Video: Watch Seattle TV Station Eat Sh*t After Mistaking Gary Payton for Peyton Manning

No, this isn't Peyton Manning. Another image and a video below.
On Sunday, the Broncos' Peyton Manning set the all-time NFL record for most touchdown passes in a career -- news so big that even TV stations like KOMO in Seattle, whose Seahawks clobbered the Broncos in the Super Bowl earlier this year, had to cover it. Problem is, KOMO swapped out a Payton for a Peyton -- after which the station had to spend a hilariously humiliating ninety seconds or so eating shit over the mistake. Get details and see the video below.

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Denver Post Editor Salutes FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher Amid Jameis Winston Controversy

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Florida State University coach Jimbo Fisher at a press conference earlier this year. More images below.
Florida State University and its head coach, Jimbo Fisher, have been criticized in many quarters for overlooking off-the-field misdeeds by its Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, Jameis Winston, in a bid to win another national championship. But over the weekend, when FSU bested Notre Dame in one of the most watched college football games of the year, Fisher received support from an unusual source: Denver Post editor Greg Moore. Details below.

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Top 20 Tweets About Whether Broncos' Win Over 49ers Makes Them Super Bowl Favorites

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More photos below.
It was just last week when the Broncos' narrow win over the woeful Jets convinced a considerable portion of Twitter Nation that Denver was overrated. No more: Last night's superlative 42-17 crushing of the excellent San Francisco 49ers not only saw Peyton Manning setting the all-time touchdown pass mark, but also featured the kind of performance fans have been waiting all year to see. Simply put, the Broncos were great on every level.

But even before this Thursday's huge matchup against Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers looming, has Denver already established itself as the class of the NFL likely to make it back to the Super Bowl? Some answers can be found in this week's top twenty tweets, illustrated by images from the victory. Check them out below.

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Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton Fined $11K for Racial Slur During Broncos-Jets Game
Terrance Knighton's Twitter profile pic.
With all the problems afflicting the NFL right now, one of the least important involves coarse language among players on the field -- including the term "nigga," usually sanitized as the N-word. Yet the league continues to punish players for the word's use -- including, presumably, Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton, who's been hit with an $11,025 fine for allegedly vocalizing a racial slur during this past weekend's game against the New York Jets.

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Top 20 Tweets About Whether Broncos' Close Win Over Jets Shows They're Overrated

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More photos below.
As we know, expectations color perceptions, particularly in sports. Hence, the highly varied reactions to the Broncos' 31-17 win yesterday over the New York Jets, a woeful team Denver's top rival, the San Diego Chargers, blew out the previous week. Is the glass half-empty or half-full for Peyton Manning and company? Here are twenty memorable takes from Twitter Nation, featuring images from the game.

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Photos: Meet Your 2014 Denver Nuggets Dancers

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Big photos below.
With so much attention on the Broncos, you may have missed the start of the Denver Nuggets preseason. The team matches up tonight against the Phoenix Suns -- and that means the Denver Nuggets Dancers are back in action as well. Meet the sixteen-person squad below, complete with photos and text from the Denver Nuggets Dancers website.

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Dan O'Dowd Finally Out as Rockies GM -- But With Dick Monfort as Owner, Will It Matter?

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Dan O'Dowd and Rockies owner Dick Monfort in an item featured on the Colorado Rockies Memes Facebook page.
The Colorado Rockies are a bad joke of a Major League Baseball franchise, yet owner Dick Monfort has been extremely slow to make changes -- maybe because of all the money he's raking in from the new Coors Field party deck. But this morning brings news that general manager Dan O'Dowd, who helped assemble a team that was lucky to go 66-96 this year, has resigned -- and that's not all. Photos, details and early reaction below.

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Adrian Dater, Denver Post Hockey Writer, Suspended After Tweeting "P*ssy"

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Adrian Dater in a 2010 interview. Additional photos and more below.
Update below: The Colorado Avalanche season is gearing up after a resurgence under coach Patrick Roy -- but Adrian Dater, who covers the beat for the Denver Post, won't be doing so until later this month. He's been suspended for two weeks without pay for sending a tweet that included the word "pussy." Continue for photos and details about this controversy and a previous one in which the outspoken Dater was embroiled.

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Top Twenty Tweets About Whether Broncos Played Well or Dirty Versus Cardinals

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Photos and more below.
The reactions to the Broncos' 41-20 victory yesterday over the previously undefeated Arizona Cardinals have run the gamut. Some fans are praising the Broncos for a points explosion spurred by Peyton Manning's 500th career touchdown pass and a career-high 479 yards through the air, while others grouse that the win was devalued because the Cards were down to their third-string quarterback by game's end and defensive end Calais Campbell was injured in a Julius Thomas chop block Arizona coach Bruce Arians called the dirtiest play he's ever seen.

Glass half full or glass half empty? That's the debate among our top twenty tweets, featuring images from the contest. Check them out below.

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Justin Simoni's Amazing Bike-Hike of Colorado's Fourteeners

Justin Simoni.
There are folks who consider climbing all of Colorado's fourteeners a life's work. Then there's a small, hardy corps of peak-baggers who compete with one another to nail those babies all at once, in the shortest amount of time; the current record runs at about ten days. And then there's endurance athlete Justin Simoni, who regards the standard approach of driving to a trailhead in order to commence hiking to be -- well, a bit slack.

This past summer, Simoni decided to tackle a challenge that only the most gonzo of the state's climbers have ever attempted: an entirely self-supported, self-powered tour of the Colorado fourteener circuit that involves bicycling to each trailhead and ending up back at the original starting point. The end result? More than 1,600 miles of biking, 388 miles of hiking, more than 300,000 feet of elevation gain -- all in what appears to be a new record time, in spite of one of the wettest, most unfavorable climbing seasons in memory.

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