Ashton Kutcher isn't filming in Colorado after all, but these projects are getting state cash
Ashton Kutcher, seen here as Steve Jobs, won't be filming in Colorado this year.
First, the sad news (or not-so-sad news, depending on how you feel about hunky sitcom actors): Ashton Kutcher will not be filming a movie in Colorado this year. Or at least he won't be filming The Violent Separation of Flesh and Blood, a Western-type flick that was approved in May to receive $1.5 million in state film incentive money but which has now been delayed, possibly indefinitely.

That money won't go to waste, however. The Colorado Economic Development Commission recently approved five new media projects to receive incentives, including a documentary about the Holly Square Shopping Center in Park Hill, which was burned to the ground by gang members in an act of retaliation in 2008 and is referenced in this week's feature article, "Growing Concerns."

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Video: Fractivists attack -- with a camera -- in Dear Governor Hickenlooper

Fractivist Shane Davis, narrator of the documentary "Dear Governor Hickenlooper." Video below.
This week's cover story, "Frack Attack!," explores the increasingly ambitious anti-fracking movement in Colorado, a state with plenty of oil and gas wells and plenty of people who want to shut 'em down. One sign of the movement's increasing sophistication is the production of a contentious new documentary, Dear Governor Hickenlooper, that's anything but a love letter to the gov. Former geologist Hickenlooper is, of course, a major defender of the state's gung-ho drilling activities -- and a major opponent of the fractivists' efforts to give local governments more authority over regulation of the wells in their midst.

See also: Colorado fracking activists get a nudge (and cash) from MoveOn

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Marijuana: Adam Hartle on his new A64 movie and smoking pot in front of Tom Tancredo

Adam Hartle and Tom Tancredo in a scene from "Mile High -- The COmeback of Cannabis," premiering tonight in Denver. More photos and a video below.
We first introduced you to Adam Hartle in January 2013, when we reported that ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo had promised to puff a joint on camera as part of the comedian/filmmaker's movie about Amendment 64 should the measure pass -- which it did.

Tancredo later welched on his bet under pressure from his family. But in Mile High -- The COmeback of Cannabis, the now-completed documentary, which screens tonight through Thursday (with Hartle promising to give out free legal pot to adults 21 and over outside theaters), Tancredo watches as the director blazes. Learn more about that scene and the project as a whole in a photo-and-video supplemented Q&A with Hartle below.

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Photos: Kevin Bacon rocks awesome porn 'stache during Cop Car filming in Colorado
Photo by Tammy Caruthers/140.5 Photography. To see more of her work, click here.
Last week, we shared the comic but futile efforts of Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Jen Mulson to find actor Kevin Bacon, who'd been spotted filming a new movie called Cop Car in the nearby community of Fountain.

Tammy Caruthers of 140.5 Photography had better luck. She captured a slew of images featuring Bacon and his awesome porn 'stache shooting a roadside scene, and she kindly shared them with us. Check out her photos below and click here to see more of her work.

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Kevin Bacon filming movie in Colorado Springs, local reporter can't find him

Kevin Bacon.
There are only supposed to be six degrees of separation between actor Kevin Bacon and the rest of humanity. But at this writing, the distance still appears to be considerable between KB, who's currently filming a movie called Cop Car in the Colorado Springs area, and a local reporter who spent a day trying to find him without actually doing so -- a futile quest documented in a video on view below.

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Ann B. Davis, R.I.P.: Remembering Brady Bunch icon's years in Denver

Ann B. Davis in her signature role. Videos and more below.
News feeds are full of items about actress Ann B. Davis, who died yesterday in San Antonio at age 88. But almost lost within the salutes to her role as Alice the housekeeper on the iconic sitcom The Brady Bunch is information about the time she spent doing real-life housekeeping-type work -- in Denver.

Westword never forgot Davis's Denver years, even naming her Best Unsung Denver Celebrity in our 1988 Best of Denver issue. Here's more about her highly unusual years in Colorado.

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Photos: Dog the Bounty Hunter gets into a car chase in Lakewood

Duane Chapman in Lakewood. More photos and a video below.
Some makers of television shows and movies need to be lured to shoot in Colorado by state incentives: Witness the folks behind a new flick set to star Ashton Kutcher. But others just show up, including Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman and his wife Beth, who've been in town for the past few weeks getting material for the new season of their CMT show Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.

Not that cops had any idea a car chase that zoomed through parts of Lakewood yesterday was bound for small screens -- or that it would end in a barrage of pepper balls.

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Photos: American Ninja Warrior tryouts in Civic Center Park
More photos below.
If you've been wondering what the hell's going on in Civic Center Park, we have three words for you: American Ninja Warrior. Tryouts for the NBC competition show, making its Denver return, got underway last night around 8 p.m. and weren't scheduled to conclude until 5 a.m.! During that span, more than 100 people reportedly challenged themselves on an obstacle course in an attempt to qualify for the program, which awards $500,000 to the winner.

It's not too late to get in on the fun: Another round of tryouts is slated to get underway at 12:45 a.m. Thursday morning; click here for more details. In the meantime, look below to check out Twitpics and 9News screen caps from day one.

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Update: Mike Landess, retiring 7News anchor, on whether he jumped or was pushed

MIke Landess.
Update: Since the publication of our post about the retirement announcement of Mike Landess from 7News (see our previous coverage below), we've gotten a chance to chat with the longtime Denver TV anchor -- and his comments are frank and forthright.

"When someone my age leaves, the first question you hear is, 'Did he jump or was he pushed?'" says Landess, 68. "And the answer is 'yes' to both."

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Ashton Kutcher could make next movie in Colorado thanks to state film incentives
Ashton Kutcher in the 2013 film Jobs.
Ashton Kutcher could film a new movie in Colorado. Earlier today, the Colorado Economic Development Commission approved a film incentives package for a movie called The Violent Separation of Flesh and Blood, in which Ashton Kutcher is slated to star. The film is projected to spend $7.3 million in Colorado and was approved for a $1.5 million rebate and a $750,000 loan guarantee.

Keep reading for a summary of the movie's plot, as well as details about four other media projects approved for incentives at today's commission meeting.

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