Uber vs. Lyft vs. taxis: Comparing ride-hailing options in Denver

Are all cab rides created equal? Not in Denver. As described in our current cover story, "Street Fight -- Are Denver Cab Companies Ready for an Uber Bumpy Ride?," unique state rules mean no two Denver taxi companies are alike in how they operate and what they charge riders. Add to that various power struggles over control of the lucrative metro taxi market, plus the recent incursion of smart phone-based car-hailing companies Uber and Lyft, and you have a lot to consider before hailing a ride. Keep reading for a breakdown of your options.

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Twin Galaxies lost in space: What's happened to gaming's record-keeping company?

Pickles and wife Marika.
When the 33-year-old Denverite Jeff Pickles collected 3,333,360 points on a vintage Pac-Man machine at LoDo's 1up arcade bar, he became one of only a handful of gamers to nab a perfect Pac-Man run, as reported in our current cover story, "Leader of the Pac." He has photographic proof and a few witnesses to testify to this feat, but his name appears in no record book. That's because right now, there is no record book. Twin Galaxies, the thirty-year-old company that kept the gaming records and moved to Denver in 2012, has disappeared.

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Photos: Top ten Sugar Daddy schools (including CU) according to Seeking Arrangement

Big photos below.
Last May, we posted about a University of Colorado study that found May-December couples are seldom rich or hot. Afterward, Brandon Wade, CEO of Seeking Arrangement, billed as "the world's largest Sugar Daddy website," offered a rebuttal. His sugar daddies are rich and hot, he insisted.

Now, Seeking Arrangement has come up with a list of colleges with the most students seeking sugar daddies, and can you guess which local school made the top ten? Yep, CU. Get details and the roster below.

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Top ten apology tweets from Broncos players about Super Bowl loss

Categories: Sports, Tech

Big tweets below.
After the Broncos' humiliating defeat in the Super Bowl, a lot of us fans felt an apology was in order -- and plenty of Twitter-using Denver players agreed. At this writing, none of our five most memorable Broncos on Twitter have weighed in, disappointingly enough. But a slew of other notables, including Shaun Phillips, seen here, have sent out I'm-sorry tweets, with many adding that the loss will only inspire them to work harder in the off-season. That's what we like to hear. Count down our top ten below.

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Marijuana: Civic Center's black market for pot is alive and well

Categories: Marijuana, Tech

In late December, right before marijuana made its loud and proud entrance into the Colorado retail economy, I walked down to Civic Center Park to see if you could still buy a nickel bag off a stranger, as I did when I first moved to town a decade ago. I was not surprised to find that you could -- and was equally unshocked last week when I returned to the park and found the black market just as busy...if not more so.

There were a few key differences between my pot purchase in Civic Center in late December and my post-legalization trip there last week, though.

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Photos: Top twenty Philip Rivers hate tweets after Broncos' playoffs win

Categories: Sports, Tech

Tweets, big photos below.
What made yesterday's 24-17 Broncos win over the Chargers even more satisfying for Denver fans was the opportunity to see QB Philip Rivers, the man we love to hate, laid low after a week of hype about San Diego supposedly being a team of destiny thanks to Rivers's bolo-tie mojo.

Afterward, jubilant Broncos boosters expressed their joy on Twitter in ways that may have made Rivers shed a few more tears. Look below to see our twenty faves, accompanied by screen captures from the victory.

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Bikini bridge coverage slapped by 9News Facebook friends

Categories: Media, Tech

Video and more below.
A search for the phrase "bikini bridge" on the 9News Facebook page this morning scores no hits -- meaning that it's presumably been scrubbed out of existence.

But there was enough hubbub about coverage of what's now seen as an Internet hoax to convince young women that emaciation is in that the station chose to report about the previous post -- and in doing so, anchors insisted that its approach was responsible. See details, including multiple memes and a video, below.

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Photos: LeeAnn Rimes, Kevin Nealon tweet from scene of fatal Aspen plane crash

Categories: News, Tech

Photos and more below.
Most celebrities tend to use Twitter for a variety of mostly promotional purposes.

But yesterday, singer LeeAnn Rimes and comedian Kevin Nealon tweeted about a far more important topic -- a plane crash they'd witnessed in Aspen that killed one person (craft co-pilot Sergio Emilio Carranza Brabat) and injured two others.

Look below to see tweets, photos and a video featuring footage from the fiery scene.

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More surveillance cameras don't make you safer, ACLU says

Big images below.
In a post last month, we told you about a new website called CommunityCam, which planned to use crowd-sourcing techniques to document and map all the security cameras in public areas throughout Denver and other nearby areas. The site's founder mainly portrayed such surveillance devices as good things -- no surprise, given that his main company sells and markets them. But the ACLU of Boulder's Judd Golden doesn't equate more cameras with more safety and is concerned about other possible infringements on personal privacy as they proliferate.

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Denver's official marijuana website: Welcome to the world of "No!"

Big graphics below.
Yesterday, the City of Denver launched a marijuana website on Colorado.gov" -- a key element in what a release calls "a public education effort" prior to the January 1 kickoff of retail pot sales. But while the assorted pages sport apparently non-ironic references to Denver as "the Mile High City," the tone of the graphics and text is the opposite of welcoming, with the vast majority of the info focused on what people can't do as opposed to what they can. The result suggests officials frankly terrified by what will happen just over three weeks from now. See examples aplenty below.

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