Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade: Where do you go when it's done and gone? Here's where!

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I think most people who attended last weekend's Fancy Tiger Holiday Handmade Craft Fair -- and there were a lot of them: we've heard estimates of 1,500 or more -- left with a good feeling about the local handmade community. Not only were the 75 or so vendors on board this year both high quality and deliciously diverse, but there simply was an excess of DIY magic in the air, heightened all the more by the ornate surroundings of the 1906 Baerrensen Brothers El Jebel Temple of old, now known as the Sherman Events Center, where it was housed. The homemade goodies from Sugar Bakeshop and food-truck fare available outdoors from Gastro Cart and Denver Biscuit Bus were, yeah, icing on the cake.

If you missed it, you missed it, and there's always next year, as this success story is sure to be back, barring the apocalypse. But keep in mind that many of the same vendors will be at this weekend's Firefly Handmade Holiday Market in Boulder, along with numerous others you might not see as frequently in Denver. And if that's not in the cards for you, a lot of our FTHH favorites sell online, as well. Here's who they are, what they do and where to find them on the web: Click the company names for links.

Jil Cappuccio/Pearl Clothing

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Jil and Kirsten as poster girls for their intertwining lines

These two, more often than not, come as a pair, and it makes perfect sense: The designs by both Jil and Pearl's Kirsten Coplans both involve repurposing, though in different ways, and besides, each designer's individual pieces often -- accidentally -- look as if they were meant to go together with the other's in the first place.

Hot Butter

Hot Butter

The young mother behind Hot Butter takes the dribs and drabs of domestic life -- scraps of fabric, old buttons -- and turns them into something functional and surprisingly modern and cute...for the wallet or coin purses that they are.

Kansas City Kitty

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Friendly Monsters, Kansas City Kitty

In particular, this vintagey Fort Collins boutique makes the most adorable one-of-a-kind Friendly Monsters you've ever seen. Each comes with a name and a short-list of likes.



We simply love these romantic clear-faced pendants of butterflies and birds by Embel'ish.

The Pin Pals

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The Pin Pals

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Samantha Purdy makes amazing folkloric cross-stitched buttons and pendants. Illustrator Sara Guindon makes unique paper toys and t-shirts. Together, they are The Pin Pals and had one of the most unusual and clever booths we saw at FTHH.

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