Videos: The Colbert Report's Ten Funniest Bits About Colorado

Videos and more below.
Stephen Colbert isn't going anywhere -- other than CBS, where he's been chosen to take over the Late Night franchise from David Letterman. But tonight, he's scheduled to broadcast his final episode of his signature show, The Colbert Report, on which he's given Colorado a lot of (hilarious) love over the years. We've collected our favorite posts, complete with ten videos and original text, in which Colbert has featured our fair state. Stories range from beer-bonging with Jared Polis to pepper-spraying an eight-year old -- not to mention all his "investigative" pieces about marijuana. Check them out below.

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CBS4: DISH Doesn't Want You to See the Denver Broncos
Over the past couple of days, the number one story on CBS4's website has been...CBS4 -- and the possibility of the station being dropped from DISH Network, headed by Charlie Ergen, who Forbes recently placed on its list of the five richest Coloradans. "Our viewers should be prepared to lose CBS from their DISH systems on Thursday evening at 7:00 PM/ET," notes the station, whose list of features that could vanish begins with Broncos games and ends with CBS4 news. What's the deal?

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Top Ten Dog The Bounty Hunter Items at the Denver Dog House
Dog and Beth strike a pose in a promo shot for the current season of "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt." More photos below.
One of the most unusual retail outlets in Denver is the Denver Dog House. Located at 2547 Sheridan Boulevard in Edgewater, the shop is devoted to Duane "Dog" Chapman, his wife Beth and the rest of the Dog the Bounty Hunter family currently keeping their reality-TV tradition alive on CMT. And the variety of items on sale is downright astonishing.

We picked out ten favorites. See them below, complete with photos and links to the online store, plus a shop video. Some items may be out of stock, so be sure to check for availability by clicking here -- or just stop by. Because you definitely won't find the Denver Dog House anywhere but here.

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Janice Dickinson's Bill Cosby Rape Claim Like One by Denver-Raised Barbara Bowman

Janice Dickinson during an appearance on "Entertainment Tonight" this week. More photos and a video below.
Barbara Bowman's rape allegations against Bill Cosby, which we shared in this space late last month, have led to blizzard of allegations and castigation for the veteran entertainer. The latest to come forward is former supermodel Janice Dickinson, whose story of sex assault echoes one told by Bowman, who was raised in Denver and first met Cosby here.

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Nancy Grace Sued by Benjamin Seibert for Falsely Implying He Was a "Selfie Stalker"

A screen capture from Nancy Grace's "selfie-stalker" segment. Two videos and more below.
Earlier this year, we told you about reports by Headline News' Nancy Grace implying that a suspect was a "selfie-stalker" who'd used a technique straight from a serial killer's playbook. In truth, the man, subsequently identified as Benjamin Seibert, was innocent of any crime, and he's now suing Grace and Metro Denver Crime Stoppers for at least $100,000 over the incident. Details and two videos below.

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Marvel Characters Suit: Walt Disney Company Faces Colorado Firm Asking for Billions

Stan Lee as seen in a Geekscape TV interview earlier this year.
As any comic-book fan knows, superheroes that seem dead can later come back to life -- and something similar has happened with a superhero-centric lawsuit filed by Colorado-based Stan Lee Media, Incorporated (SLMI). The complaint seemingly died last year, but an appeal revived it, leading to a hearing held in Denver yesterday. Continue for background, details and the original suit below.

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Videos: Rachel Maddow in Denver Takes on Fox News, Mark Udall's Dourness and Pot
An MSNBC photo of Rachel Maddow in Denver. Two videos and more below.
In our preview of Rachel Maddow's broadcast from Denver last night, we noted that she'd touted the show at the Viewhouse Ballpark by noting that the race for Colorado's governor was "off the hook." In the end, though, she spent little time talking about this contest during the highly entertaining program, focusing instead on more Fox News scaremongering, the Democratic party's supposed "secret sauce" and, inevitably, recreational pot. Details, three videos and more below.

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Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight Officially Approved to Film in Colorado

Quentin Tarantino during a 2012 interview.
It's looking very likely that Quentin Tarantino will start filming his next movie, a Western called The Hateful Eight, in Colorado later this year.

Today, the San Miguel County Commissioners voted to approve a special use permit for Tarantino to film on the picturesque Schmid Ranch outside Telluride, says Karen Henderson, associate planner for the county. The permit is necessary because there's a conservation easement on the ranch. Tarantino did not attend the vote in person.

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Photos: Our People Magazine-Ready Picks for the Sexiest Male Denver TV Anchors

More photos below.
Once upon a time, TV anchors would reject any attempt to portray them as sexy, seeing such a designation as undermining the seriousness of their profession. But it's the 21st century, bitches, and 7News is actively campaigning on behalf of its staffers to triumph in a People search to find the sexiest local TV anchor alive. (Yes, the magazine has limited the contest to dudes, in an echo of its annual "Sexiest Man Alive" staple.) But who should really represent Denver? We rank eighteen anchors from all five local news stations on their sexiness quotient. Check out our picks below, from least to most sexy -- and for the full rules about how to participate in the People survey, which runs through October 22, click here.

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Video: Chris Parente's Kristen Wiig Gaffe About Nude Scene in Different Movie Goes Viral

Video below.
CH2 entertainment reporter Chris Parente has been on the verge of going viral before -- such as when he was bitch-slapped by Steve Carell, or the time he discussed the crooked crack by his unicorn tattoo. But he's finally made the must-click big leagues thanks to his hilariously botched interview with Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader about their new dramedy, The Skeleton Twins (for our review, click here). The big moment comes when Parente asks Wiig what it was like to go full frontal in the flick -- something she does in an entirely different movie, Welcome to Me. In response, Wiig and Hader break up while enthusiastically ripping his cluelessness in a way that Buzzfeed couldn't resist.

Nice going, Chris! We knew you could do it. Watch the video below.

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