Breastfeeding pics on social media: Jeanna Hoch on critics, Facebook after account blocked again
A cropped version of a Jeanna Hoch meme seen in its entirety below, along with other breastfeeding photos.
Last month, we told you about Jeanna Hoch, who went public after Facebook suspended her account due to the presence of breastfeeding photos -- images the site explicitly allows.

Hoch's page was reinstated after the media circulated her story. But she was temporarily blocked from posting new content again amid charges from critics that she's a former stripper who only wants publicity. She refutes such accusations and spells out the reasons for her campaign -- one that extends beyond Facebook, as another woman's experience with Instagram shows.

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Jeanna Hoch makes statement about sexism and more via breastfeeding pics on Facebook

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A closeup from Jeanna Hoch's Facebook profile photo. Additional Hoch breastfeeding pics below.
Denver's Jeanna Hoch wasn't naive when she decided to share a photo of her breastfeeding her baby as her Facebook profile pic. She did so explicitly to make a statement about a society that tends to look at this body part only from an erotic viewpoint as opposed to seeing it as a multifaceted symbol of nurturing, family and love.

Facebook subsequently suspended her account, only to reinstate it a short time later -- but not before Hoch fired up a lively debate on the topic. Photos and more below.

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Video: Paralyzed man kicks off World Cup with help from CSU team

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The Walk Again project was partially created in Colorado and led by CSU.

The World Cup literally kicked off yesterday in Sao Palo, Brazil with a kick made by a man with complete paralysis of the lower trunk. Juliano Pinto, 29, used a robo-suit that let him use his brainwaves to control his normally unresponsive lower limbs in order to make contact with the game ball.

A small piece of Colorado was on the field in a very big way during this event. The helmet liner helping to send the brainwaves' message to the suit was designed and created on the Fort Collins' Colorado State University campus in a 3D printing lab. Alan Rudolph, CSU vice President for Research was the business manager of the Walk Again Project and has been splitting his time between Colorado and Brazil in anticipation of Pinto's big moment.

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Chris "Birdman" Andersen: Inside double-Catfish scheme that's made him a recluse
Chris "Birdman" Andersen. More photos below.
Last year around this time, as members of the Miami Heat were embroiled in what turned out to be a second consecutive NBA-championship run, we reported that an Internet Crimes Against Children investigation targeting Chris "Birdman" Andersen was still open a full year after authorities had raided his Larkspur home. It wasn't until the following September that the former Denver Nugget was officially cleared, with authorities confirming that he'd been the victim of a bizarre, double-Catfish scheme allegedly perpetrated by a Canadian woman named Shelly Lynne Chartier.

Now, with the Heat set to kick off its quest for a third straight NBA crown against the San Antonio Spurs tonight, a new report provides the most details yet about Chartier's twisted Internet manipulations and the terrible effect they've had on Andersen's life.

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@HiddenCashCO making Twitter friends $40 at time: Are more giveaways coming?

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Kirsten Duncan with two portraits of Andrew Jackson. More Twitpics and tweets below.
How does a new Twitter account get followers fast? One surefire way: Give away money.

Yesterday, the folks behind Hidden Cash Boulder tweeted clues to the whereabouts of envelopes containing $40 under the hashtag @HiddenCashCO. Now, less than 24 hours later, the feed has more than 2,700 followers, and that number's likely to grow given that more giveaways are said to be on tap for today.

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Photos: Top sixteen kinds of Facebook friends you're most likely to unfriend
Big photos below.
Since 2010, University of Colorado Denver doctoral student Christopher Sibona has researched Facebook via studies focusing on unfriending -- including the phenomenon of unfriending harming actual friendships. As for his latest two studies, they include a look at unfriending behavior that lists the sixteen kinds of people most likely to be unfriended.

Look below to count down all sixteen, supplemented by photos and very unscientific examples of unfriending targets who fit in each category.

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Uber vs. Lyft vs. taxis: Comparing ride-hailing options in Denver

Are all cab rides created equal? Not in Denver. As described in our current cover story, "Street Fight -- Are Denver Cab Companies Ready for an Uber Bumpy Ride?," unique state rules mean no two Denver taxi companies are alike in how they operate and what they charge riders. Add to that various power struggles over control of the lucrative metro taxi market, plus the recent incursion of smart phone-based car-hailing companies Uber and Lyft, and you have a lot to consider before hailing a ride. Keep reading for a breakdown of your options.

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Twin Galaxies lost in space: What's happened to gaming's record-keeping company?

Pickles and wife Marika.
When the 33-year-old Denverite Jeff Pickles collected 3,333,360 points on a vintage Pac-Man machine at LoDo's 1up arcade bar, he became one of only a handful of gamers to nab a perfect Pac-Man run, as reported in our current cover story, "Leader of the Pac." He has photographic proof and a few witnesses to testify to this feat, but his name appears in no record book. That's because right now, there is no record book. Twin Galaxies, the thirty-year-old company that kept the gaming records and moved to Denver in 2012, has disappeared.

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Photos: Top ten Sugar Daddy schools (including CU) according to Seeking Arrangement

Big photos below.
Last May, we posted about a University of Colorado study that found May-December couples are seldom rich or hot. Afterward, Brandon Wade, CEO of Seeking Arrangement, billed as "the world's largest Sugar Daddy website," offered a rebuttal. His sugar daddies are rich and hot, he insisted.

Now, Seeking Arrangement has come up with a list of colleges with the most students seeking sugar daddies, and can you guess which local school made the top ten? Yep, CU. Get details and the roster below.

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Top ten apology tweets from Broncos players about Super Bowl loss

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Big tweets below.
After the Broncos' humiliating defeat in the Super Bowl, a lot of us fans felt an apology was in order -- and plenty of Twitter-using Denver players agreed. At this writing, none of our five most memorable Broncos on Twitter have weighed in, disappointingly enough. But a slew of other notables, including Shaun Phillips, seen here, have sent out I'm-sorry tweets, with many adding that the loss will only inspire them to work harder in the off-season. That's what we like to hear. Count down our top ten below.

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