Over the Weekend: Illiterate Gallery artists map Denver, indie-style, on First Friday

What do artists think about the city they live in, wherever that might be, and what does it mean to them? At Illiterate Gallery, a new show, Mile High on the Map, cast a few clues on the Denver point of view. We hit the opening on Friday night. Take a look:

Andrew Hoffman's Denver skates down East Colfax Avenue, as related by his smart poster and deck duo.

illiterate 001.jpg
"My Colfax," Andrew Hoffman

Steven Prochyra's Denver experience is expressed on a woodcut cleverly printed on a grid of light rail tickets.

illiterate 002.jpg
"Denver State of Mind," Steven Prochyra

For Sander Lindeke and Emily Hinson, Denver is an unfinished embroidery. Think about it.

illiterate 003.jpg
"Denver Dive," Sander Lindeke and Emily Hinson

According to Scot LeFavor, Denver is a place where we swill brews.

illiterate 006.jpg
"Denver Bender," Scot LeFavor

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