Dendiggityopolis: Westword parents make their kids draw superheroes

super-man by jared.jpg
Superman, reinterpreted.
Superman provides the basic template: publicly mild-mannered and lame, but secretly able to jump tall buildings and dominate everything. The potential for variations on that superhero theme is basically endless -- and particularly so coming from kids, whose superheroes, unencumbered by the conventions of the genre, don't really have to do anything except, you know, be awesome. That's the idea behind the fifth annual Dendiggityopolis Superhero Drawing and Writing Contest this weekend, where Denver School of the Arts students showcase their finest crime-fighters. And since we're not above blatantly stealing a good idea, we sent out an interoffice memo demanding everyone with kids make them draw superheros for our crappy blog. Here's what they came up with.

superman by caden smith.jpg
Caden's Superman is even cooler than the original, because he has a laser shooting out of his chest.

super-man by jared.jpg
Another Superman, this one reinterpreted by Jared as a cubist abstraction, perhaps as a commentary on the fractured nature of conscious perception

spiderman by john.jpg
John's Spiderman is a little offended you would even say that.

the hairball by lily rivera.jpg
Is the Haiball Good? Is she Evil? Lily's not telling, but we're going to guess evil, because, you know, hairballs are gross.

untitled by anonymous.jpg
Leah didn't give here manga-inspired superhero a name, but she does helpfully provide a ballpark on her shoe size.

aqua girl by tess t.jpg
The first in a short series of water-women, this one by Tess. If you study this one carefully, it reveals that Aqua Girl's superpower is her starfish-like ability to regenerate her own head.

water girl by aaliyah rose hodison.jpg
Aaliyah's Water Girl has the power to maintain a cheerful demeanor while swimming through a sea of broken hearts. Metaphor for life?

collaboration by leah - sydney.jpg
The one supervillain we got, a collaboration between Leah and Sydney, shoots flames from his "fingaz," and possibly spits mad rhymez.

untitled by maya.jpg
Maya's superhero doesn't even need superpowers. She's pleased to just hang out and be the queen of everything.

untitled by illegible.jpg
His name was obscured (we're assuming it was a boy), but this guy his hands-down our favorite, just because of the gratuitous tape. What are his superpowers? We think that's pretty clear.

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