Christina Jahnz Becomes Internet-Famous After Impaling Butt During Texting-Aided Crash

A photo strategically blurred in 7News coverage. More photos and details below.
These days, a lot of people spend all their time figuring out how they can become Internet-famous. But Elizabeth's Christina Jahnz managed to do so in seconds -- by revealing that her butt had been impaled by a pole when she crashed her car while texting.

There's been a lot of exposure for Jahnz over the last few hours, in more ways than one. Details, photos, a video and even a meme below.

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Photos: WOLF Sanctuary Facebook Page Hacked Via NSFW Posts

Categories: Tech
Part of a photo posted on the Wolf Sanctuary's now-former Facebook page. NSFW images and more below.
Nonprofit organizations must work long and hard to create sizable Facebook followings. So imagine the distress of the folks at Colorado's WOLF Sanctuary when they discovered that their page, which earned more than 277,000 likes, had been hacked via risque photos that seemed to have been placed by the organization itself. The NSFW images and details below.

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Videos: Watch Gamer Kootra Get SWATted in Hoax That Shut Down Schools

Jordan "Kootra" Coombs in a screen capture grabbed by 7News from a video shared here. More images and clips below.
"Uh-oh. This isn't good. They're clearing rooms. I think we're getting SWATted."

Those are the words said by Jordan "Kootra" Mathewson, founder of a Littleton-based gaming group called The Creatures, just before police burst into the studio from which he was live-streaming Counter-Strike. Why? A hoax call about an active shooter that wound up with schools throughout the area being locked down. A video of the entire exchange, plus photos, extra clips and details below.

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Photos: Twenty Great Ways to Celebrate #ThrowbackThursday Denver-Style

Categories: Photos, Tech

More photos below.
The Twitter hashtag #ThrowbackThursday has become a favorite for a very good reason: With all the lousy news taking place now, it's reassuring and entertaining to turn back the clock once a week.

Plenty of Denver tweeters agree, regularly sharing #ThrowbackThursday posts featuring fascinating, charming or funny photos from the past -- often the very distant past. Check out twenty of our recent favorites below.

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Top Twenty Twitter Reactions to the Colorado Purge Hoax

One of the images circulating through new and old media. Additional pics and more below.
Purge: Anarchy, the sequel to the surprise horror hit from last year, arrived in theaters last month, and at this point, it's pretty much run its course. But rumors of a real-life Colorado Purge beginning at 6:30 p.m. on September 6 -- during which, presumably, laws would be suspended for twelve hours, making all crimes legal -- are heating up, with old-school media outlets reporting about what is clearly a ham-handed social-media hoax. But the Twitter reactions are mighty entertaining anyhow. Count down our photo-illustrated top twenty favorite Twitter reactions below.

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Denver International Airport's runway #selfie contest comes in for a landing

Categories: Tech

In our post 9/11 world, it doesn't seem like a very good idea to encourage regular people to venture out onto the runway at a major commercial airport, but that isn't stopping the folks at Denver International Airport, who created the #LoveDIA contest on Twitter.

"Want to take a #selfie on a runway?" read the rules of the contest, which ends on July 31. "Tweet us why you think @DENairport is America's favorite connecting hub and use #LoveDIA for a chance to win an exclusive photo op!"

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Sexy Facebook profile pics make women seem less competent to other females, study finds

Categories: Tech

Could women with a sexy Facebook profile photo be hurting their chances to be hired for a job by another female? That's among the implications of a new study by Elizabeth Daniels, currently an assistant professor at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. The analysis, entitled "The Price of Sexy," found that women tended to see those who put flirty pics front and center as both less attractive and less competent. Get details and see the report below.

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Breastfeeding pics on social media: Jeanna Hoch on critics, Facebook after account blocked again
A cropped version of a Jeanna Hoch meme seen in its entirety below, along with other breastfeeding photos.
Last month, we told you about Jeanna Hoch, who went public after Facebook suspended her account due to the presence of breastfeeding photos -- images the site explicitly allows.

Hoch's page was reinstated after the media circulated her story. But she was temporarily blocked from posting new content again amid charges from critics that she's a former stripper who only wants publicity. She refutes such accusations and spells out the reasons for her campaign -- one that extends beyond Facebook, as another woman's experience with Instagram shows.

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Jeanna Hoch makes statement about sexism and more via breastfeeding pics on Facebook

Categories: Photos, Tech

A closeup from Jeanna Hoch's Facebook profile photo. Additional Hoch breastfeeding pics below.
Denver's Jeanna Hoch wasn't naive when she decided to share a photo of her breastfeeding her baby as her Facebook profile pic. She did so explicitly to make a statement about a society that tends to look at this body part only from an erotic viewpoint as opposed to seeing it as a multifaceted symbol of nurturing, family and love.

Facebook subsequently suspended her account, only to reinstate it a short time later -- but not before Hoch fired up a lively debate on the topic. Photos and more below.

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Video: Paralyzed man kicks off World Cup with help from CSU team

Categories: Tech

The Walk Again project was partially created in Colorado and led by CSU.

The World Cup literally kicked off yesterday in Sao Palo, Brazil with a kick made by a man with complete paralysis of the lower trunk. Juliano Pinto, 29, used a robo-suit that let him use his brainwaves to control his normally unresponsive lower limbs in order to make contact with the game ball.

A small piece of Colorado was on the field in a very big way during this event. The helmet liner helping to send the brainwaves' message to the suit was designed and created on the Fort Collins' Colorado State University campus in a 3D printing lab. Alan Rudolph, CSU vice President for Research was the business manager of the Walk Again Project and has been splitting his time between Colorado and Brazil in anticipation of Pinto's big moment.

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