Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Matt Barton

All images courtesy of Matt Barton.
#66: Matt Barton

Artist Matt Barton hails from Colorado Springs, where he teaches at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and creates fantasy worlds in video and installation, in which animals talk and strange landscapes shimmer and people walk through prismatic lights. In these playgrounds for adults, Barton invites viewers to suspend reality, experience their inner children and just have fun. What goes on in the mind of an artist whose alternative worlds defy grow-nup gravity with an open-minded smile? Read Barton's 100CC questionnaire for answers.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Andrea Moore

Jumping for joy with the Uganda Project.
#67: Andrea Moore

As a creative, Andrea Moore can't be categorized: She works in words and action, embracing poetry, performance, photography, visual art and the less definable art of self-discovery -- not just as a form of expression, but as a way of helping others. Working with the Wayfaring Band, the organization she co-founded, Moore animates self-actualization among members of the special-needs community and other marginalized groups through experiential voyages; she also works with at-risk youth through programs like PlatteForum. What propels this proactive, people-friendly dynamo? Read her 100CC questionnaire below to learn more.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Gretchen Marie Schaefer

Photo by Derrick Valesquez
Gretchen Marie Schaefer's studio at TANK Studios, 2013.
#68: Gretchen Marie Schaefer

Artist Gretchen Marie Schaefer, another TANK Studio member with roots as a RedLine resident, explores issues of mortality, decay and rebirth in two and three dimensions, building installations that take off from where her drawings leave off, using and reusing materials from one work to the next. Leading a busy life that includes coordinating the visiting artist program at the Rocky Mountain Collage of Art + Design, Schaefer still finds time to generate and regenerate works for exhibits at a variety of gallery venues. Learn more about what motivates and inspires Schaefer via her answers to the 100CC questionnaire.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Andy Juett

Chris Baker
Andy Juett at Cartoons and Comedy.
#69: Andy Juett
Andy Juett came to the local comedy scene via radio, and has blossomed into a booster, standup comic, producer, stage host, behind-the-scenes guy and co-owner of the High Plains Comedy Festival, which kicks off its second year in August. But he also rolls out comedy shows all year 'round at the Oriental Theater and other local venues as a partner in Kayvan Khalatbari's Sexpot Comedy. What keeps Andy Juett moving and shaking and scaring up laughs? Check out his 100CC questionnaire for answers.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Thomas Scharfenberg

Installation by Thomas Scharfenberg, with Tokyo Drift: Latex- and acrylic-coated wire-Hung found objects, cinderblocks, trees, stumps and co-painted wall, Street Werkz, Firehouse Art Center.
#70: Thomas Scharfenberg

As an artist, Thomas Scharfenberg isn't so interested in getting ahead. Instead, he prefers to brighten the underground with patterned murals and painted rocks placed in unexpected settings. He borrows a little from street art, the DIY movement and his one-time mentor at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, Clark Richert, and has shown work at venues as wildly different as the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and Lowbrow Denver. You wouldn't expect his answers to the 100CC questionnaire to be run-of-the mill, and they aren't. Read on for a fresh look at artistic life.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Andy Lynes

Andy Lynes with the Ladies Fancywork Society at The Craft: An Evening of Beer, Crochet and Witchcraft.
#71: Andy LynesAndy Lynes toiled behind the scenes at MCA Denver for seven years, eventually overseeing the art museum's visitor services and managing its super-cool shop. And for the last few years, he also presided at Black Sheep Fridays, MCA's silly Friday-night series of adult activities, ranging from an annual Cosby Con sweater fest to the XXXmas Craftfair. "It's got to be weird," Lynes once told Westword about the series. "That's one of the key things: People have these weird devotions to things that are not completely mainstream, but they're not exactly not mainstream, either -- things that are just under the surface."

Alas. Now, he's left MCA. What fires up the brain behind that kind of craziness? Read his 100CC questionnaire to find out.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Sarah Rockett

Christy Wolfe
#71: Sarah Rockett

A draftsman first, artist Sarah Rockett re-imagines the basics of line and movement and all the tricks of drawing in three dimensions, making installations built from everyday materials and soft sculpture. Inspired by the horror movie genre, she takes those shapes into dark yet appealing places. Last year, Rockett also took over the responsibility of directing Ice Cube Gallery from departing post-holder Theresa Anderson, adding a curatorial element to her already busy artist's life. Read on to learn Rockett's thoughts on that life in her 100CC questionnaire.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Adán De La Garza

Adán De La Garza, "Umbrella," 2012 performance.
#72: Adán De La Garza

Adán De La Garza glides through a world of moving pictures and performance, making fleeting experimental work that shimmers in the moment. Whether working alone or with others, he's all about taking personal chances and just making things happen. A partner with Christina Battle in the video presentation series Nothing To See Here and a member of the Flinching Eye Collective, a multimedia performance group, De La Garza is an explorer on the newest frontiers of art. In his 100CC questionnaire, he tells us how things look out there.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Quintin Gonzalez

Quintin Gonzalez, "The Roar of Paradise," video still.
#73: Quintin Gonzalez

Texas-born with an MFA from Yale, Quintin Gonzalez makes visually fluid work, regardless of the medium, as he moves between painting, drawing, printmaking, video and new media. Within that repertoire, Gonzalez creates intuitively, drawing from pop-cultural imagery -- and something a little deeper. Recently, his work has been seen in Denver at Michael Warren Contemporary, onscreen at Monkey House 4, as part of Denver Digerati's Friday Flash series on Denver Theatre District LED screens and on the wall at Plus Gallery, as part of last year's Mirage group show. Here's his 100CC questionnaire.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Ivar Zeile

#74: Ivar Zeile

Ivar Zeile collects artists with a keen eye for talent and trends as director of RiNo's Plus Gallery, but he also makes some free-swinging hunches as he tries to get a sense for what's next in the contemporary art scene. In recent years, Zeile's search for the new has led him into the unmined realm of digital and motion-based work and the formation of the Denver Digerati project, which works with the Denver Theatre District to bring video art to downtown LED screens.

How goes the hunt for everything new and innovative in art? Find out by reading Zeile's answers to the 100CC questionnaire.

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