"Family Friendly" DIA Plans to Ban Marijuana-Related Souvenirs

This Exit 420 shirt was on display in a DIA store on October 7.
You can't possess pot inside Denver International Airport. You can't eat it, smoke it, grow it or give it to a friend, and soon, vendors there may not be able to sell pot-themed merchandise, either. "We have started the process to restrict marijuana promotional merchandise at Denver International Airport and will be following the public hearing process to amend the airport rule to reflect that," airport spokesman Heath Montgomery told Westword this week. (Update below.)

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Are Local Teens Who Allegedly Wanted to Join ISIS "Good Girls," Victims of Online Predator?

A 7News image of the home apartment complex of two teen girls suspected of wanting to join ISIS. Additional photos, video and audio below.
Update: National and even international attention continues to focus on three Denver-area girls who were taken into custody because of suspicions that they planned to join the ISIS terror group in Syria (see our previous coverage below). But even as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was thanking Germany for its assistance in stopping the alleged plot, a school district spokeswoman was describing the teens as "good girls" who were victims of recruitment she likened to the efforts of online predators. Continue for the latest, including photos, video and audio.

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Marijuana: Nebraska Cops Freak Out Over Denver Police Halloween Pot Candy Scare

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The Denver Police Department has done a good job of scaring people into thinking there will be a rash of regular pot users willing to spend ten bucks on a candy bar so that they can secretly dose a little kid while trick-or-treating on Halloween; see a DPD video below.

In fact, Denver cops have made such a big deal of such possibilities that cops around Omaha, Nebraska, have started warning residents there to beware of people handing out Colorado-made pot candy.

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Wildlife Service Deciding if One Colorado Fish Is Endangered, Concludes Another One Isn't

A screen capture of a Rio Grande cutthroat trout.
This summer, we brought you the saga of Colorado's state fish, the greenback cutthroat trout. Biologists worked to bring back the species, which was once thought extinct, only to discover they'd saved the wrong fish. But the biologists didn't give up and efforts are now underway to grow the state's last-known (and very small) greenback population. In addition, the feds are in the process of deciding whether to list the greenbacks as endangered.

Meanwhile, that decision has been made for another subspecies of trout, the Rio Grande cutthroat trout, which live in southern Colorado and New Mexico -- and which happen to be New Mexico's state fish. After evaluating current scientific information, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided that the Rio Grande cutthroats are not endangered.

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Update: Darren Vann ID'd as Alleged Serial Killer of Afrikka Hardy, Many More Victims

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One of several Darren Vann mug shots. Additional photos plus a video below.
Update: Yesterday, we told you about the murder in Indiana of recent Aurora resident Afrikka Hardy and the investigation that led to the discovery of six additional bodies; see our previous coverage below. Now, the suspect in the case has been identified as Darren Vann, 43, a convicted sex offender who'd previously been considered a low risk to the public. Continue for more photos, a video and the chilling details.

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Anne Kasprzak Murder: Grand Junction Teen Busted for Utah Girl's Brutal Killing

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A family photo of the late Anne Kasprzak. Images from coverage by Fox13 in Salt Lake City.
A seventeen-year-old currently living in Grand Junction is being held in a detention center there on a $1 million bond for the 2012 murder of Riverton, Utah's Anne Kasprzak. She was fifteen at the time of her death, while her alleged killer was fourteen -- but there's already speculation about whether he could be charged as an adult for a crime whose investigation has had plenty of ups and downs over the past two years-plus. Photos and details below.

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Update: Other Frontier Plane Taken By Symptomatic Ebola Patient Still Flying

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The first Frontier plane that carried Amber Vinson landed in Denver again last night. Photos from 7News coverage.
It's yet another day bringing contradictions in previous reports about Ebola patient Amber Joy Vinson and her flights on Denver-based Frontier Airlines; see our earlier coverage below. At first, we were told she wasn't symptomatic on a return flight she took from Cleveland to Texas; then, after the aircraft on which she'd flown was taken out of service and warehoused in Denver for intensive cleaning, word arrived that she may have been exhibiting symptoms. And now, officials think symptoms could have been cropping up on her initial Frontier flight from Texas to Cleveland, as well -- and that plane is still in service, having flown in and out of Denver twenty-plus times over the past week. Meanwhile, Frontier is contacting as many as 750 passengers from additional flights in relation to Vinson's travels. Photos, video and details below.

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Denver Will Celebrate Eddie Maestas's Garden Tomorrow -- But Where Is His Family?

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Eddie Maestas Park before the renovation -- but after the sign with his name was removed.
The best intentions went very awry at the triangular slice of land between Broadway, Park Avenue West and Lawrence Street. The city transformed the space into what was supposed to be an urban oasis and officially named it Edward J. "Eddie" Maestas Park in November 2006, in honor of the man who'd been called the mayor of Larimer Street for his tireless efforts on behalf of the area in the years before Coors Field opened. The neighborhood lost Maestas not long after -- and now the city's lost track of his family.

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Randy Ankeney Suit That Could Free Thousands of Prisoners Headed to State Supreme Court

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Randy Ankeney. Additional images and more below.
Randy Ankeney was once a rising star in the Colorado Republican party, only to become a pariah after being found guilty of numerous sex crimes. However, he now has the opportunity to impact the state in a completely different way. A complaint he brought about alleged prisoner-release violations by the Colorado Department of Corrections is headed to the state supreme court, and if it's successful, his attorney, David Lane, says it could result in potentially thousands of inmates who've been incarcerated too long being freed. Details, more photos and original documents below.

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Marvin Booker Case: City's Hired Gun Misfires in Record Verdict

Melanie Moccia
A courthouse rally in remembrance of Marvin Booker in March.
Update below: Doubtless there were many reasons behind a federal jury's decision on Tuesday to stick it to the City of Denver over the 2010 death of Marvin Booker in the downtown jail, handing out a staggering $4.65 million in punitive and compensatory damages to the victim's family. The video record of sheriff's deputies piling on to restrain the homeless preacher -- and administering a carotid "sleeper" hold, shocking him with a taser and kneeing him in the back -- must have shocked a few jurors, too. Other videos that have surfaced in recent months of jail employees punching and abusing inmates and prompting excessive-force investigations probably didn't help the city's case, either.

But there's a lesser-known video that may have played a role as well -- the video deposition played for the jury featuring the city's esteemed expert witness, Dr. Steven B. Karch, whose job was to explain away any kind of physiological link between the deputies' actions and Booker's death. It was a bizarre performance, a case of a hired gun inflicting a grievous wound on his own employers.

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