The Victorian Fetish Ball: An imagined breakdown of freaky Victorian sex acts (photos NSFW)

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*To answer a question from a reader: No, there were not actual sex acts going on at this party. We thought it was clear this was a silly work of adult-themed satire based on our research of Victorian fetishes. We apologize for any confusion. -ed.

It's always the most repressed people that get the freakiest. And the 19th-century Britons were one of the most repressed cultures of all time -- so you know their sex got downright depraved. At the Victorian Fetish Ball at the Diamond Cabaret on Sunday, a number of Victorian experts and historians gathered to teach onlookers about the strange and disturbing world that is Victorian sexuality, demonstrating the garb and fetishes that made Victorians the freakiest culture since the Spartans. Here's a breakdown of the Victorians' weirdest sexual proclivities. Photos by Aaron Thackeray (see the full slideshow).

03 fetish.jpg
The Victorians had weird issues around pooping, a particular type of repression that no doubt inspired Freud when he developed his ideas on the anal stage of development. Here, this muscle-bound gentlemen derives pleasure from bringing himself to the cusp of defecation and withholding -- if he succeeds, she'll give him a "Febreeze enema."

07 fetish.jpg
Sailors versus Indians
Back in the days of manifest destiny, the Victorians fetishized the great unknown, its occupants (native Americans) and its explorers (sailors), creating elaborate role-play scenarios of humiliation and dominion that pretty much always ended in somebody getting an enema.

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