Videos: Champ Bailey Fan More Upset by Retirement Than Champ Is

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Videos below.
Denver released future Hall of Fame cornerback Champ Bailey this past March, but he was back yesterday, having signed a one-day contract so he could retire as a Bronco -- and during a press appearance to mark the transition, he was his usual even-tempered self. Not so one young Champ fan whose reaction was caught on video. According to Joe Kolega, he told his son "he needed to wear his Champ Bailey jersey...and then he asked why after I put it on him...OMG!"

OMG indeed. Check out the hilarious clip of Kolega the Younger's meltdown, followed by one of Champ saying farewell to football.

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See Paul Felyk's Rescue From Marshall's Store Wall After Being Trapped for Three Days

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A screen capture from a Longmont Times-Call video. The clip plus photos below.
Anyone who's been out and about in the metro area over the past day or two knows how cold it's been. So was reported transient Paul Felyk just trying to get out of the conditions when he burrowed his way into the wall of a Marshall's store in Longmont? Or did he have other goals? We don't know those answers yet. But what's certain is that he wound up trapped for up to three days, and it took an emergency crew to cut him out. See the video of his rescue and more below.

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Meet Gordon Klingenschmitt, Exorcism-Doing, Gay-Slamming, Just-Elected State Rep

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A screen capture of Gordon Klingenschmitt. Several videos and more below.
Republicans' domination in the recent midterm -- John Hickenlooper's squeaker of a reelection win was among the few Democratic bright spots -- extended to the Colorado State Senate, which will now be under GOP control owing to a vote count not formally announced until days after the election. And while the Dems retained control of the House, that chamber is sure to be a livelier place owing to the victory of Gordon Klingenschmitt, a former Navy chaplain whose skill set includes exorcisms and claims that Jared Polis wants to behead Christians. Really. Learn more about him below.

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Video: Save Browns Canyon Campaign Launches With Civic Center Light Show

A gun-and-reel crowd turned out for a light show on the facade of the McNichols Building.
Between Buena Vista and Salida, the Arkansas River sweeps through Browns Canyon, an area of granite cliffs and rugged backcountry that's popular with elk, bighorn sheep, mountain lions and black bears -- not to mention hunters, anglers, rafters, hikers and campers. But this quintessential slice of Colorado wilderness is also attracting increasing interest from mining companies, and that's prompted a sportsmen's group to embark on an unusual campaign, featuring billboards and a recent flashy light show downtown, to get Browns Canyon designated as a national monument.

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Videos: See Hickenlooper Aide Roxanne White's Double-Handed Flip Off at Victory Speech

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Roxanne White as seen in a 7News image. Two videos below.
After news organizations declared John Hickenlooper victorious in an ultra-tight gubernatorial race with challenger Bob Beauprez, the once-and-future guv finally staged a victory rally at the State Capitol yesterday morning. But what he said has prompted less conversation than what his chief of staff, Roxanne White, did.

"Was John Hickenlooper's chief of staff Roxane White caught on camera making obscene gesture?" asked the headline on a subsequent 7News report -- but there's no need for the question mark. She absolutely was caught, and the results were hilarious. See two clips below.

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Video: Fox News' Megyn Kelly Cries Voter Fraud About Colorado Rule That Doesn't Exist
Megyn Kelly whips out air quotes in describing a "new Colorado law" on Fox News. Videos and more below.
Does a new Colorado law invite voting fraud by allowing pretty much anyone the ability to print out legal ballots from home computers? That was the argument made by Fox News' Megyn Kelly this week in a video on view below. Only problem: It's not true -- and the person confirming it is none other than Secretary of State Scott Gessler, the Colorado official most identified with raising alarms about the possibility of such fraud. Photos, videos and details below.

See also the October 2012 post Scott Gessler's Office Shares Evidence of Voter Fraud in Colorado

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Video: ESPN's Skip Bayless Says Kobe Bryant's Colorado Rape Charge Gave Him "Sizzle"

"First Take" host Cari Champion seen trying to decide if killing Skip Bayless live on the air would be a good or bad career move. Video below.
Plenty of Colorado sports fans know ESPN's Skip Bayless as an idiot if only for his advocacy of Tim Tebow as an NFL quarterback even when he wasn't guiding the Broncos to still-inexplicable victories. But Bayless took his usual meatheadedness to heretofore unforeseen levels when he recently suggested during an episode of ESPN's First Take, as seen in a clip on view below, that the reputation of the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant had actually been enhanced by the sexual-assault allegation made against him in Eagle County, Colorado back in 2003. Really.

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Video: Incredibles' Bob Eschino on Why It's a Little Late to Ban Most Pot Edibles

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The latest entry in our marijuana edibles video series arrives at a propitious moment: This week, a Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment official formally recommended that almost all such products be banned. Among the arguments against a change of this magnitude is the demand described by Incredibles owner and edibles working group member Bob Eschino, who says he's currently selling about 60,000 infused chocolate bars every month. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Eschino's operation and his plans for even more growth by clicking here.

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Videos: Thirteen Reasons (So Far) Colorado is Awesome According to AWSMColorado

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Videos below.
As you know, we at Westword have long held to that Colorado is the best state in the country -- and we're pretty sure the folks at feel the same way. Chris Harrison and the staff at Video Blend have launched 100 Reasons Colorado is Awesome, a project to create one-hundred brief videos (about fifteen seconds in length), with each devoted to one of the state's incredible attributes. So far, the site's counted down from 100 to 88, with thirteen videos created so far. See them in order below -- and to learn more about the project, click here and here.

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Video: Inside the Pot Edibles Kitchen of Sweet Mary Jane Bakery

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Sweet Mary Jane Cooks Up Cannabis Success in Denver from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

For the second of Westword's video series about pot edibles in Colorado (following our profile of Dixie Elixirs), our team sat down with Karin Lazarus, owner of the award-winning Sweet Mary Jane Bakery -- and also ventured into the kitchen, where the magic is made. Check out the tasty results here.

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