Ethan Abbott, Farming Activist: Anti-GMO Political Prisoner or Combustible Harasser?

Photo by Ambrose Cruz courtesy of March Against Monsanto Facebook/Occupy Denver Facebook
A 2013 March Against Monsanto that Ethan Abbott helped to organize.
Even his supporters admit that Ethan Abbott, the embattled natural farming activist who's been feuding with county authorities on several fronts, has a bit of a temper. But Abbott, 38, who was sentenced yesterday to ninety days in jail and eighteen months of probation in Weld County Court over a 2012 altercation with a neighbor, says that there's more to the case than his orneriness -- that, in effect, he's the one being harassed and set up by influential people with ties to factory farming and fracking.

It's an attitude that the judge who sentenced him finds disturbing. "Mr. Abbott doesn't deal with conflict well," Judge John Briggs told the assembled at Abbott's tense sentencing hearing. "The way that Mr. Abbott perceives things and reacts is not always consistent with reality."

See also: "Denver's March Against Monsanto One of Ten Largest Worldwide, Organizer Says"

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Photos: Denver police and Anonymous debate about brutality protest on Twitter

Patrick Jay, Denver Anonymous
More photos below
As part of the "Every 5th" series of monthly rallies organized by the groups Anonymous and Occupy Denver, demonstrators took to the streets near the State Capitol on Monday night to protest police brutality. The Denver Police Department soon got involved in what an Anonymous release describes as violent shoving that victimized elderly women and children, and several protesters were arrested.

Afterward, Anonymous representatives wanting to get the cops' point of view on what happened found out all they needed to do was tweet at them. We've got the Twitter exchanges below, along with a gallery of photos from the scene.

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Occupy Denver throws the book at the Tattered Cover over the urban-camping ban

They've targeted Snooze and the Palm, and now an Occupy Denver-supported coalition of protestors is going after the Tattered Cover Book Store because of the store's position on Denver's controversial ban on urban camping -- or, rather, because of the Tattered Cover's lack of a position on the subject. Last Friday, the group, which includes the Boycott the Urban Camping Ban Coalition, descended on the Tattered Cover's LoDo store with signs and bullhorns, as they did with Snooze and the Palm for several weeks in 2013; both restaurants eventually reversed their pro-ban positions in response to the actions.

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Occupy Denver: Independent monitor criticizes police, Department of Safety over protest tactics

Occupy Denver cop image.jpeg
Big photos below.
Occupy Denver may no longer be making headlines, but at least one city official is still talking about the protesters -- specifically law enforcement's role in a violent confrontation. A recent report from the Office of the Independent Monitor, the city's official watchdog, says Denver Police and the Department of Safety should have done more to review their tactics after a situation when officers and civilians faced great risks.

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Occupy Wall Street enters the classroom at UCD next semester

Stephen Polk.
Hey, remember Occupy Wall Street? The almost-revolution that rallied Americans to address our ever-widening income gap, yet ultimately splintered into obscurity due to idealistic infighting? Yes, that one. While the movement is mostly behind us, it played a major role in the last election. And that's why poli-sci lecturer Stephen Polk will be presenting a class on OWS this coming semester at University of Colorado Denver.

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Photos: Anti-police march marked by six arrests, Zombie Crawl cross-over

march for a world without police cropped.jpg
Big videos below.
The streets of downtown Denver hosted two big events on Saturday night: the third annual March for a World Without Police and the seventh Denver Zombie Crawl. But there were times when the two spectacles seemed to combine into one -- an unfortunate turn according to some Zombie Crawlers, who felt that the police protesters (six of whom were arrested) executed a semi-takeover of the yearly tribute to the undead. See photos and get details below.

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Photos: Project Homeless Connect draws thousands against backdrop of camping ban

homeless individuals thumb.jpg
Big photos below.
Thousands of homeless individuals in Denver came out to the Colorado Convention Center this week seeking services as part of an event called Project Homeless Connect. It's an effort by the city to actively reach out to those in need -- and one that comes after a summer of intense criticism tied to a new ban that prohibits people from sleeping on the street.

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Occupy Denver: A photo guide to the national movement's one-year anniversary

corey donahue arrest standing.jpeg
Big photos below.
Occupy Denver took the city by storm last year. Six days after Occupy Wall Street's September 17 launch in New York, the local branch placed its finger on the city's political pulse. In the twelve months since then, the movement gained a reputation for sound, fury and controversy as it turned its attention to local and national politics. Much of that attention has died down, but now is a good time to revisit it: On the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, see photos spotlighting some of the most important moments in Occupy Denver's history.

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Sniagrab camping should not be compared to homelessness, says Mayor Michael Hancock

Isn't Urban Camping Illegal sign.jpg
Big photos below.
Denver allows camping for shoppers but not for homeless people with nowhere to go. At least that was last week's message from Occupy Denver during protests about allowing Sports Authority shoppers to camp out for bargains months after the city began enforcing its urban camping ban, which prohibits the homeless from sleeping outside.

The response from Mayor Michael Hancock? His spokeswoman says this specific permit shouldn't be compared to the city's overall homelessness-related policies.

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Occupy Sniagrab: Protesters use annual sale to defy urban camping ban

homes not sales occupy denver sign.jpg
Big photos below.
After months without a place to legally camp outside following passage of the city's controversial urban camping ban, Occupy Denver members have finally found a place to bed down where the police can't really bother them: outside Sports Authority.

With the company snagging a special permit for its big Sniagrab Labor Day sale, the city has allowed tents again for the annual shopping tradition -- and Occupy Denver is taking advantage.

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