This Weekend: Mona Lucero's "Felliniesque" fashion show channels the gorgeous surreal

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Mona gets her Fellini on at a dress rehearsal.

When I think of Fellini's film Juliet of the Spirits, I think of beautiful women in big hats on the beach -- the gorgeous surreal. When local designer Mona Lucero chose "Felliniesque" as the theme for her boutique's eighth-anniversary fashion show, she turned to the dictionary. "I thought, 'Do I really know what it means?'" Lucero says. "It turns out to mean something like a dreamlike quality. Now, I don't know if my concept is really what you would call dreamlike, so let's just say it's like my dreams." Those dreams, whatever they might be -- a mixture of Lucero designs and stunning makeup by Brows -- will come true tomorrow at the Mona Lucero Design Boutique, 2544 15th Street. Photos by Sabin Aell.

Livin' "La Dolce Vita."

Given the restricted space of the boutique, Lucero is planning the event as part runway show and part -- this is where it gets really creative -- a series of fashion vignettes; it will play out in four themed segments, including dressy, day wear, glamor and (Lucero's favorite?) the avant garde. And anyone already familiar with Lucero's artful couture knows without a doubt that it will be smashing.


The fashion show is at 8 p.m. and repeats at 10 p.m.; Lucero is requesting a $10 donation from attendees, which will benefit the Colfax Community Network. For more information visit the Facebook event page.

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