Absurdist Interview: Artist/Designer Bailey Ferguson

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Bailey Ferguson is hard at work in the world of art and design, trying her hand at any and all media. She's been a painter's assistant, a design intern, a freelance painter and chalk board artist, and she's currently a member of the Pirate Contemporary Art Co-op, a photographer, a letterpress studio assistant and an editor of ZeroMile, Metro State's design magazine, all while working toward her degree in Communications Design. And she still found time to sit and talk with us about nothing related to those things.

Bailey Ferguson
In the studio debuting her donation to the Bordo Bello skateboard fundraiser, 2010
WW: What do you think is the worst non-derogatory word in the English language?
BF: Oh, that's a good one...velvet.

WW: What is your favorite food paired with orange juice?
BF: Spirulina.

WW: Does the Categorical Imperative work in reality as a basis for moral action?
BF: That's kind of a deep question. I say no, because why would we all want to be monotonous. The world is a beautiful place because of its diversity. You have to have good and bad, you know?

WW: What are you listening to?
BF: I am listening to, on more than a weekly basis, a Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah album, and when I'm working it's The Rachels. They're fucking awesome...because I can't listen to any words when I'm working.

WW: What gets you up in the morn?
BF: Sunshine and coffee. Seizing the day and giving kisses to my cat.

Bailey Ferguson
Fun with monograms! Bailey's monogram repeated a gazillion times.
WW: Define defenestration.
BF: The act of always having a plan to end the world. Like the Futurist movement when everyone wanted to destroy the academic past, burn libraries and praise the flying machine. [Editor's note: Although creative, this definition is incorrect. "Defenestration" is in fact the act of throwing someone or something out a window. For that reason, it is probably the most awesome word in the English language].

WW: When did they conceive of the flying machine?
BF: Well, they had the train in 1909, when the movement started, which was the fastest thing back then, but I'm not sure. When was Amelia Earhart?

WW: I think the 1930s. What's your favorite mythical animal?
BF: Unicorns are fucking awesome. They're just beautiful, and there are always sparkles around and some sort of melancholy rhythm when they run by.

WW: Who can eat the most?
BF: My brother. He was really poor when he lived in Hawaii, and he would climb up trees and eat like a dozen coconuts a day. Crack 'em open with a machete. He's funny.

WW: Speaking of funny, you got any jokes?
BF: Yes. Why do girls wear makeup and perfume?

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