Pinon Canyon: Army Slates Public Comment on Ramp-Up at Not-So-Public Time and Place

The PiƱon Canyon region contains one of the richest deposits of prehistoric sites in the West. Coming soon: Explosions.
After years of battling the Pentagon's plans to expand the 367-square-mile Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, ranchers and other residents of southeastern Colorado thought they'd finally achieved peace with honor last fall, when a top Army official formally announced that the military was abandoning any land acquisition plans for PCMS. But the latest proposal for increased use of the site in training Fort Carson troops -- an intense ramp-up of operations, heavy on the use of electronic warfare technologies, lasers, explosives, drones, restrictions on public air space, and more -- doesn't strike the expansion opponents as too neighborly.

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Meet Sandra P, Whose Family Is Homeless Because of High Denver-Area Rent Prices

In a recent Comment of the Day, a Westword reader argued that Denver rent prices are so high they're pushing people into homelessness. A local woman who asks to be referred to as Sandra P knows this story firsthand. She tells us she and her family are currently homeless, and the reason, she says, is the outrageous cost of rent in the metro area these days.

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"Please, I Want to Die:" Charles Selsberg to Inspire Death With Dignity Bill

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The late Charles Selsberg. Additional photos below.
Colorado doesn't have a death-with-dignity law intended to allow the terminally ill to end their lives. However, a bill on that topic will reportedly be pushed during the upcoming legislative session, inspired by the plight of Charles Selsberg, who lobbied for such a change in "Please, I Want to Die," an op-ed published shortly before he passed away following a long and agonizing battle with ALS.

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Photos: R.I.P. Rachel Neiman, Student Who Died in Collision With Suspected Street Racer

A Facebook photo of Rachel Neiman. More images below.
Rachel Neiman, a Regis University student, took no part in a suspected street race that ended when another vehicle slammed into hers. She was an innocent victim, and in the wake of her death a week later, she's being remembered as a promising and adventurous young woman whose life was cruelly cut short. Details and additional photos below.

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Flobots' Jamie Laurie Wins Parr Widener Civic Leadership Award, Hosts Sunday No Enemies Event

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Jamie Laurie, this year's Parr Widener Civic Leader Award.
John Parr, Westword co-founder Sandy Widener and their oldest daughter, Chase Parr, were killed in a car wreck in December 2007, a tragedy that dimmed some of Denver's brightest lights. In tribute to this exemplary family (the only survivor was younger daughter Katy), friends and colleagues created the Parr Widener Civic Leadership Award, administered annually through the Denver Foundation as part of its Community Leadership Awards Celebration.

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New Parole Unit Logs Massive Overtime in First Year

In the year following the 2013 murder of state prison chief Tom Clements by a parole absconder, parole officers working for the Colorado Department of Corrections put in for an unprecedented 8,858 hours of overtime pay -- and nearly a third of that overtime was logged by one small, elite team created in the wake of Clements's death to track down fugitives.

Averaged for the hundreds of employees in the parole division, the overtime amounts to about 30 hours per officer. But the 2,741 hours claimed by the ten-member Fugitive Apprehension Unit during its first full year of operation works out to ten times that much overtime per officer. (Only nine members of the unit are actually eligible for overtime.)

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Pit Bulls Most Euthanized Dog Breed on Front Range

A 2006 photo of a euthanized pit bull in Denver. See more images like this one in our 2009 post Leaked: Photos of Pit Bulls Killed Due to Denver Ban.
Earlier this week, we posted about the ten dog breeds with the most and fewest bites in Denver, featuring material culled from a new 9News study. The station has now followed up with a report revealing the breeds most frequently euthanized along the Front Range -- and pit bulls top the list by a substantial margin.

That's no surprise given Denver's long-running pit-bull ban and its euthanization history, which we've detailed in an investigation of our own.

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Photos: Ten Lowest Denver Temperatures in November -- and Where Today's -14 Lands

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More photos below.
At 4:53 a.m., the National Weather Service listed the official temperature for Denver at -14. That figure obliterates the previous record low for this date (-3 in 1916) even as it makes its mark on recorded Denver weather history, which stretches back more than 130 years.

How does today's low compare to the all-time lows in November? See where it winds up in the photo-illustrated countdown below -- and keep an eye out for yesterday's low of -5, which also made the list.

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Photos: How Six Colorado Cities Rank in LGBT Equality

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Photo by Brandon Marshall
Additional photos and graphics below.
The Human Rights Campaign, which describes itself as "the nation's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights organization," has just released its third-annual Municipal Equality Index, in which it measured the state of LGBT equality in 353 communities across the country, including six in Colorado.

The Colorado entrants all fell short of the ideal (38 communities scored a perfect 100), but all are above the national average of 59 -- although several finished only a little over that mark. Continue to count down Colorado's photo-illustrated top six, complete with HRC graphics -- and click to see the complete report, featuring a wealth of additional information.

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See Paul Felyk's Rescue From Marshall's Store Wall After Being Trapped for Three Days

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A screen capture from a Longmont Times-Call video. The clip plus photos below.
Anyone who's been out and about in the metro area over the past day or two knows how cold it's been. So was reported transient Paul Felyk just trying to get out of the conditions when he burrowed his way into the wall of a Marshall's store in Longmont? Or did he have other goals? We don't know those answers yet. But what's certain is that he wound up trapped for up to three days, and it took an emergency crew to cut him out. See the video of his rescue and more below.

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