Tits over tips: Pamela Anderson's PETA x NKD Snowboards collab steals the show at SIA

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The hottest product at the SIA Snow Show this year?

Pamela Anderson stopped by the Colorado Convention Center last night to unveil her new snowboard collaboration with NDK Snowboards, benefiting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and thousands of (mostly male) attendees dropped everything to get in line for autographs. To put it in snow sports lingo, the entire industry fell tips over tits for Pamela.

The boards, manufactured by Nidecker Snowboards and designed by the Nidecker Design Kreative (NDK), feature Anderson in various states of undress. In the first, she's wearing only a PETA t-shirt from her Save the Seals campaign. In the second, she's down to her very sheer, um, base layers. The bottoms of the boards read "I ♥ Pam" with an iconic Baywatch lifeguard rescue buoy in place of the heart.

They're available for pre-order now at PamelaAnderson.com.

(Photos: Sarah Austin)

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