The $6 Million Narc: What Trinidad Could Learn From Botched Texas Drug Stings
This week's Westword cover story, "The Snitch Who Stole Christmas," examines the aftermath of a 2013 police investigation that led to the arrests of forty people in Trinidad for allegedly selling heroin, meth, and other drugs to two undercover informants. The cases were so riddled with legal and procedural problems -- having to do with lax police work, fake drugs and informants with multiple motives for staging buys that may not have happened -- that all of them were eventually thrown out of court, but not before several of the accused had lost jobs and suffered other damage from the operation.

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Timothy Heckler, Busted for Tagging in Tigger Costume: "I'm Off the Tweek Again"

Timothy Heckler in a Denver Police Department photo. More pics below.
Timothy Heckler has made his mark on the Denver Police Department -- and more.

Heckler's bust for alleged tagging while wearing a Tigger costume -- just in time for Halloween! -- has inspired a new DPD Facebook feature entitled "What in the Wednesday." But his own Facebook posts are stranger still. Get details and see more photos below.

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Missing Arkansas Pit Bull Saved in Central City After Homeless Man Tries to Trade Him for Pot

All photos courtesy of the Clear Creek/Gilpin County Animal Shelter Facebook page. More pics below.
The story of Trucker the pit bull would be weird under any circumstances. After all, he disappeared in Arkansas in June only to turn up almost four months later in Central City, Colorado. But the tale becomes that much stranger given the circumstances of his rescue: A Good Samaritan bought him from a homeless man who'd reportedly tried to trade him for pot. The bizarre details and more photos below.

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Video: Watch Seattle TV Station Eat Sh*t After Mistaking Gary Payton for Peyton Manning

No, this isn't Peyton Manning. Another image and a video below.
On Sunday, the Broncos' Peyton Manning set the all-time NFL record for most touchdown passes in a career -- news so big that even TV stations like KOMO in Seattle, whose Seahawks clobbered the Broncos in the Super Bowl earlier this year, had to cover it. Problem is, KOMO swapped out a Payton for a Peyton -- after which the station had to spend a hilariously humiliating ninety seconds or so eating shit over the mistake. Get details and see the video below.

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Balloon Boy Flight Fifth Anniversary: Where Are The Heenes Now?
Falcon Heene, with dad Richard, vomiting on the Today Show. More photos plus videos below.
Five years ago today, we have a pretty good idea where you were -- watching TV coverage of a balloon floating over a wide swath of Colorado, supposedly with a young Fort Collins boy named Falcon Heene inside.

As we soon learned, Falcon, promptly dubbed "Balloon Boy," wasn't inside what his father, Richard, dubbed an "experimental craft;" he was perfectly safe on Terra Firma. Richard and his wife, Mayumi, subsequently pleaded guilty to perpetrating what was characterized as a hoax -- but where are they now? Living in Florida -- and still trying to worm their way into the media spotlight. Photos, videos and details below.

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Christina Jahnz Becomes Internet-Famous After Impaling Butt During Texting-Aided Crash

A photo strategically blurred in 7News coverage. More photos and details below.
These days, a lot of people spend all their time figuring out how they can become Internet-famous. But Elizabeth's Christina Jahnz managed to do so in seconds -- by revealing that her butt had been impaled by a pole when she crashed her car while texting.

There's been a lot of exposure for Jahnz over the last few hours, in more ways than one. Details, photos, a video and even a meme below.

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Videos: Watch Gamer Kootra Get SWATted in Hoax That Shut Down Schools

Jordan "Kootra" Mathewson in a screen capture grabbed by 7News from a video shared here. More images and clips below.
"Uh-oh. This isn't good. They're clearing rooms. I think we're getting SWATted."

Those are the words said by Jordan "Kootra" Mathewson, founder of a Littleton-based gaming group called The Creatures, just before police burst into the studio from which he was live-streaming Counter-Strike. Why? A hoax call about an active shooter that wound up with schools throughout the area being locked down. A video of the entire exchange, plus photos, extra clips and details below.

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Missy Franklin Is No Longer a Belieber: Sorry, Justin

Missy and Justin early last year. Additional photos and more below.
Could it be the beginning of the end for Justin Bieber? The diminutive Canuck heartthrob has spent the last year-plus making more idiotic headlines than hits -- and now, even Olympic gold medalist and self-confessed superfan Missy Franklin is distancing herself from him.

Oh, how times have changed.

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Southwest passenger in Denver asked to deplane after criticizing agent on Twitter

Photos courtesy of WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. More images, tweets and a video below.
In a recent airline quality survey that hammered Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines finished in the middle of the pack. But Minnesota's Duff Watson would no doubt rank the carrier much lower. He says he was asked to deplane prior to a flight home from Denver because he criticized a Southwest agent on Twitter.

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Photos: Roadkill, death and more in Arvada police animal-management tweet-along

More photos below.
Animal lovers who've considered becoming an animal control officer may have had their minds changed by a tweet-along staged yesterday by the Arvada Police Department's animal management department. Incidents in what appears to have been a normal day included a roadkill pickup, a corpse recovery, a neglected pet that couldn't be saved and more. Granted, it wasn't all tragedy, but the circle of life's last phase is on view plenty of times in the photo-filled tweet string below.

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