Man says "F*ck it" at Sam's Club, gets a ticket for disorderly conduct

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Should saying the F-word at Sam's Club be a crime?

Russell Blackburn doesn't think so. Back in January, the 59-year-old Blackburn was checking out at an Aurora Sam's Club. He paid for his dog food, cheese, milk and other items and then stood at the end of a long line of people waiting for yet another Sam's employee to check his receipt against the groceries in his cart. A diabetic, Blackburn realized that his blood sugar level was dropping; he was shaking and his vision was wonky. He says he knew that if he didn't get to the candy stashed in his car, he'd probably collapse. "Fuck it," he said, and he steered his cart toward the front of the line.

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Stephanie Southard: Ex-cop's hearing over on-duty sex claims closed to avoid "media circus"

Stephanie Southard.
In recent months, several Denver police officers have faced allegations related to sexual misconduct on the job. Next week, one of the most prominent -- Stephanie Southard, accused of having sex 25-30 times while on-duty -- is scheduled to have her case heard. But while such matters are routinely open to the press and the public, this one will be closed in an effort to prevent what a rep with Denver's Civil Service Commission describes as a "media circus."

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Update: Boulder can continue issuing same-sex marriage licenses, judge rules

Wendy and Michelle Alfredsen check out their marriage certificate in a 7News image. Additional photos and more below.
Update below: The day after an Adams County judge ruled that Colorado's same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional, a court in Boulder County has denied Colorado Attorney General John Suthers's bid to stop such licenses from being issued in that area.

Why? We've got details and the complete ruling below.

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Jeffrey Strouse is lucky cop just barely shot him, DA says

Jeffrey Strouse. More photos and an original document below.
As we've reported, Gordon Moench told investigators he wanted to be killed by police in an incident that ended with the wounding of two Lakewood cops.

Presumably, Jeffrey Strouse felt differently in a separate officer-involved shooting. But not only has Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey determined that the Aurora officer in that case did nothing wrong, but he notes in a decision letter included here that Strouse is lucky not to have been severely injured or snuffed entirely. The strange details below.

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Video: Obama at Wazee Supper Club asked, "Want a hit, man?"

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President Barack Obama getting an offer he could refuse. Photos and a video below.
As we all know, Barack Obama has made more than a few trips to Colorado since accepting the Democratic nomination for president here in 2008, with many of the most memorable moments coming at times when he's mixed with regular folks.

The latest example? Obama's trip to the area on and near 15th Street last night included a handshake with a guy wearing a horse's head mask and this question from someone at the Wazee Supper Club: "Want a hit, man?"

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Inside Initiative 75: Right to local self-government -- and to say no to fracking
An image from the Colorado Community Rights Network Facebook page.
August 4 is the deadline by which citizens-initiatives committees must turn in at least 86,105 valid signatures in order to get measures on the November ballot. There are at least a dozen proposals still in the works, and one of the hottest is Initiative 75, which would add local self-governing as an "inalienable right" to the Colorado Constitution.

What's it all about? Fracking, for one thing.

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Videos: See your clips of lightning storm that lit up Denver

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Videos below.
Last night's storms brought fierce winds, piles of hail and scattered power outages to Denver and outlying locations last night. But practically everyone got a chance to witness a spectacular light show, as bolts of electricity illuminated the metro area.

Look below to see user-shared footage of the striking scene.

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A growing concern: Initiative #48 would require labels on genetically modified food

From Whole Foods Newsroom
Think fracking will make a lot of noise at the ballot box on November 4 -- and on TV and computer screens before that? Of all the initiatives vying for a place on the ballot, Initiative #48 could be the most controversial -- and expensive, with opponents (think Monsanto) prepared to fight, and fight hard. And what's the focus of this hot-topic measure? Requiring that food which has been genetically engineered must be labeled as such. But that's just the condensed version.

See also: Colorado Supreme Court approves Colorado GMO labeling initiative

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Update: Denver cops say man they killed at funeral home rammed cruisers, injured officer

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The scene outside the Romero Funeral Home yesterday. More photos and a video below.
Update below: Back in March, we told you about a report showing that officer-involved shootings have been on the rise in Denver during recent years -- a trend the Office of the Independent Monitor found troubling.

The numbers serve as backdrop to separate incidents that took place within hours of each other yesterday. In them, Denver police officers shot and killed suspects, with the second gun-down taking place outside a funeral home hosting a viewing the dead man, later ID'd as Joseph Valverde, had planned to attend -- a fact that angered mourners who interrupted a press conference to decry DPD actions.

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Shannon Conley, teen accused of trying to aid ISIS terror group: Her rebirth as "Slave of Allah"

Shannon Conley. More photos and a document below.
Thus far, the photo of Shannon Conley seen above -- it's cropped from a larger family snapshot shared by her mother, Ana Conley, on Facebook -- is the only image to have surfaced since news broke that the Arvada nineteen-year-old had been arrested for trying to "provide material support and resources" to the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. See the recently unsealed criminal complaint against her below.

At this writing, however, more online footprints exist, including a Facebook page in which she brands herself "Halima" Conley and lists her workplace as "Slave of Allah," plus a testimonial in which she describes how she sampled other religions before embracing Islam.

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