Photos: Denver Cruisers Ask Who's Hotter -- Drag Queens or Dungeon Dominatrixes?

Photo by Marissa Shevins
More photos below.
It's not unusual for Denver Cruisers to look good -- but for this week's ride, Dungeons & Drag Queens, participants looked good in very different ways. See what we mean by checking out photos of the fun snapped by Marissa Shevins.

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Photos: "S" Stands for "Sexy" and a Lot More on Denver Cruisers Ride

Photo by Marissa Shevins
More photos below.
This week's Denver Cruiser Ride theme revolved around the letter "S." That left a lot of room for creativity, and as usual, the riders took advantage. Check out a sampling of shots from photog Marissa Shevins below.

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Photos: See Why Ironman Boulder Underpants Run Makes the Rest of Us Look Out of Shape
Photo by Brandon Marshall. Click to see the complete "Boulder Ironman Underpants Run" slide show.
Yesterday, Justin Daerr and Danielle Kehoe were the top men's and women's finishers at Ironman Boulder. But before the main event got underway, plenty of competitors reminded us that we've been slacking on sit-ups via the Ironman Boulder Underpants Run, which sported more six packs than your neighborhood King Soopers. Our Brandon Marshall was on hand to capture pics of all that taut flesh. Check out a sampling of his photos below and click to see the complete "Boulder Ironman Underpants Run" slide show.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers celebrate Christmas (and every other holiday) in July

Photo by Marissa Shevins
The holiday for which July is best known in the U.S. of A. remains Independence Day -- unless we're talking about the Denver Cruisers, whose most recent ride celebrated any and all holidays at the same time. Check out a sampling of Marissa Shevins's shots from the festivities below.

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Photos: Union Station grand (re)opening celebration

All photos by Ken Hamblin
Union Station held its grand re-opening celebration this Saturday, offering free tours, music and water-fountain fun while residents explored the results of the $54 million renovation that turned the century-old station into a revived transportation hub. Photographer Ken Hamblin was there, and sent back photos of the celebration.

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Photos: Planet Bluegrass before, during and after the worst flood in Colorado's history

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Photo credits below
The stage at Planet Bluegrass.
Last fall, the largest flood (by total rainfall) in Colorado's history led the federal government to declare a state of emergency in fourteen counties. None were hit harder than Boulder County, where the two swollen branches of St. Vrain Creek decimated Lyons, driving thousands of people from their homes and causing millions of dollars' worth of damage.

This week's cover story explains how the town's incredibly fertile music scene was impacted by the flood. That scene centers on Planet Bluegrass, an organization that operates Telluride Bluegrass and hosts two other festivals on its property in Lyons. That property is situated on the creek and was buried in several feet of water and debris. This weekend, after $1 million and months of construction, the ranch will re-open for its annual RockyGrass festival. Here's what it looked like during previous festivals and throughout the flood and recovery process.

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Photos: See why this year's Colorado Springs PrideFest was the city's biggest ever

More photos below.
Against the backdrop of court rulings striking down same-sex marriage bans comes another indication of change in Colorado: The PrideFest celebration in Colorado Springs was reportedly the city's largest by a very wide margin; police estimate 50,000 attendees this weekend, as opposed to 35,000 last year. To get a sense of the event, check out the following images, culled from KXRM-TV coverage.

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Photos: 20 hot weather looks if fashion laws were suspended Purge: Anarchy-style (NSFW)

More photos below.
Last year, we experienced a scorching heat wave right around the time The Purge became a surprise hit. Which got us thinking: What would people wear if all fashion laws were suspended for twelve hours, just as other laws are in the movie?

A year later, the sequel Purge: Anarchy has just hit theaters -- and it's inspired us to create a sequel, too, culled from our Westword slide show archive. Look below to see twenty more hot weather looks if fashion laws were suspended, but be warned: Many of them are NSFW.

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Photos: Denver Cruisers suit up and strip down for ride and pool party

Photo by Scott Lentz. More pics below.
Summer's here and the time was right for the latest Denver Cruiser Ride theme, "Suits & Swim Suits" -- a perfect excuse to suit up and strip down.

This time around, the Cruisers not only took it to the streets, but also to a pool party and volleyball game. Photographer Scott Lentz was on hand to capture the fun. Check out a sampling of his shots below.

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Graffiti photo flashback: The reign of the TKO crew's KOZE

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More photos below.
There have been a lot of changes in Denver's street-art scene over the past five years, as evidenced by the photos collected in our slide show "Tagging Up Denver."

Originally published in tandem with Jared Jacang Maher's 2009 feature "The Writing's on the Wall," about the arrest and conviction of Timothy Barajas, aka KOZE, the leader of Denver's TKO crew, the photos are a vivid reminder of the way things used to be. Check out the images below, complete with original 2009 cutlines. To read Maher's feature, click here.

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