Steve Moore Settles Todd Bertuzzi-Canucks Suit Over Hit That Ended Avs Player's Career

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Emergency personnel tend to Steve Moore after the injury that eventually ended his career. A video, photos and more below.
The vicious cheap shot Vancouver Canuck Todd Bertuzzi put on Colorado Avalanche rookie Steve Moore back in 2004 wasn't just one of the most brutal happenings in an NHL game ever. It was also a crime: Bertuzzi eventually pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm and was given a year's probation and eighty hours' worth of community service.

Moore's sentence was considerably more severe: He lost his career and continues to suffer from health repercussions to this day. But after a decade-plus, he's finally reached a settlement with Bertuzzi and the Canucks. Details about the deal, plus a video and photos below.

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USA Pro Challenge 2014: Everything You Need to Know About All Seven Stages
Additional photos and more below.
A lot's changed with the USA Pro Challenge bike race since it was announced in August 2010. For one thing, it was initially called the Quiznos Pro Challenge. For another, the two people at center stage for the big unveil were Bill Ritter, who's no longer Colorado's governor, and Lance Armstrong, currently known as the biggest liar on the planet.

Nonetheless, the 2014 version of the USA Pro Challenge, beginning today and running through August 24, looks to be the biggest and best race in the series thus far. Below, we've got photo-illustrated details about all seven stages, including maps and a profile showing the incredible elevation changes from the kickoff in the Aspen area to the grand finale in Boulder and Denver. Check them out below -- and for even more information, click here.

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Photos: Robin Williams as a Broncos Cheerleader
More photos below.
The world continues to mourn the tragic death of Robin Williams, as well as to recall and celebrate his comedic gifts, which burst fully formed onto the entertainment scene thanks to his breakout sitcom, Mork and Mindy. But while the show was set in Boulder, Williams's alien from the planet Ork occasionally ventured to other parts of Colorado, including Mile High Stadium, where a 1980 episode found him debuting as a member of the Pony Express -- the Broncos cheerleading squad. The bit proved he could rock a skirt many years before Mrs. Doubtfire.

Below, see screen captures and a clip from the program. We expect they'll demonstrate that Williams's ability to put smiles on faces lives on.

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Video: Peyton Manning Reclaims "Worst Rapper Ever" Title in New DirecTV Ad
Video and another screen capture below.
Hot on the heels of Peyton Manning's awkward dancing to "Rocky Top," which won the Internet via memes, GIFs and Vines, the Quarterback King of All Media is once again showing off his nonexistent skills in another medium: rap. In a sequel of sorts to last year's DirecTV ad, Peyton and little brother Eli Manning tout the service's new fantasy football channel in a "song" featuring weird special effects plus cameos by dad Archie Manning, Joe Namath and music-video-style hotties aplenty. As for Peyton's flow, he makes Shaquille O'Neal seem like Jay Z by comparison. Thank heavens he's good at football. Check out another screen capture and the extended version of the clip below.

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Rockies Last in Division, First in Misspelling Names of Team's Players

Can you spot the latest misspelling? More photos below.
This week, the Colorado Rockies lost another player to injury, gave up a game-winning home run to a rookie (the Cubs' Javier Baez) making his major league debut and misspelled another of its star player's names in the latest poorly edited promotional effort.

In other words, it was just another day at Coors Field.

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Twenty Memes to Make Broncos Fans Hate the Seahawks Even More Than They Already Do

Big memes below.
At 7 p.m. tonight, the Broncos kick off their preseason schedule at home with a game against the Seattle Seahawks -- the very team that crushed the D-towners in this year's Super Bowl. And as if that's not bad enough, yet another rematch is slated for the regular season, on September 21. In Seattle....

Plenty of Seahawks -- not to mention their fans -- have spent the past six-months-plus gloating about the drubbing, as is clear from the slew of Broncos-ridiculing posts on the Seahawks Memes Facebook page. If these twenty memes from the site won't give you a taste for revenge, nothing will. Check them out below.

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Missy Franklin Is No Longer a Belieber: Sorry, Justin

Missy and Justin early last year. Additional photos and more below.
Could it be the beginning of the end for Justin Bieber? The diminutive Canuck heartthrob has spent the last year-plus making more idiotic headlines than hits -- and now, even Olympic gold medalist and self-confessed superfan Missy Franklin is distancing herself from him.

Oh, how times have changed.

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Peyton Manning's awkward dancing wins the Internet via Vine, GIF, memes

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Peyton thrills. Memes, a GIF, a Vine and a dance-remix video below.
Think Peyton Manning's dancing to "Rocky Top" during a recent Broncos practice this week was the uncoolest thing ever? Well, the Internet disagrees with you -- sort of. His busted moves have now been featured in a variety of forms: a GIF and a Vine video (with "Rocky Top" replaced by Ginuwine's "Pony"), plus memes and a dance-remix video conjured up by ESPN Denver. Enjoy them all below.

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Contact isn't allowed in girls' high-school lacrosse -- but concussions are still a concern


Football isn't the only sport worried about head trauma, according to a recent study published by the The American Journal of Sports Medicine and co-authored by Dawn Comstock, an associate professor of epidemiology for the Pediatric Injury Prevention, Education, and Research program at the Colorado School of Public Health. Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing youth sports in America, with over 170,000 active participants. And concerns about lacrosse-related concussion are also growing.

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NFL licenses the Denver Broncos' littlest, creepiest fans: the Couch Potatoes

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It's scary enough that Broncos training camp began last week, marking the start of that slow slide to summer's end...and the disintegration of our next Super Bowl dream. Even scarier, though, is the new crew cheering for the team: the Broncos Couch Potatoes, "the most adorable spec-Taters around," dolls that come with their own "miniature Broncos pennant, football, foam finger, blanket...even a couch!"

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