Who will make Westword's 2011 Hall of Shame?

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This guy made the cut last year.
Colorado certainly withstood its share of shmucks, scoundrels and scumbags in 2011, from poorly-behaved celebrities to douchebags in parking lots to public servants and politicians who made us cringe. And you can find their stories in our Shmuck of the Week archives. But the lowest of the low are inducted each year into Westword's Hall of Shame. And we certainly had a lot of characters to choose from. Who made the cut? Find out tomorrow when we reveal our 2011 Hall of Shame class. Need a teaser?

Well, then, check out our class from 2010 and some previous years.

Rod "Blago" Blagojevich, shmuck -- for trying to work the prison system like he did politics

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Rod Blagojevich, the disgraced former Illinois Governor who's headed to prison for trying to broker a political deal, is now trying to broker another. Blago, who was sentenced to fourteen years in the clink for trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama (among other forms of corruption), would like to do his time in Colorado's dry and sunny climes at the FCI Englewood prison.

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Brooke Mueller, Shmuck: Will she out-Charlie Sheen her ex in Aspen?

Brooke Mueller.
It can't have been easy to be married to Charlie Sheen: Tiger Blood just isn't the basis for a happy union. But that doesn't excuse Brooke Mueller for her #winning cocaine arrest last weekend near the Belly Up in Aspen -- the scene of another Shmucky episode just two week ago -- or her excuse to the cops that she was trying to "impress her friends." According to the Aspen Times, that's what Mueller, a 34-year-old "actress" who married Sheen in 2008 and had his twins in 2009, told police when they allegedly found her holding four grams of Aspen's other white powder.

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Pat Sullivan's fall from sheriff to shmuck makes for a disturbing story

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Pat Sullivan.
The sad, weird and increasingly shocking case involving former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan -- whose name adorns the jail there -- has dominated the headlines this week. And it's likely to get even more bizarre. Essentially, the story is this: Sullivan, 68, a well-respected lifelong lawman and onetime National Sheriff of the Year, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with trading methamphetamine to an Aurora man in return for sex.

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Zeds Dead, but the band's biggest fan, Asa Robinson, is a shmuck

Zeds Dead
Asa Robinson really really, REALLY, REALLY wanted to go to the Zeds Dead concert in Aspen last Tuesday, so badly, in fact, that police say he called in a bomb threat to the concert venue after he couldn't buy tickets to a sold-out show. The goal of the bomb threat, it appears, wasn't to exact retribution on Belly Up Aspen, however, or to make all of the people who did have tickets suffer -- as he did, according to the Aspen Times.

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Call of Duty 3: Lomon Sar racks up shmuck points after threatening to blow up Best Buy

If Lomon Sar is a, uh, veteran of the Call of Duty video games, then he's used to blowing things up -- at least in his digital fantasy land. But police say Somon, 31, forgot to leave his fantasy world behind on Tuesday when he threatened to blow up a Best Buy in Aurora because the store wouldn't sell him a version of the game, Modern Warfare 3 at a midnight release even though he'd pre-purchased it.

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Hunters who can't tell an elk from a moose are shmucks

Don't fucking shoot!
Earlier this week, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department warned elk hunters not to shoot moose. It seems like that would be a fairly obvious statement, but apparently, some elk hunters -- the ones who are loading and firing big guns in the wild -- can't tell the difference between the two, and the department has had to prosecute the poachers.

"If there's any question -- any question at all -- don't shoot," the department's Ron Velarde told 7News. "If you're not absolutely, positively certain of your target, do not pull that trigger." ("You morons," he probably added silently.)

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Tim Tebow lovers or haters: Who are the bigger shmucks?

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Tim Tebow.
It seems like everyone has something to say about Tim Tebow (including us), whether it comes to his work ethic, his pious nature, his throwing motion, his jersey sales, his clean-livin' persona, his underwear or his potential as an actor. And sometimes, frankly, it's hard to know which side to be on in the debate. Tebow lovers are so smarmy and obnoxious, while Tebow haters are so angry and bitter. Frankly, we don't want to join either one of those groups.

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Raymond Davis's bagel fever gets ex-CIA contractor in trouble again: We spy a Shmuck

You don't want to mess with former CIA contractor Raymond Davis -- not if you're operating a motor vehicle, anyway. The 37-year-old Davis was arrested Saturday and later charged with felony assault after police say he beat up a guy who stole his parking spot at an Einstein Bros. Bagels in Highlands Ranch. The guy, fifty-year-old Jeffrey Maes, allegedly suffered a fracture to one of his vertebrae (and a bloodied face).

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Michelle Manzanares, cool mom, gives booze & pot to middle schoolers, then cools it in jail

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Big pic below.
Most moms want to be cool. But being the "cool mom" is almost never a good idea -- especially when your teenage daughter gets video of you offering her vodka and pot.

In fact, there is a special place for cool moms like this: jail.

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