Photos: Denver Fast-Food Workers Demand $15 Per Hour Wages, Union Rights
Photo by Bryan MacCormack/Left In Focus courtesy of SEIU Local 105
More photos below.
Thanks to protests over no-indictment decisions by grand juries in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases (as well as claims that some East High students at a Wednesday rally chanted "Hit him again" after four Denver police officers were injured in a crash, one critically), another pair of demonstrations yesterday have received comparatively little attention. But the turnout was large and vocal on the 16th Street Mall for morning and afternoon actions in which Denver fast food workers called for a $15-per-hour wage and unionization rights -- part of a nationwide event involving as many as 190 cities.

Continue to see more photos of the gatherings by Bryan MacCormack/Left In Focus courtesy of SEIU Local 105, and for information about events across the country, click here.

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Photos: Our Twenty Favorite Colorado Pride Items From the I Heart Denver Store
I Heart Denver Store Facebook page
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As posts like this one prove, we have a soft spot for items that display Colorado pride -- and the I Heart Denver Store, located at 500 16th Street, Suite 264, just happens to specialize in them. With the holiday gift-giving season upon us, we picked out twenty favorites from the shop's Facebook page. Check them out below.

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Kyle Orton, Ex-Bronco: Twenty Funniest Photos From His Drunk-Party Dude Years

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Remember Kyle Orton, who quarterbacked your Denver Broncos during the darkest days of the Josh McDaniels era before being supplanted by none other than Tim Tebow? He returns to Mile High Stadium on Sunday as QB of the Buffalo Bills -- and to welcome him back, we've collected the twenty funniest pics from his drunk-party-dude years (as originally shared a few years back by Orton's married now and is no longer being photographed with half-empty bottles and random babes -- but we've still got our memories. Enjoy the bacchanalia below.

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Twenty Hot Summer Photos to Warm You Up During the Season's Coldest Week (So Far)

Categories: Photos
More photos below. Click to see the complete Why We'll Miss Summer in 50 Photos slide show.
Congratulations: You've made it to the end of the season's coldest week (so far). As a reward, we've put together photos guaranteed to warm you up, culled from our Why We'll Miss Summer in 50 Photos slide show. Check them out below, and to see the complete gallery, click here.

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Photos: Fifteen Beautiful Colorado Paintings on Postcards

More images below.
In many ways, postcards are becoming something of a lost art -- but even rarer are postcards of places like Colorado that feature paintings rather than photos. We found a slew of examples on ArtFire -- if you're unfamiliar with the site, think of it is an even artsier Etsy -- and they're absolutely eye-popping. Check out our fifteen favorites below, and be sure to click on the links if you'd like to add one or more of them to your Colorado pride collection.

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Photos: Twenty Memorable Pics From Westword on Instagram

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More photos below.
Yes, Westword is on Instagram -- and our page features one great shot after another from events and happenings across the city. As an introduction, we've pulled together twenty of our favorite images. Check them out below, and to peruse the entire collection, click here.

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Photos: Meet Your 2014 Denver Nuggets Dancers

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Big photos below.
With so much attention on the Broncos, you may have missed the start of the Denver Nuggets preseason. The team matches up tonight against the Phoenix Suns -- and that means the Denver Nuggets Dancers are back in action as well. Meet the sixteen-person squad below, complete with photos and text from the Denver Nuggets Dancers website.

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Photos: See Same-Sex Marriages Officiated by Mayor on Free Wedding Wednesday
Photo by Brandon Marshall
More photos below.
When the office of Denver Clerk Debra Johnson came up with the idea of a monthly event dubbed Free Wedding Wednesdays, the folks there had no idea the first one would correspond with same-sex marriage becoming legal in Colorado owing to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to punt on the issue, allowing lower-court rulings in favor of such nuptials to stand. To mark the occasion, Denver mayor Michael Hancock officiated two ceremonies, uniting Fran and Anna Simon (the first couple to receive a civil union in Colorado) and Steve Grauberger and Randall Burgess, whose marriage licence was denied under an injunction put in place over the summer. Our Brandon Marshall was on hand to capture the happy occasion. Continue to see a sampling of his shots and click to view the complete Denver Welcomes Same-Sex Marriage With Free Weddings slide show.

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Photos: I, Too, Am CU Shatters More Stereotypes One Sign at a Time
More photos below.
This past April, we told you about I, Too, Am CU, a powerful tumblr and Facebook campaign that features photos of students from underrepresented groups posing with signs to both highlight and undermine the most prevalent stereotypes they confront on a daily basis. Since then, the messages have been amplified by more posts celebrating differences at an institution that's more diverse than it may seem at first blush. Check out twenty fresh examples below.

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Photos: Race for the Cure 2014 Attendance Stabilizes But Still Hasn't Rebounded

Photos courtesy of the Susan G. Komen Colorado Facebook page. More pics below.
Attendance at yesterday's Race for the Cure in downtown Denver was estimated at 30,000. Even though the total is roughly equal to the number of participants in 2013, the sum still must be considered progress given sharp declines the preceding two years: Approximately 50,000 took part 2011and 40,000 in 2012, with the dip attributed to a (since-reversed) decision by Susan G. Komen for the Cure to end its partnership with Planned Parenthood a couple of years back. Still, photos from the Susan G. Komen Colorado Facebook page show that those who took to the streets early yesterday were in high spirits. Check out a sampling of photos below, and to see more, click here.

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