"Please, I Want to Die:" Charles Selsberg to Inspire Death With Dignity Bill

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The late Charles Selsberg. Additional photos below.
Colorado doesn't have a death-with-dignity law intended to allow the terminally ill to end their lives. However, a bill on that topic will reportedly be pushed during the upcoming legislative session, inspired by the plight of Charles Selsberg, who lobbied for such a change in "Please, I Want to Die," an op-ed published shortly before he passed away following a long and agonizing battle with ALS.

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New Parole Unit Logs Massive Overtime in First Year

In the year following the 2013 murder of state prison chief Tom Clements by a parole absconder, parole officers working for the Colorado Department of Corrections put in for an unprecedented 8,858 hours of overtime pay -- and nearly a third of that overtime was logged by one small, elite team created in the wake of Clements's death to track down fugitives.

Averaged for the hundreds of employees in the parole division, the overtime amounts to about 30 hours per officer. But the 2,741 hours claimed by the ten-member Fugitive Apprehension Unit during its first full year of operation works out to ten times that much overtime per officer. (Only nine members of the unit are actually eligible for overtime.)

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Meet Gordon Klingenschmitt, Exorcism-Doing, Gay-Slamming, Just-Elected State Rep

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A screen capture of Gordon Klingenschmitt. Several videos and more below.
Republicans' domination in the recent midterm -- John Hickenlooper's squeaker of a reelection win was among the few Democratic bright spots -- extended to the Colorado State Senate, which will now be under GOP control owing to a vote count not formally announced until days after the election. And while the Dems retained control of the House, that chamber is sure to be a livelier place owing to the victory of Gordon Klingenschmitt, a former Navy chaplain whose skill set includes exorcisms and claims that Jared Polis wants to behead Christians. Really. Learn more about him below.

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Video: Save Browns Canyon Campaign Launches With Civic Center Light Show

A gun-and-reel crowd turned out for a light show on the facade of the McNichols Building.
Between Buena Vista and Salida, the Arkansas River sweeps through Browns Canyon, an area of granite cliffs and rugged backcountry that's popular with elk, bighorn sheep, mountain lions and black bears -- not to mention hunters, anglers, rafters, hikers and campers. But this quintessential slice of Colorado wilderness is also attracting increasing interest from mining companies, and that's prompted a sportsmen's group to embark on an unusual campaign, featuring billboards and a recent flashy light show downtown, to get Browns Canyon designated as a national monument.

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Marijuana: Eighteen Disputed Ballots to Decide if One Colorado Town Will Allow Rec Pot
An image from KJCT coverage. More photos and a video below.
As our William Breathes reported earlier this week, Manitou Springs voters approved recreational marijuana sales in their town, while residents of other communities turned thumbs-down. The folks in Palisade, on Colorado's Western Slope, are somewhere in-between on the issue, at least for now. A recreational-pot measure appeared to narrowly lose, but that result could be reversed depending on what happens with eighteen disputed ballots. Photos, video and details below.

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Videos: See Hickenlooper Aide Roxanne White's Double-Handed Flip Off at Victory Speech

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Roxanne White as seen in a 7News image. Two videos below.
After news organizations declared John Hickenlooper victorious in an ultra-tight gubernatorial race with challenger Bob Beauprez, the once-and-future guv finally staged a victory rally at the State Capitol yesterday morning. But what he said has prompted less conversation than what his chief of staff, Roxanne White, did.

"Was John Hickenlooper's chief of staff Roxane White caught on camera making obscene gesture?" asked the headline on a subsequent 7News report -- but there's no need for the question mark. She absolutely was caught, and the results were hilarious. See two clips below.

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Marijuana: Manitou Springs Votes for Rec Pot Sales, Other Towns Don't

Manitou Springs Facebook page
Just over three months after Maggie's Farm opened its doors as the first recreational pot shop in Manitou Springs and began dumping money into town coffers, voters gave the business a thumbs-up, overwhelmingly defeating a proposal to ban recreational pot sales in the town.

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Pit-Bull-Ban Repeal in Aurora Loses Big, But Pit Lovers Vow to Fight On

A photo from the CoRADogs Facebook page. Additional images and a video below.
In addition to statewide contests (including a squeaker of a governor's race), Election Day 2014 saw plenty of local initiatives on ballots, with one of the most interesting being Aurora's Proposition 2D, which would have repealed the city's longstanding prohibition on pit bulls. In the end, the measure lost handily, meaning the ban will continue -- but 2D proponents insist they've only begun to fight.

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How Personhood Measure's Loss Is Actually a Win and More Post-Election Spin

An image from
While most of the attention in regard to yesterday's election has gone to Cory Gardner's shellacking of Mark Udall and a governor's race not called in John Hickenlooper's favor until this morning, the outcomes for other measures on the ballot have been equally fascinating. Take the so-called personhood measure, which was soundly defeated for the fourth time in Colorado -- yet supporters of the initiative are still claiming victory. More about that effort and other outcomes below.

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Update: John Hickenlooper Declared Winner in Ultra-Tight Guv Race With Bob Beauprez

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John Hickenlooper as seen during a 2013 press conference. More images below.
Update: Moments ago, 9News formally declared that Governor John Hickenlooper has been reelected. Some votes still are yet to be counted, but the station, as well as the Denver Post, has determined that challenger Bob Beauprez will fall short of victory. Continue for our previous coverage of election day 2014.

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