They raping everybody out here! 20 best viral videos of 2010

People are hilarious, and can be incredibly stupid. Thanks to the internetz, we now can watch this hilarity and stupidity unfold in myriad ways throughout the year. We've got rappers of all shapes and sizes, people getting hurt and basically being the complete morons we've come to expect from our fellow humans. But, of course, some Internet phenomena are better than others, so we've compiled a list of the top twenty viral videos of 2010, in order to reflect on all that we humans have accomplished this passed year.

20. Best Witness Statement Ever -- Eccentric Lady
This list both starts and ends with a witness interview. That's not weird at all, right? This is not a coincidence. People just interviewed after a traumatic event are almost always frantic and out of their minds. Though this woman is more out of her mind than anything, she tells a great story and acts it out well too.

19. Jump FAIL
There's nothing like watching a fellow human getting owned by an inanimate object. Not because we enjoy other people's pain, but because we can imagine it happening to us and we're so relieved it didn't. That, and people are stupid.

18. Jessi Slaughter
My dad will beat you up, little punk kids! Apparently this girl got epically trolled by 4chan users and her dad thought yelling at a video camera was going to help the situation. A case of misplaced rage, or just plain old generational disconnection? This guy obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. Poor old man. "Consequences will never be the same." What does that even mean?

17. Best Cry Ever
This was a heartfelt and solemn display of reconciliation that is not the least bit funny until this guy starts up with his unique animal cry. No matter how bad you may feel for him, it's incredibly difficult not to smile. And why shouldn't we? His bizarre expression of pain has given joy to millions.

16. Chinese Man Throws Bicycle at Thieves on Scooter
Who knows if this is real, but it's still funny, because someone threw a bike and some people got hit with a bike. If it was real then the bicycle throwing man is a total badass. Just look at how smooth his throw is, how determined his aim, how resolved his gait after the motorists eat shit. If it's real, he's a hero. Either way, it's awesome.

15. The Rapping Weatherman's fourth weather rap
Rapping Weatherman. This video is evidence that hip hop really has seeped into the most esoteric banalities of the mainstream. But this guy probably grew up on Too Live Crew and the like because he represents just about as hard as anyone, considering his subject matter is the most boring thing ever.

14. Pants on the Ground!!!
This man came on live national television with an important message to the youth. "Pull your damn pants up, son!" Now, most 62 year-old curmudgeons would just sit around sulking and yelling at the grandkids, but this man is not most men. The saddest part about this is the fact that this song is just about as good as much of what's produced these days.

13. Life in Quarantine -- The Fully Sick Rapper
Not everybody who is quarantined for eight months with Tuberculosis would be as productive as this talented Aussie fellow. In fact, most people would just lie there and watch TV. Here's to human creativity in the face of adversity. Plus his raps are pretty good, not to mention his video editing skills.

12. Gingers Do Have Souls!
Amazing how the Internet can turn one kid's misguided plea for acceptance and compassion into a comedic gold mine, though this kid is really not the best spokesperson for a group of people who don't want to be made fun of.

11. Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth (with subtitles)
Watching people under anesthesia is great, isn't it? Their minds are elsewhere, lost in a magical world we sober people can only dream of. They say stupid shit, move all weird-like with their tongues and limbs as if they were underwater, and generally don't know what is going on. They've crossed over into the other place beyond our comprehension, and all we can do is look on in amazement.

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