Frank McNulty kills civil unions bill, earns shmuck of the session

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He looked shmucky enough at the end of the regularly scheduled session of the Colorado Legislature when he pointed the finger at Democrats for not pushing the civil unions bill earlier, then delivered his own lethal injection when he sent the proposal to a "kill committee."

And then whoops, House Speaker Frank McNulty did it again.

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Jerry Meekins's story shows why Spirit's schmucky no-refund policy won't fly

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Jerry Meekins
The same day that Spirit Airlines celebrated its return to Denver International Airport -- complete with hefty new fees for carry-on luggage -- its CEO, Ben Baldanza, was still carrying on about why the company is not refunding $197 to a 76-year-old, cancer-stricken vet too sick to fly. He recognized Jerry Meekins' "tragic situation," Baldanza said yesterday, but could not make an exception to the company's no-refund policy.

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Chad Brownstein's internship turns into Hottest Girl prize -- and turns him into a Shmuck

Denver attorney Norm Brownstein -- of Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber and Schreck -- is often referred to a political power broker. But it's his sons who've been doing the brokering of late, and unfortunately "power" isn't one of the commodities they've been trading. On Thursday, Chad Brownstein was forced to apologize to U.S. Senator Mark Pryor after the younger Brownstein auctioned off a month-long paid internship in Pryor's office, according to news reports. The auction was part of a fundraising campaign for a Los Angeles synagogue.

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Easter egg hunt in Old Colorado City canceled because of shmucky parents

Old Colorado City canceled its annual Easter egg hunt this year. The reason? Bad behavior at the 2011 event -- not by the pint-sized participants, but by their overprotective parents, who behaved like such greedy shmucks that the town decided the annual eggstravaganza wasn't worth the trouble...or bad publicity.

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J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets spells "shmuck" when it comes to Tim Tebow

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Tim Tebow.
You may remember Tim Tebow. He used to be the Denver Broncos starting quarterback. Ring a bell? Anyway, last weekend, the Broncos traded him to the New York Jets, who will use him as their backup QB -- at least for now. Tebow didn't ask to be traded and he didn't ask to be a second-string quarterback. All things being equal, I think he would have preferred to remain as Denver's starter.

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Denver Diner cops going back to streets because some city Shmuck missed filing deadline

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Kevin Divine and Ricky Nixon, the Denver police officers who were fired last April by then-Manager of Safety Charles Garcia because of their behavior during -- and after -- a controversial altercation at the Denver Diner in July 2009, have gotten their jobs back, at least for now. Blame our Shmuck of the Week, an unnamed member of the Denver City Attorney's office who was four days late with a filing.

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Tim Neville wins Shmuck title for comparing Obama administration to Nazis

Tim Neville.
So many shmucks, so little time. A parade of shmucks sounded off on the steps of the State Capitol Monday, responding to a pro-choice rally there earlier in the day and comparing the Obama administration's support of subsidized contraception to an array of horrors. But state Senator Tim Neville topped them all by bringing in the Nazis.

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Denver cops too busy shackling dog scofflaws to worry about real crime?

We don't enjoy busting on Denver cops and sheriff's deputies. They have dangerous jobs, they don't make much money, and if I hear something go bump in the night, you better believe I'll call them.

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Douglas Bruce: political prisoner or blustering shmuck?

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Douglas Bruce.
Yes, as Douglas Bruce told the old the Denver Post this week after he was sentenced for felony tax evasion, "There have been other political prisoners."

But, Doug, you are not one of them.

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Peter Smith, glitter bomber, bombs out with inept attempt on Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney.
Is Mitt Romney the anti-Christ? Are his politics unbearably loathsome? Is his hair too perfect? The answers to those questions depend on your own point of view. But no matter what you believe, throwing glitter on someone is pretty much never the right way to express your feelings -- unless you are a six-year-old girl at a birthday party.

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