Anti-Pot "Don't Be a Lab Rat" Campaign Uses Disputed Facts That Might Be True
A cage that's part of the "Don't Be a Lab Rat" campaign. More photos plus videos below.
Mike Sukle, the advertising agency pro who worked with Colorado officials to develop a new anti-pot campaign, had a significant challenge on his hands. He wanted to warn teens away from marijuana use without engaging in the sort of hyperbole they'd likely reject. Hence, "Don't Be a Lab Rat," which presents controversial facts and then asks viewers the equivalent of "Wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry?"

Continue for more details from Sukle, plus additional photos and videos.

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Video: Peyton Manning Reclaims "Worst Rapper Ever" Title in New DirecTV Ad
Video and another screen capture below.
Hot on the heels of Peyton Manning's awkward dancing to "Rocky Top," which won the Internet via memes, GIFs and Vines, the Quarterback King of All Media is once again showing off his nonexistent skills in another medium: rap. In a sequel of sorts to last year's DirecTV ad, Peyton and little brother Eli Manning tout the service's new fantasy football channel in a "song" featuring weird special effects plus cameos by dad Archie Manning, Joe Namath and music-video-style hotties aplenty. As for Peyton's flow, he makes Shaquille O'Neal seem like Jay Z by comparison. Thank heavens he's good at football. Check out another screen capture and the extended version of the clip below.

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Videos: Peyton Manning prefers Dan Marino and Kevin Durant over Tyra Banks circa 1998

Categories: Sports, Videos

Tyra Banks in 1998. Videos below.
If you ever had any doubts about how big a sports fan Peyton Manning is, they were erased at last night's ESPY awards. PM was named Best NFL Player and honored for Best Record-Setting Performance, and in accepting the latter, he said receiving the bauble from Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino and Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant topped the moment when he was given the Best College Player ESPY by supermodel Tyra Banks in 1998.

Who would you prefer to hand you a trophy -- Marino and Durant or Banks in her mid-twenties? To help you decide, we've juxtaposed a clip of last night's acceptance speech with 1998 footage of Banks issued in conjunction with that year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Enjoy making the comparison below.

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Video: Westword's strange-but-true guide to Colorado pot rules

Categories: Marijuana, Videos
Bailey Geoghan, in character, gets some bad news. Video below.
More than six months after limited recreational marijuana sales became legal in Colorado, lots of out-of-towners (and some locals, too) remain confused about the rules. But we at Westword are here to help.

Smokin' Smart: A Guide to Colorado's Pot Rules, by director and co-star Bailey Geoghan, takes a 1950s-style public-service-announcement approach, with an unseen but thoroughly hep narrator schooling "Billy," a visitor from Salt Lake City, about the dos and don'ts of cannabis consumption in the Mile High state. Check out the hilarious yet informative results below.

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See Chad Greenlees get knocked out by lightning while making lightning video

The moment before Chad Greenlees hit the deck. Videos below.
Yesterday morning, we shared a collection of user-generated clips from Monday's epic lightning storm -- but we missed the most memorable one. Turns out Arvada's Chad Greenlees was recording the light show on his cell phone from his garage when a nearby strike literally knocked him out. Fortunately, Greenlees okay, and so is his phone, which captured the flash and the moment he collapsed. Continue for the clip, as well as a 7News report in which Greenlees tells his shocking story.

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Video: Obama at Wazee Supper Club asked, "Want a hit, man?"

Categories: News, Videos
President Barack Obama getting an offer he could refuse. Photos and a video below.
As we all know, Barack Obama has made more than a few trips to Colorado since accepting the Democratic nomination for president here in 2008, with many of the most memorable moments coming at times when he's mixed with regular folks.

The latest example? Obama's trip to the area on and near 15th Street last night included a handshake with a guy wearing a horse's head mask and this question from someone at the Wazee Supper Club: "Want a hit, man?"

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Videos: See your clips of lightning storm that lit up Denver

Categories: News, Videos

Videos below.
Last night's storms brought fierce winds, piles of hail and scattered power outages to Denver and outlying locations last night. But practically everyone got a chance to witness a spectacular light show, as bolts of electricity illuminated the metro area.

Look below to see user-shared footage of the striking scene.

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Video: Denver police active-shooter clip the bloodiest public-service footage ever?

Categories: Videos
Video below.
We tend to think of videos made by public agencies as staid, safe and dull. Not so the latest clip from the Denver Police Department showing law enforcers simulating an active shooter situation in a building at the old University Hospital site. The footage includes gunshots, explosions, hysterical screaming, open wounds, draining blood and bodies everywhere, supplemented by looks behind the scenes and one participant's analysis of what officers did wrong. The result may be the first public-service video that's not safe for work. See it below.

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Rachel Maddow on how Dems are turning Tom Tancredo into Todd "Legitimate Rape" Aiken

Categories: Politics, Videos

Rachel Maddow introducing the Tom Tancredo segment in a video from last night's show. That clip and others below.
Today is primary election day, when voters in Colorado will determine which Republican gubernatorial hopeful will try to unseat Governor John Hickenlooper in November -- and to set the stage, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow capped her show last night with a segment interpreting one technique Hick supporters are using to try and guarantee victory.

Maddow's theory: Colorado Dems are deploying a canny strategy to help former Representative Tom Tancredo win the nomination, because they see him as the equivalent of doomed Missouri senate candidate Todd "Legitimate Rape" Aiken. Details and multiple videos below.

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Video: Is Red Rocks shooting tied to Schoolboy Q's Denver dust-up with "bitch-ass nigga"?

A screen capture of Schoolboy Q on stage at the Ogden in March. Video below.
As we've reported, authorities looking into last week's triple shooting at Red Rocks now believe the target was likely Schoolboy Q, one of the show's headliners. He was uninjured, but three other people joining him in a bullet-riddled SUV were hurt.

Now, investigators are looking at a possible connection between this incident and one from March, when Schoolboy Q got into mid-concert confrontation with an alleged "bitch-ass nigga" who inspired him to say, "I hope your mother dies tonight." See video of the dust-up below.

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