Colorado Rapids make peanuts compared to Manchester United, AS Roma counterparts

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Will the Rapids ever be able to afford a player like Wayne Rooney in his prime?
Tomorrow, two top-flight European football clubs -- AS Roma (Serie A, Italy) and Manchester United (Premiere League, England) -- square off at Mile High Stadium in the 2014 International Champions Cup.

How would the hometown Colorado Rapids stack up against either of these touring powerhouses? Salary-wise, we know the answer: not well.

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Pat Bowlen formally gives up control of Broncos, acknowledges he's fighting Alzheimer's

Photo by Brandon Marshall
Pat Bowlen at the 2012 press conference introducing Peyton Manning. More photos below.
It's not the kind of news that typically breaks overnight -- but longtime Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has always done things his own way.

A short time ago, the Broncos released a statement through revealing that Bowlen, seventy, is formally giving up control of the team -- something that actually happened several years ago according to sources speaking with Westword. What's new is confirmation that Bowlen suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

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Photos: The twelve NFL teams Forbes says are more valuable than the Broncos
Big photos and more below.
The Denver Broncos finished 25th on Forbes's list of the world's fifty most valuable sports teams, down two spots from last year. The rankings were based on each team's enterprise value (total equity plus debt) and their current or pending stadium deals. The Broncos are valued at $1.161 billion.

Of the 24 sports teams ranked ahead of the Broncos, twelve were in the NFL. But are they really more valuable in the greater sense of things? We offer our takes in the following countdown.

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Videos: Peyton Manning prefers Dan Marino and Kevin Durant over Tyra Banks circa 1998

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Tyra Banks in 1998. Videos below.
If you ever had any doubts about how big a sports fan Peyton Manning is, they were erased at last night's ESPY awards. PM was named Best NFL Player and honored for Best Record-Setting Performance, and in accepting the latter, he said receiving the bauble from Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino and Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant topped the moment when he was given the Best College Player ESPY by supermodel Tyra Banks in 1998.

Who would you prefer to hand you a trophy -- Marino and Durant or Banks in her mid-twenties? To help you decide, we've juxtaposed a clip of last night's acceptance speech with 1998 footage of Banks issued in conjunction with that year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Enjoy making the comparison below.

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Photos: Twenty most memorable Colorado Rockies suck memes

Big memes below.
It's the Major League Baseball All-Star break, and that's appropriate, because the Colorado Rockies are broken. The team has gone from better than expected to as horrible as usual over the course of the season to date, with owner Dick Monfort making a bad situation infinitely worse by suggesting to one disgruntled fan that maybe Denver doesn't deserve a team anymore. The line prompted one wit to put the Rockies up for sale in a now-pulled Craigslist ad that we managed to screen-capture before it disappeared.

The Colorado Rockies Memes Facebook page reflects the resulting frustration; nearly every recent post is negative, with Monfort and general manager Dan O'Dowd coming in for the vast majority of (thoroughly deserved) bashing. Continue to check out our picks for the twenty most memorable Colorado Rockies suck memes, with the Craigslist ad included as a special bonus.

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Photos: Saying goodbye to eight veteran Denver Broncos cheerleaders

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Photo courtesy of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Facebook page. More pics below.
Like the Denver Broncos football team, which has lost some key players between last season and this one (so long, Champ Bailey), the Broncos cheerleading squad is bidding farewell to eight veterans -- and paying tribute on the outfit's Facebook page. Among those leaving is one member consistently picked among the NFL's hottest cheerleaders, who was also "top sales person in the country for a major medical device company in 2013." No word as to whether she sells defibrillators.

Look below to see photos of each member moving on, featuring goodbye text from the Facebook page that reveals the reasons why they're going -- including weddings aplenty and an entry into medical school. Get the specifics below.

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Broncos ticket prices up as much as 52 percent in four seasons

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Photo by Brandon Marshall
Peyton Manning at a 2012 press conference. Click to see our complete "Peyton Manning signs with the Broncos" slide show.
The Denver Broncos have just announced the ticket prices for the 2014-2015 season -- and while it's no surprise they've gone up, the amount some of them have risen is considerable. If our math is correct (and granted, that's a big if), the price for a prime field seat will now be more than 50 percent higher than it was in 2010-2011. Other bump ups range from modest for upper-level seats to substantial at the club level.

Here's the breakdown in several different categories.

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Update: Amy Van Dyken will return to Colorado to do her rehab in Denver

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A photo shared on Amy Van Dyken's Instagram account. Additional photos and more below.
Update: Amy Van Dyken, who severed her spine in an ATV accident on Friday (see our previous coverage below), confirms that she'll be relocating from Arizona to her home state of Colorado in order to rehab at Craig hospital in Denver. In the meantime, she continues to amaze with social media posts that exhibit a sense of humor sure to help her immeasurably as she takes the first of what she hashtags as #BabySteps.

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Chris "Birdman" Andersen: Inside double-Catfish scheme that's made him a recluse
Chris "Birdman" Andersen. More photos below.
Last year around this time, as members of the Miami Heat were embroiled in what turned out to be a second consecutive NBA-championship run, we reported that an Internet Crimes Against Children investigation targeting Chris "Birdman" Andersen was still open a full year after authorities had raided his Larkspur home. It wasn't until the following September that the former Denver Nugget was officially cleared, with authorities confirming that he'd been the victim of a bizarre, double-Catfish scheme allegedly perpetrated by a Canadian woman named Shelly Lynne Chartier.

Now, with the Heat set to kick off its quest for a third straight NBA crown against the San Antonio Spurs tonight, a new report provides the most details yet about Chartier's twisted Internet manipulations and the terrible effect they've had on Andersen's life.

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New Bronco T.J. Ward's arrest warrant for strip-club assault -- and 37 team busts since 2000

T.J. Ward. More photos and information about 37 other arrests below.
Safety T.J. Ward, a high-profile free-agent recently signed by the Broncos, is wanted for misdemeanor assault in relation to a reported May 9 incident at PT's Showclub, a strip joint. (See correction below.) And for those keeping track at home: No, he hasn't played a single down for the Broncos yet.

When Ward is formally cuffed, he'll join a long list of Broncos who've had brushes with the law. Back in 2012, we compiled a list of 34 team member arrests since 2000 -- the third most of any team in the NFL over that period at the time. Since then, that number has grown to 37 and will hit 38 after Ward's booking. See the updated roster below, published in chronological order and featuring photos, information about each allegation (some players turn up more than once) and links to incidents covered by Westword.

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