Top Twenty Tweets About Broncos' Loss to Seahawks Being a Moral Victory

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Broncos fans definitely aren't predictable. After last week's narrow victory over the Chiefs, plenty of Denver loyalists took to Twitter to declare that the Broncos suck even though they were 2-0. But following yesterday's 26-20 overtime loss to the Seahawks, most tweets were upbeat because Denver lost a nail-biter, as opposed to being blown out again as in the Super Bowl. Here are our top twenty examples, illustrated with images from the game.

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Top Twenty Tweets About How the Broncos Suck Even Though They're 2-0

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Talk about high expectations. The Broncos won yesterday's game against the Chiefs to go 2-0 in the young NFL season, yet the way they did it -- eking out a last-minute 24-17 victory after nearly giving up a big lead, just like in last week's season opener against the Colts -- inspired Broncos lovers and haters alike to express their frustration on Twitter. Too critical too soon? Decide after counting down the following twenty photo-illustrated tweets, complete with a bonus Vine.

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Two Broncos Tackle Ray Rice Controversy on Twitter, Dozens Don't

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Terrance Knighton's Twitter profile pic.
The scandal over the release of a video showing Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice brutally punching his ex-fiancee/now-wife continues to build, with the NFL currently scrambling to deal with reports that a league rep received a copy of the clip in April despite claims that no one in the office had seen it. That made us curious to discover how many members of the Denver Broncos had tackled the topic on Twitter. Our dispiriting estimate: two. Look below to see who spoke up -- and the dozens who haven't thus far.

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Denver's Best Neighborhoods for Dating and More, According to Hinge

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Hinge, a new dating app, is launching in Denver on Wednesday, September 10, and to mark the occasion, the Hinge team conducted a survey about connecting in the Mile High City. Topics include the best neighborhoods for meeting someone, the most common types of women and men you're likely to encounter, the most and least accurate stereotypes and more. Continue for the photo-illustrated results featuring Hinge data, graphics and methodology. To learn more about Hinge, click here.

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Photos: Top Twenty Tweets About Broncos Nearly Choking Away Game One to Colts

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Hope you didn't wind up in intensive care after the Broncos' 2014 regular season debut last night. The team looked like world beaters in the first half, running up a 24-0 lead thanks to the heroics of Peyton Manning and Julius Thomas, then nearly gagged the victory away thanks to predictable play calling, dropped passes and the remade defense's inability to stop Andrew Luck and the Colts until victory was teetering on the edge of doom. The 31-24 win got Twitter nation talking. Here are our game-highlight-illustrated top twenty picks for most memorable tweets. Check them out below.

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Christina Jahnz Becomes Internet-Famous After Impaling Butt During Texting-Aided Crash

A photo strategically blurred in 7News coverage. More photos and details below.
These days, a lot of people spend all their time figuring out how they can become Internet-famous. But Elizabeth's Christina Jahnz managed to do so in seconds -- by revealing that her butt had been impaled by a pole when she crashed her car while texting.

There's been a lot of exposure for Jahnz over the last few hours, in more ways than one. Details, photos, a video and even a meme below.

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Photos: WOLF Sanctuary Facebook Page Hacked Via NSFW Posts

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Part of a photo posted on the Wolf Sanctuary's now-former Facebook page. NSFW images and more below.
Nonprofit organizations must work long and hard to create sizable Facebook followings. So imagine the distress of the folks at Colorado's WOLF Sanctuary when they discovered that their page, which earned more than 277,000 likes, had been hacked via risque photos that seemed to have been placed by the organization itself. The NSFW images and details below.

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Videos: Watch Gamer Kootra Get SWATted in Hoax That Shut Down Schools

Jordan "Kootra" Mathewson in a screen capture grabbed by 7News from a video shared here. More images and clips below.
"Uh-oh. This isn't good. They're clearing rooms. I think we're getting SWATted."

Those are the words said by Jordan "Kootra" Mathewson, founder of a Littleton-based gaming group called The Creatures, just before police burst into the studio from which he was live-streaming Counter-Strike. Why? A hoax call about an active shooter that wound up with schools throughout the area being locked down. A video of the entire exchange, plus photos, extra clips and details below.

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Photos: Twenty Great Ways to Celebrate #ThrowbackThursday Denver-Style

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The Twitter hashtag #ThrowbackThursday has become a favorite for a very good reason: With all the lousy news taking place now, it's reassuring and entertaining to turn back the clock once a week.

Plenty of Denver tweeters agree, regularly sharing #ThrowbackThursday posts featuring fascinating, charming or funny photos from the past -- often the very distant past. Check out twenty of our recent favorites below.

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Top Twenty Twitter Reactions to the Colorado Purge Hoax

One of the images circulating through new and old media. Additional pics and more below.
Purge: Anarchy, the sequel to the surprise horror hit from last year, arrived in theaters last month, and at this point, it's pretty much run its course. But rumors of a real-life Colorado Purge beginning at 6:30 p.m. on September 6 -- during which, presumably, laws would be suspended for twelve hours, making all crimes legal -- are heating up, with old-school media outlets reporting about what is clearly a ham-handed social-media hoax. But the Twitter reactions are mighty entertaining anyhow. Count down our photo-illustrated top twenty favorite Twitter reactions below.

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