Denver Police Beating Caught on Camera: Citizen Board Criticizes Cops' Defense
A screen capture from footage obtained by Fox31. More images and a video below.
Late last month, we shared allegations against a Denver police officer caught on video punching a suspect six times in the face and tripping a pregnant woman. In addition, officers were accused of deleting the video, which was later said to have been recovered from a cloud-based storage system.

After Fox31 broke the story, the Denver Police Department issued a long statement declaring that the officer's actions were justified and questioning both the videographer's credibility and the station's ethics. But now, this defense is under scrutiny by the city's Citizen Oversight Board, which has issued a letter highly critical of the DPD for these public-relations efforts while an investigation into the punch-out remains ongoing. Continue for photos, video, the complete letter and more.

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High Rent in Denver: Ten Examples of What $1,000 a Month Will Get You

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Additional photos and more below.
Recent stories about the tight rental market have inspired hundreds of comments at The good news is that if you look hard enough, $1,000 a month can still net you a decent place in metro Denver. The bad news: Considering that the per capita income in Denver is about $24,000, that's about half a month's salary for a lot of people.

From a one-bedroom sublet in LoDo to a horse property in Fort Collins, here's what we recently found available for $1,000 a month, followed by much more about rent prices in Denver.

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Colorado Is the Least Obese State but 23rd in Chlamydia

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Additional photos and more below.
Back in March, a Gallup survey said Colorado was no longer America's least obese state. Since, then, however, the state must have gone on a diet. A new report from United Health Foundation puts Colorado back at number one in the least-obese rankings. The state does very well in other health categories, too -- but not all of them. The study suggests that Colorado is mediocre when it comes to chlamydia, worse than that regarding binge drinking and downright terrible on the topic of disparity in health status. Continue to get details about Colorado's standing in more than a dozen categories, featuring UHF graphics and data, as well as the complete report.

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Photos: Middle Schoolers Join Ferguson Protests in Denver

Photo by Jay Vollmar
More photos below.
The participants in school walkouts over the no-indictment decisions by grand juries in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths are getting younger. Yesterday, they included students from GALS Denver, which offers classes for grades six through nine. Westword art director Jay Vollmar caught up to the group at Civic Center Park. Check out his photos below.

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Shirley Valentine's Family Has Lived in Swansea More Than a Century -- and She Plans to Stay

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Anthony Camera

The train whistle cuts through the roar of the interstate, and the smell of the nearby Purina dog food plant lingers in the air. On this cold morning, Shirley Valentine shoves her walker across her garage floor, loses her balance and then catches herself on the back of her Chevrolet minivan, which sports a Colorado Native sticker and a Jesus fish. As she laughs at her near-fall, her breath floats through the air like the smoke rising from nearby factories and the exhaust fumes coming out of semis streaming along the I-70 viaduct that splits Swansea off from most of Denver.

The cold doesn't bother her; Shirley Valentine is tough. She studied auto mechanics and learned to change her own oil; she knows how to ride a motorcycle, shoot a gun, gut and skin a rabbit and chop off a chicken's head. She's weathered a lot of changes since she was born in this neighborhood in 1931; her family has lived here since 1906. No other family has stayed in Swansea as long.

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18 More Shocking Denver Brutality Incidents from the Marvin Booker Lawsuit

Eric Winfield. More photos below.
Yesterday, in the wake of the $6 million settlement over Marvin Booker's Denver jail death, we shared fifteen other law-enforcement brutality cases as detailed in the Booker family lawsuit -- and noted that there were a lot more beyond them. As proof, here's part two: eighteen more excessive-force cases in Denver that resulted in settlements, many of them very large. Included are photos, a number of which may disturb some readers, and text from the suit. See them below.

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First Colorado Ski Area Death of 2014-2015 Season?: Body Found at Eldora's Jolly Jug

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Eldora's Jolly Jug run. Videos and details below.
Today, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office released preliminary information about what appears to be the first skier death at a Colorado resort during the 2014-2015 season. The location: a run at Eldora with the upbeat name Jolly Jug.

See also: Garrett Spencer, Record-Setting 19th Colorado Ski Area Death, Being Laid to Rest, published in March 2012

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Sand Creek Massacre: Governor John Hickenlooper's Apology, Story Behind It

Brandon Marshall
Governor John Hickenlooper apologizes to the descendents of the Sand Creek Massacre.
"This has been too long in coming," said Governor John Hickenlooper, after 180 miles and five days that really stretched back 150 years -- to November 29, 1864, and the Sand Creek Massacre, when up to 200 members of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes were killed at a peaceful camp, a chiefs' camp, by Colonel John Chivington's volunteers. "On behalf of the State of Colorado," he continued, "I want to apologize."

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Denver District Attorney: Staffers Can't Live Where Marijuana Is an Income Source

Although the Denver District Attorney's Office only has the power to prosecute local and state laws, its employees are held to a higher standard when it comes to marijuana.

Specifically, they aren't allowed to possess, grow or sell pot, since all of those things are illegal under federal law. But the office has taken its prohibitions a step further than that. In February, it updated its conduct policy to include a provision that prevents employees from benefiting from "income derived from a household member's ownership or financial interest in, or employment by" a marijuana business.

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15 Shocking Denver Brutality Incidents from the Marvin Booker Lawsuit

Marvin Booker. More photos below.
More than three years after the filing of an excessive-force lawsuit on behalf of Marvin Booker, who died in Denver jail, the Denver City Council voted last night to pay Booker's family $6 million.

This incident is hardly an isolated one. The original suit documents a slew of local law-enforcement brutality complaints, with the vast majority of them ending in settlements. There are so many cases, in fact, that it's going to take us two posts to share them all. Look below to see the first fifteen, featuring photos and text from the complaint.

See also: Marvin Booker Lawsuit to Establish Pattern of Police Brutality, Attorney Says, published in February 2011

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