Adam Cayton-Holland, Geek Bowl ambassador, spews hate at Philly, Austin, Salt Lake

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Geeks Who Drink, the quiz night empire based here in Denver, knows how to make shit talking an art form. The company's Geek Bowl, the largest live trivia challenge anywhere in the country, will, like usual, probably quickly sell out when tickets go on sale on December 15 for the big January 29 event at the Fillmore Auditorium. Still, to get people excited, Geeks Who Drink has launched a nationwide flame war with cities from where Geek Bowl contestants are likely hail -- and who better to do that than Adam Cayton-Holland, local comedian and celebrated trash-talker.

First Cayton-Holland took on the meth den that is Albuquerque, and now, in the videos below, he's takes on three other festering scars upon the land cities. Did you feel that, Austin, Philadelphia and Salt Lake City? That was Denver, verbally kicking your asses.

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