Story on porn potential on Kinect has parents scared

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So you just got Microsoft's new controllerless system Kinect for your kids for Christmas and you've spent the holidays jumping around your house, dancing and having an all around good time. Good news right? Finally your kid is getting off the couch and moving. Well, according to Fox News in El Paso, Texas (whose news programming is handled by CNN), you just purchased the perfect device to accidently expose your children to porn. Fortunately for you, the report is total bullshit.

Unlike the random cases of PSP's being loaded up with pornography or iPhones coming with a metric ton of adult videos that we've seen in the past, this particular story is handled with the ignorance and ineptitude you only find on local news networks.

The story comes to us from Martina Valverde, who, as far as we can tell, did a little "investigative journalism" on her own family when little five-year-old Edwin Valverde got a Kinect for his "xBox360" on Christmas. That typo of the Xbox brand is just the start of the ignorance though, as the story veers its focus to an adult sex simulator being developed by ThriXXX.

Now, it's true that ThriXXX is developing an adult game that allows you to use Kinect to fake-grope woman (and men, we assume). However, immediately after the company announced its plans, Microsoft came out with a statement that essentially said there was no way in hell it would see a public release. So, ThriXXX continues the development, but does so with plans to release it to the PC community utilizing an open-source hack.

You still with us? Basically, little five-year-old Edwin Valverde would have to be using his shiny new Kinect not to play Kinectimals, but on his home computer, where he would have to download and install open-source, experimental drivers and then go to ThriXXX's website and download and install the adult software.

The report features a quote from the mother, who says, "Anybody can get on-line with the XBOX360 (sic), It's a possibility he could be able to buy it without me actually knowing."

Kids do not accidently download pornography on an Xbox 360. Not only is it impossible to do, but the statement ignores the fact that kids simply don't accidentally download pornography. They do it on purpose, but we're pretty damn certain the family PC is a far more applicable tool than an Xbox.

You'll also notice that if you compare the transcript to the video, Velverde amended the story slightly to add a quote from "one gamer, Blake Wheeler," that states it's not as easy as the story made it out to be. Unfortunately, the story had already aired and the damage was already done.

Parents, there is no need to worry about your five year old accidently downloading porn to their Xbox. Sure, there is plenty of violence, blood and cursing readily available (and easily blocked if you set up the parental controls), but for now, your child is safe from ever glimpsing a boob.

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