Why 4/20 is the absolute worst day of the year in Colorado

This Sunday thousands of ganja enthusiasts will gather in Denver's Civic Center for what has become an annual rite of spring, the embrace of cannabis culture at 4:20 on 4/20. But this weekend also marks the peculiar collision of several more somber anniversaries, commemorating some of the worst days this part of the country has ever seen. "April is the cruellest month," T.S. Eliot wrote in the opening line of The Waste Land, "breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire." And some of the memories of April 20th in Colorado aren't exactly blissful.

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Painting of Full House's Joey stolen from restaurant, returned in trash bag

A Facebook photo of the "Full House" paintings at Big Al's, with Joey missing.
Big Al's Burgers and Dogs has an attribute unique in Fort Collins and, probably, on planet Earth -- a series of paintings that pay tribute to characters from the iconic '80s/'90s sitcom Full House. So you can imagine the heartbreak when someone stole the portrait depicting Joey Gladstone, portrayed by the brilliant Dave Coulier. But fortunately, this shocking tale has a happy ending.

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The pros and cons of using the a$$hole lane

I have a confession to make: I use the asshole lane. What's that? Well, when a sign announces that, for example, the left lane ends in 1,000 feet, drivers are supposed to immediately move right. But especially when traffic is backed up, I stay in the other lane until just about the point when it disappears, passing lots of other vehicles in the process. I call it "the asshole lane." I'm starting to rethink my strategy, though, after nearly getting into two accidents in as many days -- in part because I encountered a pair of fellow assholes. I'm not sure which of us was bigger, but it was probably me.

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Photos: Have you seen Loyal Merrick's missing drone?

Big photos, video below.
Last year, we posted about an unusual missing flier, from the owner of a Volkswagen whose mohawk was stolen. (The VW's in my neighborhood, and I'm sorry to report that the mohawk's never rematerialized). Now, however, there's a new one that may be even weirder.

The flier offers a reward for a missing...drone?

Talk about a sign of the times. Get details and see photos and videos below.

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Photos: Strange Valentine's Day cards for Denver cops

More Valentines below.
The folks at the Denver Police Facebook page have clearly been looking forward to Valentine's Day. Over the past week, page administrators have shared a series of e-cards they encourage friends to send to law enforcers as a way of showing how much they love the work they do. We admit to being a little mystified by the one above. If an officer's unlocking the cuffs of a criminal, isn't he abetting an escape? And if the person in cuffs isn't a scofflaw, what kind of kinky stuff are these cops into? Fortunately, the four additional cards shared here make a little more sense, even if they're equally weird -- and the last one's absolutely hilarious. Check them out below.

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Only in Colorado: Hippie-friendly bus on sale for 2.5 pounds of pot

Big photos below.
We recently noted the budding of "free" marijuana deals on Denver Craigslist, with folks frequently offering cannabis in exchange for a donation or as a bonus for the purchase of another item.

But such proposals aren't the only kind of weed-related deals on the site.

Here's a memorable example: An advertiser is offering to swap what looks from photos below to be a great hippie bus for two-and-a-half pounds of pot.

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Denver Now, part three: A last look back at Mile High businesses from 1982

Big photos below.
Earlier this year, we stumbled upon Denver Now, a book showcasing businesses in the city circa 1982. The results, complete with wonderfully dated photos, are a Waybac Machine on paper, which is why we've featured it in two posts: one in March, with volume two following in June.

Now, we bring the trilogy to a close with more looks back at what was considered hip, cool and stylish more than three decades ago. Return to the Dynasty era below.

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Beardos rule!: See the many moods of Eric Brooks's amazing facial hair

Big photos, videos below.
Eric Brooks's beard was already a favorite among area connoisseurs: Last month, he won the Work of Art prize from the Boulder Facial Hair Club.

But now, his wonderful whiskers are getting national exposure in the Washington Post and NHL TV, as well as local love from the Coloradoan, the newspaper in his current home of Fort Collins.

We've got the deets, plus videos and photos from Brooks's Facebook page proving that his beard has a lot more than one mood. Check them out below.

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Top ten Denver women you've probably dated

Big illustrations below.
It's a dating jungle out there, and in order to survive, you need to know how to identify the animals -- especially the ones likely to tear you to shreds. With that in mind, Westword consulted with dating experts to zero in on the people who've contributed to the longest, most awkward nights of your life.

Our men's list is coming soon, but today, ladies are first. Check out the top ten Denver women you've probably dated, scientifically classified (sort of) and illustrated by the renowned Noah Van Sciver.

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Lawsuit over Vail Resorts' planned roller coaster -- or is it an alpine slide?

Big photo below.
When you've dropped two or five or ten million on that second or third home in one of the more desirable Colorado mountain resorts, there are a few items that you take for granted will not be next door. Walmarts, trailer parks and rendering plants are probably high on the list. But so are roller coasters -- which is why hundreds of riled-up, deeply invested Beaver Creek homeowners announced the filing of a lawsuit against Vail Resorts this week, alleging a long string of broken promises and scheming behind proposed construction of what critics are calling "amusement park rides" at the base of the ski area.

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