The Santa Ratings: PetSmart in Glendale

Categories: Family, Holidays

Bree Davies
Clued in by an elf at St. Nick's -- you know, that behemoth holiday nightmare superstore off of Santa Fe Drive where you can buy Broncos Christmas ornaments -- my mission took me to PetsMart for a photo with Santa. First, I had to go home to round up my chihuahua, Pee Wee Herman (and his argyle sweater) for this photo opportunity.

Though this Santa was the least authentic of the Santas so far, he was well aware of that fact, sharing with us that the morning-shift Santa had a way better, real beard. Regardless, he was cordial and did his Santa thing, braving dog after dog for the camera. It should be noted too that photos with Santa at Petsmart cost around $10, but a portion of the proceeds goes to various animal-related causes around the state -- on this particular day, the location was donating to the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.

Apologies in advance for the exposure of my dog's wiener in the last photo.




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