Ethan Abbott, Farming Activist: Anti-GMO Political Prisoner or Combustible Harasser?

Photo by Ambrose Cruz courtesy of March Against Monsanto Facebook/Occupy Denver Facebook
A 2013 March Against Monsanto that Ethan Abbott helped to organize.
Even his supporters admit that Ethan Abbott, the embattled natural farming activist who's been feuding with county authorities on several fronts, has a bit of a temper. But Abbott, 38, who was sentenced yesterday to ninety days in jail and eighteen months of probation in Weld County Court over a 2012 altercation with a neighbor, says that there's more to the case than his orneriness -- that, in effect, he's the one being harassed and set up by influential people with ties to factory farming and fracking.

It's an attitude that the judge who sentenced him finds disturbing. "Mr. Abbott doesn't deal with conflict well," Judge John Briggs told the assembled at Abbott's tense sentencing hearing. "The way that Mr. Abbott perceives things and reacts is not always consistent with reality."

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CU Boulder Student's Death Casts a Pall on Start of New School Year

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Photos from the Williams Village Facebook page. More images below.
Tragedy struck the University of Colorado Boulder community on just the second day of the new school year: A male student was found dead in Stearns West, a dorm that's part of the large and iconic Williams Village complex.

Although there's no indication that a crime led to the student's passing, little information has been released about him thus far. But that hasn't prevented an outpouring of shock and grief among members of the campus community.

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Knee Defender Spat on Diverted Flight to Denver: Who's the Bigger A$$hole?

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The in-air spat that took place on a Denver-bound flight this weekend presents a classic conundrum.

The question: Who's the bigger asshole -- the guy who used a device called the Knee Defender to prevent the person sitting in front of him from reclining into his work space or the woman who responded to the situation so angrily that the flight had to be diverted.

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Planned Parenthood: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging State Dollars Used for Abortions

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An image from the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Facebook page.
A judge has thrown out a lawsuit alleging that Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains was using state funds to provide abortions. The lawsuit was filed by former Colorado lieutenant governor (and longtime Planned Parenthood foe) Jane Norton. It accused Planned Parenthood of violating Colorado's Abortion Funding Prohibition Amendment by subsidizing the rent of a separate corporation that provides abortions.

But Denver County District Court Judge Andrew McCallin found Norton failed to show that state funds paid for any actual abortions, and he dismissed the lawsuit.

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Deputy Thomas Ford: No Charge After Slugging Inmate Who Said "I'll F*ck You Up"
A screen capture of Deputy Thomas Ford laying out inmate Kyle Askins; Ford's seen at the upper right. The video and more below.
Last week, we noted that the Denver Department of Public Safety's release of draft reforms for the Denver Sheriff's Department followed weeks of negative PR for the embattled agency, including outrage over a video showing Deputy Thomas Ford punching out an apparently nonviolent inmate.

Now, the Denver District Attorney's Office has announced that it will not file charges against Ford due to extenuating circumstances not revealed by the sound-free video -- namely profane and racist verbal attacks by the inmate, Kyle Askins, whose choice to stand up when approached is characterized as offering a rationale for Ford to get physical

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Day of Rage protest: Video of Cop Pushing Down Woman, Communication and Rally Size Debate

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Photo by Brandon Marshall. Click to see the complete Ferguson Protestors Rally in Denver slide show.
Members of groups such as Occupy Denver and local affiliates of Anonymous often protest together, as was the case for a police brutality rally in April. But there seems to have been something of a communication breakdown related to Thursday's Day of Rage event, which decried the Ferguson, Missouri police killing of Michael Brown, whose funeral is scheduled for today.

In the wake of the gathering, which resulted in one arrest, there have been widely varied crowd estimates and surprisingly little outcry over a video showing the woman seen above falling to the ground after being pushed by a Denver police officer. Continue for that clip, photos from the scene by our Brandon Marshall and more.

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FBI Director James Comey in Denver: Counterterrorism Is Our First Priority

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FBI Director James Comey
Counterterrorism is the FBI's number one priority, FBI Director James Comey said in a visit to Denver on Wednesday. That includes monitoring what Comey called "homegrown violent extremists," Americans who become radicalized via the Internet. "In their pajamas, in their basement, they can get all the inspiration they need, all the training they need, to emerge and commit some terrible act of jihad here in the United States," he said. "That is not a New York problem. That is not a D.C. problem. That is an everywhere problem."

It's also one Colorado has seen firsthand in the case of nineteen-year-old Shannon Conley, who was arrested for trying to provide material support to the terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, a group that Comey called "savages."

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Dylan Jarsma, Colorado Visitor, Fell to His Death While Trying to Get Better Photo

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Dylan Jarsma's last Facebook profile pic, posted a week before his death. More photos below.
Yesterday, we told you about Dylan Schuetz, a gymnast who miraculously survived a 100-foot fall from Saint Mary's Glacier, albeit with gruesome injuries to his legs. Dylan Jarsma, a 22-year-old from Kalamazoo, Michigan, wasn't as fortunate. Authorities say he died near North Clear Creek Falls after losing his footing while trying to get a better photograph. Details and additional images below.

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Photos: Dylan Schuetz's Gymnastics Ability Helps Him Survive 100-Foot Glacier Fall

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A photo from Dylan Schuetz's Facebook page. More images and a video below.
Being in spectacular physical condition didn't stop something very bad from happening to 21-year-old Dylan Schuetz. But his background as an athlete -- and, specifically, a gymnast -- prevented it from being even worse.

Last week, Schuetz -- an avid and adventurous rock climber whose friends also take part in the activity -- fell an estimated 100 feet during a climb on Saint Mary's Glacier, and while he was severely injured, he survived. Here's the story.

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Cops Shot Dog After Wanted Teen Ordered It to Attack, Denver Police Say
Photos from the scene courtesy of 7News. Additional images, plus a video and more below.
"Many tears were shed tonight...."

Those are the first words in an account from photographer Riley Ralmuto about an incident that took place near 9th and Sheridan last night: Denver police officers shot the dog of a wanted teen after cops say he ordered it to attack. Continue for the rest of Ralmuto's piece, plus additional images, a video and more below.

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