Dylan Jarsma, Colorado Visitor, Fell to His Death While Trying to Get Better Photo

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Dylan Jarsma's last Facebook profile pic, posted a week before his death. More photos below.
Yesterday, we told you about Dylan Schuetz, a gymnast who miraculously survived a 100-foot fall from Saint Mary's Glacier, albeit with gruesome injuries to his legs. Dylan Jarsma, a 22-year-old from Kalamazoo, Michigan, wasn't as fortunate. Authorities say he died near North Clear Creek Falls after losing his footing while trying to get a better photograph. Details and additional images below.

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Photos: Dylan Schuetz's Gymnastics Ability Helps Him Survive 100-Foot Glacier Fall

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A photo from Dylan Schuetz's Facebook page. More images and a video below.
Being in spectacular physical condition didn't stop something very bad from happening to 21-year-old Dylan Schuetz. But his background as an athlete -- and, specifically, a gymnast -- prevented it from being even worse.

Last week, Schuetz -- an avid and adventurous rock climber whose friends also take part in the activity -- fell an estimated 100 feet during a climb on Saint Mary's Glacier, and while he was severely injured, he survived. Here's the story.

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Cops Shot Dog After Wanted Teen Ordered It to Attack, Denver Police Say

Photos from the scene courtesy of 7News. Additional images, plus a video and more below.
"Many tears were shed tonight...."

Those are the first words in an account from photographer Riley Ralmuto about an incident that took place near 9th and Sheridan last night: Denver police officers shot the dog of a wanted teen after cops say he ordered it to attack. Continue for the rest of Ralmuto's piece, plus additional images, a video and more below.

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Colorado Will Hold Its First Vanity-Plate Auction

ACME License Plate Maker

Editor's note: This story originally appeared in our August 14, 2014, print edition. On August 15, an agency representing the auction said the details had changed and sent us the following note. "Earlier this week, we switched up the format of the auction: the live event is postponed until January, and we will run an online auction of 13 exclusive plates from August 21-September 2. (Those plates are listed below.) 5280, GOLFER and BRONCO will be available at the live auction in January. 2FAST4U, DREAMER, FAITH, FLYFISH, HIOSLVR, JALISCO, MICKEY, SMILE, SPARKY, SPOILED, SUPRMAN, SWEET, WOLF."

You may not be able to get a vanity license plate in Colorado that reads 420, or one that says 69ME, but you might get lucky if 13 is your lucky number. It certainly could be for the state. On August 21, Colorado will auction off those spooky digits on a vanity license plate, along with BRONCO, GOLFER and 5280, as part of its very first Colorado Plates Auction, which will be held at the History Colorado Center and online.

After that, the state's License Plate Auction Group will continue to auction off valuable and high-demand plates by theme. In a few months, for instance, it will offer Halloween-related words, such as ZOMBIE and FANTASM, as well as the terms that have been the most requested by motorists, including FLYFISH, SWEEET and SPOILED.

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Ryan Ronquillo Shooting Deemed Justified, But Family Says Police Murdered Him

A family photo of Ryan Ronquillo. Additional images, plus a video and more below.
Last month, we told you about the police killing at a Denver funeral home of Ryan Ronquillo, a suspected car thief who was slated to attend the viewing of a deceased friend.

Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey has now released a decision letter -- see it below -- declaring the shoot justified. This stands in stark contrast to the reaction from attendees at a weekend fundraiser and impromptu march, including Ronquillo's sister, who can be seen on a video shared here saying the police murdered her brother and declaring the cops to be "fucking Nazis."

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Robin Williams, R.I.P.: Remembering the Man Who Brought Ork to Boulder

Robin Williams and Pam Dawber outside 1619 Pine Street in Boulder. More photos and a video below.
Long before the JonBenet Ramsey house began its reign as the best known residence in Boulder (for tragic reasons), the home most visitors wanted to drive past was the one at 1619 Pine Street, which appeared in the credit sequence and most episodes of Mork and Mindy, the iconic '70s/'80s sitcom nominally set in Boulder, which made actor Robin Williams a star.

So when news broke yesterday that Williams was dead at 63 after apparently taking his own life, it was only natural that people would gather at the residence to pay their respects to one of the acting world's most complicated and surreal funnymen. Photos, a video and more below.

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Videos: TripAdvisor's Top Ten U.S. Zoos -- and the Two From Colorado on The List

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Denver Zoo Facebook
TripAdvisor.com has come up with a list of the top ten zoos in the country according to the vacation-loving folks who leave reviews on the site -- and two from Colorado made the cut.

Which ones? And where did they land? Continue reading for videos from the top ten zoos.

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Ten Cities With the Greatest Growth in Poor Neighborhoods -- Including One in Colorado

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Photos and more below.
The toll the tough economy has taken on American cities is the subject of a new Brookings Institution report. Included is a list of the ten communities showing the largest increase of neighborhoods with 20 percent poverty rates or above from 2000 to 2012 -- and unfortunately, one prominent Colorado place makes the cut.

We've put together a breakdown for all ten cities, complete with photos and statistics -- and we've supplemented the Colorado listing with additional graphics. See them below.

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Man Dies After Crashing Car Into Lake at Clement Park Near Columbine High

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A photo tweeted from the scene by CBS4's Lane Lyon. More images and an interactive graphic below.
The nation's television viewers know Clement Park as the stretch of greenery over which hundreds of Columbine High School students fled in the wake of the 1999 attack there. But for residents of the area (including yours truly), Clement today is a center for recreational activity in addition to reflection, with multiple playgrounds, a skate park, fields for soccer and football and a lake that offers fishing and a lovely walking/biking path.

Today, however, it's the scene of a rescue turned into a recovery operation: A man who drove his car into the lake has been confirmed dead.

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"Take the iPads Off the Tortoises:" Petition Stokes Controversy Over Museum Exhibit

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Photo by Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com
A cropped version of an exhibit-promoting photo made available by the Aspen Art Museum.
"Moving Ghost Town Tortoises," a new exhibit at the Aspen Art Museum, hasn't even launched yet. It's slated to debut on Saturday amid the unveiling of a new building at the facility. But it's making national and international headlines thanks to a petition claiming animal abuse as a result of the presentation's most unique aspect: iPads strapped to the backs of three African tortoises. Photos, details and more below.

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