Photos: Occupy Denver's Anaheim solidarity march leads to four arrests

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Tomas Melchor
As tension between police and protesters in Anaheim continue to make national news, Occupy Denver activists staged solidarity protest last night -- and faced four reported arrests of their own. Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson confirms two of these, though the group's legal team has since bailed four people out of jail for charges including obstructing a street or passageway and disobeying a lawful order. Protesters estimate they marched three miles yesterday in support of the struggles in California.

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Corey Donahue found guilty of unlawful sexual contact in TV journalist "nut tap"

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Corey Donahue.
More than eight months ago, Occupy Denver protester (and former Westword cover subject) Corey Donahue called it a "bad nut-tap joke gone wrong." But this morning, during his trial for the misdemeanor charge of unlawful sexual contact, the events of October 15 grew more serious. After a day-long trial that tested the difference between a "nut tap," a "nut job" and a "nut cup," a jury found Donahue guilty of the charge, which could bring up to eighteen months in jail.

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Occupy Denver, Romero Troupe relive movement memories onstage

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Throughout nine months navigating the shifting landscape of public perception, Occupy Denver has attracted attention, praise and criticism. And for the past two, occupiers have gathered stories in all three categories, which they will funnel this weekend into a two-hour performance light on props and heavy on perspective. In Stories of an Imperfect Movement, occupiers will partner with the Romero Theater Troupe to relive key moments of the movement to date.

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ACLU says Boulder can't require permission for protesters to use parks

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The Boulder County ACLU has come out in firm opposition to a proposed ordinance that would require approval from the city manager to allow protesters to gather in city parks. Although the topic is still in the brainstorming stages and won't merit a decision for months, its opponents fear it could place limits on Boulder residents' First Amendment rights by forcing them to gain permission before using it. And the measure has already been shut down once.

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Conservative youth plan to occupy Occupy Denver during PrideFest

occupy outrage poster.jpg
Update, 9 a.m. June 16: This event has been canceled. Original post: Although the protesters are expecting a showdown, the results could be more like a meltdown: Tomorrow, members of the Young Americans for Freedom (conservative and libertarian youth) and Denver's South Suburban Freedom Fighters (formerly the South Suburban Young Republicans) will converge in Civic Center Park at 3 p.m. to occupy Occupy Denver -- almost nine months late.

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Thunderdome chef Justin "Crunchy" Gwin moves to Step Nightclub

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Step Nightclub.
If you've kept abreast with the Latest Word's Occupy Denver coverage, the following protester needs no introduction -- but we'll give one to him anyway. Through the Thunderdome, the local movement's early anarchist kitchen, Justin "Crunchy" Gwin and its other chefs focused on the politics of food, feeding activists for free with donated materials. This weekend, Gwin will redirect many of the same principles to a new gig in the paid world, as the first chef of Denver's new Step Nightclub.

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Urban camping ban: Police delay enforcement to continue education

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More photos below.
Today marks the announced effective date of Denver's new urban camping ban, an ordinance that makes it illegal to camp on public or private property without permission. After months of debate, followed by a two-week implementation period, both Occupy Denver and the homeless community prepared for its first day in action. They're still waiting. "We are not enforcing the ordinance right now," says Denver Police Department spokesman John White.

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Photos: Occupy Denver marches to support 25 peers at NATO Summit

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Big photos below.
The mass protest against the weekend's North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit might be 1,000 miles from Denver, but its ties to the city are represented by at least 25 Occupy Denver protesters who traveled to attend. And when Occupy Wall Street placed a call for national action this weekend, the local branch responded with an anti-NATO march down the 16th Street Mall. Tonight, on the summit's final day, the group will continue its efforts with a candlelight vigil.

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Photos: Cries of "Shame!" as camping ban passes at tense council meeting

occupy council thumbnail2.jpg
Big photos below.
The mood was charged from the beginning. Even before City Council voted nine to four to approve Denver's new urban camping ordinance, one audience member made a point during the Pledge of Allegiance. During its conclusion of "peace and justice for all," he shouted "ALL!" in protest against the measure councilmen Paul Lopez and Albus Brooks later refered to as developing along the lines of a "class war." Throughout the ninety minutes council members discussed the ban, shouts against it from outside the City and County Building underscored the debate .

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Snooze protest: Owner talks homeless workers, Nazi allegations

occupy denver snooze homeless thumbnail.png
When Snooze co-owner Brianna Borin spoke out in support of the urban camping ban at a city council hearing two weeks ago, Occupy Denver members took offense and launched a morning-long rally against the restaurant spot -- which employed four homeless individuals inside at that very moment. Days later, co-owner Jon Schlegel was still confused about why his business would be targeted -- and why the owners would be branded as Nazis despite one being Jewish.

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