Stephen Redwood busted by feds for pot due to child porn investigation

Stephen Redwood in a photo from his Facebook page.
As you know, marijuana laws in Colorado are very different from those maintained by the U.S. government. Recreational pot possession and distribution is allowed here under a myriad of circumstances, while the feds continue to consider it very illegal -- and if they find cannabis during the course of an investigation, they will seize the stuff and prosecute its possessor to the fullest extent of the law.

Which brings us to Schmuck of the Week nominee Stephen Redwood, who was busted for weed after agents zeroed on him for a particular vile offense: child pornography.

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Allen Quint allegedly proves that pimping isn't just a young man's game

Big photos, video below.
As you can tell by this photo, Allen Quint, 76, doesn't exactly fit the stereotypical image of a pimp.

Yet pimping is the charge he's facing due to his alleged affiliation with a so-called prostitution and human-trafficking ring that's been under siege by Colorado Springs-area law enforcement for the better part of a year.

And while the women accused of running the operation don't quite qualify for the senior discount at Denny's, they're definitely on their way.

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Natalie Carpenter's fascination with Columbine killers keeps her in jail after school threats

Photos, video below.
The latest Schmuck of the Week post is trickier than usual. Rather than bestowing this honor on Natalie Carpenter, who's reportedly suffering from mental illness, we direct it at what she represents: the ongoing fascination with the 1999 Columbine High School killers. Subsequent school shootings have been more lethal. Yet the Columbine tragedy almost fifteen years ago remains fixed in the popular imagination, as indicated by Carpenter's alleged admiration of the shooters and the threats against two Connecticut high schools she's accused of making.

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Brandon Campbell, who robbed homes wearing GPS monitor, convicted due to pop-can DNA

Photos, video below.
Last November, when we first wrote about Brandon Campbell, we declared him an ideal Schmuck of the Week candidate. Too bad news had broken about his moronic crimes -- robbing homes wearing a GPS monitor -- long before Friday, when our latest Schmucks are announced.

Fortunately, Campbell has given us a second shot. He's now been convicted for another burglary -- this time due to DNA on a pop can he left behind. Details about both gaffes below.

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Greg Kasarcik allegedly claimed he'd blow up teen's computer if she wouldn't Skype sex acts

Big photos below.
Knowing that Ohio's Greg Kasarcik has been arrested and extradited to Colorado for alleged sexual exploitation adds creepiness to one item on his Facebook page and dark humor to another.

The creepy part? Kasarcik's decision to share a notice about a missing fourteen-year-old -- since his alleged victim is thirteen.

The humor? A post that reads, "My shit got hacked" -- because the accusations against him revolve around his threat to infiltrate the teen's computer...and blow it up.

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Meet Sean VanDerAa, just-sentenced therapist, who got erections during pervy massages

More photos below.
Sean VanDerAa -- yes, that's how his name is spelled -- was a professional massage therapist who gave clients a little something extra. Like, for instance, a view of his erection. And that wasn't the only creepiness in which he specialized, judging by his recent sentencing for unlawful sexual contact.

Does he deserve to be our latest Schmuck of the Week? Read the following details about his interactions with nearly a dozen women from their twenties to seventies and decide for yourself.

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Jeffrey Hall, CU footballer, tased by cops after allegedly choking out woman at party

Photos, video below.
Of late, CU football players have seldom been accused of being choke artists, but only because the team has been so bad against top-shelf competition that choking wasn't possible. Ass-kickings were more like it.

But Jeffrey Hall, our latest Schmuck of the Week, is allegedly the exception to this rule. He's believed to have choked a fellow party-goer to the point where she nearly blacked out -- and continued to go after her once the cops were called, prompting an officer to tase him. See photos, videos and details below.

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Vita Shannon cleared after schmucky dust-up with 127 Hours inspiration Aron Ralston

Big photos below.
Suddenly, it's as if one of the most widely reported stories from late last year never happened....

We're talking about the arrest of 127 Hours inspiration Aron Ralston and his girlfriend, Vita Shannon, on domestic-violence-related allegations.

Ralston was quickly cleared of wrongdoing in the case.

And now, Shannon has been, too -- because Ralston didn't show up to court to testify against her.

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John Stitt going to jail after impersonating his dead aunt (sort of) for 25 years
As most of us know, nothing's ever really free. There are always strings attached -- and the more something's worth, the more strings there are. Just ask John Stitt, our latest Schmuck of the Week. He probably thought he'd hit the bureaucratic-snafu motherlode when his aunt's Social Security checks kept coming for decades after she died. But when the feds found out he'd snaked over $200K from government coffers over the span of a quarter century, they rewarded him with an extended trip to the Crossbars Hotel.

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Three juvenile schmucks try to sell stolen stuff back to the woman they'd just robbed

Here's an example of schmucky logic: A person who was just robbed will have to replace the items taken -- so why not swipe stuff from someone and then sell it back to him or her? After all, you know they need it.

Answer: Because the guy or gal will recognize the stuff and call the cops -- which is exactly what happened in the case of three juveniles who allegedly snatched a video-game system and then pitched their victim to buy it. Get the details below.

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