Is a Wells Fargo ATM a sign of gentrification?

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wells fargo atm gentrification cropped.jpg
What are the tell-tale signs of gentrification in Denver? Higher home prices? Brightly painted condos? Whole Foods?

How about fancy baby strollers and yoga studios? Or, most tell-tale of all, people pushing fancy baby strollers from the yoga studio to Whole Foods in order to purchase coarse sea salt, almond milk and locally made organic hummus?

Perhaps. But ATMs?

Apparently so, according to whomever pasted a sign reading "This Is Gentrification" onto the door of the Wells Fargo ATM at 733 Santa Fe Drive. The sign prompted someone else to answer with a Sharpie: "No, it's not. This area needs to get money, too."

Sure enough.

See full-sized photos below.

wells fargo atm gentrification 1.jpg

wells fargo atm gentrification 2.jpg

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