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Here's what he's wearing: a "dentalcarie" t-shirt with, um, a "cute" dental checkup theme, black cotton pants, unidentifiable black shoes, a pair of big, chunky women's sunglasses. He's carrying a ruby plastic Tru Blood blood-orange soda bottle that he uses for a water bottle. His haircut has that hacked-up Gothic quality, but it suits him, and most importantly, he looks very, very comfortable. And happy.

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"My thing is the ironic T-shirt," Andrew says. "I've been wearing them forever." He also prefers non sequitur T-shirts, of which "dentalcarie" is clearly representative. "I have a thing about teeth and dentists," he adds. He's brought along a couple more screenprinted shirts, including the wordlessly iconic "Bieber" T-shirt, which is a graphic play on multiple themes: Warlock Pinchers, the Oakland Raiders and Justin Bieber. The wearer, he says cheerily, might get all -- or none -- of the references, but it's still cool. And there's also "Fawn of the Dead." There it is. I mean, what can one say about this shirt?
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Of his black cotton pants, Andrew says, "It's the only thing I've worn for the last thirty years. Even as a kid, I never liked jeans." He estimates he has about twenty pairs of black pants and shorts, because, you know, "You can get black pants everywhere." As a rule, he likes to wear contrasting monochromatic outfits: white and black, maybe with some red. And his sunglasses? That came about originally out of necessity: "I needed sunglasses that were big enough to fit over my regular glasses." Then he got Lasik surgery, but the big-shades habit stuck. I'm sure he has hundreds of them, but he does let this out: Some of them he buys at Forever 21.

Catch the "Bieber" at YesPleaseMore, opening tomorrow night at the Denver Pavilions. And get the skinny on the Warlock Pinchers NYE gig online; tickets officially go on sale October 17 during a special afternoon event at Wax Trax, 638 East 13th Avenue.

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