Get your ink (and drink) on tonight at MATTER's 11th Annual Print Sale and Party

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2011 Matter Print Sale.jpg
Imagine a holiday office party on acid mixed with boundary-shattering Christmas shopping and doused with a fish tank full of mojito mix and you more or less have local design studio MATTER's 11th Annual Print Sale and Party, which launches tonight at 8 p.m. at MATTER's studio, 2134 Market Street. MATTER, Denver's celebrated mad-scientist laboratory of ink, type and hijinks, is usually pretty hush-hush about the latest artistic escapades dreamed up by puckish studio head Rick Griffith, but one night a year, it throws open its doors, its body of work and its booze supply to the general public. That night is tonight and, like when Griffith starts messing around with typeface, shit's bound to get bold.

The shindig will feature eats by Foodie Call and The Shoppe, plus sounds from a host of local DJs and Denver band Hot White at midnight. And did we mention the goodies for sale? Like usual, the studio will be offering up a stash of brand-new, limited-edition schwag from its Matterial product line, a sample of which can be seen below.

Just remember, like the poster below says, leave all your janky, knock-off shit at the door. After all, we're talking about a fucking business.

Matterial sample poster.jpg

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