Top Twenty Tweets About How the Broncos Suck Even Though They're 2-0

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Talk about high expectations. The Broncos won yesterday's game against the Chiefs to go 2-0 in the young NFL season, yet the way they did it -- eking out a last-minute 24-17 victory after nearly giving up a big lead, just like in last week's season opener against the Colts -- inspired Broncos lovers and haters alike to express their frustration on Twitter. Too critical too soon? Decide after counting down the following twenty photo-illustrated tweets, complete with a bonus Vine.

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Two Broncos Tackle Ray Rice Controversy on Twitter, Dozens Don't

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Terrance Knighton's Twitter profile pic.
The scandal over the release of a video showing Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice brutally punching his ex-fiancee/now-wife continues to build, with the NFL currently scrambling to deal with reports that a league rep received a copy of the clip in April despite claims that no one in the office had seen it. That made us curious to discover how many members of the Denver Broncos had tackled the topic on Twitter. Our dispiriting estimate: two. Look below to see who spoke up -- and the dozens who haven't thus far.

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Photos: Can You Match the Crazy of the Craziest Broncos Fans We Could Find?

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Photo by Eric Gruneisen. Click to see our complete "The Broncos' 2014 Season Opener" slide show.
It's fair to say the post-Super Bowl blowout malaise that afflicted so many Broncos fans earlier this year is over: Prior to Denver's closer-than-it-should-have-been victory over the Indianapolis Colts, tailgaters at Mile High Stadium were incredibly amped for the new season, as our Eric Gruneisen discovered. Continue to check out his shots of the craziest fans he could find and click to see the complete "The Broncos' 2014 Season Opener" slide show.

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Videos: Chauncey Billups's Retirement -- and Why the Nuggets Need Him

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Denver native Chauncey Billups, who placed very high on our list of the ten best athletes to be born in Colorado, has announced his retirement from the NBA after seventeen years -- and the Nuggets, with whom he played during two separate stints, should take advantage of his availability by bringing him back into the fold right away. Why? After last year's injury-riddled downturn, local enthusiasm for the squad is at a low ebb -- but it could be reversed if the Nugs hire Billups in a significant off-the-court capacity. Worked out pretty well with the Broncos and John Elway, didn't it?

To bolster our argument, we've assembled a collection of great Chauncey-in-Denver moments. Enjoy them below.

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Perrish Cox: Why Hosts Say What Ex-Bronco Did Was Worse Than Ray Rice Fiancee Beating

Perrish Cox's booking photos. Additional images and more below.
The talk of the sports world this week is the indefinite suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice after TMZ released video showing him brutally punching his then-fiancee/now-wife in the face; see the disturbing clip below. Yet when discussing this development, 104.3 The Fan hosts D-Mac and Alfred Williams argued yesterday that the actions of Perrish Cox, a former Bronco, were actually worse -- and they feel the fact that Cox was not even suspended demonstrates the NFL's hypocrisy when it comes to dealing with players accused of criminal behavior.

What did Cox, now a member of the San Francisco 49ers, do to warrant this assertion? He fathered the child of a woman who accused him of raping her. Continue for the disturbing details, including the original arrest affidavit and a lawsuit also naming a current Bronco -- wide receiver Demaryius Thomas -- that has since been settled.

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Photos: Top Twenty Tweets About Broncos Nearly Choking Away Game One to Colts

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Hope you didn't wind up in intensive care after the Broncos' 2014 regular season debut last night. The team looked like world beaters in the first half, running up a 24-0 lead thanks to the heroics of Peyton Manning and Julius Thomas, then nearly gagged the victory away thanks to predictable play calling, dropped passes and the remade defense's inability to stop Andrew Luck and the Colts until victory was teetering on the edge of doom. The 31-24 win got Twitter nation talking. Here are our game-highlight-illustrated top twenty picks for most memorable tweets. Check them out below.

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Photos: Ten NFL Teams With the Best Fans -- and Who Forbes Says Beats the Broncos
Photo by Aaron Thackeray
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Those of us who live in Colorado tend to think of the Broncos as the NFL team with the best fans. But that's not how Forbes sees it. The publication's top ten ranking definitely includes Denver, as well as the Indianapolis Colts, who face our local heroes Sunday night to kick off the 2014 season. But who beats the Broncos? Find out by counting down the photo-illustrated top ten below, supplemented with Forbes data and an explanation about methodology -- and click here to check out the original post.

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Photos: Denver Broncos Victory Memes, 2014 Season Kickoff Edition

More memes below.
On Sunday night, the Broncos start the 2014 NFL season with a nationally broadcast home challenge against quarterback Peyton Manning's old team, the Indianapolis Colts -- and these samples from the Denver Broncos Memes Facebook page should get you ready for the game and the season quicker than a twelve-pack -- and with no chance of a hangover the next morning. Check out our twenty favorites below.

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Wes "Amphetamines" Welker Among 26 Players Setting New NFL Substance Abuse Mark

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Wes Welker. Videos and more below.
Looks like Broncos receiver Wes Welker will have more time to recover from his latest concussion; he's been suspended for four games after reportedly testing positive for amphetamines.

Welker's not alone. He's the second Bronco so far this year to violate the NFL's substance abuse policy (kicker Matt Prater was booted for beer) and the 26th player overall, putting 2014 on the brink of becoming the most substance-suspension-heavy year in the past quarter-century for the league with more than three months to go.

Continue to see the video-enhanced list of all 26 NFL players suspended since January 1, along with the amount of punishment they received. That's followed by a breakdown of suspensions per year since 1989, which graphically demonstrates that the league's War on Drugs -- be they performance enhancing or recreational -- is ramping up, not winding down.

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Photos: CSU Fans Care a Lot About Beating CU Footballers, CU Fans Just Want to Party

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Photo by Jake Shane. Click to see the complete CSU and CU Face Off at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Showdown slide show.
At Friday's Rocky Mountain Showdown, I was decked out in CU attire, since my daughters are students there. And when passing through the Rams' section of the parking lot, I tended to get one of two reactions. The first was: "Fuck you! Fuck CU!" And the second was "FUCK YOU! FUCK CU!"

Astonishingly, most CSU boosters maintained this level of passion throughout the game, during which CU blew a 17-7 third quarter lead by giving up 24 unanswered points to lose 31-17. The contrast between them and CU fans was illustrated by a series of Jumbotron juxtapositions. Shot of CSU section: Everyone going crazy! Shot of CU section: Bro looking at his phone.

Jake Shane captures some of these differences in photos on view below. Check them out here -- and click to see the complete CSU and CU Face Off at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Showdown slide show.

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