10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (5 Free!), December 19-21

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Next week is a short one for most of us because of Christmas, and if you're lucky enough to have the whole thing off, we've got plenty of ways to get the party started. Over the next couple of days, you can don your ugliest sweaters, say farewell to friends and party in a castle. Of course we can't fit everything on this list so check out the Westword calendar for more happenings, and let us know about anything we missed in the comments below.

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Tsigereda Gugia Debuts Her Designs at Dress to Impress Fashion Show Saturday

Tsigereda Gugia has been designing since she was a seven-year-old girl in Ethiopia. She moved to the United States for college, and now will showcase her latest designs on Saturday, December 20 at Gazelle Model's Dress to Impress fashion show and clothing sale at the Cherry Creek Hilton Garden Inn, hosted by Abyssinians Familys and La Rue Fashion Parade.

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The Colbert Report's Greatness Arrived With Its Very First Episode

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Colbert in the opening of his show's very first episode.
The funniest and most incisive show on television is ending this week -- so let's look back at how it began. On October 17, 2005, a power-suited Stephen Colbert furrowed his eyebrows and showed off highlights of his new set. Red letters above him shouted, "The Colbert Report." The title of his show was silhouetted in back of those letters, so it appeared twice. The host's last name was also proclaimed by a plasma-screen on the front of his desk, and it flashed four times on a ticker that ran below it, and was even spelled out on either side of that desk -- "which," he pointed out, "is itself shaped like a giant C." There were nine "Colbert"s in all, not counting the initial he sat in.

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Make a Sock Puppet and Spark Your Inner Artist at Madelife Friday

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Credit D. Scott Clark Photography.
Madelife is a collaborative space where artists can develop their craft.
When creativity sparks in a young person, it tends to get extinguished by societal -- and often parental -- pressures to join "the real world" and get a "real job." But the people behind Madelife want to fan that flame. "A lot of young people are told or just feel like the creative path isn't a realistic avenue to go professionally," says Madelife director Leah Brenner. "It's hard when you're younger. You're just focused on getting a job and being independent. But it's such a pivotal age where you're setting the groundwork. We want to show that that they can be creative and choose a path that's right for them."

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Ten Best Commercial Signs on East Colfax

To know the story of Colfax is to truly understand the personality of the Denver metro area. The gravel-and-tar artery that once ushered visitors in from the open road now hosts a variety of people and cultures along America's longest main street. Westword is taking a look at Route 40's history through the signage found in each section of the strip; this edition covers the stretch from Colorado Boulevard to east of Havana. Stay tuned for a final list of central Colfax's greatest signs.

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The Twisted Holiday Tradition of Black Christmas

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Worst telemarketer ever
Have you ever received an obscene phone call? Deep breathing, moans or lewd suggestions intruding on your otherwise unremarkable day? I have, and it is fucking creepy, even for a guy. My obscene caller was a woman, and she propositioned me for some pretty weird shit, in graphic detail. Despite the supposed willingness of my sex to jump at any offer proffered, I was not tempted. I was really, really squicked out, and paranoid for hours afterward. Was this person watching me? Did they know I was alone? Were they trying to lure me out for some kind of murdery thing? This was even in the days of caller ID, when I could -- and did -- see her number, and was able to block it to keep the creep out. Imagine what that must have been like in the analog telephony days, when you just had to put up with it while the phone company and/or police shrugged and told you there wasn't much they could do. Or stop imagining and go see the 1974 classic Black Christmas (showing Christmas Eve at the Alamo Drafthouse), which uses a series of such obscene phone calls to create unbearable tension and dread for its sorority-house slasher kills.

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Josh Blue on Dave Chapelle, Speaking Wolof and 108 Stitches

Terry Ratzlaff
Josh Blue is a singular talent with an undeniable facility for hilarious riffs that he seems to casually toss off; he also has an uncanny ability to be instantly likable from the moment he grabs the mike. Blue has been a pillar of the Denver comedy scene for years; he broke out nationally when he won NBC's Last Comic Standing in 2006. Throughout his illustrious career, Blue has managed to mine his cerebral palsy for comedic gold; he doesn't shy away from challenging subjects, either. Blue is closing out a pretty stellar 2014 at the home club where he developed his skills. We caught up with Blue in advance of his holiday shows that start tomorrow at the downtown Comedy Works to discuss opening for Dave Chapelle, telling jokes in other languages and his first big film role in 108 Stitches.

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Video Games Come to the Big Screen at Sie This Saturday

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Adam Roy
Casey Elliot tries out the Durovis Dive 3D system at the Denver Indie Game Expo.
No matter how big the TV your Xbox is plugged into, it can't compete with the grandeur of a full-sized movie theater. But from noon to 6 p.m. this Saturday, Denver gamers will have the chance to play their favorite titles on Sie FilmCenter's larger-than-life screen at the Colorado Video Game Holiday Party.

"The idea behind what we're doing is to celebrate video games, Colorado game development, and the whole Colorado video game scene," says Jet Ternlund, the event's organizer and president of the Colorado chapter of the International Game Developers Association. "That's everything from the guys who are playing professionally to people who are doing it in a studio, to independent game developers. Anyone who's interested in video games is welcome to come out."

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Review: Crammed Full of Cartier "Ice," the DAM's Brilliant Is the Perfect Winter Show

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Photo: Nick Welsh, Cartier Collection © Cartier
Tutti Frutti strap bracelet worn by Mrs. Cole Porter. Cartier Paris, 1929. Platinum, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies.

Denver Art Museum
100 West 14th Avenue Parkway

The Denver Art Museum has come up with the perfect winter show: Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century, which is crammed to the rafters with "ice" in the form of more diamonds than I could possibly count. Up front, I'm going to admit that I know very little about jewelry (I don't even wear a watch), but I do know a lot about the history of style as it revealed itself in Paris in the twentieth century, and I've got a good handle on the characteristics of fine craft, as well. So if a person like myself, who has little interest in or knowledge of gems and precious metals, found this show riveting -- against my own expectations -- that really says something about how well done it is. And about how good Cartier was during its heyday. The show is a visual marathon, with so many things included that it's downright exhausting. There are some 200 artifacts from the Cartier collection alone, which is maintained by the company, with an additional 55 pieces coming from an array of private collectors.

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Ícaro Editores Salon Spotlights Independent Latino Authors Saturday

Categories: Literature

Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia is the editor at Ícaro Editores.
"People sometimes write books and don't know what to do with them," says Arturo Garcia, editor at Ícaro Editores, a small press. "It's a dream to see their work published. A lot of folks who get published, they want to fly with it. I tell them, be careful. Wings may be made of wax, you know."

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