The Seven Best TV Shows Set in Colorado

The South Park Jake Jabs and the real-life Jabs.
Television shows tend to be set on the coasts -- in California or New York, usually. Anywhere else, and the show is often about that place as much as the characters: Miami in Miami Vice, Cleveland in The Drew Carey Show, or Cicely, Alaska, in Northern Exposure. So it is that precious few TV shows are set in Colorado. (There haven't been all that many skiing-related series out there in TV land.)

But there are a few good ones -- and mercifully, very few of them suck.

7. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
This show, along with most of Michael Landon's work, became a staple of Christian cable networks back in the day. Which means, as you may guess, that it was pretty innocuous TV (read: sort of unrealistically moral, but family-safe). That didn't keep it from being interesting watching, since the story of frontier life in post-Civil War Colorado Springs has a lot going for it. The show did take some liberties with history: The Springs didn't have saloons, as it was dry until the end of Prohibition. And it wasn't even a town in the 1860s. And it was filmed in California. But, you know: details, details.

6. Everwood

Another semi-family-friendly show, Everwood was a victim of the merge of the UPN and WB networks in 2004. It was sort of a Colorado mix-up of Dawson's Creek and Seventh Heaven based on Evergreen, Colorado. But the producers changed the name of the town. Why remains unclear; it's not like towns can demand royalties from shows using it as a setting. (If so, California wouldn't be in the budget mess it's currently in.) In any case, renaming the town Everwood seems like a bad idea, since it sounds more like a potential Viagra side effect than a small-town drama. I mean, come on, did no one run this past the junior-high snickering focus group?

5. Stargate SG-1
What is it about Colorado Springs on this list? In terms of size, Denver should have the majority of the list -- but as it is, it's the Springs 2, Denver 1. For Stargate SG-1, it's much the same reason that films like Wargames take place there, in full or in part: the military. With Stargate, it's Cheyenne Mountain, under which sits Stargate Command. It's a future in which Egyptian and Norse mythoi are set in one of the most conservatively Christian parts of the United States. The most annoying part of the show was the constant whirring sound present in outdoor scenes.

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