Absurdist Interview: Artist/Photographer Sara Ford

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Photo: Jessica Sain
Colorado native artist and photographer Sara Ford started painting in college because she didn't want to take the color theory class everyone hated. Needless to say, she got really good at it. Through photography, she has worked with clients such as 303 Magazine, Denver Magazine and DVLP clothing, among others, while continuing to push herself in the realm of fine arts. Ford mixes media and negotiates a range of styles in both her painting and photography, from elegant line economy to a painterly magical realism that is at once mysterious and familiar. We spoke with Ford about things completely unrelated to that.

Photo: Jeff Nelson
Sara kicking Gumby ass!
WW: How many Turduckens do you think it would take to fill the Pepsi Center?
SF: Well, would you be able to separate the turkey and the duck and the chicken, or would it be the encased thing?

WW: Good point, because then you could spread them out more and cover more distance.
SF: It would require fewer Turduckens if you were able to deconstruct them.

WW: Very true, so how about that, if you could deconstruct them?
SF: If you could deconstruct the Turducken, how many would it take to fill the Pepsi Center? Man, I would say a shitload.

WW: How much can you bench?
SF: I can bench the bar!

Sara Ford
Client: 303 magazine
Sara Ford
Client: 303 Magazine

WW: What's the average wing-flapping speed of an African swallow?
SF: Does a flap count as up and down as one?

WW: I think a flap would be up and then down, yeah.
SF: OK, so I would say for an African swallow, oh man, I think like 5 per second. Are they really speedy like a hummingbird?

WW: I have no idea. I think so.
SF: I don't know either, I could Google it, but I don't really want to.

WW: I don't really want to either. Who is better looking, Abe Lincoln or Robert Downey Jr.?
SF: I think that if Robert Downey Jr. was sporting an Abe Lincoln beard, then that would be the best looking.

WW: That would be the ultimate?
SF: That would be the ultimate.

WW: Kumquats are weird, are they not?
SF: They're delicious.

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