The Ten Patriots and Seahawks Figures Most Broncos Fans Hate Most

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We recently dubbed the upcoming Super Bowl the Intoler-a-Bowl, because it includes the two teams most Broncos fans dislike the most: the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. But who among the Super Bowl participants is the most unlikable? Here are our ten picks, all of them available for hating this Sunday. Count them down below.

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Video: See Ty Lawson, Nugget Busted for DUI (Again), Promoting Lyft Ridesharing Service

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A video from the "Life of Ty" video series in which Ty Lawson uses Lyft. More images and videos below.
The Denver Nuggets' latest lost season just got a little more embarrassing. Ty Lawson, the alleged leader of the team, was busted for DUI (again), causing him to miss one game the team should have won -- and he also missed a shot in his return to the lineup last night that might have led to a Nugs victory.

All of this might have been prevented if Lawson had chosen not to climb behind the wheel and instead called Lyft, a ridesharing service he promoted in a recent video.

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Terry Hendrix, Canon City Inmate, Sues NFL for $88 Billion Over Dez Bryant Call

NFL Films Screenshot
Dez Bryant's non-catch sparked outrage across Cowboy nation and laughter across every other fanbase.
Fremont Correctional Facility inmate and die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan Terry Hendrix is currently serving three different sentences ranging from five to 24 years -- meaning he has a lot of time to stew over Dallas's recent playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers. In fact, Hendrix was so upset about the loss that he decided to do something about it -- sue the NFL for almost $89 billion.

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20 Intoler-a-Bowl Memes, For Fans Who Want Seahawks, Patriots to Both Lose Super Bowl

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More memes below.
There's still more than a week of hype to go before Super Bowl XLIX, and that means more blanket coverage of Deflategate (eeesh), as well as more pain for Denver fans who can't decide which team they despise more -- the Seattle Seahawks, who humiliated the Broncos in last year's big game, or the New England Patriots, featuring the eminently hate-able triumvirate of Peyton-killer Tom Brady, serial cheater Bill Belichek and failed Denver coach Josh McDaniels. Isn't there a way they could both lose? No, unfortunately, but the following memes -- half bashing the 'Hawks, half ripping the Pats -- should help ease the agony no matter what happens. Check out our tribute to the Intoler-a-Bowl below.

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Top Twenty Tweets About Whether Broncos Hiring Gary Kubiak is Brilliant or a Botch

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Gary Kubiak after arriving in Denver for his successful interview. Additional photos and more below.
The reaction among members of Twitter Nation to the departure of John Fox as the Denver Broncos' head coach was mighty mixed -- and if anything, the team's decision to hire Gary Kubiak, John Elway's former backup, to take over is generating an even more varied reaction. Some tweeters are overjoyed, while others are unimpressed by Kubiak's coaching record (an iffy stint in Houston but an acclaimed effort as offensive coordinator in Baltimore) and doubt his temperament is any more fiery than that of the guy he's replacing. Check out our picks for the twenty most memorable tweets below, illustrated by images from Kubiak's arrival in Denver, which was covered as if he was a world leader.

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Gary Kubiak Isn't New Broncos Head Coach Despite What SBNation Said

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Gary Kubiak. More images below.
The frenzy to learn who will succeed John Fox as the next head coach of your Denver Broncos is getting crazier with each passing minute. As evidence, consider that yesterday afternoon, an SBNation post declared that prime hopeful Gary Kubiak -- who's gone from serving as John Elway's backup QB to NFL coaching gigs in Houston and Baltimore -- had been hired. But that proved to be a literal error, as you can see by the images below.

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Estes Park Climber Tommy Caldwell Summits the Dawn Wall -- and Gets Nod From Obama

At 4:05 Mountain Time on Wednesday, rock climber and Estes Park native Tommy Caldwell pulled himself up onto the top of Yosemite's El Capitan, turned towards the cameras filming him from below, and raised his arms in victory. And like that, his seven-year-long quest to climb the Dawn Wall was complete.

Caldwell, 36, and partner Kevin Jorgeson spent nineteen straight days living on the side of a 3,000-foot cliff in an attempt to become the first people ever to free climb the Dawn Wall, widely considered to be the toughest overall rock climb in the world. Their ascent was the most extensively reported in the history of the sport, with hundreds of thousands of people following their progress in the New York Times and on a live stream from NBC.

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Isaiah Holland, CU Footballer, Suspended After Allegedly Not Taking "No" for an Answer

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Isaiah Holland in a screen capture from a CU Buffs video. Additional clips and photos below.
Offensive lineman Isaiah Holland hasn't played a snap for the CU Buffs football team, but he's a promising recruit with an NFL pedigree (his dad has a Super Bowl ring) from whom big things were expected.

Not so much anymore. Holland has been suspended from the team indefinitely after allegedly groping a female student who'd previously thrown him out of her dorm room -- actions that have led to multiple felony charges. Photos, video and details below.

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Meet the Fourteen Head Coaches in Denver Broncos History -- Most of Them Losers

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John Fox during an interview at last year's Super Bowl. Additional photos and more below.
News that the Denver Broncos and John Fox had parted company was immediately followed by speculation about who the team's next head coach should be. But what about those who've filled the gig to date? Turns out there've been fourteen head coaches in Broncos history, and only five of them actually won more frequently than they lost while at the helm.

Get to know Fox's predecessors below, complete with photos, info and those not-always-flattering win-loss records.

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Top Twenty Tweets About John Fox Jumping or Getting Pushed From the Broncos

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Tweets, memes and more below.
The Broncos' latest dispiriting playoff defeat, this time at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts, was followed by two pieces of big news: the revelation that Peyton Manning had a quad tear, not a bruise, and the announcement that coach John Fox and the team are, in a carefully worded phrase, "parting ways."

Fox's departure triggered a Twitter explosion, with reactions including fear, panic, anger, confusion and more. Here are our picks for the twenty most memorable tweets on the topic, illustrated with NFL memes -- including some hilarious speculation about the next coach.

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