Marijuana: Pennsylvania senator toked up during state-funded pot visit to Colorado

Daylin Leach as seen in one of his campaign videos.
Legal cannabis has attracted a wide variety of tourists to Colorado who might not have come to the state otherwise -- including Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach. But Leach's trip was work-related. He and a few staff members recently spent three days here in order to inhale as much information they possibly could about the state's cannabis industry.

And yes, we're using the word "inhale" literally.

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Election activists have some primary problems with Colorado's system

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Unaffiliated voter, are you sorry you didn't get a chance to vote for Tom Tancredo?
Colorado's primary was a month ago, and the candidates who triumphed in that round are racing toward the November 4 election. But 35 percent of the active voters in Colorado had no real say because they are unaffiliated. And although a voter can affiliate with a party in order to vote in a party's primary, that's not a fair solution, says Gwen Ballard -- an active and definitely unaffiliated voter.

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Protesters ready to line up against Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent's remarks about the president and gun control have some calling him a patriot and others calling him a bigot.
Ted Nugent used to be known for iconic guitar riffs and songs about getting laid, but now he makes headlines with his extreme political views -- often peppered with vulgarity. Nugent's remarks about certain Democrats and hot topics like immigration have made him a divisive figure (to say the least) and you can expect some heated dissent at his concert tonight at the Gothic Theater.

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Two proposals to clean up the courts -- and throw out bad judges

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Attorney Chris Forsyth thinks that Colorado courts need to change the way they do business, and the best way to do that is to start with cleaning up the bench, he says. If they make the November ballot and are passed by voters, Initiatives 79 and 94 would create different ways of getting rid of bad judges -- one through an independent ethics committee, the other through the will of the voters. And either way, Colorado could throw the bums out...

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Initiative #124 would give school boards and unions a lesson in transparency

By next Monday, all signatures for potential ballot initiatives are due at the Colorado Secretary of State's office. At least 86,105 legitimate signatures are needed to put a citizens initative before the voters on November 4, and several efforts are still collecting signatures. One of those is Initiative 124, which would open school-board meetings to a wider audience.

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Why same-sex marriage won't be on the crowded November ballot

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Jeremy Mathis with wife and daughter Coy at a press conference last summer.
Jeremy Mathis is a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights. Early last year, Mathis and his wife filed a complaint against the school that their transgender daughter, Coy, attended in Colorado Springs, because the school would not let her use the female bathroom. The school reversed its decision, but the fight for equality wasn't over for Mathis, who explored filing a citizen initiative that would take on the Colorado's constitutional ban against gay marriage -- itself the result of a citizen initiative.

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Cinema Q will chronicle Boulder's forty-year legacy of same-sex marriage

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Initiative 135 wins the gamble and makes the ballot as Amendment 68

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Coloradans for Better Schools Facebook page
On Monday, July 28, what had been initiative 135 officially became Amendment 68, after the Colorado Secretary of State Office's announced that it had reviewed the more than 136,000 petition signatures the campaign had submitted, and deemed enough valid to put the measure on the November 4 ballot.

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Initiative #3 would prohibit cannabis possession penalties

Since Colorado voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana in November 2012, rules and regulations regarding the industry have been changing quickly. Proposed ballot initiative #3 would call for yet another change: eradicating all fines and sentences for the possession of cannabis, and guaranteeing that in the Colorado Constitution. But its proponents have just one more week to collect the required signatures, and efforts are lagging.

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Initiative #135 would legalize casinos at racetracks: Yea or neigh?

Coady Photgraphy
Arapahoe Park could open a casino if 135 passes.
Initiative 135, which would expand gambling in Colorado to racetracks, is heading into the homestretch, with a campaign chest that could make this one of the most expensive issues on the November 4 ballot. Earlier this month, the 135 campaign and Coloradans for Better Schools announced that they had gathered 136,342 signatures in support of putting the measure on the ballot, and were turning them into the Colorado Secretary of State's office. But hold your horses: It hasn't made the ballot yet.

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"person" and "child"

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Chris Christie defends saying pot hurts quality of life in Colorado during fundraising visit
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in a CBS4 image. Videos and more below.
Back in April, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ripped the quality of life in Colorado due to marijuana legalization -- a statement that prompted Governor John Hickenlooper's office to come up with a list of eight ways Colorado tops New Jersey.

Yesterday, Christie was in Colorado to stump for Bob Beauprez, Hick's gubernatorial opponent, in the sort of visit calculated to raise his profile as a potential 2016 Republican presidential nominee. And when he was asked if he regretted ripping the state, his answer was a typically blustery and unequivocal "no."

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