Jessie Hernandez, Teen Killed By Denver Cops: Protests Over Alleged Police Violence

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Facebook via 7News
A Facebook photo of Jessie Hernandez. More images and videos below.
Editor's note: To read an update about the Jessie Hernandez shooting, including information about a witness who says officers fired before one was struck by the car she was driving, click here.

Original post, 5:44 a.m. January 27: Yesterday, Denver police officers shot and killed the driver of a car that had been reported stolen. Afterward, friends identified the driver as Jessie Hernandez, sixteen, and at a vigil last night, they decried what they see as another example of law enforcement taking a life unnecessarily. A second demonstration is planned for this morning, with protesters expected to demand that prosecutors charge the officers involved. Photos, video, details and more below.

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Denver Zoo Welcomes a New Orangutan and Its Awesome Beard

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Denver Zoo
Meet Bernas. And, more importantly, Bernas's awesome beard.
Think you've got the best beard in Denver?

Think again. That honor belongs to Bernas, the Denver Zoo's new supremely hirsute orangutan, whose spray of facial hair frames his sweet smile like a fuzzy sunburst.

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Spencer Pannwitz, R.I.P.: Adventure-Loving Student Dies in 4th Floor Dorm-Window Fall

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A photo of Spencer Pannwitz from his Facebook page. More images and a video below.
Many of the photos on Spencer Pannwitz's Facebook page show the twenty-year-old from Parker engaged in adventurous activities: jumping, flipping, diving and contemplating nature from great heights. These images only make Pannwitz's premature death seem that much sadder: He appears to have fallen from a fourth-floor dormitory window. More photos, a video and details below.

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Video: See Ty Lawson, Nugget Busted for DUI (Again), Promoting Lyft Ridesharing Service

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A video from the "Life of Ty" video series in which Ty Lawson uses Lyft. More images and videos below.
The Denver Nuggets' latest lost season just got a little more embarrassing. Ty Lawson, the alleged leader of the team, was busted for DUI (again), causing him to miss one game the team should have won -- and he also missed a shot in his return to the lineup last night that might have led to a Nugs victory.

All of this might have been prevented if Lawson had chosen not to climb behind the wheel and instead called Lyft, a ridesharing service he promoted in a recent video.

See also: Nuggets' Ty Lawson Allegedly Pushed Pregnant Girlfriend Whose Mom Called the Cops, published in August 2013

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Cody Cox Sues Deputy Whose Gunshot During Traffic Stop Left Him a Quadriplegic

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The scene of the shooting.
Nederland's Cody Cox was already known to local law enforcement when a Clear Creek County Deputy tried to pull him over just under a year ago -- and Cox ultimately led him and a colleague on a mini-chase of sorts. But did that mean his subsequent shooting, which left him a quadriplegic, was justified? No, argues a lawsuit filed on Cox's behalf against the law enforcer who pulled the trigger. Continue for details, as well as the lawsuit in its entirety.

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Jamaal Edwards About Fight Before Double Murder: "Sh*t Happened" (27-28)

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Denver District Attorney's Office
The latest booking photo of Jamaal Edwards. Additional images and more below.
Update: Last week, Jamaal Edwards was arrested on suspicion of double-murder at a Xenia Street apartment complex; see our previous coverage (including an update) below. Edwards's mom suggested that her son didn't remember killing anyone, perhaps because he had taken acid. And while a memory lapse is also noted in a police report also shared here, there are plenty of weird details, including Edwards's summation of an altercation that preceded the brutal killings: "Shit happened."

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Kavonda Earl Payton, Suspect Killed by Cop: Dangerous Robber or Loving Family Man?

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A Facebook photo of Kavonda Early Payton. Additional images and more below.
Update: Last week, we told you about the officer-involved shooting of a man who'd allegedly robbed a Fast-N-Friendly outlet in Aurora; see our previous coverage below. Now, the Aurora Police Department has identified the person killed as 39-year-old Kavonda Earl Payton -- and there's a very large difference between his portrayal by the APD and the way those in his orbit are remembering him.

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Marijuana: Shop Drops Challenge to Pot-Hating Town Amid Fears of Overzealous Enforcement

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Thumbnail image for granby.welcome.sign.jpg
Ganjapreneurs presumably aren't included in this sign's welcome message.
Last month, we told you about Granby's extraordinary efforts to block a pot shop wanting to operate near town -- by annexing the land in an "emergency" action. The law firm representing the ganjapreneurs had suggested that this action would be challenged in court, but its clients have now decided not to do so in part because the county where they'd hoped to locate -- one that's okayed retail marijuana businesses -- appears to be so zealous about enforcement that they're worried about being shut down no matter how carefully they try to follow regulations.

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Boobies Rock!: Bogus Cancer Charity's Adam Shyrock Returning to Jail After New Scam

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File photo
A photo from the Boobies Rock! blog. Additional images, videos and more below.
In 2013, we told you about Boobies Rock!, an organization that sent hot women into bars wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the company's name -- and they told customers to whom they sold branded merchandise that the money they collected would go toward fighting breast cancer. But Colorado's Attorney General branded the whole thing a scam and filed a lawsuit and a temporary restraining order in an effort to stop it.

Last year, Boobies Rock! founder Adam Shyrock reportedly served a brief stint in jail after ignoring the restraining order -- and now he's going back after allegedly repeating the feat. Continue for photos, videos and details.

See also: Boobies Rock! Breast Cancer Fundraiser a Scam, Says Colorado Attorney General, published July 2013

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Stolen Puffer Car Involved in Fatal Crash

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matteo NATALE via Thinkstock
On a chilly morning like this one, a lot of us are tempted to start a car parked on the street and leave it running for a few minutes while we finish up inside. Here's a story demonstrating why that's a bad idea: A puffer car that was stolen yesterday wound up involved in a fatal crash moments later. Continue for the unfortunate details.

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