Gratuitous Randomness: Sad monkeys + Morrissey lyrics

00 sad monkey.jpg
Two lovers entwined just passed this monkey by.
One way to think of monkeys is as extremely ugly children -- at least, that's how we like to think of monkeys, because if you think of them that way, then everything they do is hilarious, even when they're sad. So because Wednesday is by most estimates the most depressing day of the week, and because it's the day we bring you the best of our weird internets world in a random compendium of images loosely related to whatever topic we happen to come up with, here you go: eleven images of sad monkeys, captioned with Morrissey lyrics.

01 sad monkey.jpg
When this monkey is lying in his bed, he thinks about life, and he thinks about death. And neither one particularly appeals to him.

10 sad monkey.jpg
This monkey is the son and the heir of nothing in particular

02 sad monkey.jpg
This music says nothing to this monkey about his life.

03 sad monkey.jpg
This monkey is a sweet and tender hooligan. And really, he would never, never do it again.

04 sad monkey.jpg
You shut your mouth. How can you say this monkey goes about things the wrong way?

05 sad monkey.jpg
This monkey was looking for a job and then he found a job, and heaven knows he's miserable now.

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