lights Prize (and NSFW Videos)

A photo from CBS4 coverage. NSFW videos and more below.
Platinum 84, a strip club in Federal Heights, has gotten some negative publicity in recent months owing to a pair of incidents: an August shooting that hurt two and the injury of a cop in a September assault following an appearance by 2 Live Crew. But with the holidays approaching, the news is considerably better: The club struck PR gold after winning first prize in a Federal Heights holiday lighting contest. Continue for an extremely safe-for-work video, plus two other "holiday" clips that are thoroughly NSFW.

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Denver Jail Brutality: Auditor Wonders if Sheriff's Office Has Something to Hide
Jamal Hunter, seen in this post-beating photo, received a $3.25 million settlement from the City of Denver. Additional images, plus a video and more below.
This could get ugly. Hot on the heels of huge City of Denver payouts in cases involving Jamal Hunter and Marvin Booker, Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher blasted the Denver Sheriff's Department for a lack of transparency regarding his office's efforts to audit jail operations overseen by the DSD. A key quote from a letter sent to Mayor Michael Hancock that's on view below: "This kind of behavior and the refusal to provide needed information to my auditors makes me wonder what some people want to hide."

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Ken McGill Awarded $11 Million in Lawsuit Over Stroke Suffered in Jeffco Jail
Photo by Anthony Camera
Ken McGill in a photo from our April 2013 cover story.
In our April 2013 cover story, Joel Warner wrote about Ken McGill, who had filed a lawsuit against Jefferson County for what he saw as shabby care after he suffered a stroke while incarcerated. A jury has now agreed and awarded McGill $11 million. Continue for the details, plus a video and original documents.

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Denver Police Captain Tracie Keesee Will Direct National Initiative for Building Trust and Justice

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Tracie Keesee is leaving the DPD for NYC.
Are cops more trigger-happy when aiming guns at minorities? That's not a new question, though it's certainly one being asked more frequently as protests have rolled across the country since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Last month, >USA Today reported that police in Ferguson arrested black people at a rate nearly three times higher than that of people of other races -- and the stats for at least twenty law enforcement agencies across Colorado are nearly as bad, the paper says, with the Lakewood Police Department ranking the worst.

As concern over racial profiling grew, in September, outgoing attorney general Eric Holder announced the creation of the Justice Department's National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, a consortium of organizations that will use a $4.75 million federal grant to push for both research and results. "The events in Ferguson reminded us that we cannot allow tensions, which are present in so many neighborhoods across America, to go unresolved," Holder said. "As law enforcement leaders, each of us has an essential obligation -- and a unique opportunity -- to ensure fairness, eliminate bias, and build community engagement."

That's something that Tracie Keesee recognized more than a decade ago.

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Sue Sisley on Her Request for Colorado to Fund Study on Pot and PTSD

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Phoenix New Times
Sue Sisley.
Controversial cannabis researcher Sue Sisley is on her way back to Colorado today, after six months that have been a "pretty barbaric rollercoaster," she says. "One injustice after another, and I suspect it will not slow down for quite a while." But at the end of November, the Arizona-based researcher finally caught a break: Colorado's Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council chose eight research-grant proposals for the Board of Health to consider at its December 17 meeting -- including Sisley's proposal to study the effectiveness of using marijuana to treat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Hunger and Homelessness: How Denver Compares to 24 American Cities

Photo by Britt Chester. Click to see the complete Sleeping on the 16th Street Mall slide show. Additional images and more below.
Yesterday, our Kristin Pazulski provided an overview of a new report on hunger and homelessness released by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which examined the topic based on numbers from 25 cities, including Denver. As Pazulski, noted, Denver was in the middle of the pack in many areas, leaving plenty of room for improvement -- and that point is underscored by a deeper dive into the data.

Continue to see how Denver ranked in a slew of categories, including increases in total homelessness, pounds of food distributed, budget size and more, with the figures illustrated by photos from our Sleeping on the 16th Street Mall slide show. Also included is the complete hunger and homelessness survey.

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Westboro Baptist Church Announces Pueblo Protest Over Same-Sex Marriage

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A photo from a 2010 post about the Westboro Baptist Church adding the American flag to its list of things God hates.
The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again. The vile, virulently homophobic assembly has announced a planned demonstration on December 29 in Pueblo, "where they foam at the mouth to marry fag dogs" according to a release on view below. In response, multiple Facebook pages have popped up to organize counter-protests. Photos, details and more below.

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Leeann Najera Dies in Crash While Chasing Men Who Stole Her Kids' Game System

A Facebook photo of Leann Najera. Additional photos and a video below.
At first, police thought the fatal crash that took place near West Harvard Avenue and South Hazel Court had come as a result of a street race like the one that killed Regis University student Rachel Neiman within recent weeks. But family members of the victim, young mom Leann Najera, say she died pursuing men who'd stolen numerous items from her home, including her kids' game system. Photos, video and details below.

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Eric Haiar Latest to Die at Colorado Ski Area, Snowboarder Killed at Keystone

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A Facebook photo of Eric Haiar. More images below.
Last week, we reported about what appeared to be the first Colorado ski area death of 2014-2015, on an Eldora run called Jolly Jug. The person who died in the accident has now been identified as a CU Boulder student, Robert Miles. And now, another death has been revealed: Snowboarder Eric Haiar was found dead at Keystone. Here's the latest on both tragic incidents in photos and video.

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